13 Social Media Automation Tools & Software

May 23, 2023 13 min read

"About half of the daily activities carried out by social media marketers could be automated or augmented by a social media automation software."

These include content, social media publishing, responding to community members, self-sustaining customer service, spam moderation, and identifying trends and patterns in data.

The automation tools mentioned in this list are now able to carry out more & more of the tasks done by you, complement the work you do, and even perform some tasks that go beyond what you can do.

You can leverage these to free yourself from the repetitive work and focus on the small number of critical items that truly affect outcomes.

We have listed 13 such social media automation tools that will help to improve your efficiency with minimal effort.

Top Social Media Automation Tools In 2023

  1. Statusbrew
  2. Sprout Social
  3. Zapier
  4. CoSchedule
  5. Agorapulse
  6. Buffer
  7. Hootsuite
  8. Content Studio
  9. SocialBee
  10. Oktopost
  11. MeetEdgar
  12. Later
  13. CrowdFire

How we're comparing these tools?

To give a fair comparison, we benchmark each automation tool against specific parameters, including ease of use, pricing, AI & automation features, and functionality. We've given each tool a score based on these factors, with the highest score being 10 out of 10 stars.

Here's what we looked at to assign a score to each tool.

Parameter Description Max Points
Ease of Use How quickly and effectively a user can understand and navigate the software. 1
Integrations How well the tool integrates with various social media platforms. The more platforms it supports, the better. 1
Scheduling How advanced the scheduling options are. Can you schedule posts for different time zones? Can you bulk-schedule posts? 1
Content Creation/Curation Points for assistance with the content. Bonus for AI recommendations with Captions, Hashtags, and Publishing times 1 (+0.5 for AI)
Analytics Quality and predictive power of analytics are key. AI insights add points. 1 (+0.5 for AI)
Automation Look at the extent of automation. System-wide automations fetch higher points. 1 (+0.5 for AI)
Community Engagement Gauge flexibility for specific needs. AI-powered personalization scores more. 1 (+0.5 for AI)
Mobile Experience Quality of mobile app matters. 1
Pricing Whether the pricing is reasonable for the features offered & how does it scale. 1

1. Statusbrew - 8.5/10


Our promise to you isn't just about doing more; it's about achieving more.

You're likely already familiar with social media automation basics - post scheduling, automated replies, automated analytics, and the like.

We start from there and let you build powerful automations on top of it with bots, triggers, conditions, and rules that create amazing customer experiences—all in one place.

Here are some of the benefits you get:

  • Content
  • Smart Approvals based on your brand guidelines
  • AI sentiment-powered spam, troll, and negative comment moderation
  • Agent routing and triaging based on keywords, specialty and more

You can build 135+ such social media automations with Statusbrew.

These automations act as a companion, quietly working in the background, handling the more routine tasks so you can focus on what matters - your audience.

Statusbrew & Social Media Automation

Parameter Statusbrew Max Points
Ease of Use A minimalist user interface that does not bombard you with 100 features but lets you focus on the job you hired it for 1
Integrations Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Business, Review Apps, Slack, MS Teams, Zapier, Salesforce, Hubspot, and more 1
Scheduling Multi-Network Content Customization, Bulk Scheduling, Best Time Posting, Automated Approvals/Rejections 1
Content Creation AI Caption Generator, Hashtag Suggestions, 1
Analytics Quality and predictive power of analytics are key. AI insights add points. 1
Automation System-wide Automations for administration, social media posting, social media engagement, and more based on Conditions & Actions i.e. Rules 1
Community Engagement Automated spam, troll, negative comment moderation, AI Sentiment, Smart Agent Routing & more 1.5
Pricing Starting from $129/month 1

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2. Sprout Social - 8.5/10


Sprout Social is a social media marketing solution that allows for content scheduling, social listening, social analytics, workflow optimization, and more.

Sprout Social allows you to automate your social media workflows by creating and managing rules. For instance, you can set up rules to automatically reply to messages from new followers or share new blog posts on your socials.

With custom rules, you can even automate your social media conversations to automatically reply to messages, assign tasks to team members, and do more.

Sprout Social & Social Media Automation

Parameter Sprout Social Max Points
Ease of Use A minimalist user interface that does not bombard you with 100 features but lets you focus on the job you hired it for 1
Integrations Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Business, Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot, and more 1
Scheduling Bulk Scheduling, Best Time Posting 1
Content Creation AI Caption Generator, Hashtag Suggestions, 1
Analytics Quality and predictive power of analytics are key. AI insights add points. 1
Automation System-wide Automations for administration, social media posting, social media engagement, and more based on Conditions & Actions i.e. Rules 1
Community Engagement Message Spike Alerts, Bot Builder, Task Assignment, Message Tagging 1
Pricing Starting from $249/user/month 0.5

3. Zapier


Zapier can help you automate social media tasks, such as scheduling posts, sending messages, and collecting data.

Zapier supports over 2,000 apps, including all the major social media platforms. With Zapier, you can even create custom workflows to automate your social media tasks. For instance, you could create a workflow that automatically sends a message to your followers when you publish a new blog post.


