10 Buffer Alternatives For SMBs & Agencies

Aug 18, 2021 25 min read

Buffer is a leading social media management tool for a reason. With its clean interface, intuitive dashboard & affordable price range, the popularity of this tool is soaring each day.

To maximize your social presence effectively, before getting allured by Buffer free version & affordable price range, consider Buffer alternatives for SMBs & agencies to scale your brand's development. We have enlisted 10 Buffer alternatives, explore the list & ponder upon what fits best for your business growth & plausible online presence.

What Is Buffer?

Buffer is one of the simplified social media management tools with an inherent consolidated dashboard in an affordable price range, which assists businesses in authentically reaching more people on social. More than 160,000+ small businesses use this SMM tool every month to build their brand on social media.

Maximize your business revenue by using Buffer's 'Publishing, Analytics & Engagement' features. Buffer social media management tool is more popular as a social media publishing & scheduling tool, which helps to manage your social profiles & you can gain traction & able to drive more prospects.

  • This leading SMM tool also supports multi-media format sharing & users can track shared content using custom URLs. Furthermore, Buffer social media management tool also offers actionable reports to improve social media activities.

  • The ease of use & free version with various features is diversifying the tool from its competitors. Using Buffer SMBs & agencies can effectively plan & collaborate on social campaigns.

  • Your customer support team can swiftly respond to customer querries or comments using Buffer's customer engagement features. With its team collaboration features, collaborate with your content team & work together on high-quality,on-brand content.

  • Buffer analytics allows users to track performance and create reports for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from its unified, intuitive analytics dashboard.

What Is Buffer

Image Source: Buffer

Key Features

Buffer's key features are Social Analytics, Automated Publishing, Campaign Optimization, Social Engagement, Content Calendar, Shared Inbox, Approval Workflows, Multi-Account Management, Social Media Monitoring, Audience Demographics, etc.

Price Range

Buffer has a two-tier pricing model: Free version & Essentials.

  • With the free version, you can use three social channels & 10 post can be scheduled per month per channel without paying a penny. However, only a single user is allowed in the version. Along with the publishing tools, it also offers you bitly link shortener.

  • Essentials plan costs $5 per social channel & it also offers a 14 days trial period. The number of users allowed in this version is one. Along with publishing & analytics features, this plan provides you Bitly Link Shortener, Instagram Tagging, Instagram & Twitter Hashtag Manager, Shuffle Queue, Instagram Shop Grid, Facebook Page Mentions & many more.

  • You can add on 'Team Pack' with this plan to avail user access to unlimited team members & clients & to access approval workflow tool along with easy, clear exportable reports.

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Why To Consider Buffer Alternatives?

Every tool comes with pros and cons. Buffer also has certain advantages & disadvantages. Let's explore the pros & cons of the Buffer social management tool to understand why you should consider Buffer buffer competitors:


  1. One of the primary delights of using Buffer is it is easy to use & fast to set up. Even if you have not used any SMM tool before, you can quickly learn to use its features effectively. Besides, scheduling is also quick & easy at Buffer.

  2. Buffer offers free image creation tool Pablo, which assists you in creating & scheduling quality images from one unified dashboard. With this tool, you can easily create social media images without worrying whether your photo editor will integrate with your social media management tool.

  3. Buffer pricing model is very flexible. You can choose the essential plan for $5 per social channel per month, giving you the choice to pay for only those channels you are using. Also, depending on your business requirements, you can opt for the add-on 'Team-Pack.' Besides, it offers a free version that gives you access to use three social channels without paying a penny. If you are on a tight budget, Buffer can be your best choice to make a remarkable social media presence.

  4. Buffer social media management tool offers a Chrome extension that allows you to share images, videos, posts & links from anywhere on the web. This is a beneficial addition as this gives you access to select the scheduler or the single composer option smoothly, which allows you to post the same content multiple times over a specific span of time.

  5. Buffer's dashboard is clean & the names of the features directly mean their functions. It also offers an RSS feed where you can integrate blogs, data sources making it possible to discover & share relevant content swiftly. Besides, it also provides organized analytics through which you can track your content performance. The features of the tool are designed both for desktop & mobile. According to users' reviews Buffer app is reliable & allows you to connect to your social media accounts quickly.

