The Ultimate Guide To Social Media For Marketing Agencies

Jun 8, 2021 11 min read

Although, social media marketing industry is on an unprecedented rise, it's hard to stand out in an ocean of marketing agencies.

It's becoming harder & harder to attract & retain clients.

If you want to level up as a social agency, this guide will help you with strategies that'll help you attract new clients along with tips to strengthen client relationships. Let's dig deeper.

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How To Grow Client Base With Social Media

A social marketing agency works differently than a traditional marketing agency. As a social agency, you must put yourself out there in order to grow your client base.

Agencies need to promote themselves effectively to get new clients or for lead generation.

As an agency, you need to put out resources, knowledge, and expertise to let your client know how you can help them.

Why Should You Promote Your Agency On Social Media?

Competition is at an all time high for marketing agencies. As an agency, even if you are offering the required services to brands and have a great value proposition. It's still hard to get in front of your clients.

Social media gives you an outlet, where you can truly present yourself in a manner which can directly bring in more clients for your business.

Let's understand the benefits of using social media for your business :

Enhancing Brand Image

If you are a social media marketing agency, you must have noticed how branding has evolved over the years. To establish your own and your client's brand, you have to be highly proactive.

As a social agency, consistently share your services and products on social media, to gradually increase your brand's visibility.

To boost your clients' social media game, create content that can speak about the brand and share details about the client's company on social media.

Each platform with its different audience demographic and reach has the potential to enhance your client's brand image, meeting their needs.

Enhance Brand Image

Image Source: Weber Shandwick Facebook

Boosting Brand Awareness

Social media holds power to boost brand awareness. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram augment brand awareness by driving engagement.

Social media also enhances brand awareness by driving traffic to your own or your client's website. To enjoy this benefit, add direct links to the site on the profile and posts.

You can timely implement clever and creative content placement on your agency's or client's social media profiles to attract more followers.

Leverage comments, shares, likes, and reposts to create an amalgamation of content that attracts leads for your business.

Enhance Brand Image

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Generating Leads

Social media helps boost lead generation for social marketing agencies, resulting in more sales. When you create content about your product or service and post it on social media, it acts as an advertisement for your brand.

Your followers get to know about who you are and they are ready to engage in conversations.

As per Pew Research Center, in 2021, 84% of US adults between the age range 18 to 29 are active social media users, 81% are in the age group 30 to 49 years.

If you apply a good strategy for your social marketing agency, the chances are high that you can reach out to your target audience easily. Consider the following tips to enhance leads and to boost engagement on social media:

Assess Client's Audience

Image Source: FTI Consulting

  • Use the bio section of your social media profile. Utilize this section wisely; add direct links to your website or mention offers.

  • Conducting contests on your social media profile encourages engagement. Also, create posts and stories asking followers' opinions, choices, or post-Q/As, share facts, create polls, etc.

  • Plan a social media calendar and host live videos from time to time. You can announce a new product update or give your followers a walk-through about current services. You can share information about your agency, take questions from your followers and answer them. It is an excellent way to generate leads.

  • Create carousel posts on Instagram or Facebook. You can add up to 10 images and videos on the Instagram carousel and share the carousel as a single post on the feed. Carousels get more reach than regular feed posts. Consider using online tools for transforming photos into watercolors so that the images will have a combination of colors and types.

Initiate Leads For Your Agency

Enrich Customer Relationship

By using social media for your business, you can build and strengthen customer relationships.

Social media helps you to connect with them quickly; you can interact with your customers on your posts through replying to their comments or responding to their questions and assisting them in finding a solution.

To show them that your agency values their opinion and support, ask for their reviews on your services or product.

Monitoring Competition

As a social agency, monitoring your competitors is vital to grow your brand.

Social media is an excellent way to understand your competitors, their social media strategy, communication level with customers, etc.

It give you an holistic view of your competition.

Competitor monitoring also helps you to gauge your own approach and efforts.

Reviewing competitors' social media platforms gives you an idea of what makes your agency unique, what you should change, or what shouldn't change to grow your brand.

