12 Creative Marketing Agencies To Follow On Social Media

Jun 11, 2021 15 min read

Over the years, social media has evolved as a platform for a cost-effective medium of marketing.

While many businesses handle their online presence on their own, many take the help of marketing agencies.

A social media marketing agency help's clients in keep their social media profiles active, informative, and engaging.

We have highlighted top 12 social media agencies across the globe to help you to understand how agencies work and how you can generate leads to establish a successful social media agency. Check it out.

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Basics Of Running A Social Marketing Agency

Do you want to establish your social media marketing agency?

To establish a social media marketing agency, you need to go through the three primary decision-making stages: take a pause and think, prioritize your goal, and plan accordingly.

It helps you go through all the necessary steps to build a strong foundation and manage your client's profiles effectively.

To overcome the issues of finding new clients or meeting your clients' needs following are a few points you can check as starting guidelines. Let's scroll down:

Choose A Niche

As a social media agency, make sure to choose a niche. When selecting a particular verticle, it helps to set measurable, specific, result-oriented, and time-bound goals, and over the years, impacts your business growth.

Setting a niche gives your business direction and accountability. Your team is well aware and specialist in their work; they know how to plan a strategy for the client to get the best results.

If you are a beginner looking for grow your business, you can initially start as a whole, and gradually, when you get the idea of the market, pick a niche. Make sure to select your teammates who are specialized in the area.

Choose A Niche

Image Source: CMDPortland

Client's Social Media Management

Along with the swift growth of the users, there are a plethora of social media channels. As a social agency, research the network your clients use before creating a strategy.

Apart from popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Youtube, also look for lesser-known networks in the region or industry your agency is serving.

One of the crucial parameters while planning strategies for clients to understand where the client's target audience hangs out. Evaluate each network to analyze which will be the best channel to fulfill the client's goal.

Your social media marketing agency may be able to provide services on all the mainstream networks. But the best practice is to decide whether you should offer a whole package of services to clients or only on specific networks.

  • Communicate with your client, your teammates and get a walk-through of your resources before concluding.

  • If you are exclusively working with a fashion brand, choose Instagram & Pinterest to offer them visual marketing services.

  • If your social agency has clients from the B2B industry, choose channels like LinkedIn & Twitter.

How To Decide Price For Your Services

After choosing a niche, decide the price for your social media services. Create your value proposition to set up the prices.

Your social agency's unique selling point is your identifiers; because of this, your services stand out from the myriads of other agencies in the market; it shows the client's the problems your agency solves & why you are the right choice.

Relevancy, quantified value, and differentiation are three clear statements of value proposition.

  • Relevancy states how your services or product can solve clients' issues and improve their current scenario.

  • Quantified values define the specific benefit of your services & differentiation is telling your relevant customer the reason to choose your services, not your competitor's.

Top 12 Creative Social Media Marketing Agencies To Follow On Social Media

With top brands shifting their attention to the social and online platforms and new brands coming up each moment, a kind of cutthroat competition has come into place to keep brand images intact and keep engagement up.

Along with it, the importance of relying on social agencies has also increased.
Creating social visibility is vital for brands as more and more people use social media each passing day.

Each brand has its own set of customers and target audiences they want to reach to enhance business growth.

We have found 12 creative social media marketing agencies across the globe who are doing exceptionally well in their social media game and boosting their clients' social media profiles. Let's check out the list:

1. Weber Shandwick

Weber Shandwick is a leading global communication agency based in New York. The social agency delivers next-generation solutions to brands, businesses, and organizations in major markets worldwide.

The organization provides clients with deeper impactful solutions. To maximize the client's return on investment, Weber Shandwick strategies the client's business models and communication methods, adapting the post-modernization realities.

Weber Shandwick

Image Source: Weber Shandwick Instagram

As an agency, the quantified value proposition lies in bringing diverse talent & global insight as well as focus on delivering industry-defining work.