What Is Buffer

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  1. One of the significant downfalls of Buffer is that to make a plausible and impactful social presence, Buffer requires supplements of other tools. Buffer isn't a complete tool in itself.

  2. Buffer is a suitable tool for freelancers & a small team of one or two people. But if you want to scale your social presence with a large team, it can't assist you in achieving your goal.

  3. If you wish to use Buffer for a team collaboration, it is expensive. The 'Team Pack' price range is high compared to Buffer competitors. There are tools like Buffer that offer team collaboration tools at an affordable price.

  4. Buffer's Instagram and Pinterest features are fundamental and simple.

10 Buffer Alternative for SMBs & Agencies

Are you looking for a social media management tool that can feel the void left by Buffer? Check out our list of 10 Buffer alternatives for SMBs & agencies.

1. Buffer Alternative - Statusbrew

Statusbrew engagement tool centralizes your social inbox, empowers you to bring your team together & streamline your workflow to scale your brand growth. It is one of the foremost Buffer alternatives that offer a complete social media management suite to manage all social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Google My Business.

  • Statusbrew assists you in collecting social intelligence to enrich engagement & nurture leads, as well as helps to establish a bond with your prospective clients. It is one of the top Buffer competitors that is trusted by 10000+ brands for its superb customer service.

  • Statusbrew simplifies your social media scheduling & you can create, schedule & publish numerous social media posts across diverse social channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business at once.

  • With Statusbrew comment moderation, you can hide or delete comments or mark spam comments on social ensuring a positive brand reputation online. It’s comment moderation rule supports dynamic ads & allows you to manage ad comments on Facebook as well.

  • ‘Sentiment Analysis’ feature of the SMM tool analyses prospects sentiment across social. Its highly trained AI for language & human interaction swiftly marks if a conversation is positive, negative or neutral, helping you understand how your customers are assessing your brand on social media.

  • Its social CRM offers contextual information about yur prospects & equip your team with in-depth audience details ensuring a higher conversion rate. Experience an instant & reliable notification mechanism with Statusbrew & get notified in real-time. You can customize your Slack & email notification both on desktop & mobile.

Buffer Alternative - Statusbrew

  • Statusbrew further helps users to streamline team workflow with its role-based approval structure. Collaborate with your team with ease & create, review, communicate with your teammates with a clutter-free team management system & reduce errors.

  • With its highly insightful analytics, get the KPIs of customer engagement & team performance. Its all-encompassing social media analytics offers every nook & corner of your social scene. Statusbrew is one of the leading tools to nurture customer relationships at best.

Buffer Alternative - Statusbrew

Key Feature: Some of the significant features of Statusbrew are Audience Targeting, Automated Publishing, Configurable Alerts, Contact & Content Management, Conversion Tracking, Customer Engagement & Segmentation, Keyword Filtering, Multi-Account Management, Post Scheduling, and Reporting/Analytics.

Price Range: Statusbrew’s three tier pricing is comprised of three price plans: Standard, Premium & Enterprise. Standard plan starts from $129 per month per license, Premium costs $229/month/license & the Enterprise plan offers custom pricing. You can avail a seven days free trial for the Standard plan & the Premium plan offers 14 days free period. Statusbrew also provides an ‘Agency Plan’, where you can customize the plan for each client & plan starts from $49/month per client.

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Statusbrew Vs. Buffer

Customers are choosing Statusbrew as one of the top Buffer alternatives. Following are a few points on why to choose Statusbrew over Buffer:

A Complete Solution

Statusbrew is a unified solution for all your social media needs, unlike Buffer. You do not require separate paid management tools to analyze, publish or reply on social media. Statusbrew's extensive features offer you a wholesome social media solution for your brand growth.

Solution For All Businesses

Statusbrew social media management tool is suitable for businesses of all sizes. SMBs can reach more prospects by centralizing all social media activities in a unified platform & gain real value. With Statusbrew, agencies can manage multiple clients from an intuitive dashboard and a unique workspace for each client. Statusbrew engagement platform allows enterprises seamlessly deliver social customer care, manage your content curation, and helps to measure social ROI leading to scale your corporation's social presence. Buffer is suitable for freelancers or small teams.

