12 Best Tactics To Get More Clients For Your Agency

Oct 12, 2021 18 min read

The quest of getting clients, growth marketing & client retention has evolved more than a buzzword.

44% of brands focus on customer acquisition & 57% of marketers claim that customer acquisition is the most crucial part of an organization's marketing expenditure.

To attract clients & making them fond of your product is an entirely different game of precision, analytics & quality customer experience. Besides, enthralling prospects to place trust in your marketing agency is a substantial task.

But the correct blend of strategies & implementation of the apt marketing tools acts as a guiding star to gain attention of your clients & propel the agency's marketing funnel. Furthermore, developing a cogent marketing blueprint for your marketing agency makes you visible among the crowd.

Are you struggling with getting more clients, or have you been stuck in confusion about how to attract more clients?

Well, keep aside your worries!! To streamline your marketing efforts, we have encased top strategies, shared statistics & discussed the best tools in this blog.

Explore, asses & drill down the sections to develop a market-driven approach & elevate the customer acquisition rate of your marketing agency.

What Does A Marketing Agency Do?

What is the need for hiring a marketing agency, or what does a marketing agency do?

Well, marketing agencies work as a compass that sets your brand in the rights direction to be visible among the competition & to deliver the correct product value to your audience, generating revenue.

Marketing agencies aid clients in implementing & managing strategies to accomplish business goals. Let's get an overview of what activities a marketing agency offers to its clients:

  • Deduce Impacable Marketing Strategies

A marketing agency works collaboratively with clients to minimize their pain points and pin down the marketing strategies to drive the best business results. The agencies ensure to maximize return on investment (ROI).

With a solid strategy, they assist your brand in identifying the channels that can contribute most to your goals.

Agencies do demographic research to create a complete ideal customer profile. And offer you a clear picture of who you are marketing & assess your previous efforts to reach them.

  • Administer & Implement Marketing Solutions

Marketing agencies plan, execute & manage marketing campaigns for clients. They assess the client's target market, analyze data, communicate with the client & accordingly create a blueprint for a successful campaign to deliver the brand's underlying message to nurture leads.

They develop comprehensive makreting strategies, plan social media campaigns, talk to the influencers if required & implement a plan. Furthermore, when you work with an agency, it provides you the opportunity to access industry experts.

Administer & Implement Marketing Solutions

Image Source: Improvado

They effectively manage your campaigns & you can focus on driving your core business. It saves your time & you can leverage the expertise of the thought leaders to uplift your brand's visibility & reputation in the target market.

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  • Monitor & Evaluate Marketing Results

Monitoring results is crucial for brands' growth as it aids you in understanding how your target audience is perceiving your marketing efforts. Besides, continual monitoring & optimization helps to deliver the best results & marketing agencies ensure to check the pulse of the campaign every now & then.

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They monitor efforts & asses analytics such as audience engagement, reach & impression. And they accordingly observe if the campaign requires any improvisation & work towards it.

Monitor & Evaluate Marketing Results

With the performance reports & analytics, you can get an in-depth idea about where your marketing investment is going & and how effectively the effort assists your business goal.

If a client is not happy with the performance, agency adjusts & optimizes the goals & creates the hustle again.

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Marketing Agency Statistics

Attracting customers & boosting retention rate is a continuous process to amplify the agency's sales funnel. Before drilling down the strategy to get more clients let's roll down to the statistics:

Lead Generation Stats

  • 17% of marketers rely on A/B tests to enhance the conversion rate. 64% of marketers invest in SEO.

  • 63% of marketers claimed driving traffic and generating leads through content is a massive challenge.

  • 40 % to 70%+ of qualified leads of a business are not prepared to purchase a product & 80% of new leads never transformed into sales.

  • 20% to 40% webinar attendees turned into leads & agencies that strikingly nurture leads generate 50% higher sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.

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Clients' Behavioral Stats

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How To Get More Clients For Your Marketing Agency

1. Find Niche

It's a fact that not all marketing agencies have the resources or expertise to cater to every client's industry.

Hence, it is vital to choose what type of agency you want to set up. Besides, demand is high for specialized agencies, hence assess your resources & narrow down your niche & stick to it.

