How To Auto-publish Your Instagram Stories With Statusbrew

Jun 1, 2023 2 min read

The Wait is Over. Statusbrew Now Offers Auto publishing for Instagram Stories!

We are delighted to announce that Statusbrew has introduced auto-publishing for Instagram Stories. Now, you can easily plan and schedule your Stories in advance without last-minute rushes. Cheers to a more organized and efficient Instagram presence! ?

Just as with Instagram carousel posts initially, Stories could be shared only at the moment you wanted to share and only from your mobile device. In short, no proper scheduling of Instagram Stories was possible.

But now, with the recent opening of Instagram's API, Statusbrew has lifted this limitation. So, gone are the days of relying solely on push notifications for Instagram Story publishing.

Now you can prepare and plan your Insta Stories in advance, post Stories at the best time for maximum reach and engagement, and keep up with the consistency of posting Stories without having to burn the midnight oil.

But, Didn't Statusbrew Support Story Publishing Earlier?

Yes, that's right.

But the process was quite completed.

Instagram Stories could be scheduled earlier via Statusbrew. But the workflow would only get completed on Instagram.

Whenever the time to publish would arrive, Statusbrew would send your the prepared Story, including media files and captions, to your mobile device for you to publish the Story manually via the Instagram app.

But now, you can regain control over your work-life balance by reducing the need for constant monitoring and manual posting of Insta Stories.

Here's how:

Step 1: Open Instagram Story composer from the Statusbrew dashboard.


Step 2: Select the profile to which you wish you to schedule the Story.


Step 3: Upload the Story media.


Step 4: Select the date and time and click Schedule.


Yes, it's that simple.

Don't believe us? Try it out yourself!

Schedule my first Insta Story

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