Automated Inbox

Statusbrew automated inbox helps you craft highly customized rules & helps to moderate comments both on organic & paid posts. You can easily hide or delete unwanted comments or mark spam comments on your social posts & dynamic ads. Furthermore, it empowers you to assign conversations to your teammate based on their specification, ensuring a smooth & effective workflow that can lead to plausible brand growth.

Live Preview

Statusbrew allows you to visualize content by offering a live preview of all major networks next to your composing screen. You can get an idea about how your content will appeal on social media, helping you to get a holistic view of the content preview. Buffer does not allow you to visualize content while posting it.

Metrics That You Can Measure

Statusbrew allows you to assess, sort, customize, filter & export 88+ metrics, which is the highest in the concerned industry. Its reporting tool is powerful & provides you reliable metrics; you do not require other reporting tools to assess your social performance.

Effortless Customization

According to user reviews, Statusbrew is easy to use. Ease of use of an SMM tool does not limited to a simple dashboard. Statusbrew melds around your work; it offers effortless customization matching your requirement along with easy navigation.


Statusbrew comes with cons as well. One of the primary limitations of Statusbrew is that it does not offer you a Pinterest integration.

2. Buffer Alternative - Hootsuite

Another top Buffer alternative is Hootsuite, a popular social media solution for small businesses. Hootsuite's basic plan offers effective team collaboration to manage social accounts, engaging with customers to build a positive brand image & publishing content efficiently on different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

  • For establishing a solid customer relationship through your social media channels, Hootsuite is the SMM tool you can consider. Hootsuite believes ‘ social is your superpower’ & focuses on assisting you to build strong internal cultures with extensive consumer insights and offering a consolidated customer experience.

  • Along with organic content, Hootsuite allows you to create & manage advertising content & the SMM tool supports 20+ social channels, including prominent channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It also equips users to monitor social conversion & you can measure and analyze social media performance with Hootsuite report & analytic features.

  • With Hootsuite ‘do more in less time', automatically schedule posts across all your social channels in just a few clicks. Combine all your conversation in a unified thread & quickly respond to comments from a centralized inbox. Besides, its social analytics dashboard gives you data on your top-performing content & offers customized insights.

  • Hootsuite further helps you to collaborate as a team & your team members can assign, reassign & resolve queries of your customers faster. The Hootsuite app helps you to manage social effectively via your phone as well. With its extensive features & analytics Hootsuite is trusted by 18+ million top social marketers.

Key Features: Hootsuite's key features include Social Analytics & Publishing, Campaign Optimization & Social Media Advertising, Report Customizability & Exporting, Competitor & Follower Analysis, Post Performance, Influencer Identification, Sentiment Analysis & Social Reporting.

Price Range: Buffer alternative Hootsuite offers a four-tier pricing model: Professional, Team, Business & Enterprise. Professional plan costs $16.94/month & you can avail of a 30 days trial period; one user & 10 social media accounts are allowed.

The Team pricing plan costs $88.75, 3 users & 20 social media accounts are allowed in this plan you can get a 30-day free trial.

Business plan costs approx $603, and 5 users & 35 social profiles are allowed; Enterprise price tier offers a quoted price plan. The top two tiers of Hootsuite are for large corporations.

Hootsuite Vs. Buffer

Compared to Buffer, Hootsuite is expensive for SMBs, but the SMM tool's plans are more feature-packed & helpful to establish a visible social media presence. However, let’s check out why Hootsuite is a suitable Buffer alternative:

Supported Social Channels

Compared to Buffer, Hootsuite supports more social channels. With Hootsuite, you can successfully manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress Blogs & YouTube channels. Buffer does support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, but it lacks YouTube integration. Besides Buffer's Instagram & Pintresest integration is also very basic.


Buffer does not offer advertising on social media, But with Hootsuite, you can create & manage ads as a part of your social media strategy. At present, Hootsuite is the best SMM tool that offers advertising features; you can launch an ad campaign from a single dashboard. Hootsuite Ad is an impactful feature to drive conversion to your brands through paid social media efforts.


Buffer publish and scheduling offers you a clutter-free user experience, but Hootsuite schedule is more equipped with features compared to Buffer. Besides, in terms of dashboard experience Buffer displays only scheduled posts, but Hootsuite displays timelines that contain multiple columns. Hootsuite dashboard is less intuitive, but it is ideal for large organizations or growing agencies. Beside, Hootsuite analytic features are more precise and elaborate than that of Buffer.

