11 Instagram Grid Layout Ideas

Mar 15, 2024 8 min read

Creating a stunning and distinctive Instagram feed definitely requires extra effort, but the beautiful outcome of a carefully planned grid is absolutely rewarding. Instagram users are becoming increasingly inventive with their page designs, organizing their feeds with coordinated colors or alternating between quotes and photos for a checkerboard effect.

In this article, we'll guide you through the planning of your Instagram grid and provide inspiration by showing impressive Instagram accounts with impressive Grids. Let's dive in!

11 Instagram Grid Layout Ideas

Creating a visually stunning and cohesive Instagram grid is all about strategy and a sprinkle of creativity. Let’s dive into 11 captivating Instagram Grid layout ideas that will help you revamp and transform your profile completely.


This layout is one of the simplest to put together, yet the impact it creates is always impressive. Using different types of borders works, but I've noticed that a white border often adds a sense of order, discipline, and tranquility to your feed.
Photo editing apps like Canva are handy for creating border templates that you can directly upload to your Instagram.

@blad_journal surrounds his posts with white borders to make his feed stand out.

Instagram Grid Layout Idea: Borders

Animator and illustrator @rohanbhatiaart chooses a simple white border for his posts, occasionally framing his artwork with an additional border before adding the white one to create a layered effect.

Instagram Grid Layout Idea: Borders

Columns & Rows

This layout is perfect if you have more to share than can fit in a single post. You can create a series of three posts to fully express your ideas. This method is great for sharing recipes, quotes with explanations, or detailed descriptions and images of places you have visited. The possibilities are endless.

To get your posts organized in this way, you might want to use a tool like Statusbrew’s Grid Planner. This feature allows you to arrange and schedule your content exactly how you want it and prepare it for posting in sequence. If you consistently use one format, you may even begin to see a blend of both styles in your feed.

The dessert shop @thevillagecakehouse initially used rows to highlight specific cake flavors. However, as their feed grew, it began to resemble a fusion of both layouts. Columns are used to show a sliced piece of cake, its name, and then the whole cake.

Instagram Grid Layout Idea: Columns & Rows

Checkerboard Or Tiles

This grid layout is the most organized and tidy. Even if you are not a fan of checkers, this layout is great for telling your story or growing your business when done right.

How do you get it right? It's quite straightforward! The trick is to design your posts around two different types of content. This means you could alternate your posts by color tone by switching between light and dark shades. This approach works well for both quotes and images. Travel bloggers also alternate between brown and green/blue for earthy or sky vibes. For businesses, alternating with your brand's theme colors is a smart move.

Instagram Grid Layout Idea: Checkerboard Or Tiles

Businesses like @beseenopticssd and @sitwithkelly adopt their brand colors for a checkerboard look. Be Seen Optics alternates orange text posts with product images, while Kelly uses pink, yellow, and purple pastels in her text post backgrounds to alternate with her videos, achieving a checkerboard effect and creating 'Columns for Vertical Lines.'

Instagram Grid Layout Idea: Checkerboard Or Tiles

Puzzle Or Continuous

This layout is the most inventive, challenging, and undoubtedly the trickiest to put together. However, with the right concept, content, and tools, your Grid is likely to be the most attractive among your rivals.

Statusbrew's Instagram Grid Planner is an excellent resource for planning, creating, and organizing your Puzzle/Continuous feed.
It's also important to use high-quality images, as they will need to be divided and posted sequentially.

Instagram Grid Layout Idea: Puzzle Or Continuous

Artists and illustrators such as @infinte_canvas and @onelast_illustration have used it to display their creativity. One uses the Instagram feed as an endless canvas, while the other segments its feed into different creative themes.

Instagram Grid Layout Idea: Puzzle Or Continuous

Color Blocking

Color blocking is a great choice for Instagram users who prefer not to spend too much time on detailed planning. Rather than adhering to or challenging grid patterns, this Instagram layout lets you switch things up while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance.

To implement color blocking, pick a color or a group of colors you want to highlight. Then, weave these colors prominently through your grid.

Some achieve this by turning all other colors to grayscale, which makes it impossible to overlook the vibrant yellow, red, or blue that dominates their feed as you scroll. You can stick with one color scheme throughout or change colors strategically to introduce depth and variety.

Rainbow Rockstar

Can't settle on just one or two colors because you love them all? A fantastic Instagram strategy is to weave a rainbow throughout your grid.

Achieve this look by blending horizontal and puzzle grid methods to gradually shift the colors in your photos across the rainbow spectrum. And remember, creating a rainbow effect isn’t limited to just colors!

Narrate a story with your pictures by grouping similar themes and smoothly transitioning between them. The more smoothly you integrate your rainbow theme, the more captivating your overall Grid will appear.

Instagram Grid Layout Idea: Rainbow Rockstar

Simple & Clean

If you have been following along and thinking, "I could never manage that," then here's the perfect Instagram Grid idea for you.

Skip the extensive planning and opt for a simple and clean theme that aligns with all your photos. This could be sticking to a color scheme, consistently using the same filter, or focusing on specific subjects in your photos.