Assess & set the niche in the market you want to sell your services to, such as startups, enterprises, eCommerce, healthcare, or non-profits. Or, you also can minimize the niche based on the types of services you provide.

How To Get More Clients For Your Marketing Agency

Image Source: Scorpion Twitter

Having a niche aids you in getting brevity in your target market & and you can prepare a strategy to hit them impactfully rather than setting up vague goals. It is an effective way to get more clients for your marketing agency.

2. Imply Services On Ideal Client

Who can be your ideal client, or how do marketing agencies get ideal clients? Well, the answer starts with you! Yes, you are your ideal client. To assess the process, plan schedule & imply your services & entire aiding mechanism on your business.

Ensure to get through each & every step that you would inculcate with your other clients. Gather analytics, develop a brand guide, plan a data-driven marketing plan, and follow & assess performance through each step.

Use all the tactics & advice you provide to your clients, decipher storytelling to establish credible relations with your audience. Adhere to quality to display how competent your services are.

You also should create a buyer persona for your services to assess your ideal clients. It will provide you a brief idea about what your clients may expect from you & how you should deliver the services to fulfill their needs. Furthermore, buyer persona also helps in understanding your target audience's pain points.

However, when your prospects monitor that your strategies are helping your own business thrive, a sense of authenticity & reliability arises in their minds. It aids you in pushing your prospects down through the conversion funnel.

3. Communicate With Your Audience

Communicating with your prospects is the key to getting new clients. In fact, it is one of the quickest ways for customer development & to reach out to the existing network.

Ensure to throw specific questions about your product & market to your prospects and assess their feedback & suggestions. It helps you get the idea of the ongoing market scenario.

Besides, when you consider the feedback & suggestions of your prospects, it makes them feel valued. Their loyalty towards your agency increases.

You can communicate with your prospects through social channels, run polls on Twitter, or ask question answers on Instagram stories. Further, you can drill down your existing LinkedIn contacts, find audience who are in your industry & send them an email explaining the service you offer.

Communication is crucial to get clients & many new businesses aren't able to attract clients because they don't talk to customers. Yes, you may already know everything about your target market, but to get clients now, you need to be humble enough to speak to the prospects to validate your hypotheses.

4. Understanding Target Market

To create content that offers values try to dissect your target market into granular levels. Along with communication, develop a research methodology & conduct market research.

To find out potential customers do in-depth research on the social networking sites & find out who are experiencing pain points & how your services can solve their issues.

Understanding Target Market

Image Source: Weber Shandwick Facebook

Reach out to them and ask them if they want to chat with you to mitigate their issues or complications. To find online complaints, you can search for online forums & blog posts' comments.

It helps you to get clarity on what your services require to solve & also have brevity in understanding the words the market is using to describe their problems.

It can aid you in writing high-converting sales copy & blog, which can deliver a significant impact on your audience. Sales pitches & blog content are great tools to enhance your sales & to acquire new clients.

5. Build Your Presence Offline

Ensure to build your offline presence. The online world is essential to be visible but to get more clients; you also have to work on your offline visibility & have to step out into the "real world," too. Join seminars, offline networking events, meet new business owners or decision-makers & expand your connection.

Networking events are a great place to deliver your pitch as a marketing agency; explain what services you can offer & what help you need. In the seminar, turn your research into a research paper, set objectives, show the existing gap & explain with data how your services can be the solution to combat the gap. Besides, business expos, trade shows are also great places to establish plausible connections.

The focus should be to make your marketing agency a part of the local business community so that your fellow business owners know you & you can get new clients through referrals. A suitable networking event or conference can be a real game-changer for you that can strengthen your customer base & propel agencies' sales funnel.

6. Leverage Online Directories

Along with websites, online directories are a great way to reach out to potential corporations who are seeking help from marketing agencies. You can start with Google & also can focus on industry specific-directories.

There are a number of online directories for marketing agencies & which can aid in attracting more clients as almost everyone in the directory is a qualified potential buyer seeking services.

Also, get your business listed in the local directories as well. Because you'll find people who wish to patronize businesses in the local area, & these sites act as the go-to guides.

Choose the right directories that suit your business; go for directories that offer more such as advertising opportunities & events, etc.

