Top 12 Online Reputation Management Tools & Services For 2024

May 16, 2024 9 min read

Just one ignored negative feedback that's all it takes to shatter your brand's years of hard-earned reputation. Not at all desirable, right? For any brand (big or small).

Marketers have already taken a cue from the online reputation crisis faced by several popular brands last year, including Netflix, Taco Bell, Tesla, etc., (with dropping reputation scores) and started pivoting to reputation management tools/services (as per their requirements) to stay aware of any potential brand reputation threats.

If you want to protect yours, here are the top 12 online reputation management tools and services that will help you do so effortlessly.

What is An Online Reputation Management Tool?

An Online Reputation Management Tool monitors discussions across multiple social networks and helps you monitor what people say about you online. It lets you quickly spot any negative talk from different sources, such as comments, mentions, and reviews, so you can respond fast.

Features, such as sentiment analysis, will help you determine whether people feel positive or negative about your brand. Plus, its analytics gives you stats and trends about how people interact with your brand online, helping you stay on top of things and make smart decisions.


Statusbrew helps you manage your brand's online reputation effortlessly by monitoring social and review channels from a single dashboard. You can view all conversations (organic/paid) from social, messaging, and review platforms in a single space and respond quickly with saved, suggested & auto-replies.

Statusbrew Unified Inbox

Our Rule Engine allows you to set rules based on sentiment, keywords, UTM, and campaigns to auto-hide or delete (toxic, offensive, or inappropriate) comments from your Facebook or Instagram pages with one click. This will protect your brand from unwanted hate speech or social media crises when your team is inactive.

Further, you can get notified of all negative reviews, mentions, and comments via email, mobile, desktop, or Slack. To get back to your customers quickly, these conversations can be automatically routed to your community manager or CS team via rules to dodge any brand reputation damage.

With Statusbrew, you can start by connecting multiple locations and profiles, which lets you manage all the reviews and engagements from a single dashboard. Your team can respond to customer reviews, sorting them by star ratings for prioritized attention. This ensures critical feedback is addressed promptly, safeguarding your reputation.

In addition, to meet your data needs, you have 20 more templates along with listening performance, engagement reporting, competitor analysis, etc.


Our Standard plan starts at $129/month. You can also take advantage of our 14-day FREE trial to take your call!

Statusbrew's Reputation Management Features
Statusbrew's Reputation Management Features

Reputation helps multi-location organizations monitor and enhance their online ratings, reviews, customer service, traffic, and other factors. Their Reviews & Review Booster helps you collect feedback, respond to reviews, and automate engagement.


With their ticketing platform, you can eliminate unresponsive customer communications with highly customizable automation, workflows, alerts, and goals within one centralized queue.

Besides this, you get features like a centralized inbox and social listening. They will help you collect, track, and respond to feedback from leads and customers and learn your brand perception with real-time alerts, sentiment analysis, and competitive benchmarking. doesn't offer a free trial. Pricing is discussed over a demo call.


Mention offers real-time reputation monitoring of over a billion online sources, including social media and blogs, allowing you to track brand mentions, competitors, and keywords. It will notify you of everything being said about your brand online via email alerts based on specified keywords, which can be yours or your competitors.


With its dashboard, you can also track recent mentions, analyze audience sentiment, and generate reports that will give you a detailed overview of your reach, hashtags, location, language, sources, volume, and much more.

Mention has a free trial, and the subscription starts at $41 /month.


Podium streamlines review management by auto-requesting feedback from top customers, enhancing Google and Facebook rankings. It consolidates calls, texts, and reviews, facilitating customer inquiries and purchases via text. Additionally, it handles calls, summarizes conversations via AI, and captures new leads through web chat.


Podium's detailed analytics can break down your reviews to spot negative and positive trends, helping you improve your operations.

Podium doesn't have a free trial. Pricing is customized after a demo call.


Meltwater’s “media intelligence” tracking lets you get an accurate pulse of your brand health by discovering hidden insights, examining your SEO profile and brand equity, and managing crises.


The Meltwater Suite offers social listening and sentiment analysis that enables brands to track brand mentions and keywords across many outlets, including blogs, social media, podcasts, television broadcasts, review websites, etc., so you don't miss a potential negative/positive comment.

Besides, when your company is mentioned, you’ll know about it through real-time alerts to tailor a response before a comment can evolve into a full-blown crisis.

Meltwater doesn't have a free trial. Pricing is customized after a demo call.


Birdeye’s AI-powered social media platform generates social posts in minutes, monitors engagement, offers detailed analytics on reviews, and manages social across locations from a single dashboard. You can rank higher and win more customers with the only AI-powered review software for local businesses.


With monitoring across 200+ sites, businesses can maintain a spotless reputation wherever customers search. The auto-reply feature ensures prompt review responses with its auto-response rules and personalized templates. And, if you need to translate reviews and responses, Birdeye Reviews also offers automatic translation of reviews and responses for seamless communication.

There's no free trial; pricing is determined through demo calls.


SOCi’s sophisticated review response management automatically aggregates and responds to all your reviews, increasing your reputation and brand visibility.


The platform enables marketing teams to monitor reviews in a unified dashboard, streamlining approval workflows. Besides this, you can analyze average review scores and positive, neutral, and negative sentiment trends to gauge the shifts in how customers view your business over time.

You can also monitor shifts over time and analyze local competitors with deep reputation insights to make data-driven decisions that help improve overall customer satisfaction and retention.

