10 Agorapulse Alternatives For SMBs & Agencies

Aug 19, 2021 15 min read

If you have ever hunted for a social media management tool, you would have likely stumbled on an article detailing all the benefits of Agorapulse.

We get it – Agorapulse is undoubtedly a well-known social media management tool built for businesses of all sizes & shapes.

But that doesn't mean it's the best. And you're well aware of this fact; hence your search for Agorapulse alternatives landed you here.

Agorapulse is a wonderful social media management tool, but it has its shortcomings as well.

The Downside Of Using Agorapulse

  1. Agorapulse has per-network in boxes and there is no unified stream to view.
  2. Agorapulse does not support integration with Pinterest and Google My Business.
  3. Exporting the full calendar view is not possible into a visual (PDF) or an excel sheet.
  4. No ability to keep draft posts. A post is set to draft only when you assign its approval to your teammate, and till the time it does not get approved.
  5. You can choose only one photo while scheduling which means an entire carousel post cannot be scheduled using Agorapulse. The file size of the image to be uploaded is limited to up to 5Mb.
  6. Agorapulse does not allow Instagram video publishing and some deeper Instagram metrics like demographics, impressions, and reach in it's report sections.
  7. Agorapulse is perhaps too expensive for small businesses unless their free plan fits your needs, as the cheapest plan you will find is $79 per month.

If these shortcomings of Agorapulse are bothering you, it's high time you start looking for Agorapulse alternatives.

This post will explore 10 of the best Agorapulse alternatives available in 2021, comparing use cases, features, and pricing. Let's go!

  1. Statusbrew
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Sprout Social
  4. Sendible
  5. eClincher
  6. Buffer
  7. SocialPilot
  8. NapoleanCat
  9. Zoho Social
  10. Later

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#1: Statusbrew

Statusbrew, a social media management solution, enables marketers to get done with content scheduling, audience monitoring, and brand management. Statusbrew's entire dashboard is spread across five essential functions - publish, report, teams, engage and listen.


Agorapulse Vs. Statusbrew: Salient Features

Statusbrew provides a unified stream of engagement, cross-network reporting, multi-channel planning, and publishing that's coupled with simplified utilities such as notes, tags, and mentions to ease out your team's collaboration.

With Statusbrew unified inbox, where conversations from several social networks are collated in one place, you will be able to reply to your audience within a minute after they drop comments, which decreases your response time, thus increasing your engagement rate.

Statusbrew provides smart integration on the most convenient channel like Slack, your mobile, desktop, email, and your IoT device for real-time responses to set up a notification system that notifies you instantly on the most appropriate channel.

Statusbrew provides 88+ reporting metrics with the ability to sort, filter, customize, and export each and every report. You would never need another tool for reporting.

Statusbrew's CRM feature helps you manage your customer data with ease to understand their queries and identify common patterns to win them over.

Statusbrew's simplified and collaborative asset manager maintains a pool of all your brand's digital content with advanced features such as labeling and filtering, collaborative workflow, and brand-approved content that enables your team to associate for the next marketing campaign.

Agorapulse Vs. Statusbrew: User Experience

According to GetApp, Statusbrew outperforms Agorapulse in terms of features and value for money. Ratings for ease of use and customer service are the same for both dashboards (no more, no less).

Agorapulse Vs. Statusbrew

Agorapulse Vs. Statusbrew: Pricing

Statusbrew's pricing starts at $129 per month, with all essential features covered in each and every plan. Before choosing the perfect plan for your brand, you get a free trial of 14 days to decide if the plan best fits your brand's needs. You will never be charged for the free trial period.

Agorapulse Alternatives #2: Hootsuite

Hootsuite founded back in 2008, is one of the first social media management tools to come into the market. Hootsuite's dashboard is designed for all small and large businesses to successfully execute their social media strategies across multiple social networks.

Agorapulse Vs. Hootsuite: Salient Features

Hootsuite follows a multi-column layout approach which presents all your social networks in separate columns across multiple dashboards. Within Hootsuite's dashboard, every social media account is differentiated from each other through tabs. Hootsuite follows the same pattern for displaying feeds.

Agorapulse integrates with some smart apps out in the market; however, their range isn't as vast as Hootsuite's. Hootsuite integrates Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Pinterest, which is lacking in Agorapulse. When we talk about third-party integration, Agorapulse still needs to work a lot on this feature.

Hootsuite contains a content library where you can store your individual images and post templates. Images can be uploaded directly from the content library while creating a post without changing the dashboard or switching to your system. You can also create and save post templates in Hootsuite's content library when creating or editing posts.

Not just that, Hootsuite's media library integrates well with Dropbox and Google Drive. Hootsuite is designed for users of small businesses, large businesses, enterprises, agencies, freelancers, and solopreneurs.

