How To Schedule Instagram Posts In 2024

Mar 18, 2024 8 min read

Having around 2.4 billion monthly active users in 2024, Instagram has become indispensable for its users, which has significantly led to the need for Instagram schedulers to automate and simplify the entire content scheduling process.

Without any doubt, scheduling Instagram posts saves you time and ensures consistency while maximizing engagement.

This blog aims to let you know everything about scheduling Instagram posts through step-by-step instructions and expert tips to optimize your current Instagram strategy.

How To Schedule Instagram Posts With Meta Bussiness Suite And App

If you have a business account on Instagram, then you can use native tools, like the Meta Business Suite, which is free of cost, or the Instagram app itself to create and schedule your posts. Here are some of the steps to follow.

Scheduling Instagram Post With Meta Bussiness Suite

  • Visit Meta Business Suite and log in to your Instagram account


  • Go to “Planner” and select a particular date for scheduling


  • Select your Instagram profile


  • Add your media, caption, and preferred thumbnail (for Reels), and click on “Next


  • You can use the tools to add “audio,” “crop,” “text,” and “trim.”


  • Click “Next” and schedule as per your preferred scheduling options


With Instagram App

Scheduling your posts via the Instagram app is even easier. You just need to ensure that you have a professional business account for the process. Let’s break down the steps:

  • Open your Instagram, click on your profile icon, and tap on the hamburger icon.

click on hamburger icon

  • Tap on “Settings” and click on “Schedule content.”

scheduled content

  • Click on “Schedule now.”

schedule now

  • Select the media and edit your post with filters, captions, tags, and any other desired modifications and click “Next.”

add media

  • Go to “Advanced Settings” and tap on "Schedule this post."

schedule content

  • Choose the date and time you want your post to be published and click “Done.”

click on done

Your post is now scheduled and will automatically be published at the specified time.

Note: You can view and manage your scheduled posts by going to your profile, tapping on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top right corner, and selecting "Scheduled Posts" from the menu.

How To Schedule Instagram Posts Using Statusbrew

If you have a business profile on Instagram and use Meta Business Suite or the app to publish your content, then you will have limited options, especially if you are looking for advanced features like collaboration, bulk scheduling, and more. With Statusbrew, you do not have such constraints. You can post photos and videos and bulk schedule your Instagram stories, collab posts, and carousels.

Statusbrew’s desktop and mobile app lets you create and schedule posts directly into your Instagram Business Account. Here are the following steps.

  • Connect your Instagram Business Profile with Statusbrew


  • Go to Compose from the Statusbrew Dashboard


  • Select Instagram from the profile tab


  • Add media and write a caption


  • If you want to add a collaborator, type their accurate Instagram username


  • Select the "Publishing Type" as per your preference (direct or via mobile reminders)


  • If you want to send the post for approval, go to Choose approval & select a user(s) or approval workflow


  • Click on Post now or select the "date and time" to schedule it for later


Scheduling Instagram Posts Using Statusbrew Mobile App

  • Go to your Statusbrew mobile app.
  • Tap on “Publish,” select the date, and tap on “Create Post” button


  • Tap on the “+” and select your Instagram profile
  • Select “Add media” and upload an image as per your preference
  • Add a location if you want and click on “Next.”
  • Select your scheduling options “Custom time,” “Schedule by category,” and “Immediately.” Add tags, approval type, and watchers, and tap “Send now” or save as draft.

Pros Of Using Statusbrew For Instagram Scheduling

Statusbrew simplifies and automates posts' scheduling and publishing process across various social media channels, giving you zero hassle.

Here are some of the pros of using Statusbrew for Instagram scheduling:

Publish Content On Multiple Profiles

You can organize your profiles or users in Statusbrew based on location or region to post on multiple Instagram accounts with just one click or tap.


This feature is especially useful when you're managing hundreds of profiles across different networks for various locations or languages.

Plan Your Instagram Content

Schedule all your Instagram content in bulk, including images, carousels, reels, stories, and collaborations.


