How To Schedule Instagram Posts

Oct 22, 2021 13 min read

Scheduling Instagram posts can help you save time, maintain consistency & get more likes.

Instagram has evolved immensely in recent years & it is now more than a photo-sharing platform. The social network has launched a ton of features to assist businesses in social marketing & sell directly from the app.

200 million Instagrammers visit one Instagram profile each day & monthly 130 million users tap on a shop post. Besides, Instagram brand stories have an 86% completion rate.

Sounds cool? Scheduling Instagram posts at the best social media posting time helps you to leverage the benefits of the platform to its’ fullest.

However, irrespective of the fact that whether you are a social media manager or a business owner, scheduling an Instagram post assessing the best posting time is a complex task. But Instagram schedulers make it’s easier for you as these tools aid you in posting high-quality content maintaining consistency. However, while choosing an Instagram scheduler, you have to consider certain things.

Wondering why you need to schedule Instagram posts or what are things you should consider?

The great news is we have covered everything in this blog. Right from steps to schedule Instagram posts with the best scheduler to tips & tactics, we have encased everything so that you can focus on your business goals. Drill down the blog, check out the steps & schedule your Instagram post to drive conversion!

Why To Schedule Instagram Posts?

Are you pondering upon the facts that why to schedule Instagram posts? What is the benefit? Well, scheduling Instagram posts matters, as in business time is money & by scheduling Instagram posts, you can leverage it to its best! Relying on Instagram scheduler is a sure go here.

Besides, if your business has multiple social media account, scheduling Instagram posts also helps your team to reduce the workload & to focus on the core business goals.

How about checking out the benefits of Instagram scheduling? Whether you are looking for a free Instagram scheduler for your business or a cost-effective tool, scroll through the benefits to have brevity on the importance of scheduling posts on Instagram. Let’s have a look:

1. Scheduling Instagram Posts: Time Efficient

The significant benefit of scheduling Instagram posts is that it saves time. Scheduling the posts in advance aids you in saving a couple of hours each day from your routine work, which you or your teammates can implement in nurturing leads or enhancing customer experience in the customer journey.

Why To Schedule Instagram Posts?

Furthermore, Instagram schedulers help you to post at times when your audience is most active. Your posts reach the audience at the optimal time, whether you are online or not at that prime time. You or your teammate need not to juggle between tasks which automatically increases the efficacy & productivity in work.

2. Scheduling Instagram Posts: Streamline Publishing

Scheduling Instagram posts streamlines publishing & also aids you in smoothening the entire process. You need not rush between phone and desktop as now you can publish your posts from desktop along with your phone.

You can prioritize which content to post based on the content relevancy & the target market requirement. Scheduling helps to visualize your entire future timelines & aids you in consistent publishing process.

3. Scheduling Instagram Posts: Develop Consistency

Maintaining consistency is a significant parameter to develop awareness & create brand visibility in the Instagram sphere. Instagram schedulers such as Statusbrew help you to build consistency in posting & besides, since you get the visualization of the content the brand visual identity is also maintained.

Why To Schedule Instagram Posts?

You get the idea of how your posts look & accordingly carry forward with the same style. On social, audience remembers, & when you adhere to the consistency it makes your brand visible in front of your target audience.

4. Scheduling Instagram Posts: Enrich Engagement

Frequent posting & maintaining a consistency enriches audience engagement in your posts. Posting frequently also develops a sense of credibility for your organization & it also enhances the brand exposure. The entire process assists your brand to get more opportunities to nature leads.

Why To Schedule Instagram Posts?

Your target audience gets more familiar with your brand & you can earn more qualified leads and can have valuable conversions down the line.

5. Scheduling Instagram Posts: Control Over The Campaign

By scheduling Instagram posts, you can assess your campaign better as you have an in-depth understanding of what content is going out when. And accordingly, you can amend the post(s) when required.

For example, while scheduling, you have observed that content formats are repetitive, quickly you can alter the posts & able to do the necessary changes.

To get more engagement on your post, it is best to maintain a balance. Scheduling Instagram posts gives you the control to keep your content fresh & you have more authority over the campaign.

Schedule Instagram Posts With Creator Studio

To schedule Instagram posts with Facebook Creator Studio from your desktop, you must have a business or creator profile on Instagram.

If you are an influencer, then Facebook’s Creator Studio is the only tool that you can use to schedule your posts on Instagram. The Creator Studio is specially designed for influencers. The tool is easy to use and free for everyone so that an influencer like you can focus on your growth on Instagram.

Schedule Instagram Posts With Creator Studio

Do you spent a considerable amount of time using Instagram? Or Are you looking for
some extra features to manage your business account? In that case, you always have an option of using the Creator Studio or any other third-party tool with more powerful features to schedule your Instagram posts.