Agorapulse Vs. Hootsuite: Pricing

Hootsuite's lowest plan starts at $17 per month, which is significantly less than Agorapulse's lowest plan of about $79.

In the lowest plan, Hootsuite provides 1 user to integrate 10 social accounts and schedule an unlimited number of posts while accessing messages in one inbox.

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#3: Sprout Social

Sprout Social's powerful and all-in-one social media management dashboard uncovers trends and actionable insights from social data that help you reimagine how your business can grow in alignment with social media.

Sprout Social

Agorapulse Vs. Sprout Social: Salient Features

Sprout Social centralizes your publishing, monitoring, engagement, listening, and analytics into a smart inbox across the social platforms.

Sprout Social has one unified stream that displays all social mentions, messages, and comments from all your networks in one stream. You can filter the stream according to specific networks. Sprout Social does an outstanding job at combined reports.

Agorapulse Vs. Sprout Social: User Experience

One of the areas where Sprout indeed outperforms Agora is its content and collaboration feature. The results are pretty evident from user data from G2.

Agorapulse Vs. Sprout Social

Agorapulse Vs. Sprout Social: Pricing

Sprout Social's basic plan charges the same as Agorapulse.

Sprout Social's cheapest package costs $89/month, making it one of the most expensive Agorapulse alternatives. It includes the basic publishing, scheduling, and social calendar features for 5 social profiles.

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#4: Sendible

Sendible provides an excellent social media management platform in your bucket that's elegant and effective. Sendible tracks your essential conversations that are trending on social media and includes detail on the performance of your competitors as well.


Sendible Vs. Agorapulse: Salient Features

Sendible consists of a Priority Inbox (which is similar to Sprout Social). Having said that, Sendible also displays what it thinks are the most important messages for you at the top of its inbox.

A non-prioritized inbox for each network can also be viewed separately. Sendible gives the option to the people to view either a unified stream or a per-network one. as opposed to Agorapulse that provides just one view.

Sendible offers support for several blogging platforms like WordPress, Medium, Blogspot, and Tumblr besides regular social media management. Sendible has more integration options with social media platforms as compared to Agorapulse.

Sendible gives the feature to schedule future posts both in bulk and queue. The scheduling dashboard shows visualized content according to the dates to be published.

Sendible also enables you to customize several content according to each social network. The images can also be optimized by its in-built image editor or by Canva. Sendible gives suggestions for what to post. Your saved content can be accessed from the Cloud.

Sendible delivers performance statistics for every hour as well as for different types of media published. You can see which kind of content is posted and gets more reach by your target audience. Sendible also integrates Google Analytics and Google My Business, unlike Agorapulse.

Sendible provides review monitoring from sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Sendible Vs. Agorapulse: User Experience

According to GetApp, Sendible outmatches Agorapulse in terms of features with 98 points compared to Agro’s 80 points.

Sendible Vs. Agorapulse

Sendible Vs. Agorapulse: Pricing

Sendible's pricing for brands and agencies starts at $89 per month compared to Agorapulse's $79 starter pack. The most expensive pack is available at $199 for 7 users and 29 social profiles. In Agorapulse, the most costly pack is offered at $159 for 4 users and 20 social profiles.

#5: eClincher

eClincher, an intuitive social media management platform, helps boost your social media ROI and exponentially grow your reach. In eClincher, you will find all the tools at one place that are required to harness the power of social media for your brand.


Agorapulse Vs. eClincher: Salient Features

eClincher's publisher and visual calendar make a cross-network for social publishing, editing, and filtering. With eClincher's RSS Feeds, you can automate social posting and schedule posts for publishing in the future to keep the audience engaged.

eClincher identifies influencers in your industry using keyword search on social media.

eClincher integrates with Pocket to save interesting articles, videos, and website links. Once these are saved to Pocket, the content list can be accessed from any device within eClincher.

eClincher also provides the ability to boost a Facebook post. Using this feature, you can create your own target audience for a specific post. You can target an audience based on their age, gender, language, interests, location, budget, and ad duration.

eClincher enables users to pick and edit images and videos from its free commercial use libraries. You can edit your images from the eClincher's compose message box itself without having to shift to other image editor applications.

eCincher's image editor allows you to add stunning effects and frames to images, add high-quality stickers, include beautiful text overlays, provide pro-level image adjustments, and have fun features like tilt shift and color splash.

Agorapulse Vs. eClincher: User Experience

According to G2, eClincher provides better social analytics features than Agorapulse.

Agorapulse Vs. eClincher

Agorapulse Vs. eClincher: Pricing

eCincher's premium plan starts at $119 per month compared to Agorapulse's premium $159 plan. In addition, this plan also provides Tik Tok and Pinterest integration, 24/7 live chat support, auto-posting queues, and RSS features, which are not covered in Agorapulses's premium plan.