7. Be Visible On Social

Social media marketing acts as the gasoline in the customer acquisition method. It consists of two methods: organic and paid. Organic social media is a great way to boost brand awareness, develop a company personality, & share content.

If you deliver different services, you can create split profiles segmenting your audience's demography; it is an effective way to directly hit the target market within a limited period of time. Leverage the use of social media to broaden the horizons of your marketing agency.

Plan and create content melding the brand value & maintaining relevance to your target market; post on professional networks such as LinkedIn, usually on the platform people often search for service providers. If you want to know how to get more clients for your agency & you are ignoring posting on LinkedIn, you are missing opportunities.

Along with it, post video content, tutorials tips on Facebook & Instagram. Leverage Instagram reels to make your audience aware of your services; you can expect impressive reach with quality reels content as reels are spreading like wildfire among the online population.

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8. Marketing Blogs

You probably suggest your clients' content marketing explaining its importance, imply the same strategy with your marketing agency to get new clients.

Choose your DIY path & write marketing blogs, do good keyword research to rank high on SERPs. Besides, a blog provides credibility to your organization & when you rank high on SEO, the chances of getting more clients are high.

Also, focus on blog content & quality, ensuring that your blogs concentrate on solving your customer's problems. Write content that can resonate with their specific needs, add CTAs to drive more traffic.

As a marketing agency, you can choose topics such as help with website, graphic design work, branding advice, marketing strategy help, marketing implementation & social media management, etc.

To develop your agency's visibility & to establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry, write guest blogs. Note that guest blogging is a strategy to gain new clients that requires patience.

Blogging helps gain visibility within new audiences; in guest blogs, you can include websites, outbound links, which is a great way to drive traffic and improve SEO.

Blogging also enhances your agency's credibility within your industry & accelerates social media growth. It further offers networking opportunities with the authors & editors community, an excellent way to get potential clients.

9. Develop Partnerships

Developing a strategic partnership with a non-competitor agency helps you to find new clients for your marketing agency. Often businesses worry that forming a partnership with an agency within the industry can affect the client relationships or client management strategy. But busting this myth focuses on partnership building & creating networks to get new clients.

For example, if you are an agency that specializes in advertising, partner with a content marketing or PR agency. In that way, whenever there are any requirements for advertising or content-related services, your partner agency will refer your name to their clients.

Develop Partnerships

Image Source: Influencer Marketing Twitter

Developing a strategic partnership works both ways & it's a win-win situation for both the agencies; no one is at a loss! Strategic partnerships are a surprising way to tap new audience markets & to get more clients. Just make sure that you are partnering with non-competing agencies in separate verticals.

10. Push Up Seminars & Courses

The marketing industry is continuously evolving & to stay relevant in the industry & to be on track in cutting-edge competition, businesses search for courses, seminars & conferences. The educational courses help to get familiar with new market trends and practices. To get new clients push up seminars, mini-courses, or conferences.

Average First Response Time

Image Source: Digital Silk

Conducting seminars can aid you with a brand new revenue stream & offering courses automatically makes you an industry expert. Even if you do not organize a seminar, you can get yourself into the conference circuit. Wondering how? Look out for business conferences & pitch to the organizing team to become a speaker.

Educational offering and the speaking engagements can skyrocket your business as it provides you exposure & makes your reputation as an expert. Your marketing agency becomes more credible in front of your prospects & they rely on your service, and transforming the prospects into clients becomes easier.

11. Build A Website & Ask For Testimonials

To attract more clients:

  • Try to create a compelling website.
  • Highlight your success story & the results that your team has delivered in the past.
  • Draw analytics & performance reports using comprehensive social media solutions & share it on your website.
  • Ensure that the website content provides the message of how clients can be benefited from your service.

Display your portfolio on the website as it creates a sense of trust among the visitors. Create a case study page; also create a page containing your workforce details.

Don't shy away from asking for testimonials from your client. Communicate with your loyal clients with who you have worked in the past and ask for their feedback. Ask them questions such as what they have liked most about your service.

Build A Website & Ask For Testimonials

Image Source: The Bureau Of Small Projects

Use the feedback to create a customer review section on your website. Upload client's name, photo & company name to make the review credible. However, while doing so, take permission from your clients to use their reviews or image or company name on your website on ethical grounds.