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3. Buffer Alternative - Sprout Social

Sprout Social, a prominent Buffer alternative, offers an end-to-end social solution for businesses of all sizes. Sprout Social’s single cohesive & solid dashboard propel business' online growth with monitoring, scheduling posts, location monitoring, analytics, and team management with approval workflows.

  • Sprout is one of the finest SMM tools & a leader in customer support, usability, social ROI & users adoption. Its social listening tools assist businesses to tap actionable insights, ensure improvisation of brand health & helps users to analyze the industry loopholes.

  • With Sprout Social, you can track and analyze conversations on relevant topics, which helps you to understand consumer sentiment. It also has a robust analytic system that offers insight into your social media efforts & team performance.

  • Apply its extensive reports & analytics to uncover competitors' trends, critical customer & industry insights to grow business. Sprout Social is also the solution for ‘Employee Advocacy’ programs.

  • To demonstrate thought leadership & to amplify brand reach, Sprout Social is one of the best tools. Sprout's team collaboration is easy & it quicken daily social tasks helping your team members to deliver the most value to your business.

Key Features: Sprout Social key features includes, Social Analytics, Publishing Management, Report Customizability & Exporting, Competitor Analysis, Post Performance, Attribution, Influencer Identification & Social Reporting.

Price Range: Sprout Social offers a user based three tier price plans: Standard, Professional & Advance. However, its pricing is expensive, which is one of the significant downfalls of Sprout Social. The Standard plan costs $99 per user per month & it offers to use five social profiles per user. The professional plan costs $169 per user/month & you can use ten social profiles in this plan; the Advance plan costs $279 per user/month & 10 social profiles per user is allowed.

Buffer Alternative - Sprout Social

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Sprout Social Vs. Buffer

Let's explore why Sprout Social is an suitable alternative to Buffer:

Enriched Features

Sprout Social is a 360 holistic social media management solution with features filled with an intuitive dashboard. It offers insightful reporting options along with automation & collaboration tools. Buffer social listening capabilities are limited; it is primarily a publishing & scheduling tool, where Sprout Social is a complete social management solution.

Customer Support

Sprout Social offers platform training, unlike Buffer & its front-desk help comes with Professional & Advanced price range. However, it doesn't provide email support like Buffer. The self-serve help center of Sprout Social is excellent & it offers recorded webinars and Q&A boards.

Easy To Use Features

Sprout Social offers an innate dashboard that is easy to use; users can easily navigate the tools without much effort. However, to use its analytics tools, you need an in-depth understanding. Buffer is also effortless to use, but the simplicity of Buffer costs lack of many vital social media management features. But Sprout Social offers most of the required tools of social media management for SMBs along with its ease of use.

Beneficial For SMBs

Compared to Buffer, Sprout Social is more effective to use for your agencies. Though it is more expensive than Buffer, but in Buffer you’ll have to pay additionally for each of the social media management solutions. But Sprout Social plans cover almost all the required solutions for SMBs.

Particularly SMBs & agencies who are looking for social listening, extensive report & automation tools, Sprout Social can be a serious consideration. With its superb array of sophisticated technologies & innovative new features, Sprout Social ensures business growth for SMBs, agencies & large organizations.

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4. Buffer Alternative - Sendible

With its improved performance, Sendible is one of the recognized Buffer competitors. Though this SMM tool is primarily designed for agencies, Sendible offers pricing plans & features that fit the requirement of small and mid-size businesses.

  • Sendible supports key social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. Besides, it allows you to monitor and respond to Facebook ad comments, connect blog platforms including WordPress and Medium, to draft posts from the unified Sendible dashboard.

  • It assures you to amplify your brand’s voice through credible storytelling. Positioned as a productivity tool for agencies, it acertains that your team can save hours of time!

  • It offers social media engagement, monitoring, publishing, lead generation, and reporting features & helps you to get engaged with customers. With its unified inbox, agencies & SMBs can make cogent crucial conversations from multiple social channels in one single stream.