There's no free trial; pricing is discussed over a demo call. review management platform helps you automate the process of improving your reputation by monitoring and responding to reviews on 100+ review sites. It also ensures your team gets daily email notifications. Additionally, you can schedule review performance reports to clearly demonstrate the improvement of your reputation to everyone in your business.


Through its review marketing feature, you can automatically stream your reviews with a widget on your website and share them on social media. Its monitoring feature supports custom URLs and call-to-action links, with the option to add canonical URLs for review tracking. has a free trial, and the subscription starts at $110 per seat/ month.



Ideal for reputation management services, NetReputation is an online reputation management firm with thousands of satisfied customers. It is best known for its branded/location-based search pages, national and international search queries, and key product and service searches to find your business.

With their business reputation solutions, you can focus on 24/7 brand monitoring and threat detection, comprehensive customer sentiment audit & analysis, competitor digital footprint analysis, customized online reviews management services (removal, generation, promotion), online crisis management, and more.

You need to schedule a free consultation call to get a quote.

Go Fish Digital

go fish digital

Go Fish Digital specializes in maintaining a positive online image for your brand and handling potential crises by offering three key reputation management services: search suppression, review management, and Yelp management.

They focus on Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search, and online reviews, aiming to reduce the visibility of negative content or remove it entirely. Through their search suppression service, you can push down negative content on Google's pages and promote positive content.

Their proprietary tracking tool monitors your brand's digital reputation with a "Sentiment Score," while its review management includes flagging low-star reviews and notifying Yelp to display some 5-star ones.

You need to request a proposal to get a quote.

Reputation Resolutions

Reputation Resolutions

Good for crisis management, Reputation Resolutions offers monitoring solutions that will take care of your online reputation.

They will scour and index mentions of your company with their reputation monitoring software, Brand Intelligence Center, which constantly searches hundreds of millions of websites on the Internet for mentions of your brand in news articles, review sites, blogs, media, social channels, and directory listings.

If your company is mentioned anywhere online, the source site and content will be pulled into the intuitive dashboard.

You need to schedule a demo to get a quote.

Reputation X

Reputation X

Whether it's reputation repair, protection strategy, or improving reviews and ratings, Reputation X will help you look better online. They provide services that can solve nearly any online brand issue, from Google search removal to suppression to correction to Wikipedia and review management.

With Reputation X, you can improve search results, remove negative online content, correct misinformation, improve Wikipedia articles, increase star ratings and reviews, and set the record straight. Besides this, they also offer reputation strategies that can even help with AI-generated search results.

You need to contact their sales team to get a quote.

Reputation Management Services vs. Tools

Feature Reputation Management Services/Agencies Reputation Management Tools
Overview Professional services are provided by agencies that manage and improve your brand’s reputation. Tools that offer features to monitor, analyze, and manage your brand’s reputation.
Expertise Teams of experts with experience in PR, SEO, content creation, and crisis management. Automated tools designed with algorithms and analytics to track and manage reputation metrics.
Customization Highly personalized strategies tailored to specific business needs. Pre-set features with customizable settings for different monitoring and reporting needs.
Human Intervention High level of human involvement for nuanced and strategic handling of reputation issues. Minimal human intervention primarily relies on automation for tasks.
Cost Generally more expensive due to personalized services and expertise. Typically more affordable with subscription-based pricing models.
Time Investment Services include comprehensive management, requiring minimal time investment from the business. Requires business involvement for setup and ongoing management of the tool.
Scalability Scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, though cost may increase with demand. Easily scalable with flexible pricing plans to suit different business sizes.
Scope of Services Includes crisis management, PR campaigns, SEO optimization, content creation, and customer engagement. Primarily focuses on monitoring, sentiment analysis of online reviews, reporting, social media mentions, etc.
Results Often delivers more strategic, long-term reputation improvements and crisis resolution. Provides quick insights and analytics to help businesses make informed decisions on reputation management.

How Much Does Reputation Management Cost?

Reputation management costs fluctuate based on factors such as business size, locations, services, chosen agency, and level of customization. Typically, the average cost ranges anywhere from $2,500 (for a three-month campaign) to upward between $500 and $15,000 monthly for most individuals and businesses. To determine exact costs, outline objectives, assess providers, review proposals, consider ROI, compare options, and negotiate contracts for tailored solutions.

So, Which Is The Best Reputation Management Tool?

Reputation management isn't about burying negative feedback or presenting your audience with a fake image of perfection. It's about maintaining a positive customer perception by showing dedication to aiding their purpose.

Each of the tools and reputation management services I have talked about will let you do that in one way or another. While some might provide a free trial, some might not. For that, you can rely on me, as I have explained the required features for each that will solve your business purpose.

Still, leverage the free trials of the ones you can, and take your call!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the features of reputation management tools?

Reputation management tools offer features like social listening, review monitoring, hashtag tracking, sentiment analysis, competitor reporting, brand monitoring, email alerts, and stellar customer support. These features help businesses manage their online presence, address issues promptly, and maintain a positive brand image.

How to measure online reputation?

Online reputation encompasses perceptions of a company across its digital presence. Key indicators to measure the same include online review volume and quality, website traffic, conversion rates, Google PageRank, subscriptions, social media reach, sentiment analysis, and share of voice that reflect community perception, brand loyalty, etc.

What are the 4 components of reputation management?

Reputation management in business includes 4 components: monitoring, response, engagement, and strategy. Monitoring tracks online mentions, response handles negative feedback, engagement involves stakeholder interactions, and strategy plans to maintain a positive reputation. All these components play important parts in managing a business's reputation.

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