#6: Buffer

While other social media management tools ask you to create a post first and then schedule it, Buffer adopts a reverse approach. Buffer lets you schedule your post first and then inserts your posts sequentially.

Before actual distribution, Buffer allows users to reorder the scheduled posts. Buffer does provide a feature of immediate posts and "normal" per-post scheduling.


Agorapulse Vs. Buffer: Salient Features

Buffer makes it easy for you to create graphics for your social post using Pablo. This specific feature of Buffer makes it look unique among its peers and competitors. The 'Analyze' function of Buffer provides deep insights into the target audience on social media.

Agorapulse does not offer social publishing templates and A/B testing facilities, unlike Buffer. Buffer is yet another Agorapulse alternative that has more integrations available than Agorapulse. Buffer supports integration with IFTTT and Zapier, unlike other Agorapulse alternatives.

It also allows you to add content from your blog or Feedly. You can connect Google Drive, Dropbox, or your Calendar and try out cool things with social scheduling through Buffer. Agorapulse does schedule retweets, but Buffer does that easily.

There are some other ways to get content into Agorapulse. In Agorapulse, you can't automate the process with services like IFTTT and Zapier, but you can bulk upload content from a CSV file. As long as this process may sound, it is very tiring and cumbersome.

Agorapulse Vs. Buffer: User Experience

According to GetApp, Buffer has been rated far larger points than Agorapulse in terms of integration.

Agorapulse Vs. Buffer

Agorapulse Vs. Buffer: Pricing

Buffer is free for individuals for up to 3 channels with basic publishing and scheduling features. If you want to use the analytics and engagements feature of Buffer, you will have to pay $5 per channel.

Agorapulse offers 10 social profiles in its basic plan worth $79. Calculating the price of Buffer for a similar number of social channels will be $50 (Agorapulse just provides the basic plan at a higher price). Thus, Buffer is far more affordable for small businesses as compared to Agorapulse.

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#7: SocialPilot

SocialPilot provides a social media marketing management solution for brands focussing on social media and digital agencies by offering social inbox, automated post scheduling, content curation, analytics and reporting, team & client collaboration, and so much more with a 14-day free trial.


Image Source: Infleuncer Marketing Hub

Agorapulse Vs. SocialPilot: Salient Features

With SocialPilot, you can easily customize your text, images, CTAs, and links for each social platform directly in the scheduler. You don't need to edit content individually for each social platform on which you wish to post. Agorapulse allows you to customize text only.

When you have to schedule multiple posts, you don't need to schedule each post manually in your content calendar. SocialPilot gives the feature to bulk-schedule up to 500 social posts with images in a single upload. Agorapulse does not provide the feature of bulk image scheduling.

Because of this limitation, you can’t schedule carousel posts with Agorapulse, unlike SocialPilot. SocialPilot's built-in content discovery and suggestion tool fulfill your content needs by inspiring industry-trending ideas at no extra cost.

SocialPilot's content curation feature gives you a list of content pieces that can easily help you come up with unique social content ideas.

You can find the most recent and updated content suggestions by filtering your search for content published in the past few hours, the day, or the week. You can also filter the curated list for relevance to ensure that all suggestions are relevant to your industry keyword.

Agorapulse Vs. SocialPilot: User Experience

According to G2, SocialPilot has been rated larger than Agorapulse in terms of competitors’ analysis.

Agorapulse Vs. SocialPilot

Agorapulse Vs. SocialPilot: Pricing

Agorapulse's monthly premium plan allows you to connect 20 social media accounts while onboarding 4 teammates for $159 per month. But SocialPilot gives you different plans that fit your budget pretty well while also enabling you to work on more clients. At $100 per month, you can connect up to 50 different social media accounts while onboarding 5 teammates on the same plan.

#8: NapoleanCat

NapoleonCat is one of the most comprehensive social media management tools that offer both social media management and in-depth analytics options within one place.


Agorapulse Vs. NapoleonCat: Salient Features

NapoleonCat supports Google My Business and Google Analytics which Agorapulse does not support.

Napoleon Cat's influencer dashboard enables you to analyze how your follower count progresses throughout your influencer campaigns and compare it with influencers' activity.

NapoleonCat helps you estimate if new followers on your social profile come from the influencer's reach when you collaborate with influencers.

NapoleonCat's this feature assists in creating data dashboards for influencers campaigns to share real-time data with brands. In this manner, you can better negotiate rates for sponsored content.

NapoleonCat also provides a competitor analysis to analyze your direct competitors and other competitors in your niche. This data will provide significant insights into what and when to post and point to the types of content that perform the best amongst your target audience.

You can refine your social media strategy without having to complete the trial and error process by yourself. NapoleonCat automates your customer service experience to engage with customers efficiently and build more meaningful interactions with them.