  • Connect your favorite social media apps
  • Create custom workflows
  • Automate customer intake, email notifications, follow-ups, and more
  • Set Chatbots to nurture your social media leads
  • Score leads from different marketing channels


  • Starter: $19.99 per month
  • Professional: $49 per month
  • Team: $399 per month
  • Company: $799 per month

4. CoSchedule - 7/10


CoSchedule is a social media automation tool for managing teams and social accounts. It is designed for in-house marketing teams, solopreneurs, agencies, and small businesses.

It works with every popular social network, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. CoSchedule provides written and video presentations of its app. So you can go through it before purchasing it. Another positive is that it provides a 14-day free trial without credit card details and cancellation at will.

This tool might fit your needs if you need a helping hand in organizing your team.

Key Features

  • ReQueue: Social Automation
  • Social media scheduling
  • Agile project management
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Marketing calendar


  • Pro: $29 per user per month
  • Marketing Suite: Custom pricing

5. Agorapulse - 7.5/10


Agorapulse is a great social media automation tool for brands running their social media operations on a large scale. Agorapulse comes with some amazing features like shortcuts for the keyboard and saved replies to automate and fasten the management of social media campaigns efficiently.

Their social inbox works as an assistant and moderator, automating redirecting messages to the right team members. It is also capable of archiving spam messages and tweets.

This social media automation software also works as a social media monitoring tool, measuring the sentiment of your brand and keeping a record of what people are saying about your brand on social media. It can easily generate in-depth reports, helping social media managers to analyze their metrics and optimize their campaigns.

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Key Features

  • Automated inbox assistant
  • Audience engagement
  • Social media publishing
  • Social media inbox
  • Social media CRM


  • Pro: $79 per month
  • Premium: $199 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom plan

6. Buffer - 8/10


Buffer is a handy social media automation tool for social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Users are able to customize each of their posts depending on the social platform where the user will schedule their posts.

This social media automation software also has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Furthermore, Buffer has its own mobile application for both Android and iOS.

Buffer simplifies the process of managing and publishing your content on different social networks and offers various products, from publishing tools to analytics tools and team collaboration software.

Key Features

  • Schedule social posts
  • Create slots and add content
  • Calendar view
  • Pablo for image creation
  • Team management


  • Essentials: $5 per month per channel
  • Team: $10 per month per channel
  • Agency: $100 per month for 10 channels

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7. Hootsuite - 7/10

Hootsuite is an excellent social media automation tool to have when it comes to running an effective social media campaign,

Apart from scheduling posts to multiple social platforms, Hootsuite even allows you to automate conversations.

Hootsuite offers the ability to send bulk messages to your followers, create and manage automations and gather comprehensive social media analytics.


  • Schedule posts in advance across multiple social platforms.
  • Automate responses to common questions or comments
  • Send bulk messages to reach a larger audience.
  • Access comprehensive analytics to measure your content performance.
  • Automate assigning conversations to your team members.


  • Team: $92.22 per month
  • Business: $550.36 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

8. ContentStudio -


ContentStudio is a collaborative social media automation tool with several features, including social inbox, content planning, content scheduling, and analytics. ContentStudio is an AI-based content marketing automation platform.

It also has a social media content calendar feature allowing users to view, edit, accept, or reject posts easily, reducing the chances of erroneous content getting published.

This social media marketing automation software helps businesses easily discover, plan, compose and share helpful content on several social media platforms and blog channels.

ContentStudio offers a suite of products for content discovery, scheduling, planning, and analytics to streamline content and social media workflows, and allow teams to collaborate on their social media campaigns.

Businesses can create campaigns by combining articles, images, videos, GIFs, and other multimedia content to make their social accounts stand out and engage the audience.

Key Features

  • Automated publishing
  • Content personalization
  • Muli-channel composer
  • Calendar and Planner
  • Analytics and Reporting


  • Starter: $20 per month billed yearly
  • Pro: $40 per month billed yearly
  • Agency: $80 per month billed yearly (small), $160 per month billed yearly (medium), and $240 per month billed yearly (large)

9. SocialBee


SocialBee is a first-class social media automation tool that can help you enhance your social media presence and maximize your online efforts. This social media automation software is an ideal social media automation tool for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to be as efficient as possible when automating their online presence.

You can create your own posting schedule according to best practices. You can even personalize your posts depending on each social platform's particularities. You can import and edit content in various formats to suit your needs.

As a social media automation platform, SocialBee allows you to get more leads with less effort. SocialBee can assist you with Concierge Services (access to a dedicated social media specialist that can create tailored social media posts daily and automatically posts to all your social accounts) if you are not very familiar with social practices that will help you stay on top of your social media game.

Key Features

  • Set a posting schedule in a content calendar
  • Content curation through RSS feeds
  • Recycle evergreen posts
  • Expire time-sensitive content
  • Real-time preview


  • Bootstrap: $15 per month, billed yearly
  • Accelerate: $32 per month, billed yearly
  • Pro: $65 per month, billed yearly

10. Oktopost


As a B2B social media automation tool, Oktopost is designed to meet the needs of any enterprise.

