9 Tools Every Social Media Manager Must Use in 2024 + [Infographic]

Dec 14, 2018 5 min read

2019 is around the corner. And as a social media manager you are probably planning everything you want to do in the coming year. While working with teams, creating new campaigns and handling the traffic on social networks, we often think about how the processes we follow can be made more efficient. Here are 9 tools we use as a team to make our social media management that much more efficient.

  1. Grammarly
  2. Unsplash
  3. Canva
  4. Easil
  5. TypeIt4Me
  6. Cloudapp
  7. Clocker
  8. GifKeyboard
  9. Analytics

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1. Grammarly

If you're someone who creates content or writes blogs, there are chances that you've already stumbled upon this handy plugin. Grammarly is an online grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection platform that can be installed on your system as an application or even as an extension on your browser. Grammarly makes sure that every sentence you write is not spelled right but is also grammatically correct.

Grammarly checks everything you type in real-time and highlights any mistakes that you make to make sure they're addressed and corrected. You won't want to feed those Grammar Nazis out there, do you?

Grammarly GIF

Pricing: Honestly, the Free plan works perfectly well. But if you want to be a hundred percent sure of the content you're rolling out, Grammarly has 3 plans to choose from; Monthly plan at $29.95/month, Quarterly at $60 and annual plan available at $140.

2. Unsplash

Worried about finding royalty-free images for your content? It ends here. Unsplash is an online stock photograph repository that's created by over a 100,000 contributing photographers over the world. Precisely, Unsplash grants you an irrevocable, nonexclusive, worldwide copyright license to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use photos from the growing library of 690,000 images on Unsplash for FREE, including for commercial purposes. How cool is that!

Pricing: FREE! Upload a few stock images as your contribution and credit the photographers maybe. It's just good karma :)

3. Canva

If you're a small team and like taking control of the artwork that goes out on your social media, Canva is the one-stop solution for all your graphic design needs. Creating on Canva is as simple as a few clicks and some drag-drop actions. Canva provides predefined templates in the exact resolutions as required by specific social networks. From Instagram posts to Twitter banners, to Facebook ads, to Linkedin infographics, Canva has you covered! With a super friendly UI, predefined templates and options to upload your brand assets, Canva can make your graphics designing task so much easier!

Canva Image

Pricing: You can do almost everything on the Freemium version of the app, but trust me, the Premium Plan is worth it! Upgrade to the Work plan shall cost you $13 a month and zero regrets.

4. Easil

Even though Easil is almost similar to Canva and does everything you can do on Canva, I'm a fan of Easil for its templates. They have amazing designs for Instagram stories that I absolutely love and believe that there's I'd always find a design for every purpose. The themes are incredibly sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. There's something for everyone on Easil.


Pricing: Easil gives you a 25-day trial for Free when you sign-up and upgrade to the Plus Plan shall cost you $7.50 a month.

5. TypeIt4Me

As social media managers, you would probably be handling customer engagement on social media handles as well. Is there a phrase or a sentence you type over and over again? Simple things like 'Thanks for reaching out' or '#BrewTalk #Webinar #SocialMediaMarketing #Statusbrew', require a number of keystrokes. You can save typing these over and over again or copy-pasting it from your notes/spreadsheet by simply assigning an abbreviation and a trigger for it using TypeItForMe Here's how:


Pricing: TypeIt4Me can be downloaded for free and offers one-time purchase licenses starting from $19.99

6. Cloudapp

Every screen recording, screenshot, and GIFs are all made using CloudApp. CloudApp is an easy-to-use screen recorder that helps you create HD video recording, use webcam in your screen recordings, save screenshots, annotate your screenshots, and create quick GIFs all from one place. Everything you do on CloudApp is securely saved on the Cloud space provided by the app. It even helps you to trim videos, add text, create short links and download them if required. It effectively speeds up your day-to-day work and makes content sharing within teams extremely easy!

Cloupapp Image

Pricing: Starts $10 a month

7. Clocker

For a global business, it's important that your posts go out when your audience is most active. This means it may often get confusing to manage various time zones. Clocker is a menubar app for MacOS that lets you monitor multiple time zones from one dashboard. Select your local time, enter the timezones you want to track and use the Future Slider to check and match your local time with the time that you wish to post for specific regions.

Clocker Image
Pricing: FREE

8. Gif Keyboard

It is one of the most helpful menu bar tools that let you drag and drop GIFs with ease. Be it a Twitter conversation, a document, blog or even iMessages; GIF keyboard's got you covered!

Pricing: Free (Open Source License)

9. Analytics

Analytics play a significant role in decision making in the social media world. It helps you understand your audience behavior, your posts performance, demographic and compare data with the previous period. All this can be manually done via native Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin analytics pages or can be automated to see meaningful reports in one consolidated dashboard that Statusbrew automatically pulls in for you!

Statusbrew Analytics Infographic

Easily accessible from the Reports column on the left-hand side, you can quickly create reports for a specific timeframe or compare using the date range to understand your posts performance and audience behavior better.

Pricing: Statusbrew offers a FREE 14-day trial, to begin with. Premium plans start at $25 a month!


Check out this infographic with a list of additional tools that would help you boost your social media strategy.

Tools for social media managers infographic

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