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Mar 10, 2024 9 min read

Fitting in with the group makes us feel like we belong. But being different and having your own unique identity is what really helps you grow as a person and give back to others. This is just as true in the real world as it is online. And there's no better example of this than Instagram - hands down the most popular social media app out there.

On Instagram, your profile grid shows off the work you want people to see. Regular people just posting for fun may not care too much about their grids. But for businesses, influencers, and anyone trying to grow an audience, having an attractive, well-planned grid that fits your brand and gets your message across is super important for getting more followers and growing your professional account.

If you are new to designing Instagram grids, there are a few basic things you need to know. This guide will explain what the Instagram grid view is, why it matters, and how you should plan your posts and style your grid to impress your audience. Let's get started.

What Is An Instagram Grid?

The Instagram grid is what you see when you click on someone's profile. The 3x3 grid layout is the main part of a profile page, where all the posts end up. It creates the crucial first impression that decides whether people will view, like, and comment on your posts.

When the posts don't connect or are too unique from each other, the profile grid may not form a clear story or look visually appealing at the very least. On the other hand, carefully planned profiles quickly catch the viewers' interest and grab their attention (and their likes).

What Is The Instagram Grid View

Why Does Your Instagram Grid Matter?

Your Instagram grid is important for several reasons. It's your first impression to friends, followers, and anyone else viewing your profile. A well-crafted grid attracts people, encourages engagement, and, for businesses, prompts action on your posts.

To Build A Brand

Your Instagram grid acts as a portfolio for what you are all about, whether it's personal or business-related. Focusing on a specific aesthetic, design, and unique style is key to developing your brand.

Before you start organizing your grid, remember there's no one-size-fits-all strategy. Your grid should reflect your brand's character, whether it's comforting, startling, laid-back, or dramatic. It's your choice how you want to present your brand's story.

For Aesthetic Appeal

Not just businesses but anyone can benefit from a well-thought-out Instagram grid. We are naturally drawn to visuals. A glance at your profile is enough for someone to decide if they will return. Even if your audience is just friends and family, an attractive grid will earn you praise and admiration. It's a way for people to know what to expect from your profile. If they like your style, they will look forward to more.

You don't need to be an artist to create a visually appealing grid. Just choose a consistent design theme and stick with it.

Why Does Your Instagram Grid Matter

To Stand Out

Your profile is uniquely yours. A well-maintained Instagram grid helps you stand out. Many users post spontaneously without much planning, which is fine, but it will make it hard for your profile to stand out in the vast sea of Instagram users.

You don't need to be famous to capture your followers' attention. A meaningful and organized grid builds a connection with your audience. Showing what you or your brand represents through your grid is one of the best ways to do this on Instagram.

How To Plan Your Instagram Grid?

If you are searching for inspiration, here are some tips to help you begin organizing your Instagram grid.

Choose Suitable Color Schemes

After setting your theme, think about the colors you will use. Colors evoke feelings and affect how people perceive and interact with your profile.

Decide if you want your profile to feel bright and welcoming or more somber. Your chosen color scheme should reflect your theme and the emotions you wish to invoke in your viewers.

Your color choices should also make sense for your brand. For instance, a brand focusing on nature usually leans towards green shades. However, this isn't a strict rule.

Ultimately, you are not locked into any color choices, but understanding your theme will guide you in selecting and, if necessary, maintaining consistent color schemes.

Select Suitable Color Schemes

Select A Theme

Every meaningful piece of art carries thematic elements. Essentially, think about what message or story you want your grid to convey, whether it's personal or about your brand.

Themes should align with the narrative you are aiming to present through your grid. Aim for thematic consistency by grouping similar content together. This doesn't mean you can't play around with colors, textures, and filters. Your posts can be varied but still connected through a common theme.

For example, @adidasfootball focuses on football, showing players, footballs, and shoes despite the variety of posts.

Choose A Theme

Let your primary goal guide your decisions in creating a cohesive grid.

Opt For Diagonal Patterns

Apart from vertical and horizontal layouts, you can also try out diagonal patterns. They might seem a bit complex at first, but with some planning and forward-thinking, they are definitely manageable.

In a diagonal grid, the patterns stretch from the top-left corner to the bottom-right, and/or from the top-right to the bottom-left. The other pictures stand on their own, but they look more cohesive when aligned diagonally.

Go For A Checkerboard Pattern

Patterns and designs spice up your grid. A checkerboard pattern is an easy way to introduce variety into your grid. In this design, every alternate post is connected, whether through color, text, or another element.

This pattern allows you to mix two different themes (or two sides of the same theme) on your profile for a diverse grid.

Try A Checkerboard Pattern

Select Between Columns & Rows

You can also organize your posts into columns (vertical) or rows (horizontal) based on similar elements.

Even though the 3×3 grid may seem restrictive, it offers plenty of room to experiment with different patterns.