While Oktopost has all the standard features, such as marketing reports and engagement metrics, its main benefit lies in helping businesses generate better leads. Most businesses build their presence on social media with one goal: to attract more leads.

Oktopost integrates with several social networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This social media marketing automation software mainly offers three types of solutions:

  1. Social Employee Advocacy
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Social Media Promotions

Oktopost goes one step further in the automation process – it offers BI (business intelligence), CRM (customer relationship management) platform, and MA (marketing automation), which your team can connect with their social media data. All of this comes with an extensive knowledge base.

Oktopost will be the right social media automation tool if you are a B2B agency wanting to schedule content on multiple social networks.

Key Features

  • Content management
  • Automated publishing
  • Employee engagement
  • Social compliance
  • Reporting and analytics


Custom pricing

11. MeetEdgar


MeetEdgar is a scheduling-focused social media automation tool that allows users to schedule and recycle social media content across multiple social networks. The tool integrates with TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Business Profile.

The top two features of MeetEdgar are Refresh and Schedule. With Refresh, you'll never run out of content on your socials as Edgar automatically repurposes your evergreen social media content. A schedule helps users automatically post updates without manual intervention or scheduling.

Key Features

  • Automation rules
  • Add weekly automation time slots
  • A/B testing
  • Browser extension
  • Analytics and reporting


  • Eddie Annual Plan: $24.91 per month
  • Edgar Annual Plan: $41.58 per month

12. Later


Later is a social media management tool with automation features that specilaizes in visual scheduling. It lets users post content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn with robust editing tools.

Later's visual content scheduling and auto-publishing are clearly the most distinctive automation features that let users post visual content on Instagram in advance. Additionally, it also provides Instagram Stories scheduling feature, including the ability to add links and hashtags.

Later is also one of the top tools for collecting, organizing, and reposting user-generated content across social channels by navigating the tagged photos and videos.

Key Features

  • Visual planner
  • Automatic publishing
  • Linkin.bio
  • Content discovery
  • Automated analytics report


  • Starter: $15 per month
  • Growth: $33.33 per month
  • Advanced: $66.67 per month

13. CrowdFire


To some people, it might seem like the focus of CrowdFire is only on Twitter, as the platform's initial focus was on Twitter. But now, this social media automation tool integrates with other social platforms as well, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

CrowdFire allows you to discover content from your niche, pre-schedule, publish content, and even modify your content for every social media channel. It's very easy to work with CrowdFire as it works mostly on autopilot. Their Help & Support page provides a detailed overview of the platform itself and answers all your questions.

Key Features

  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Automated publishing
  • Access social media analytics data
  • Tracking the social mentions
  • Multi-account management


  • Plus: $7.48 per month
  • Premium: $37.48 per month
  • VIP: $74.98 per month

How To Choose The Right Social Media Automation Tool For Your Brand?

Choosing the right social media automation tool for a brand can be tricky if the following factors are not carefully considered. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Identify Your Needs

Start by identifying your social media marketing needs and goals. Determine what tasks you want to automate, such as scheduling posts, monitoring mentions, moderating comments, or tracking analytics.

Consider The Features

Look for a tool that offers the features you need to automate your social media tasks effectively. Consider these automation capabilities: bulk scheduling, content creation and curation tools, analytics and reporting, automated comment management, and collaboration features.

Evaluate The User Interface

A user-friendly interface is essential for a social media automation tool. Choose a tool that is easy to use and navigate, and that provides a clear and intuitive workflow like Statusbrew.

Check For Compatibility

Make sure the tool is compatible with the social media platforms you use. If you have a multi-channel social media presence, look for a tool that supports all your channels. Also, check if the tool integrates with the apps in your current toolkit.

Consider Pricing

Look for a tool that fits your budget and provides good value for your money. Consider the pricing plans and the features included in each plan. Remember, there are many tools that offer most automation features at much more affordable prices than their expensive counterparts.

Read Reviews and Ratings

Check online reviews and ratings from other users to get an idea of the tool’s strengths and weaknesses. This can help you make an informed decision and choose a tool that meets your needs.

Ready To Pick Your Own Social Media Automation Tool?

There you have it! These are our hand-picked list of the ten best social media automation tools for businesses in 2022. Social media marketing automation solutions can help you save time, allowing you to focus better on other aspects of your business.

No matter your business requirement, there is a social media automation tool out there that can help you better manage your social media presence and save time. If you want to up your social media game in 2022, any of these ten tools is a great place to start.

Stausbrew offers you control over managing different social profiles from a single place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to automate social media posts?

Here’s how you should automate social media posts like a pro: 1. Plan content for different social networks. You can also repurpose the same content for different social networks. 2. Write content for social media posts and design creatives as required. 3. Create a posting schedule and schedule content using social scheduling tools like Statusbrew.

Which are the free social media automation tools?

The following social media automation tools offer a free plan: 1. CrowdFire 2. Buffer 3. Agorapulse 4. CoSchedule

Can social media automation tools post on multiple platforms simultaneously?

Yes, most social media automation tools support posting on multiple platforms simultaneously. They provide the functionality to connect and manage accounts across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

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