Track and visualize your scheduled content in either Grid or Calendar View to get a high-level overview of your Instagram feed's appearance.

Maintain An Approval System

Statusbrew allows you to create approval workflows, ensuring a single or multi-layered review process for outgoing content. This helps eliminate any internal content or design errors.

Integrations & Asset Library

Leverage our Asset Library to store your designs and graphics in one place.


You can seamlessly integrate your Google Drive, Box, and Canva within Statusbrew to simplify the entire content creation process.

BrewLink In Bio

BrewLink In Bio is a link-in-bio tool that lets you create a replica of your Instagram feed with just a few clicks.


You can add the link to this site in your profile bio to direct your Instagram audience to promotional or commercial pages.

Performance Tracking

You can track the performance of each post or campaign with pre-created, customized reporting templates. These reports provide clarity on what is your best time to post on Instagram, which type of content works best, how your audience is engaging and more.

5 Tips To Schedule Instagram Posts Effectively

We believe that till now, you probably have a fair idea of why & how you should schedule your Instagram posts. In this section, we’ll share 5 tips for effective implementation to boost your Instagram posting potential.

1. Curate Content & Images In Advance

The best way to leverage Instagram scheduling is to plan your content & images in advance. You can choose your ‘shoot days,’ on which you can create a bunch of content on a single day. Collect all your videos & images in advance, edit, add text, caption & review them to refrain content from any errors. Irrespective of what type of content you are creating, planning helps to track and maintain a consistent flow.

2. Search For Your Best Time to Post on Instagram

To leverage the Instagram algorithm in 2024, you need to understand the best time to post and strategize your posting time accordingly. Ensure to schedule your content during your audience’s active hours and get the most reach & impression as your followers scroll through the app.


Statusbrew provides you with ready-made templates to figure out your personalized best time to post for different demographics, automate your posting schedule, and track them to make adjustments to your marketing strategy.

3. Ensure To Plan Your Instagram Feed

While optimizing your scheduling process, it's essential to plan out your Instagram feed to give it a cohesive look with synchronized color palettes to maintain the visual identity. When it comes to attracting more followers, your Instagram profile's overall appearance is very important.

4. Optimizing Captions & Hashtags

After planning the visual aspects of your Instagram feed, it's time to optimize your captions and hashtags for your posts. It's important as a catchy caption is the first thing that a viewer notices and gets interested in your content, while hashtags fetch your relevance and good reach.

Using Statusbrew, you can monitor the reach of your Instagram hashtags and improvise your tactics based on their reach, relevancy, and performance.

5. Schedule Instagram Posts With A Content Calendar


An easy-to-use Planner lets you collaborate, plan, and schedule content even more quickly and efficiently. You can create a content calendar for 500+ social media profiles to speed up your social media publishing process.


Scheduling Instagram posts is crucial for saving time and achieving goals efficiently. Besides, a consistent posting schedule increases the likelihood of attracting qualified leads. However, when selecting an Instagram scheduler, it is important to prioritize features to optimize scheduling benefits.

With Statusbrew, you can schedule content, manage campaigns, monitor engagement, and analyze for the best results. You can build a better Instagram presence and free up more time in your busy day. With the above steps and tips, we believe we have covered all you need to know to create a compelling content calendar. Hence, test before you invest!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I schedule on Instagram?

Scheduling is exclusive to business accounts. Ensure your account is converted to a business profile for scheduling access and is linked to a Facebook Page. Without this connection, scheduling isn't possible. Besides this, keep your Instagram app up-to-date and check your account permissions.

Can you schedule events on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram allows scheduling live video events for users or content creators. You can schedule live streams from 1 hour to 90 days in advance, with reminders sent 24 hours and 15 minutes before the event.

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

The best time to post on Instagram is Wednesday at 11 AM for maximum reach and engagement. However, optimal posting times vary by day, including before work, during lunch, and after work, with each day showing different engagement patterns. Experimentation and analyzing your audience's activity can help determine the optimal posting times for your content.

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