5 Reasons Why Instagram Carousels Are A Secret Weapon For Instagram Marketing!

5 Reasons Why Instagram Carousels Are A Secret Weapon For Instagram Marketing!

Feb 23, 2021 2 min read

Instagram carousel should be on the forefront of your Instagram marketing strategy. It helps your followers better connect with your brand. Thus, resulting in more engagement.

Moreover 19.44% of Instagram posts are carousels, a significant growth compared to approximately 4% when they were first available, which is very promising.

Many marketers promote a vast range of brands over Instagram, majorly because Instagram content or posts allure users in many ways. That's why it is the most potent and most vigorous brand awareness social media platform.

What Is Great About Instagram Carousels?

Instagram carousels let you upload up to 10 photos and videos which can be accessed by swiping left. You can give your followers a magazine-like feeling with shots from a different angle and double slide spreads, making it hard to resist swiping left.

You can include caption, alt-image text, a geotag and product tags to the carousel just like a regular Instagram post.

Instagram Carousel templateSource: blackillustrations

Sharing multiple photos and videos at once is a fabulous way for a company for countinous visual storytelling. It enables you to share in-depth detail about the company without flooding the followers' feed.

Here are five reasons why Instagram carousels are your secret weapon:

More Organic Engagement

Proper planning and scheduling of posts can be highly beneficial as it will automatically rise engagement. Carousels bring more comments on the post making them an organic engagement.

Creative storytelling

Using multiple slides automatically intensifies the engagement. That means that followers become more interested in your post as you can paint a more detailed picture and offer a background message.

Flexibility To Include Different Content

Combining images and videos in a single post increases the visibility of your post.

"If you use a carousel post, and a follower scrolls past the post with the first image, Instagram will show them the same post a second time (only a second time, not more than that) with typically the second photo or video from the carousel," explains Jenn Herman, Instagram expert.

So it right to say that Instagram carousels engage users by incorporating various types of content.


The Instagram carousel keeps your users' feed exciting, bringing in more user comments, thus creating an interactive environment.

Visually Appealing

Instagram carousel feature can be a great help in engaging users. Carousels actually give marketers enough space to display the quality content for the brand.

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