You can also monitor & analyze your client's competitors' on social media. It helps you to draw a framework to enrich your potential customers' social media campaigns.

The solution you offer can help you to reach their goals. Feedback from satisfied customers is essential to maintain your brand reputation.

Assess Client's Audience

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Best Social Media Promotion Tips For Your Agency

Online Directories

Enroll your agency in trustworthy online directories. There are multiple agency directories across the globe.

Enlisting your agency's name along with some other best digital agencies draws the attention of your potential clients. Further, this practice also enhances your agency's local visibility.

Case Studies

Share stories telling how you have helped your clients to achieve their goals. Sharing a client's success showcases your agency's prowess.

Include your client's pain points and the strategies you provided to resolve them.

Back your case study with data as supporting evidence. Get the reports from the social media tools used during the campaigns and present information on how you helped your clients maximize the ROI.

Use images, GIFs to tell your story, make the language crisp and easy to understand.

For example, Onlinedrea, a social media marketing agency, created a series of case studies to display how impactful their social media strategies are for their clients. On their website, the agency has also shared clients' positive feedback encompassing the campaign's impact.

Monitoring Competition

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Omni-Channel Marketing Approach

Monitor and analyze which channels can help you to grow your client base.

Include all marketing channels like emails, digital business cards, blogs, webinars or seminars, videos or podcasts, banner ads.

Using an omnichannel marketing approach helps to position your agency in front of your target clients wherever they might be.

Focus On A Particular Vertical

The reason behind the success of top agencies is their specialization in a particular niche.

Rather than being jack of all trades, go for well-planned services on a single verticle. Simplifying the niche gives you clear ideas on your target customers and how to reach them.

Also, you can understand the pain points of the clients easily since you are focusing on a specific niche.

You can experiment, evolve, optimize, and adjust the strategies to offer the best results to your clients.

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Agencies

If you are a social media marketing agency, developing a social media strategy is vital to help your clients achieve specific goals.

A well-planned and well-defined social media strategy is the backbone of a successful campaign.

Discuss a strategy while on-boarding clients to show them that your agency is capable of weaving market-driven strategies. Planning a market-specific strategy helps to win clients.

Basics Of Social Media Strategy To Win Client's Trust

Consider the following basic steps while you are preparing a strategy for your clients.

  • Communicate with your clients and set specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, time-bound goals.

  • Write down the aim, mission, and vision of your strategy. This will give clarity to your team members about your client's needs & requirements.

  • Analyze different social media channels to understand about best posting time & posting frequency.

  • Communicate with your clients about workflow; share ideas about potential crisis management.

  • Communicate clearly about the price range of your services.

Now you are good to go with planning the strategies for your client.

Let's check out strategies for social media marketing agency to establish your client's brand:

Analyze Client's Audience To Get The Result

To create more compelling content for your clients, you need to analyze your client's audience carefully. Analyse their social media behavior & demographics to better understand the kind of content that appeals to them the most.

Assess Client's Audience

Image Source: Weber Shandwick Facebook

By making posts that appeal to the most prominent group, you will get more engagement for your clients.

Association With Other Agencies

Social media is a challenging front, and you may not always have the resources to create content that the situation demands. In situations like that, you should better go for outsourcing or partnering up with other agencies to produce optimal content.

As a general operating procedure, you can even partner up with other social media marketing agencies to provide certain services to your clients.

A variety of services from one union will always be attractive for your clients and bring more business to you.

Association With Other Agency

Image Source: Influencer Marketing Twitter

Content Planning

Always try to produce content in bulk to get a variety of choices.

It would help if you further made it a point to present all of these options to your clients way ahead of your posting schedule. Content pre-approved by clients is always better.

A well-planned campaign will attract a great lot of engagement and exposure to your clients' business.

Precision Is The Key

You need to provide a detailed proposal to your probable clients at the time of cutting the deal.

A detailed proposal that explicitly lays down the plan and the strategy to reach goals is an added assurance made to the clients.

Furthermore, you should have a very well-kept record of progress with each client. This gives you a clear idea of where you are in terms of goals and helps you present analytics and data in front of your clients.