Weber Shandwick works towards empowering clients with actionable content to boost their business growth and impact.

The social agency has expertise in B2B marketing, brand impact, change management, crisis management, corporate reputation & data analytics, social impact, employee management, public affairs & technology.

Weber Shandwick has 22,089 followers on Facebook and 10.6 k followers on Instagram. The Instagram feed of the corporation is filled with quality images, informative text, and employee narratives. The website of the organization contains client case studies.

Weber Shandwick

Image Source: Weber Shandwick Instagram

Worthmentioning that the social agency has voiced their opinion to inspiring dialogue and driving change; they are posting content that speaks of inclusivity, which also helps the brand stand visible among the crowd. The bio section is also clear and transparent about what the organization does.

2. H+K Strategies

Hill+Knowlton Strategies is an international public relations & communication consulting agency based in New York. Their client base includes startups to brands, agriculture to aerospace, finance to pharma.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies also has a presence in Europe, Middle East & Africa.

The relevancy of the social agency states it follows the 'breadth and depth' model.

H+K Strategies

Image Source: Hill+Knowlton Strategies Twitter

Hill+Knowlton Strategies states that the model enables them to amalgamate specialist and expert teams across the industry. It helps craft a buoyant strategy that works best for the client's brand establishment.

The quantified value proposition is the organization's amalgamation of creativity, innovation, and strategy upholding data & analytics.

Take a scroll through their social media gallery; you'll find narratives helping the organization enhance visibility.

Also, through the method of visual storytelling, the organization is maintaining transparency. The content is also depicting the corporation's achievement that is creating the differentiation value proposition of the organization.

H+K Strategies

Image Source: Hill+Knowlton Strategies Instagram

The organization is also focusing on the rainbow marketing strategy, which again helps the brand create awareness of brand awareness and inclusivity.

3. BCW

BCW or Burson Cohn & Wolfe is a full-service global communications agency. BCW delivers digital and data-driven creative content along with integrated communications solutions.

BCW specializes in B2B communication, crisis management, CSR, healthcare, public affairs, and technology. The social agency is a part of WPP, the world's pioneer in communications services.

BCW's quantified value proposition is that the organization's objective is to craft insight-driven ideas that inspire action and connection worldwide.


Image Source: BCW Global

The organization follows a channel-agnostic approach with the core of an earned media. Client's can expect to inspire, engage, and lead their target audience in a direction that results in the organization's growth.

Facebook & Twitter profile of the social agency has an on-point bio about the organization and the website site link. On the profiles, the organization has shared about their resources, achievements, and narrative videos on relevant issues like Covid-19.

The content on their page depicts where the organization differs from its competitors, and they are capable of weaving a powerful strategy for their clients.

The Instagram handle of the agency is organized with creatives with captions, carousel posts where the team members are sharing their opinions. The agency has posts for special events.


Image Source: BCW Global

The organization's social media profiles are the depiction of the work culture, their values, and their work & efficiency as a social media marketing agency.

The content includes updates from the office to events and their work.

4. FTI Consulting

FTI Consulting, Inc. is an independent global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations manage change, mitigate risk, and resolve disputes: financial, legal, operational, political & regulatory, reputational, and transactional. FTI Consulting professionals, located in all major business centers throughout the world.

FTI Consulting

Image Source: FTI Consulting Facebook

FTI is keeping the social media channel minimalist. The Instagram profile of the organization is professionally organized and full of visuals content showcasing the company's work culture. They also have content narrating their human resources along with high-quality visuals.

FTI Consulting

Image Source: FTI Consulting Instagram

Right from event to association with different partners, event information, recruitment information, social media profiles of the social agency are engaging and informative.

5. 5W Public Relations

5W Public Relations is a PR agency based in New York. Agency's services comprise public relations, integrated marketing, event management, reputation management, strategic planning, product integration, influencer & celebrity marketing, social media, and digital marketing.