You can also create review videos or request your clients to share reviews on Google My Business listing. Reviews make your marketing agency reliable, as often prospects trust the reviews as personal recommendation.

Note: To gain new customers, map your consumer's journey. For example, prospects who only read your blog posts are usually at the awareness stage. Prospects who reviewed your about page or service pages could be evaluating your agency. Prospects who drop off from the contact page can be potential customers. Assess all the data, including the data from your social media pages, to get a whole idea.

You can use social media ads to ascend consumer behavior on your websites. Push blog posts for potential consumers in the awareness stage, use white papers or other lead magnets for the second stage, and share infographics with data or share case studies for those who are seeking to hire a marketing agency.

12. Launch Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly impactful way to stay in front of your prospects & to get new clients. It aids you in promoting service information, discounts or offers, or other events information.

Further, it assists you in monitoring consumer behavior without bombarding them with too many questions. Whatever you share, it is directly delivered to your prospects' inbox.

Keep your subject line catchy to make your prospects open the email, assure that the content in the email is not much self-promotional, maintain a balance. You can offer free-course or share an e-guide or a newsletter in the email to draw your customer's attention to your marketing agency.

Types Of Marketing Agency

The growth of marketing agencies in the last decade is evident. There are diverse types of marketing agencies that serve distinct purposes, tailored to grab audience traditionally & in the online space. Let's check out different types of marketing agencies & get an idea about your niche:

Integrated Marketing Agency

Integrated marketing agencies offer a wide range of services. The task done by these agencies includes Search engine optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Social media management & social media advertising, Web design & development, Website maintenance, etc.

These agencies further offer Content Marketing, Graphics Designing, Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Review Management & many more! Integrated marketing agencies empower brands to mitigate the gaps in capacity and capability.

Integrated Marketing Agency

Image Source: Digital Silk

Certain digital marketing agencies also offer data analysis. Data is incredibly insightful for businesses & provides you with information on how your customers behave, what their activity on the websites & directs you to take action to meet their needs. It empowers businesses to weave an effective sales strategy to attract more conversions.

Specialist Marketing Agency

Specialist marketing agencies have specialized skill sets. They may offer you one or more services such as SEO, content marketing, graphic designing, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.

For instance, an SEO agency can aid you in managing your search engine optimization campaigns, where a web design agency can empower your business with designing and developing websites.

Specialist Marketing Agency

Image Source: HigherVisibility

Brand Marketing Agencies & Marketing Research Agencies help in the initial stage of firm building. These agencies conduct market research to get the hang of the market & its demand. Besides, they plan and strategize about the company name, logo, visual identity, etc.

Note: Over the past decade, demand for creative agencies has spiked. Though there is no precise definition of creative marketing agencies, their services comprise strategy, design, digital services, and marketing. They give life to your brand's story through logos, impressive advertisements & videos. All their services are designed to put a face to your organization's activity and commemorate familiarity with your target consumers.

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Traditional Marketing Agency

Traditional marketing agencies offer services such as Public relations & advertising, Brand management, Print marketing, Broadcast marketing on television or radio.

Traditional Marketing Agency

Image Source: Weber Shandwick Facebook

The PR agency helps maintain the brand reputation & a positive image of the company in the target market. They take care of the matters such as the promotion in print, electronic or digital media.

PR agencies empower brands in media management & maintaining corporate relations. Certain PR agencies also offer event management services.

Advertising agencies offer a range of services that includes branding, digital marketing & outdoor marketing. Usually, an advertising agency works with larger organizations with substantial budgets.

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing consultancies audit a brand's marketing plan & offer suggestions. Notable that consulting agencies are not directly involved in the implementation of a marketing plan.

Instead, these agencies do an in-depth analysis of the plan & present new strategies, such as tactics to launch a new product with maximum visibility & reach or capturing a new potential target market.

For example, global consultancies such as Capgemini, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, PwC, etc., provide businesses with operational insights & now they also offer marketing insights & execution.

Marketing Consultancy

Image Source: Deloitte US

Usually, clients choose a marketing agency based on the business goal, compatibility, need, and budget. It is essential to assess the target market based on your marketing agency's offerings to push the right leads through your sales funnel.