Following are the steps to schedule Instagram posts with Creator Studio:

1.Create A Link Between Your Instagram Account And Creator Studio

There are two ways you can link your Instagram account and the creator studio depending upon whether you have a Facebook page or not. Let’s have a look on both conditions:

Connecting Instagram Account To Creator Studio With A Facebook Page

  • Open Facebook Creator Studio.
  • Go to Settings on the left sidebar. Then click Instagram Connections.
  • Click Connect Instagram. This will open a new window.
  • Click on Connect Account.
  • Now the Creator Studio will ask you to confirm if you want to provide access to Instagram messages. Click on the toggle if you want to allow access. Then click Continue. You can come back any time and change this setting by clicking the toggle in the Creator Studio Inbox.
  • If you are using two-factor authentication, you will be asked to enter your security code. After that, click Confirm.
  • You will be asked to provide your Login credentials once again for security purposes.

Schedule Instagram Posts With Creator Studio

Connecting Instagram Account To Creator Studio Without Facebook Page

  • Go to Facebook Creator Studio.
  • Click on the Instagram icon located next to the Facebook icon at the top of the page.
  • Follow the prompted instructions to log in to Creator Studio using your Instagram login credentials.

2. Click On Create Post

Now that you have linked your Instagram account with Creator Studio you are good to create your posts.

  • To create post, click on the Instagram icon located at the top of the page and then click create post > Instagram Feed.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that, Creator Studio has not introduced a feature to post or schedule Instagram stories and reels through Creator Studio interface yet.

3. Upload Your Contents

To upload your content to Instagram from Creator Studio:

  • Click Create Post.
  • Click on Instagram Feed. A new window will appear to create and upload your post.
  • Click Add Content to upload photos and videos. You can either upload files from your computer or you can upload a file from your Facebook page.

4. Be Creative With Your Post

  • You can add a caption. Your caption can have a maximum of 2,200 characters, 30 hashtags and 30 mentions.
  • You can add location to your post & also tag different accounts in your post if you want to.
  • Crop your photo if needed.

5. Scheduling Your Posts In Instagram

Once you are done with uploading and adding captions & mentions, it is time to schedule your post. In the same window on the lower right corner click the arrow adjacent to the Publish button and select Schedule. Enter a suitable date and time on which you want your post to be published.

Note: If you are seeking suggestions for best time to post on Instagram, Creator Studio won't be able to guide you much. You can rely on Statusbrew's Reports Lab to get all the Instagram analytics & get the in-depth idea when you audience is most active.

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How To Schedule Instagram Posts For Business Profiles Using SMM Tools

If you have a business profile in Instagram and use Creator Studio for publishing your content then you get limited options. You can only post photos and videos. Publishing story is not possible using the Creator Studio. However, if you use an SMM tool like Statusbrew, not only can you post photos and videos, you can also post or schedule your stories and carousels.

Statusbrew’s desktop and mobile app lets you create and schedule posts directly into Instagram Business Account.

Scheduling An Instagram Posts For Business Profile

  • Login to your Statusbrew desktop or mobile app. From Statusbrew home click Compose.
  • Choose Instagram Business Profile from the profile picker.
  • Add your image(s)/video(s).
  • You can write a caption, tag people or select a user or a group of users as approver(s).
  • Click Choose Mobile Reminder (For Instagram).
  • Now, you can choose to publish your post instantly or schedule it for later or save it as a draft.

How To Schedule Instagram Posts For Business Profiles Using SMM Tools

Once your scheduled Instagram post is ready to be published you will receive a notification on your Statusbrew mobile app.

  • Tap on the notification. It will open the Statusbrew app with your scheduled post and its caption (if any).
  • You can publish your post as a Story or Feed.
  • If you select Feed the images will be downloaded to your phone and the caption will be copied to the clipboard.

You will be redirected to the Instagram app with your photo(s) automatically selected. Click Next and paste the caption in the Instagram app.

How To Schedule Instagram Posts For Business Profiles Using SMM Tools

Scheduling Stories In Instagram

As mentioned above, scheduling stories using Facebook Creator Studio is not yet possible but you can easily schedule stories through Statusbrew mobile and desktop app.

To schedule a story in Instagram:

  • Login to your Statusbrew desktop or mobile app. From Statusbrew home click Compose.
  • Choose Instagram Business Profile from the profile picker.
  • Add image(s) or video(s).
  • Click Choose Mobile Reminder (For Instagram).
  • You can choose to publish your story instantly or schedule it for later or save it as a draft.

Once your scheduled Instagram story is ready to be published you will receive a notification on your Statusbrew mobile app.

How To Schedule Instagram Posts For Business Profiles Using SMM Tools

  • Tap on the notification. It will open the Statusbrew app with your scheduled post and its caption (if any).
  • Select to publish the post as a Story.
  • The image will be downloaded to your phone with captions already copied to the clipboard. You’ll be redirected to the Instagram app with Story Preview opened.
  • Past the caption and post your Story.

Note: In case you miss notifications from Statusbrew on your phone, you can still be able to see all your notifications both in mobile and desktop apps from where you can easily publish your posts following the above mentioned steps.

Tips To Schedule Instagram Posts Effectively

Are you searching for the best app to schedule Instagram posts? For effective implementation of the process, you can rely on tools like Statusbrew. Till now, you probably have a fair idea of why & how you should schedule your Instagram posts. Let’s check out a few more creative ways to boost your Instagram posting potential:

1. Curate Content & Images In Advance

The best way to leverage Instagram scheduling is to plan your content & images in advance. You can choose your ‘shoot days,’ on which you can create a bunch of content on a single day. Irrespective of what type of content you are creating, when you plan & think content ahead of time, it helps to develop a better flow of content.