To craft clients' social media strategy and achieve their PR goals, the organization implements proactive, impactful, and sincere efforts amalgamated with media relations.

5W Public Relations

Image Source: 5W Public Relations

To match client's needs, organizations offer an extensive range of integrated marketing services.

5W Public Relations helps established or emerging brands, corporations & consumer companies, reputed individuals, technology companies to regional business to define & achieve the strategic public relation goals.

5W Public Relations

Image Source: 5W Public Relations Instagram

The organization's Instagram & Facebook profile is informative with relevant videos to gain brand visibility & extensively shared their client's achievement narratives.

On Instagram, they have also shared impact stories, behind the scenes, announcement of reports, organization's achievements, making the organization more credible.

6. The Bureau Of Small Projects

The Bureau of Small Projects is a marketing agency that provides branding, web development, marketing, and content creation.

The organization also specialized in AI development. Their services are open for mid-sized businesses to non-profits and startups. The website of the social agency is concise and straightforward.

The Bureau of Small Projects

Image Source: The Bureau of Small Projects Facebook

At the very top of their website, you will find a slideshow of the prominent associations that they have worked in past. This straightaway attracts the attention of the visitor.

Throughout the website, you will find subtle advertisements of the brands they have worked with. This automatically builds up a good rapport with the visitor. They also have a clear-cut outline of their services and operation on their website.

The Bureau of Small Projects

Image Source: The Bureau of Small Projects Instagram

Majority of their Instagram posts are about the work they have done for their clients; and posts about their associations. In each post, there is an ad placement about either their staff or their services.

They have used hashtags extensively in each of their posts.

7. Digital Silk

Digital Silk is a digital marketing agency focused on:

  • Digital Branding & Strategies
  • Web Development
  • Custom Software Development

The agency's website has welcomed the sight of the high-end clients that they are currently providing services.

Apart from listing the high-end brands they have served, the Digital Silk website lets you explore the websites of clients they have designed and developed. Further, they provide you with an array of in-depth and interactive digital agency case studies.

These studies showcase how Digital Silk's involvement has placed the companies at the top of their game by increasing sales, services, and other related fronts.

Their website further lets you know of the latest digital trends while placing their services and pushing you to subscribe to their services.

Digital Silk

Image Source: Digital Silk Facebook

In social profiles of Digital Silk, it mostly makes informative posts about various essential aspects that affect the digital presence of a business or a brand.

While they are very informative, these posts, along with their hashtags, ultimately lead you to check out more of the services they provide.

With them offering you a free consultation and other discounts on services along the way, you are going to subscribe to their services if you are a brand or a non-profit.

8. Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy and Mather, a leader among the marketing agencies, has been serving clients since 1945. The agency has quite an impressive website. The website is quite simple and straightforward yet very appealing and inviting.

You scroll down for a while reading their objective you'll see an array of images, which themselves are links to works the agency has done for their clients. The photos are so well placed that you impulsively click on a few.

This simple website is bound to make a great impression on your minds, and most importantly, the agency's not making any comment or statement makes it very hard for the critics to bad mouth them.

On their website, they are simply showing the work they have done, which in itself is impressive enough to invite more clients.

Ogilvy & Mather

Image Source: Ogilvy & Mather Twitter

The Twitter handle of the organization is impressive and engaging. The content is informative and exciting.

The organization has shared their impact stories, the resources, agency's achievement, association, and CTA's in their handles. Overall their profile has balanced content.

The organization's Instagram feed consists of infographics and visualized quotes. For social media marketing managers, the handle is full of information and content that can help to plan client's strategies.

9. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a professional internet marketing company based in San Diego, CA, specializing in:

  • SEO
  • Pay Per Click
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

The agency is maintaining a good image through the excellent website and social media page maintenance coupled with the provision of outstanding services to clients.

Social media handles of the organization are professionally arranged and coupled with text, visual content, infographics, and videos.