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Tools For Marketing Agencies To Attract More Clients

There are tools for marketing agencies that can help you generate more leads and customers. One such tool Statusbrew helps you manage multiple clients & seamlessly build & manage connection with your audience. It aids you in streamlining complex planning, publishing & engagement workflows.

Seperate Workspace For Each Clients

Statusbrew is one of the leading customizable platforms for your multi-disciplinary team. Agencies can manage multiple clients without any confusion leveraging Statusbrew's unique workspaces structure for each client & can bill separately for each client's account.

Statusbrew agency plan comprises of dedicated account manager, custom integrations, SAML single sign-on support, customized client onboarding, priority email, chat & phone support & more.

  • Custom permissions empowers users to grant access to team members with different access within each group, aiding them to manage multiple clients at scale.

  • You can smoothly collaborate with clients for content management, asset creation, and approval for messages and posts with Statusbrew. Furthermore, Statusbrew allows marketing agencies to maintain transparency by adding each client's social profiles to a separate workspace.

  • Drive more productivity with the integration of the tools such as Zendesk, Bitly, Slack, etc. Statusbrew's Slack integration for agencies can bring tems to collaborate in social publishing & brand monitoring.

Statusbrew Planner

You can manage campaigns at glace with Statusbrew Planner. It visualizes a complete timeline of all the tasks with the easy-to-use social media calendar you can monitor deadlines & follow up with your team. You can maximize your team efficiently by automatic conversation assignments based on various keywords, social profiles, and type.

Statusbrew Planner

Statusbrew Asset Manager aids you in stock all your agency's digital content at a shared pool, helping you maintain a consistent visual identity across social. With the customizable links, you can shorten URLs in your social media posts & be able to track the analytics of the links.

Statusbrew Reports Lab

Statusbrew Reports Lab offers more than 180+ metrics which is the industry's highest & aids you to stay informed for all your social strategies. With extensive analytics, you can analyze how your brand is doing on social media. With the exportable widget, you have the freedom to customize your reports simply by dragging & dropping.

Marketing agencies can schedule each report to arrive in your emails as per your preferred time frame. Widgets display configurable information & it also supports layers of dimensions like social profile, sentiment, language & more.

Besides, you can share the real-time reports links with non-Statusbrew users as well. It allows you to use tons of ready-made reporting templates & assist you in measuring all metrics in one single platform. Soon, integrations such as Google Analytics report, Shopify report & Pinterest Integration will be available for users.

Get Free Access To Report Lab

Statusbrew Engage

Statusbrew Engage allows you to listen to how your prospects are reacting to your brand or a popular topic beyond your social feed & spark meaningful conversations. Furthermore, engage your competitors' audience and respond to every business opportunity immediately. You also can hide, delete or mark spam comments with Statusbrew Enagage comment moderation features.

Statusbrew Engage

Best Practices To Get Clients For Marketing Agency

Irrespective of what type of makreting agency you are, consider following the best practices mentioned below to enhance your client base:

  • Leverage LinkedIn to it most, use LinkedIn Inmails, which allows you to send private messages to LinkedIn outside your connection.

  • LinkedIn sponsored Inmails is also a good way for lead generation; it is specifically recommended to promote webinars, ebooks, etc., to boost conversion rates.

  • Join different Facebook groups that set well with your niche & reach out to influencers in your industry.

  • Ask for referrals & re-approach lost clients.

  • Invest time in SEO and social media management to increase your visibility.

  • Ensure that your email has an enticing subject line, alluring offers, social proof & a solid call to action.

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Let's Wrap Up!!

Attracting clients & converting the new leads to customers is an art. You need to be experimental with your approach to get more clients because the strategy that helps you get the first client may not be suitable for the 100th client.

Be a lifelong learner, learn about new trends and new tools that can help get more clients for your marketing agency! Drill down Statusbrew blog to be updated with new trends, see what sticks & what you need to double down on.

Lastly, to sell the results get the correct tools. Because simply knowing what you are doing is not enough, to be on the top of the game, you have to search how your competition is operating! So asses & differentiate yourself & win over clients!

Leverage Statusbrew to get the complete profile of your leads & directly drive them towards the top of your sales funnel of your marketing agency. Book your demo today!!

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