Metrics To Measure

By measuring & monitoring metrics, you can understand if your social media efforts are successfully helping your clients achieve their goals or not.

To analyze how client's followers perceive the brand or how the product is interacting, here are a few metrics you should consider monitoring:

  • Reach & Engagement: Apart from tracking impressions, reach & number of followers gained. Analyse clicks, share, reshare, comments. Check mentions or tags on the posts; also, get insight into the reels, and stories.
    Scrutinize if engagements have the potential to drive revenue and, if yes, at what rate.

  • Blog Insight: Monitor client's blogs; get the analytics to know which blog content is driving inbound links, likes, shares, and comments. Also, monitor the keywords to know which keyword is ranking.

  • Monitor Emails: Explore and find out the performance of the emails. Check which part of the content emails are resulting in conversations. It will help you organize future email campaigns for your clients.

  • Check Out Links: Monitor the links you have shared on different social media platforms. Track their performance, find out the links with the highest click-through rate on various social media channels.

  • Measure Growth Rate: Get the reports of different social channels and measure the campaign growth rate. Select a reporting period, measure the growth of the client's followers, check out how many new followers clients have gained through the campaign. Measure time and money spent on social acquiring customers or enhancing sales.

Metrics To Measure To Build Social Media Strategy For Clients

Tips To Collaborate With Multiple Clients

Managing social media for multiple clients requires patience, an organized workflow, and good communication skills.

As a social media manager, if you are managing multiple clients, you may have to hop in between hundreds of clients.

Juggling between all those social media profiles & networks in no piece of cake.

Following are a few tips to help you effectively manage social media for multiple clients.

Communicate & Organise

Before jumping into business, establish clear communication with your clients.

Ask them about their social media plans & goals.

Communication with your client is vital to carry out a collaborative social media strategy.

Furthermore, to gain success, focus on organizing things. Each client you are handling may have multiple social media profiles and monitoring activities on each profile of every client may be tricky.

The target audience, audience demography, and the goals of your clients may be different.

To avoid any chaos that may hamper your workflow insulate each client's business.

Assess Client's Audience

Image Source: Influencer Marketing Twitter

What is the solution?

Statusbrew gives you flexibility & security to manage multiple clients from a single Statusbrew account.

You can create a unique Organization (workspace) for each client to safeguard their data & eliminate any confusion.

Some common uses for multiple Organizations are:

  • Complete data separation between different clients
  • Separate billing for different clients
  • Multi-client management without losing peace of mind

Learn More: Managing Multiple Clients

Create A Calendar

It is vital to create a social media calendar to avoid missing out on best posting times & bring consistency to your profiles.

Besides, with a content calendar, you can schedule posts in advance, saving time and effort.

For time-sensitive content, you may have to work proactively, but for generic content, holidays, or content for an event, you can schedule them in advance.

We have created an extensive list of national, global & hashtag holidays in 2021, along with a downloadable calendar.

Check this out, get automatic reminders and boost your social media strategy.

2021 Social Media Holiday Calendar [Downloadable + Infographic]

Schedule your social media posts with Statusbrew!

With Statusbrew, you can schedule your post months in advance. Just connect all of your social media profiles with Statusbrew and schedule posts for your best posting times.

Create A Calendar & Schedule Post

Involve Your Clients

Social agencies often faces the bottleneck of client approvals since you don't have complete authority over the clients' social media profile. Before posting content, you need to seek review from your client.

To solve this, make sure to involve your client in every step, wherein in real-time, they can suggest edits, give feedback.

Statusbrew users can add client's team to their Statusbrew organization. It ensures easy collaboration for content management & approvals.

Assign Responsibilities & Set Realistic Goals

If your social agency has multiple employees, distribute the work among them and set clear responsibilities. While providing roles consider their area of expertise

Allocating roles and responsibilities among your team members result in a smooth workflow and ensure to get the best work.

Involve Your Clients

As an agency set clear and realistic goals, it enhances credibility as well as makes your brand reliable.

Your success as a social media marketing agency depends on a flourishing streamline of work matching clients' needs.

In attaining your success, Statusbrew can be your one stop social media platforms.

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