Top 10 Hootsuite Alternatives For Marketers In 2024

May 17, 2024 9 min read

Before writing this blog, I spoke with a marketing agency that had been using Hootsuite for multiple years and was looking for a change. I wanted to understand the challenges they encountered with the platform that pushed them to explore alternatives.

And here's what I learned:

  • The plan and pricing were not transparent, which stretched their budget.
  • The platform was complex, and the navigation experience was not smooth.
  • Customer support left them hanging, which was the final straw.

It was surprising to hear such feedback about a popular tool like Hootsuite. Yet, it's likely not the only agency or brand that's faced these issues. There are probably others searching for reliable social media management tools.

Considering these facts, I researched and compiled a list of 16 Hootsuite Alternatives that you can try.


Statusbrew is ideal for businesses and agencies looking for a cost-effective solution for creating, scheduling, and analyzing social media posts with your team.

How much more affordable? Significantly—while Hootsuite's least expensive plan costs $99/month for a single user and 10 social accounts, Statusbrew's standard plan starts at $129/month for 5 users and 10 social profiles. Unlike Hootsuite, you can try out Statusbrew for free with a 14-day cardless trial.

Supported platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Google Play Store, and App Store.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to use Statusbrew:


The compose window lets you plan, collaborate, and schedule content seamlessly for multiple networks. It incorporates essential features like approval workflows, Canva integration, and an asset manager, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tabs. The content calendar visually displays both scheduled and posted content.

Content Calender Statusbrew

You can also categorize specific content by creating internal tags or labels for campaigns. Later, you can filter these tags to analyze the performance of your campaigns.

Publish Rules can establish automated approval workflows. This allows you to set posts created by a team or group to automatically send for approval, introducing safeguards into the publishing process.


Similar to Hootsuite, we also feature a Social Inbox that helps you quickly resolve customer queries at scale. We provide advanced automations, including auto-deleting, hiding negative or irrelevant comments, and auto-replying to generic queries. You can create isolated views or inboxes for your team to focus on the most critical engagements for your brand.

Social Inbox Statusbrew

Additionally, we support social listening for Twitter and Instagram hashtags, allowing you to monitor conversations beyond your feed. We offer integrations with platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot to bridge the gap between your community management and customer service teams.


Team collaboration in Statusbrew is seamless, whether you're creating content, responding to customers, or generating reports. You can easily interact with your team using internal notes, mentions, and messages. Customized notifications can be set up to receive important updates from your team via email, Slack, and mobile.

Team collaborations In Statusbrew


You'll find customizable reporting templates, ranging from multi-channel overviews and audience sentiment analysis to team SLAs, providing a comprehensive view of your social media activities. These templates are designed to meet your data needs; however, if you find something lacking, you can customize further using our widgets, which offer access to over 230 KPIs and metrics.


You can export individual widgets or entire dashboards as CSV or PDF files, or generate a live link for sharing if you prefer not to download.

Thinking of a pivot? Our team is all in to provide 1:1 onboarding support and proactive onboarding support. We've got your back!


Agorapulse stands out as a superior alternative to Hootsuite due to its user-friendly interface, powerful analytics, and responsive customer support, making it an excellent choice for mid-sized businesses and agencies. Customers appreciate Agorapulse's unified social inbox and its intuitive publishing features for planning, collaboration, and scheduling of content.


The AI writing assistant and automatic creation of posts with UTM links further improve content management and tracking. Agorapulse also offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, with integration into Google Analytics. Stand-out features include shared calendars, approval workflows, and a custom labels/tagging system.

Their social media ROI tool allows users to prove the real business value of their social media efforts. Agorapulse outshines Hootsuite in terms of price also, particularly for companies needing multiple user accounts, which makes it a more wallet-friendly choice.


NapoleonCat is a better alternative to Hootsuite due to its customizable pricing, easy setup, and automation tools. Starting at just $27 per month for one user and up to three accounts, NapoleonCat allows you to pay only for what you need, with the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade at any time.

NepoleonCat Inbox

Unlike Hootsuite, NapoleonCat offers a free trial without requiring a credit card, and you can quickly connect both your Facebook and Instagram accounts once you add a Facebook Page.

In contrast, Hootsuite's account setup is lengthy, requiring credit card information and separate connections for Facebook and Instagram accounts. NapoleonCat’s Auto-moderation tool functions like an assistant moderator.

It handles repetitive tasks by defining triggers (e.g., comments with offensive language) that set off automatic actions (e.g., hiding the comment). You can create multiple Auto-moderation rules for various issues and choose from ready-to-go automation templates for easy setup.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is perfect for mid and large-sized businesses looking for an all-encompassing social media management tool. This alternative to Hootsuite provides various features such as social listening tools, a unified social inbox, integrations with other software (although less than Hootsuite), a shared calendar, and more.

Sprout Social Content Calendar

Users often commend Sprout Social for its straightforward and user-friendly interface. To access advanced collaboration features like custom workflows or approvals, you must subscribe to at least the Professional plan, priced at $399 per user per month.

Sprout Social is a pricier option than Hootsuite—the least expensive plan starts at $249 a month and covers only five social media profiles. Higher-tier plans, such as the Professional and Advanced, are available for $399 and $499 a month, respectively. Although a free 30-day trial is offered, Sprout Social's pricing plans are generally suited for larger marketing budgets.