  • Its compose inbox is one of the top influential social media content creators & it assists on bulk scheduling social media posts. With Sendible's advanced content suggestion algorithms, you can automatically curate content. Besides these features, it recommends the best content on the web guaranteeing engagement and business growth.

Key Features: Sendible's key features includes ROI Tracking, Automated Publishing, Calendar/Reminder System, Campaign Analytics & Tracking, Channel Attribution, Competitive Analysis & Monitoring, Email Marketing, Keyword Filtering, Lead Attribution & Nurturing, Live Chat, Multi-Account Management, Reporting/Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Task Management & Trend Analysis.

Price Range: Sendible offers a four-tier pricing model: Creator, Traction, Scale & Expansion. The Creator is its basic price range which costs $29/month. It offers single user & 6 profiles. Traction costs $89/month, and this plan is primarily for small businesses & agencies. It allows four users 24 social profiles. Scale is Sendible's most popular plan that costs $199, and it allows seven users 49 social profiles. Expansion plan costs $399/month & it allows fifteen users & 105 social profiles. The top two tiers of Sendible price plan are primarily for growing agencies & larger organizations. All plans offer a 14 days trial period.

Buffer Alternative - Sendible

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Sendible Vs. Buffer

Sendible is another Buffer alternative. Let's check out the reasons:

More Features

Compared to Buffer, Sendible has more features. The Traction plan of Sendible is basically for SMBs & agencies that offer post review, calendar view, tagging profile, Instagram geotags, build-in editor, integration, bulk scheduler & CSV upload & more. Buffers' features are limited. Sendible offers keyword filtering, but buffers lack this feature. If you are seeking a featured-filled SMM tool, you should consider Sendible over Buffer.

Customer Support

Buffer's customer support options are limited. Compared to Buffer, Sendible offers more impressive customer support. Sendible offers more customer support options in the form of calls, emails, live support, and support tickets. You can find helpful resources and training videos as well.

Repeated Content

Another USP of Sendible is that it allows you to set a repeat mode. You can repeat evergreen content by setting up the 'Repeat mode'. Buffer does not have this option.

Trial Period

For all of its plans, Sendible offers a 14 days trial period. Though Buffer 'Essentials' plan offer the same trial period, the number of users and profiles varies.

5. Buffer Alternative - Loomly

Another Buffer alternative Loomly assists in building a brand with marketing teams to collaborate, publish and measure. It allows you to streamline teamwork and amalgamate with the entire content management process.

  • With its content management mechanism, you can manage digital assets, polish content, fuel storytelling, approve messaging, and reach your audience.

  • Loomly assists users to engage with a community & helps to track performance as well. Loomly is an all-in-one collaboration platform that also supports organic content, boosted posts, and objective-driven campaigns.

  • It is available as a web platform; also, it has a native application for iOS & Android. With Loomly, you can never run off content ideas as it provides post ideas based on ongoing trends, RSS feeds, social media best practices & date-specific events.

  • It comprises an in-built community management system that helps you to manage interactions on major social networks like Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. With the help of the comment management features, you can respond to your prospect's comments & reactions to your posts.

Key Features: Key features of Loomly comprises Social Analytics & Publishing, Campaign Optimization, Social Engagement, Social Ads, Campaign Planning, Content Calendar & Content Library, Shared Inbox, Approval Workflows & Content Creation, etc.

Price Range: Loomly social management tool offers a five-tier pricing: Base, Standard, Advance, Premium & Enterprise. Base plan costs $34/month; Standard plan costs $76/month, Advance plan costs $159/month, Premium plan costs $332/month & the Enterprise plan is quote-based. The Base plan allows two users & 100 social profiles. Standard plan allows six users & 20 social profiles. In the Advance plan, you can use up to 35 social profiles & 16 users are allowed.

 Buffer Alternative - Loomly

Image Source: G2 Business Software and Services Reviews

Loomly Vs. Buffer

With Buffer, you can use three excellent tools that assist in publishing, analyzing & reporting. Loomly offers you a wholesome experience of content management mechanism from a unified platform. Let’s explore Loomly as a Buffer alternative:

All Assets In One Place

Unlike Buffer in Loomly, you can access all your content assets in one place. The intuitive content library helps you to store, organize & use your assets from a central place. You can store photos, videos, notes, post templates & links. You can have a video slideshow from multiple images & it also provides you an asset view.

