"Social Media For Business" Is Our Business!

We’ve got you covered, from planning to analytics. Here's how ↓

Seamless Collaboration

Manage multiple clients from a central dashboard with a unique workspace for each client and eliminate confusion.

Custom Permissions

Grant team members with a varied level of access within each group to effectively manage multiple clients at scale.

Client Collaboration

Easily collaborate with your clients for content management, asset creation and approval for messages and posts.

Multiple Clients

Manage multiple clients with ease and transparency by adding each client's social profiles to a separate group.

Drive More Productivity

Integrate our service with the tools you already use and be more productive in your operations.

Plan, Collaborate & Schedule

Statusbrew simplifies content planning, helping your team distribute more & better content from one simple dashboard.

  • Share videos across Reels, Shorts, Stories, and TikTok with a single upload.
  • Straightforward calendar for team collab and easy approvals on the web or mobile.
  • One-click reports for detailed post insights, campaigns’ performance, and more.

Sharable Calendars

Share social media content with users outside Statusbrew. They can view, comment, and suggest edits on scheduled posts.

Approvals + Notes

Hassle-free internal/external collaboration and approvals on web/mobile.

Bulk Scheduling

Create & schedule weeks of social media posts in bulk with CSV uploads. Always have a clear picture of your social campaigns and keep affiliates on the same page with our intuitive planner.

Calendar Notes

For growing agencies.

Unlimited spaces, expansion, client onboarding and more

What's Included

  • Seperate work enviorment
  • Whitelabeling
  • Shareable calendars
  • Custom approval workflows

Pay as you grow

$49/mo / client

Schedule a demo

Includes access to all features

Social Media Engagement

Statusbrew's engagement tools drastically reduce your team's response times with smart filtering and quick replies.

  • Reduce the chaos with a unified inbox for all organic/paid social media interactions.
  • Auto-route messages with buying intent & customer complaints to the right team.
  • Auto-moderate negative comments, trolls, bots, and imposters across social.

Hide All Comments

You can auto-hide all new comments across your Facebook/Instagram pages with one click. Review hidden comments and unhide only those you want others to see.


25+ Filtering options that can be used in any combination. Choose what matters to you and put that on top.

Social Listening

Easily build queries to track conversations around key topics, competitors, and campaigns.

Communication Tools

Route notifications to the communication platform of your choice with complete context.

Our editors upload videos to Statusbrew, where our team reviews them. If changes are needed, we comment directly on the video in Statusbrew. Editors see these comments, make revisions, and resubmit. Once we and the client approve the video, it is automatically scheduled for all social channels.

- Goncal Santos (Creator Relationships)

Shareworthy Reports From DAY 1

Choose from tons of ready-made reporting templates, or build your own with endless customization options. Get 18 months data backfill and lifetime retention.

  • Get multi-dimensional data from 20+ social and reputation channels to understand a single post and the bigger picture.
  • Get fully customized reports and auto-export, or share them with your team, manager, and stakeholders.
  • Understand competition and compare heads-on against each other.


Build your own reports with 230+ Metrics. That's insights on every single like, comment, click, message, and more.

Custom Branding

Download white-labeled PDFs with the client logo or get white-labeled, sharable reporting dashboards.

PDF, CSV, Links

Automatically delivered on a daily, weekly, monthly, or customized schedule to internal or external recipients. Choose what you want and how you want it to be exported.

Competitor Analysis

Benchmark against your direct competitors or industry leaders to compare audience growth, engagement and content performance.

Let's have a chat where we understand what you need and show you the impact Statusbrew can have on your team.