When Agorapulse has a customer response time of 16 minutes, NapoleonCat’s customer success team responds within 3 minutes.

Agorapulse Vs. NapoleonCat: User Experience

According to Capterra, NapoleonCat is rated higher than Agorapulse in terms of ease of use, features, customer service, and value for money.

Agorapulse Vs. NapoleonCat

Agorapulse Vs. NapoleonCat: Pricing

When Agorapulse's lowest plan starts at a whopping $79 per month, NapoleonCat provides much more features at an affordable price of $21 per month. NapoleonCat also offers low plans for specific features starting at $15 per month. NapoleonCat's prices are fully customizable; you only pay for what you use.

#9: Zoho Social

Zoho's dashboard is built keeping in mind the growing needs of businesses. It is easy enough for anyone to understand and get started with building their social presence using Zoho's dashboard within minutes.

Zoho Social

Agorapulse Vs. Zoho Social: Salient Features

Zoho helps to schedule unlimited social posts, manage multiple social networks, monitor keywords, collaborate with your team, and track revenue, all from a single dashboard.

Once you're on Zoho's plan, you are all set to focus on publishing and scheduling content, engaging with your prospects and customers, listening to what's happening on social media, and creating as many custom reports as you want (without extra charges.)

Zoho Social is the first tool in the social marketplace to track the marketing revenue spent on social media so you can streamline your budget accordingly. Zoho allows you to automate the process of lead generation from social media by selecting any one or all of a set of predefined rules.

Using Zoho Social along with Zoho CRM completes the cycle of social selling for your brand. Marketing teams can identify opportunities, effortlessly generate leads, and keep the sales team informed about relevant prospect conversations. This kind of feedback will enable your marketing and sales teams to close quality deals faster and eventually sell more.

Zoho Social’s integration with Zoho CRM is the perfect tool for your marketing team and sales team. And marketing and sales teams are the heart of your brand.

Zoho does not stop there. It also provides access to reports that will show you a detailed breakup of all the leads and contacts created and the details of deals won from social media. Detailed insights into the revenue earned from your social marketing efforts can also be viewed on Zoho's dashboard. This will help you identify the social networks that work best to generate the maximum ROI for your brand.

Brands that use Zoho Social tell that it's easy to understand and use compared to Agorapulse. They love its interface and the fact that the Zoho dashboard is simple and straightforward yet data-rich.

Agorapulse Vs. Zoho Social: User Experience

According to Capterra, Zoho Social is rated higher than Agorapulse in terms of ease of use, features, customer service, and value for money.

Agorapulse Vs. Zoho Social

Agorapulse Vs Zoho Social: Pricing

Zoho's premium plan, which includes all features for 3 team members and 8 channels, is worth $35 per month, far less than Agorapulse's starting price of $79 with limited features. Thus, Zoho is a highly affordable tool, especially to get started for small businesses.

#10: Later

If your brand's focus is Instagram particularly, then Later could be the best option to consider. Although Later integrates with Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, it has a rich feature set for Instagram.


Agorapulse Vs. Later: Salient Features

Later's visual planner allows you to automatically schedule public images and videos and give your feed a look you want. It also has a media library to store all your digital assets in one place for easy team collaboration. You can import media from Google Drive or other cloud services in Later.

Later also provides hashtag suggestions according to your niche to keep your content fresh and help you whenever you have a brain block. Later gives you data-driven insights into Instagram analytics to check your performance on the platform. It helps in recognizing the best publishing time and engagement rates.

Later has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface using which you can start scheduling Instagram posts within minutes. Integration with IG stories and TikTok allows you to schedule not just Instagram posts in advance but also your Instagram stories.

Later provides Linkin.bio feature that builds a mini-website into your profile by including a URL. Linkin.bio also lets you add up to 5 links on each Instagram post.

Agorapulse Vs. Later: User Experience

According to G2, Later is rated higher than Agorapulse in terms of requirements, ease of use, setup, and admin.

Agorapulse Vs. Later

Agorapulse Vs Later: Pricing

Later is free to use for an individual to schedule 30 posts per social profile. Later's advanced plan for managing social media with a larger team starts from $40 per month and is billed monthly. This plan includes scheduling unlimited posts for 6 users. Additional users can be onboarded with $5 extra. This plan covers all essential features provided by Later.

On the other hand, Agorapulse's basic plan starts at $79 per month, billed annually. This is just an elementary plan allowing 10 social profiles for just 2 users with limited features.

In A Nutshell…

Look for your choices, pick the best one, then go with it. - Pat Riley

Although it is a joy to use Agorapulse, it might not suit your brand and its unique needs. The market offers you multiple Agorapulse alternatives with decent pricing that fits your brand and wallet.

These are our handpicked Agorapulse alternatives for you. In the end, the social media management tool that you choose should fit your brand like a glove.

Here's to your continued social media success!

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