Crafts Ads

Loomly SMM tool assists you in crafting organic & paid posts like an expert. With the ‘Post Sponsoring’ feature, you can prepare objective-driven Facebook & Instagram Ads via Ad Manager. Ads can be created from the Loomly interface. It further offers optimization tips, hashtag manager, UTM parameter generator, GIPHY integration & Ad preview features.

Efficient Team Collaboration

Loomly provides approval workflow & collaborative review with end-to-end organic & paid post history. It further offers post & ad mockups, commenting mechanism, versions logs; Most of these features are not available on Buffer. Also, with its analytics, you can track post URL metrics along with accessing the profiles metrics.

6. Buffer Alternative - SocialPilot

Social media marketing automation tool SocialPilot is another Buffer alternative. This marketing automation tool is primarily designed for small businesses & agencies.

  • It can assist you in scheduling, publishing, and analyzing your social media marketing activities & empowers you to efficiently boost your reach. SocialPilot supports nine prominent social channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, TikTok, and VK.

  • This SMM tool offers popular integration such as Zappier & URL shortening services Bitly, Sniply, Rebrandly, and Feedly. It also provides web extensions to Chrome, Firefox & Safari.

  • With its social inbox, you can reply to messages, comments & Facebook page posts. It also equips users with both automated & manual content suggestions & discovery as well as RSS feed automation.

Key Features: SocialPilot’s key features include Automated Publishing, Content Management, Conversion Tracking, Engagement Tracking, Influencer Tracking, Lead Management, Multi-Account Management, Post Scheduling, Approval Workflow, Reporting/Analytics & Social Media Integration. It also offers a bulk scheduling feature.

Price Range: SocialPilot offers a four-tier pricing model: Professional, Small Team, Studio, Agency. Professional is its basic price structure which costs $30/month; one user & 10 social media profiles are allowed. Small team plan costs $50/month; three users & 25 social profiles are allowed in this plan. Studio is its most popular price structure, which costs $100/month; it gives access to 50 social profiles & five users are allowed. Agency price plan, which costs $150/month where you can use up to 75 social media accounts & ten users is allowed.

Buffer Alternative - SocialPilot

Image Source: G2 Business Software and Services Reviews

SocialPilot Vs. Buffer

SocialPilot offers you inclusive plans to access all the required features, wherein Buffer require you to purchase separate subscriptions to avail features of your choice:

Extensive Publishing & Scheduling Features

Unlike Buffer, SocialPilot publishing tools offer both bulk scheduling & boost post features. Along with these tools, its publishing tool provides scheduling posts with videos, audience targeting & customize the call to action.

Ad Analytics

Both Buffer & SocialPilot offers analytics features, including white-label reports. SocialPilot also offers ad report & analytics. Further, SocialPilot provides AI integration, easy-to-use UI & UX.

Customer Support

As per user review, email & social media support of SocialPilot is swift compared to Buffer support. Besides, you can also access its support team via chat.

7. Buffer Alternative - Later

Later is one of the popular all-in-one social media marketing platforms. This SMM tool assists businesses & brands of all sizes.

  • The platform offers a drag-and-drop interface to plan and schedule posts, videos, and stories on prominent social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest on a monthly basis.

  • Later assists users in managing & sharing user-generated content, further helps users to drive traffic and gain insights into the post's performance.

  • Later is primarily known as the leading SMM platform for Instagram marketing. You can avail personalized post creation strategies through using this platform & also it suggests hashtags to create a thriving feed to allure your prospects.

  • According to the user, its Preview feature helps to view the Instagram profile grid & it assists you in creating an aesthetic look of your feed, maintaining your brand voice.

Key Features: Later’s key features include: Social Management, Report Customizability, Report Exporting, Scalability, Competitor Analysis, Follower Analysis, Post Performance, Paid Campaign Tracking, Attribution, Content Calendar, Content Library & Shared Inbox, etc.

Price Range: Later offers a free version where it allows single user, 30 posts per social profile & one social channel set. It also offers a three-tier pricing plan: Starter, Growth & Advance. Starter is its basic plan which costs $15/month; one user & 60 posts per social profile is allowed. Growth & Advance plan costs $25/month & $40/month respectively. Growth plan offers users 150 posts per social profile & Advance plan offers six users & unlimited posts. In all of the plans, you can take add-ons for users & social sets on additional payment.

