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Jan 27, 2021 3 min read

I had a long dramatic introduction planned for this very announcement, but since I'm so unbelievably excited & I've hardly slept in the last 24 hours, I'm going to skip all of it & cut right to the chase.

After a long, long wait, we're very excited to let you know that direct Instagram publishing is now available on your favorite social media management platform.

From your Statusbrew app, you can now upload a photo or a video, and schedule or post it to Instagram directly — just like you publish your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn content.

The new updates are now live, and once you log in to your Statusbrew app, you'll be greeted by a banner on your Statusbrew Home asking you to refresh access to your connected Instagram business profiles.

 Statusbrew's Instagram Profile Access Refresh Banner For Direct Publishing Support

To learn how to refresh access, check out our detailed support article.

Connecting & Managing Social Profiles

Once you refresh access, you'll be able to auto-publish to Instagram from your Compose window.

To auto/direct publish to Instagram with Statusbrew,

  • Head over to compose window

  • Choose your desired Instagram business profile

  • Add a photo or a video and write a caption

  • You'll be greeted with a message saying, "This post will be published automatically."

 Instagram Direct Publishing With Statusbrew

  • You can choose to publish it directly or schedule it for later

Note: At the moment, you can only auto-publish a single image or a video due to Instagram API limitations.

Here's more on the new Instagram publishing API.

Publish To Instagram Directly With Statusbrew

Instagram has introduced a new content publishing API to its Graph API platform, which makes it easier for businesses to publish content on Instagram.

Here are some key details of the new content publishing API:

  • Each Instagram Business account will be limited to 25 API-published posts within a 24-hour moving period. An Instagram Business account can publish additional posts via the native Instagram app.

With this feature, Instagram Business accounts can schedule and publish posts to their Instagram Feeds from third-party platforms such as Statusbrew.

And that's not it.

We're bringing some more new features to enhance your Instagram publishing experience with Statusbrew.

Auto-Post First Comment (Coming Soon)

From Statusbew, you can craft, schedule, and automatically post the first comment on your Instagram posts.

You can add branded hashtags in the first comment without compromising any engagement you can get with hashtags.

Although the first comment on Instagram isn't limited to adding hashtags — you can add whatever text you like.

You can also find any replies or new comments on your posts in your Engage Inbox.

User & Location Tagging (Coming Soon)

You can now add a location and tag users in your photo along with the Instagram direct publishing.

Tagging locations on Instagram help increase the reach of your posts by making them more discoverable in search. It also helps provide valuable information to your followers.

Tagging users or relevant businesses can bring more in more user engagement. It increases the potential of it being shared.


Do I Need To Have An Instagram Business Account To Auto-Publish?

Yes, only Instagram Business Accounts can benefit from this update & auto publish posts from Statusbrew. Seting up a business account on Instagram is quite easy, we have a detailed support artcile for it.

Troubleshooting Instagram Business Profile Connection

What If I want To Schedule Videos?

You can auto schedule one video per post from your Compose window. We support scheduling a single video up to 100 MB in size, either in .MOV or .MP4 format.

How Can I Schedule Stories?

If you wish to schedule Instagram Stories, you'll can publish them via the push notifications from your Statusbrew mobile app.

Shivam Devgan

Shivam is a content and marketing strategist at Statusbrew and loves to write content that tells a story. When he's not on his laptop you can find him working out and jamming to pop music.

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