P.S.: If you have already tried Sprout Social but are drawn away by its higher-than-average price, check out our list of Sprout Social Alternatives


Sendible offers whitelabel reports and a content library even on the lowest plan. It provides custom approval processes and co-branding opportunities for agencies. Sendible's priority inbox and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for marketers.

Sendible app

With Sendible's smart posts, you can customize messages according to the social platforms in one view, a feature Hootsuite lacks. Additionally, Sendible offers more direct integrations with platforms like Google My Business and Canva.

Furthermore, Sendible is more cost-effective than Hootsuite on every single plan, which makes it a superior choice for businesses and agencies. Sendible’s lowest tier plan starts at $29 per user per month, as opposed to Hootsuite’s lowest plan starting at $99 per user.


While Hootsuite discontinued its free plan on March 31st, 2023, Buffer still offers a free plan for individual users and businesses starting out with social media. Its free plan lets you schedule content for up to 3 channels (30 posts in total), a drag-and-drop social media calendar, a content library, and Buffer's AI Assistant. It's super affordable as compared to Hootsuite, as Buffer’s paid plans start at $6 per month per channel.

Buffer content creation

Buffer’s calendar outshines Hootsuite’s with a better drag-and-drop option and a cleaner interface. The approval infrastructure in Buffer is straightforward, featuring a dedicated approval tab that shows content approval status and allows for quick actions. It also has a “Queue” feature that simplifies content management.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is an affordable social media tool for agencies and SMBs. Its UI is easy to use and uncluttered. Like the other platforms we discussed above, Zoho Social offers a 15-day free trial without entering your credit card details.

Zoho Social dashboard

It is much more affordable than Hootsuite, as its paid plan starts at $15/month. They also offer 2 different pricing plans for agencies to cater to the varying needs of an agency without costing a bomb.

Zoho Social offers the ability to repeat posts when necessary. While Hootsuite integrates with 200+ apps, it still doesn’t include Mastodon, which Zoho Social does.

While Hootsuite’s scheduled posts can only be viewed in its planner, Zoho Social offers a dedicated scheduled posts tab. Approval workflows are available in Hootsuite only in the Enterprise plans, but Zoho Social offers them starting from the Premium plan.


Brandwatch (previously offers brand monitoring, consumer intelligence, and influencer marketing for enterprise businesses. It boasts superior listening features and AI-powered advanced competitive analysis. With access to over 100 million unique data sources and 1.6 trillion historical conversations since 2010, Brandwatch provides unmatched social listening insights.

Brandwatch dashboard

It offers end-to-end influencer marketing by discovering and managing influencers from a database of over 30 million global creators. Brandwatch also automates reporting and provides better campaign measurement. Brandwatch has full Firehose data for Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr, so it provides real-time access to all public posts on these platforms for in-depth analysis and trend identification.


With eClincher, you can easily schedule and automate your social media posts.


eClincher offers a comprehensive social media inbox, detailed analytics, and superior monitoring tools in addition to its scheduling capabilities. Its visual calendar is easy to use. eClincher’s collaboration and content approval features are also superior to Hootsuite. eClincher offers approval workflows starting from the Premium plan, but Hootsuite only provides it in the enterprise plan.

eClincher is also quite affordable as its lowest-tier plan for individuals and micro-businesses starts at $65 per month. eClincher's customer service is quick, supportive, and extremely helpful.


Socialflow offers AI-powered social publishing to amplify your content. Using real-time data and machine-learning optimization, Socialflow ensures your content reaches the right place at the right time. With its AI publishing tool, you can load up your content queue and let the AI optimize post distribution during peak audience engagement hours.

Socialflow dashboard

Socialflow's responsiveness to real-time data results in higher engagement without manual configuration. Socialflow also supports branded and sponsored content campaign management, lead generation, subscriber acquisition and retention. Socialflow was acquired by Piano in 2022, and is since a Piano solution.

Which one is the best Hootsuite alternative?

The social media tools mentioned above are top Hootsuite competitors, each with unique selling points and features at competitive prices.

To find the right Hootsuite alternative, consider trying out the trial versions of these platforms. While this process may take some time, it will help you determine which tool offers the best support and features that align with your business needs.

On that note, I'm wrapping this up. Good luck with your research, and do give Statusbrew a try, it's completely free for 14 days.

Statusbrew helps in running social media campaigns, managing engagement, and deriving analytical reports from a single place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hootsuite have a free plan?

No, Hootsuite is not free anymore, as they ended their free plans on March 31, 2023.

What’s the best alternative to Hootsuite?

Statusbrew is a better alternative to Hootsuite. It has superior engagement features, like advanced comment moderation and unified inboxes, and provides flexible pricing options, making it ideal for agencies.

Which is better? Hootsuite or Statusbrew?

Hootsuite excels in extensive integrations (higher tiers), while Statusbrew shines in comment moderation, affordability, advanced reporting, and a user-friendly interface. 

What features should I look for in a Hootsuite alternative?

When evaluating Hootsuite alternatives, look for features like social media scheduling and publishing, analytics and reporting, team collaboration tools, CRM features, and integrations with other tools and platforms.

What are the competitive advantages of Statusbrew over Hootsuite?

Statusbrew has a competitive edge over Hootsuite as it offers better customer support, has more affordable pricing plans, advanced analytics and reporting dashboards with over 230 metrics, and improved CRM integration to streamline your social media and customer support workflows.

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