Creating columns of posts draws attention.

These column designs can cover as many grid squares as you choose, but typically, three or more form a coherent series or pattern. You are not limited to designing just one column; all three can be styled differently. As long as the posts in a column share something in common and visually look part of a whole, your column arrangement will stand out as a unified design.

Choose Between Columns & Rows For Your Design

The same concept applies to rows, but here, the posts are connected horizontally. The key difference is that rows are capped at three posts due to the grid's layout, unlike columns, which extend indefinitely.

This limit doesn't hinder creativity; rather, the clear start and end points offer more freedom within constraints.

Of course, this might mean you need to improve your photography skills or hire a photographer, but it's not a must. As long as there's a common element tying the three squares together horizontally, you have a row design for yourself. Take a look at @sarah_peretz, who uses color themes to link her row of squares together, creating a cohesive look across her grid.

Choose Between Columns & Rows For Your Design

Add Borders

Not many people decide to frame their posts with borders, mainly because if you start doing it, you need to keep it up for all your posts. However, if you are aiming for consistency in your grid, adding borders to your posts is a simple way to achieve it.

This approach gives you the freedom to play around with the content of your posts, mix different elements, or highlight another design aspect you are aiming for. Plus, things generally look better when they are framed.

Create An Image Puzzle

This design, where your profile grid forms one large image, is visually striking and, likely, the hardest to pull off. This complexity comes from the requirement to view each post not as a standalone picture but as a fragment of a larger image.

Think of it as a more complex version of arranging your posts in rows or columns. Here, you spread your image across both directions. While the individual posts might look odd or incomplete on their own, just like pieces of a puzzle, they come together on your grid to form one cohesive, large image.

To do this, select an image you want to feature across your grid and split it into nine parts for a 3×3 grid. Then, the pieces can be arranged using any of Instagram's grid layout tools.

4 Tips For A Perfect Instagram Grid

If you are serious about making your Instagram grid look better, you will need to dedicate a good amount of time to planning and posting your content. Here are some tips to help you achieve the Instagram grid of your dreams:

Use Online Tools For A Better Layout

After deciding on your layout, use an online Instagram layout planning tool to design, rearrange, and post your content. These online tools make the process much simpler without overwhelming you.

Tools like Statusbrew are great options. Its Instagram Grid Planner lets you visually plan and schedule your entire Instagram feed in advance, saving you tons of time and ensuring a cohesive look.

Use Online Tools For A Better Layout

Plan & Preview Before You Post

Planning your posts is paramount, and so is previewing them before they go live. This ensures they look exactly as you intend on your profile grid. You don't want to spend time editing and planning your posts only to realize later that something doesn't fit right and that you have to remove it. Always plan your posts and check how they will look through a preview before making them public.

Plus, a Link in Bio tool will help you direct traffic from your Instagram feed to your website, blogs, landing pages, and product pages. It is a clickable replica of your Instagram Grid that will also help you visualize your 3X3 Insta Grid.

Schedule Your Posts

You don't have to post everything at once. For regular posts, scheduling them in advance with social media scheduling tools like Statusbrew saves you time. This way, you can prepare your posts at your leisure without revisiting them repeatedly.

Schedule Your Posts

Maintain Consistency

Being consistent in posting content is important. Aim to post once or twice every week. This consistency not only keeps your followers engaged but also boosts your page's Instagram analytics. Regular posting helps you attract and maintain follower’s attention.

That’s A Wrap!

As you have seen, there are countless ways to make your Instagram grid layout stunning. The key to a great layout is consistency.

Whether it's the filters on your photos, the patterns in your content, or the colors you choose, as long as you stay true to your brand and appeal to your audience, you are on the right track! Make sure your aesthetic tells your brand's story!

The possibilities are limitless, and the journey should always be enjoyable! So, after checking out all these attractive Instagram profiles, are you inspired to kickstart yours and refresh how you view your Instagram layout?

With Statusbrew's Instagram Grid Planner, you can:

  • Visually plan and schedule your entire feed in advance.
  • Experiment with different layouts and themes to find the perfect aesthetic for your brand.
  • Maintain a cohesive look that tells your brand story flawlessly.

The possibilities are truly limitless! Try Statusbrew 's Instagram Grid Planner today to make your Instagram presence stand out!

Statusbrew is an all in one social media management tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and even Google My Business.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about Instagram Grid:

How do you turn on the grid on Instagram?

There is no built-in grid function on Instagram for posts. However, some online tools like Statusbrew allow you to split your image into a grid for posting.

How to do grid photos in Instagram?

Instagram itself doesn't support creating grid posts directly. But, there are apps that can split your image into a grid of squares for you to post individually.

What size is the Instagram 3 grid post?

The size of an Instagram 3 grid post depends on how you crop and split the image. Ideally, each individual square should be 1080 x 1080 pixels for best quality.

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