Buffer Alternative - Later

Image Source: G2 Business Software and Services Reviews

Later Vs. Buffer

Let's explore why Later is a suitable alternative for Buffer:

Easy To Use Visual Planner

Later offer a drag & drop interface & its visual planner is easy to use compared to Buffer. With its updated interface, it allows you to observe your feed through the eye of your prospects. The in-built tools & filters in it perfectly optimize your posts each time on each social channel.

Effortless Instagram Publishing

Build an impactful & more innovative Instagram strategy with Later. You can schedule both photos & videos & Later publish them both on Instagram & Facebook without glitches. It also allows you to storyboard and schedules your Instagram stories only at $9/month, where Buffer costs $65/month for the same activity. Later further send the content directly to your mobile device when it’s time to post.

Media Library

Later offers you a media library with which you can upload unlimited content & organize it as per your requirement. You also can label the content by campaign, category & color. It allows you to add notes to your content.

Assist You In Finding Content

Apart from posting content, Later assist users in finding content on social media. It directs your social mention to the library. Besides, it helps you to find content through URL or hashtags; collaborating with an influencer is also easy with this SMM tool. You can add them as contributors, and it is directly delivered to your account.

7. Buffer Alternative - CoSchedule

A part of Agile marketing, CoSchedule's Marketing Suite helps you coordinate your process, projects, and teams.

  • This SMM tool boosts your team’s productive work capacity & enables to publish content that can generate high ROI.

  • With a marketing tool offered by CoSchedule, you can develop a high-performance team by balancing the predictability and flexibility of your work. It ensures to increase the on-time task completion rate.

  • It empowers you to prioritize, plan, and manage a reliable pipeline of in-hand & upcoming projects, as well as aligns your work with strategic business goals.

  • CoSchedule is one of the fastest-growing solutions with 5,000+ customers worldwide. This is one of the convenient tools for professional marketers, teams, and marketing agencies.

Key Features: Key features of CoSchedule are Agile Methodologies, Analytics/ROI Tracking, Asset Categorization, Asset Library, Asset Sharing, Automated Publishing, Backlog Management, Campaign Analytics, Campaign Management, Campaign Planning, Categorization/Grouping, Client Portal, Collaboration Tools, Content Management, Customer Engagement, etc.

Price Range: CoSchedule Marketing Calendar price starts from $29 per user/month. The real-time marketing calendar offers features such as social publishing & automation, save custom views of your calendar, shareable, read-only calendars & easy reschedule projects. For the CoSchedule Marketing Suite, you can request customized quotes & talk to their help desk executives.

 Buffer Alternative - CoSchedule

Image Source: G2 Business Software and Services Reviews

CoSchedule Vs. Buffer

Let’s check out CoSchedules’s suitability as a Buffer alternative:

Basic Functionality

CoSchedule is an SMM tool that enables users to manage a custom workflow for their team & helps you to keep track of complex tasks using a calendar tool. Buffer is primarily a social media scheduling tool comprising engagement-tracking capabilities.

Quote Based Pricing

CoSchedule offers quotation-based prices for its marketing suite. It allows you to analyze your business requirements & accordingly calculate your ROI. Buffer does not offer quote based pricing.

Import Documents

Unlike Buffer, CoSchedule allows you to import documents & images from Google Docs or Evernote. Also, you can manage & publish all of your blog content, and social media promotion can be done in one place. It supports almost all formats of content, including text, graphics, and images.

9. Buffer Alternative - Tailwind

Tailwind can be an excellent Buffer alternative for you if your marketing strategy heavily relies on visually focused content.

  • Tailwind specializes in visual-focused social media marketing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. One of the critical features of Tailwind is that it helps you publish your content at an optimum time and also suggests appropriate hashtags to get the maximum return.

  • If you use only Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for your social media marketing, then with the help of Tailwind’s innovative scheduling features and analytics, you can increase your social media reach significantly.

  • With Tailwind, you can quickly transform your visual content into a number of personalized and optimized designs for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • One of its most striking features is 'Tailwind Communities' that help you connect to social media influencers of your niche worldwide.