Tips To Schedule Instagram Posts Effectively

Collect all video & images in advance, edit, add text & caption & review it to refrain content from any errors. Using Statusbrew Asset Manager, you can stockpile your content & you can also leverage Statusbrew’s review hierarchy to post quality content on your Instagram feed.

2. Search For Your Best Time to Post on Instagram

To leverage the Instagram algorithm in 2021, you need to strategize your posting time. Ensure to optimize the time when most of your followers are online. Let us tell you a secret; the Instagram algorithm now prioritizes new content on the users' feed. Hence, you can get the most reach & impression when most of your followers scroll through the app.

Tips To Schedule Instagram Posts Effectively

Assess your business best time to post on Instagram to get more likes & to gain followers. You can get all the required data about your target audience using the Instagram insights offered by the Statusbrew Reports Lab. It comprises 180+ metrics which is one of its' kind in the entire SMM industry.

Get Free Access To Report Lab

You also can search for audience insights natively in the Instagram app; to get the insights you need to have a business account. If you are up for examination with more in-depth data, Statusbrew Reports Lab can be your helping hand.

3. Ensure To Plan Your Instagram Feed

You now have the idea when your audience is most active & have all the resources to create content, but along with that, one of the significant things you need to ponder upon is to plan out your Instagram feed.

You can smooth it with Statusbrew composer as it offers a visualization of how your post will look like in your feed! It helps you craft a visually cohesive Instagram feed to create a visual identity of your business & to draw more followers.

Tips To Schedule Instagram Posts Effectively

While using the composer check out if your photo fits together, how all the content in the post is appearing & get the overall appearance of the post. Avoid posting the ‘same shot’ photo together & to make the content afresh use variation. For brands, maintaining the cohesiveness in text & the color plates is crucial to maintain the visual identity.

4. Optimizing Captions & Hashtags

After planning the visual aspects of your Instagram feed, one of the most important and challenging parts of posting content is writing a perfect caption.
This is one of the many reasons for using Statusbrew to schedule your Instagram posts.

Using Statusbrew to schedule your posts will provide you ample time to write the perfect captions and CTAs. Moreover, most Statusbrew users will keep a day to sit in front of their desktop and spend some time writing down the captions for all of their scheduled posts rather than writing captions when they are busy or on the go.

Similarly, rather than using any random hashtags for your posts, you can take your time and think for the perfect and the highly converting hashtags. When you schedule your posts with Statusbrew, it saves your caption, and you can also edit it if you want to before it gets published.

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5. Schedule Instagram Posts With A Content Calendar

Gone are the days when you could only schedule videos to Instagram that too through push notifications.

Now you can schedule your Instagram posts directly; no push notifications are required. Just create and upload your post, select a future date and time, and your post will get automatically published to Instagram.

Tips To Schedule Instagram Posts Effectively

With Statusbrew, you can schedule images, videos, carousels, and even Instagram story also. You can create and schedule your post and forget about it. When your post is ready to be published, you will get a notification through the Statusbrew mobile app, which will directly take you to Instagram with your post ready to be published. You can review your post once again and publish it.

Scheduling Instagram Posts: FAQs

Let's check out some frequently asked questions about Instagram scheduling:

Can You Schedule Instagram Posts?

Before going deep into the know-how of scheduling Instagram, bust the query of whether you can schedule Instagram posts or not. The answer is yes. You can schedule all the types of Instagram posts in 2021. There are specific tools that can aid you in scheduling :

  • Instagram feed posts(video & image): Statusbrew, Creator Studio
  • Instagram Carousels: Statusbrew, Creator Studio
  • Instagram Story: Statusbrew
  • IGTV videos: Creator Studio

What Is The Difference Between Instagram Scheduling And Instagram Automation?

Are you confused between Instagram scheduling & Instagram automation?

Instagram scheduling is an excellent time-saver. It refers to the process of creating Instagram posts in advance & use a tool to post it automatically according to your chosen time. In the current time, it is one of the preferred methods of the Instagram posting by most social media marketers.

On the other hand, the Instagram automation process involves bots like or commenting on random posts to impact users' Instagram analytics. It is harmful to your brand reputation and can negatively impact the brand's relationship with its followers.

Summing Up!!

Scheduling your Instagram posts is an exponent way because it saves time & it assists you in achieving great objectives. When you have an Instagram feed with consistent posting its enrichs the probability of gaining more qualified leads. However, while choosing an Instagram scheduler, consider features it offers to maximize the benefit of scheduling Instagram posts.

You can rely on Statusbrew to create content, manage marketing campaigns, monitor engagement & analyze performance to drive results.

Stay in line with your strategies and evaluate your efforts with on-point reporting for your Instagram metrics. Statusbrew Instagram Story Insights equips users to review your prospects' social behavior & interaction with the story published during a particular time period.

Build Instagram community by replying to messages, comments, mentions, and ad comments. Moderate comments by hiding, deleting, or marking as spam.

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