Cohesiveness is the secret to a stunning Instagram Grid. As long as your theme is visually appealing, people will be drawn to it. This approach is especially manageable for new accounts and allows you to post images one at a time, should you choose to.

Some of the most beautiful Instagram Grid features straightforward, uncluttered photos with a clean white balance and spacing. So, don't hesitate to keep your design minimalist.

Instagram Grid Layout Idea: Simple & Clean

Mixed Grid

Fancy a couple of the Instagram grid layout ideas mentioned? Feel free to blend them as you see fit!

Switching things up is not only okay, but it also keeps your followers engaged. They get to enjoy the surprise of new themes and layouts.

When mixing your Grid styles, ensure you dedicate enough space to each theme to clarify that changes are intentional, not random. Typically, commit to at least 2-3 rows per theme, perhaps more if needed, to highlight it properly.

Also, pay attention to how many posts you need to maintain your Grid's aesthetics. Even if your elaborate puzzle theme has scrolled down, adding a single misaligned post will disrupt your carefully curated Grid.

This is important for maintaining puzzle Grids over time to ensure that every follower gets to appreciate the effort you have put into your grid.

Instagram Grid Layout Idea: Mixed Grid

The Classic Grid

Everyone loves a classic grid! This layout is super versatile, which makes it a great choice for brands that want to keep their content creation flexible and straightforward.

With a classic layout, you can show everything your business does, from behind-the-scenes at launch events to the day-to-day packaging orders.

This layout is especially good for beginners because it lets you mix up different types of content without requiring you to stick to a strict pattern or theme.

To keep your look unified and boost brand recognition, just make sure to apply the same filters to all your posts.

Color-Coordinated Grid

If you are all about that Instagram brand aesthetic, the color-coordinated Grid is perfect for you. This layout revolves around using your brand's colors extensively.

Ensure your Instagram posts incorporate at least two of your brand's colors to maintain a cohesive look across your Grid.

Sticking to your brand colors makes your Grid visually harmonious and memorable to anyone checking out your profile.

Instagram Grid Layout Idea: Color-Coordinated Grid

The Illustrated Grid

For the creatives on Instagram, the illustrated Grid is a hit. It's perfect for sharing content that's a little bit different to capture the attention of your audience.

Post videos and images with graphic designs and illustrations that reflect your brand's personality.

Designed or illustrated content makes your message stand out whether you are promoting your products, services, or a specific campaign. Just remember, if you are using artwork that you did not create, it's important to give proper credit to the original creators in your posts.

How To Make Your Instagram Grid Look Good?

Here are some of our best tips for using an Instagram Grid Planner to enhance your Grid.

Show Off Your Brand

Instagram is the perfect platform for visual branding to make your account or business instantly recognizable.

Incorporate your brand's fonts and color scheme into your content to ensure visual consistency. Use these elements for your Instagram Stories highlights covers too.

Pick three to five colors that perform best on your account and that align with your brand's values and tone.

Edit Your Photos Well

Since Instagram is known for photo editing, mastering this skill is essential. High-quality, clear images engage and reach more people than those that are blurry, pixelated, or low-resolution.

Maintaining a consistent look across your Instagram grid is also crucial. Using the same filters and editing techniques on all your images helps create a cohesive aesthetic.

So, you can simplify your editing by applying the same filter to all your posts.

Stay Consistent & Intentional

Having a clear goal is important when planning your Instagram Grid. Aim to create a Grid that accurately reflects your brand and its key messages.

Ensure your visual content on Instagram genuinely represents your brand's purpose and values. Your posts should complement each other in the Grid yet be striking on their own.

Design Your Dream Instagram Grid!

We wanted to gather the best of the best Instagram Grid design ideas in one spot, which is why we decided to write this guide. You can turn to this guide whenever you feel your Grid needs a boost. Aimed at those new to Instagram grids, it will give you inspiration to design your Grid. But if you need help scheduling your Instagram posts automatically with a Grid Planner, Statusbrew has got your back.

Design Your Dream Instagram Grid

Here's how Statusbrew will help you design your Instagram Grid:

  • Visualize & Plan: Drag and drop photos and videos to plan your entire Instagram feed in advance. See how your content will look before it goes live to ensure an aesthetically pleasing grid.

  • Schedule With Precision: Schedule your posts for the best times to ensure your content reaches your audience when they are most active.

Manage your posts & design your Instagram Grid layout with Statusbrew with a free 14-day trial!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about Instagram Grid layout ideas:

What is the best Instagram Grid layout?

The ideal option depends on your brand and content. Experiment with different styles to find what resonates with your audience.

How can I organize my Instagram Grid?

Plan your Grid in advance! Use tools or templates to create a cohesive look. Consider color schemes, patterns, or alternating content types (photos & quotes) for visual interest.

How do I make my Instagram Grid better?

Spruce up your Grid with consistent editing styles, filters, and high-quality visuals. Maintain a clear theme or aesthetic that reflects your brand identity.

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