Quick Tips To Create Engaging Short Videos For Instagram

Feb 25, 2021 2 min read

Videos have taken the world of social media by storm and Instagram is no exception.

Do you remember the last time you saw a video on Instagram? Odds are your Instagram feed is filled with videos.

According to Statista, In 2019, data on global digital video viewership revealed that there were over 2.63 billion internet users who watched the video via any device at least once per month. This figure is projected to increase annually and reach 3.14 billion by the year 2023.

Facebook recommends creating a video as short as 15 seconds for maximum engagement.

Can you make that?
Duh! Yes.
But where do you start?

Read on to know the tips and tricks.

Why Short Videos?

Here are some key benefits of posting short videos:

Short Attention Spans

Microsoft found out that a normal digitized human brain can pay attention only for 8 seconds! Which means users are looking for content that can be consumed quickly.

Drives Engagement

Videos stand above other content in driving engagement & short videos perform even better. Study reveals that the first 30 seconds of a video grab the most attention.


Its counter-intuitive, but yes short videos are more flexible. You can quickly cover a gag, a news item, behind the scene, product launch, or anything you can think of depending on your brand.

How To Create Engaging Short Videos?

Listed below are some tips to oomph up your engagement game:

Steps To Create Short Video


Brainstorm the topic around which you would want your video. Do your study about the most shared type of content like food, news, sports, etc.

Read tips from Facebook for effective videos


  • Simplicity: Ask yourself, "What is the one message that I want to convey from this video?"
  • Keep the best for the first: The user will be hooked up to your video if they find it interesting at the start
  • Sound off: People watch videos everywhere. 85% of people watch videos with sound off. So make sure you use subtitles or make a video that does not need sound


You don't need expensive recording equipment to create videos. Using just your smartphones you can create engaging videos.

  • Stabilize your phone using a tripod stand
  • Speak using microphones for sound clarity
  • Shoot in natural light or find good lighting
  • Simple background color keeps your viewer less distracted


The fun part is where you can edit your videos as per your choice. Choose a filter or a sequence of your video.
(Pro tip: In case Instagram editing options are not enough, you can use any video editing app).


Ah! Finally.
Share your video on Instagram or, better, Schedule your Instagram post as per the time that best suits you.


Why just Instagram? You can quickly post or schedule the same or different videos on Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, or even Google My Business on Statusbrew for free.

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Short-form video is not the future of social video content. It’s the present!

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