Key Features: Tailwind key features include Social Analytics, Social Publishing, Social Engagement, Report Exporting, Scalability, Post Performance, Attribution, Content Calendar, Social Measurement, etc.

Price Range: Tailwind has a three-tier pricing model: Pro, Max & Advance. Pro plan costs $9.99/month, the Max plan costs $19.99/month, and the Advance plan costs $39.99/month. It also offers a free version where you can use one Pinterest & one Instagram profile.

Buffer Alternative - Tailwind

Image Source: G2 Business Software and Services Reviews

Tailwind Vs. Buffer

Tailwind is a suitable Buffer alternative:

Tailwind Community

Some of the essential features of Tailwind are Optimum Publishing Time, Hashtag suggestions, Tailwind communities, Mockups and Previews, Analytics, Personalized Content. Buffer does not offer a hashtag suggestion, nor does it have a community.

Visual Dynamics

If you are stressed about visual dynamics, Tailwind is the tool for you. The design capabilities of the Tailwind offer preview options which can enhance your Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest performance visibly.


Tailwind offers you analytics per pin, but Buffer only provides an overall view of your pins. It also empowers you with insightful statistics comprising a 30-day history to munch on.

10. Buffer Alternative - Oktopost

If you are a B2B enterprise organization looking for a social media management platform alternative to Buffer, then Oktopost can be a prominent tool for you.

This SMM platform is specially designed for B2B enterprises.

Oktopost lets you schedule a huge amount of content over social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

One of the most prominent features of Oktopost is how it implements social advocacy to increase the social media reach of your brand. It also lets you track KPI metrics and provides analytical insights.

Oktopost provides customer support through FAQs, Forums, Phone, Email, and Chat. Oktopost has a very high rating for its customer support, and it is a major factor that makes it a strong Buffer alternative.

Key Features: Oktopost's key feature induces Campaign Optimization, Social Engagement, Report Customizability, Scalability, Social Listening, Social Analytic, Social Publishing & Attribution.

Price Range: For Oktopost price, set a demo with the customer support team & you can ask for a customized quote.

Buffer Alternative - Oktopost

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Oktopost Vs. Buffer

Oktopsot can be another SMM tool you are looking for as a Buffer alternative:

Social Advocacy

The social advocacy feature of Oktopost lets you invite and add the employees of your organization to join the advocacy board. With the help of this feature, the employees can share the approved content on their social networks. Buffer does not provide any kind of social advocacy.


Oktopost supports the following integrations: Google Analytics, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Marketo Engage, WordPress, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Zapier. Buffer offer Zappier & WordPress along with other integrations such as Canva, IFTTT, etc.

Conversion Tracking

Oktopost allows users to track conversion. Besides, it offers drag & drop rescheduling, geotag posts for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn company pages while Buffer focuses more on publishing, scheduling & engagement.

Buffer Alternatives: Frequently Asked Questions

Following are few frequently asked questions for Buffer alternatives:

1. What does Buffer do?

Buffer is a social media automation tool, which has a desktop & mobile version. It lets you schedule & publish posts for various social media channels and offers to analyze the performance of each post on social media. Buffer also allows comment navigation & engagement with prospects.

2. Does Buffer social media management tool have a free version?

Yes! Buffer offers a free version with minimal features.

3. Is Buffer a complete social media tool?

Buffer indeed is a popular social media tool, but it has certain limitations. But the tool is primarily known as a publishing, scheduling & engagement tool. If you are looking for a comprehensive social media management tool for your business, Buffer is not for you. Instead, you should consider using its alternative or apps like Buffer to match your requirement. Instead of buffering, you can go for alternatives like Statusbrew, which offers an array of social media management features at an affordable price.

Summing Up!

Best social media management tool assists users' seamless and cohesive execution of social media strategy. Buffer is indeed one of the popular social media automation tools at a very affordable price, which is suitable for SMBs & agencies.

However, before choosing this social media management tool, you are required to do an in-depth analysis of Buffer competitors to get a whole idea about the price range & features, also analyze your business requirements. You can go through the above list to have a brief idea about Buffer alternatives for SMBs & agencies.

If you are instantly want to adopt an all-encompassing SMM tool, Statusbrew is one of the best fits. To explore it more, set up a demo today & efficiently work on your social media strategy.

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