How To View Instagram Story Anonymously [Always Works]

Jan 19, 2023 4 min read

Do you want to stalk at someone on Instagram or keep tabs without letting them know?

One solution is to view them anonymously. This way, the account that uploaded the Story won't be able to tell if you have viewed it, and you won't get tracked.

Whether you are blocked by someone or want to keep an eye on and gather insights on a competitor as a marketer with a brand's Instagram account, this guide will show you the smart ways on how to anonymously view an Instagram Story without getting noticed. Keep reading to know the secrets!

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The Secret To Viewing Instagram Stories Without A Trace

Currently, Instagram does not offer a built-in option for viewing Stories anonymously. The only way to achieve this is by using the methods outlined in this article. As a result, you will be able to view Stories without using your account and without getting noticed. Below are the simple steps to follow to view any publicly posted or shared Story as an anonymous user.

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4 Ways To View Instagram Story Anonymously

Create A New Instagram Account

This is a straightforward way to watch Instagram Stories anonymously. You need to create an Instagram account just to view Instagram Stories that don't reveal your true identity. The advantage of having a different Instagram account is that you can even use this account to carry out other activities on Instagram in which you don't want your true identity to be revealed.

Creating a new Instagram account is a simple process. However, we recommend you use VPN or mobile data to create an Instagram account from another IP address to ensure that Instagram will not flag your new page.

After a different Instagram account is created, you can easily spy and watch Instagram Stories anonymously from that account.

Switch To Airplane Mode

Open the Instagram app and wait a few seconds for the Instagram Stories to load. Now, switch on your phone's airplane mode. Then open the Instagram Story you wanted to watch. You can close the Instagram app after seeing the Story and switch off your phone's airplane mode. This way, the account won't come to know that you had seen their Stories when you were in airplane mode.

Switch To Airplane Mode

Slide And View From Adjacent Stories

Instead of clicking the Instagram Story you want to view, you can click on another account's Story next to it. Since Instagram runs Stories back-to-back, you can lightly and hold swipe to view the first frame of the next account's Story but not properly click on it. This means you can see the gist of what is happening in the first Story without your name appearing on a "Seen by" list.

In a similar way, you can view the last frame of someone's Instagram Story by clicking on the first Story of the next account and lighting swiping back to view the previous account's last Story. However, with this method, it is not possible to view all the middle frames of an account's Story.

Slide And View From Adjacent Stories

Use Third-Party Online Tools

Various tools allow users to view Instagram Stories anonymously and without being tracked. The benefit of this method is that it is free and does not require creating another Instagram account, downloading any app, installing any software, or logging into the platform. Here are the top Instagram anonymous Story viewers:

  1. IgAgony
  2. StoriesIG
  3. Insta Stories Viewer
  5. InstaNavigation


You can even download Instagram Stories of a public Instagram account on your device and view them using these anonymous Instagram Story viewers. However, keep in mind that you can only download the Stories of a public Instagram account using these tools.

You need some storage space on your device to be able to download the Stories. However, you can delete the Stories from your system to free storage once you have viewed them.

Now You Know How To Stealthily View Instagram Stories!

A situation may arise when you want to view an Instagram Story without notifying the other user. Instagram still doesn't support this feature natively. That being said, it is still possible to view Instagram Stories anonymously using the 4 smart methods outlined in this article.

This process becomes even easier when the account is public. If the account is set to private, you will be unable to find and watch the Stories, especially by using third-party tools or downloading them.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about viewing Instagram Story anonymously:

How to view Instagram highlights anonymously?

To view Instagram highlights anonymously, you can use third-party tools like Instasaved and iGrab.

How to view Instagram Stories without an account?

You can make use of third-party tools like IgAgony, StoriesIG, Insta Stories Viewer, & InstaNavigation to view Instagram Stories anonymously. The best part is you don't need an Instagram account to view Instagram Stories uding these tools.

How to view Instagram Stories anonymously of a private account?

Unfortunately, there is no way in which you can view Instagram Stories anonymously from a private account if you don't follow the account.


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