Four Tips To Increase Engagement On Instagram Live

Mar 26, 2021 3 min read

Instagram Live is a great platform to foster and grow the community. It provides the ability to like, comment on, ask questions, and request to join viewers' live on-camera. You can also save the video to IGTV for greater longevity.

But before diving head-first into the Instagram live streaming pool, it's crucial to learn how to swim! Given that there are so many people in the streaming pool already that it's evident that some will drown while others will rise to the top.

Here are four practical ways to have the most engagement on live videos you possibly can!

1. Be Authentic (And Professional)

Today's viewers react positively to transparent and down-to-earth marketing campaigns, and brands need to understand, adjust, and act upon this.

Authenticity is the key to building trust. The relationship between your brand and followers becomes stronger by keeping it real, increasing the customers' engagement, respect, and even loyalty.

91% of viewers say they are willing to reward a brand for authenticity with a purchase, investment, or endorsement. In comparison, 62% would purchase from a brand they regard as authentic.

There are some points to keep in mind:

  • Consistency matters. Make sure your message fits your reality.
  • Be honest even when it hurts.
  • Don't fake it. Or else, you won't make it.
  • Be open about (most) things: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Make sure your values are true. We don't want to be hypocrites, do we?
  • Think before you speak. And before you post.

2. Take A Chill Pill

Make fun and interactive video session. Give your viewers some details into your personal life that makes the followers connect with you on a personal level.

Offer something of value to the viewers (if you're a chef, teach a recipe live and respond to comments in between).

You can also play a game or share a poll with your viewers during the video. Use emojis to express your feeling and give a funny reaction to people's comments.

Consider Instagram live video option for a Q&A or reveal new products or services, show behind-the-scenes stories to your followers to increase Instagram engagement.

3. Have An Outline

First, decide what topics you want to cover in your live video and what you want your audience to get out of it. Based on this, determine a Call-To-Action, i.e., what actions you want viewers to perform after or during the video, such as visiting your website, subscribing to your page, buying your product, etc.

Make a quick outline for every video, so you know which direction you're heading in a while recording and don't end up fumbling for words in between your video.

4. Add A Guest

Guest can be one of your employees or an influencer, and you can have a conversation about the recent interview or any event of your brand.

Influencer marketing has become increasingly significant on Instagram these days, allowing brands to work with these key thought leaders in their industry and push brand messaging out to a broader and focused audience.

For example, Sephora hosting a live video with a beauty influencer as guest.


Micro-influencers are generally more affordable, have a more personal connection to their audiences, and are perceived as more authentic. Micro-influencers consistently have higher engagement rates, around 2-3%.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful, and you will be well on your way to making engaging and attractive live videos that will earn you more followers on social media and loyal customers for your brand.

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