Ignite Visibility

Image Source: Ignite Visibility Instagram

On Twitter & Instagram, they have impactful visuals with captions showcasing their resources and their strengths.

The social media handles have visuals of their employees depicting their specialization. Also, they have extensively used infographics to make their feed informative.

10. Burrell Communications

Burrell is a marketing communications agency. This multicultural agency demonstrates a strong expertise in effectively reaching varied audiences, including young adults and the general market.

The website of the agency is filled with case studies, impact doers backed by videos: this unique approach of the organization making it credible and authentic. The organization offers services like advertising, research, strategic planning, analytics, broadcast production, public relation, media planning, and buying.

Burrell Communications

Image Source: Burrell Communications Instagram

The social media handle of the organization is filled with highlights of the agency's value and work culture. The visuals and videos shared on the feeds and timeline are generating awareness about the brand creating brand identity.

The content has clearly depicted the issues the brand is working for. The Instagram profile of the social agency is an extension of its portfolio, where they have shared achievements to awards, events, to hashtag campaigns.

11. Scorpion

Scorpion is the leading provider of technology and services, based in the Salt Lake City area, with offices in California, Texas, and New York. The organization provides:

  • SEO
  • Reviews
  • Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Chat and Messaging
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Lead Management
  • Appointment Scheduling

On Twitter, they have shared impact stories through podcasts; also, they are telling stories about the strength of the organization and imparting their expertise through the podcast of their team members.


Image Source: Scorpion Twitter

On Instagram and Facebook profile is sharing the client's feedback through visuals and text; there are application posts, informative videos, dialogue communication, the organization's work culture, achievements.

The social media profiles of the agency are arithmetic, informative, and visually appealing. By following them, you can get a preview of how a balanced social media profile looks like.

12. Humble Digital Agency

Humble Digital Agency, operating out of Athens, Greece. With an interactive website, they provide the visitor with a number of case studies related to their clients. These case studies give visitors a transparent and detailed account of the impact the agencies' involvement has made on the client.

Their social media accounts have posts related to their recent works, the promotions they made, websites they have designed for clients while providing links to visit the related website or page.

Humble Digital Agency

Image Source: Humble Digital Agency Facebook

There are other posts educating brands and agencies about social media presence and marketing. Both the website and Instagram page together, thus, paint a very bright picture of all the great work the agency is doing.

All the digital agencies ranked in this list have their own unique approaches and strategies to use social media. For your social media marketing agency, you can look up to them as an example to follow & to find your own strategy to boost your social media game.

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Social Media Marketing Best Practices For Social Agency To Generate Lead

Social media lead generation is a vital part of the marketing growth strategy of a social agency.

Leads help find potential customers or stay in touch with people interested in your services.

The top 12 agencies in the list are using social media leads to amplify brand identity and brand awareness. For B2B and B2C agencies generating leads is an excellent step to establish your agency as a resource to your target clients.

However, sometimes it is challenging for organizations to generate leads. Following are a few new tactics to gain more quality leads.

Page Optimization

To get more leads, optimize your agency's social media profile. Update your contact information, make your subscription to your newsletter user-friendly.

Optimize your profile in a way you are accessible to your potential customers. According to your goal, use different social media channels to add a call to action button on your profile.

Besides, sharing customer's testimonials and their narratives makes your profile reliable & authentic and helps to generate new leads.

Showing how your social agency has helped clients to fulfill their needs enhances your brand value. You can create customer feedback videos or create case stories.

Utilize the bio section of your profile, add your site link on your bio. It drives targeted traffic to your website, and clients get to know about your agency in-depth.

Page Optimization

Image Source: FTI

Clickable Content & Referral Campaign

Create compelling content on social media to gain the attention of potential customers. Add clickable CTA links to your post.

Avoid ambiguity while creating content; when you post images, create images, add relevant captions to support the visual content. Add subtitles to your videos.

You can also begin a referral campaign to generate leads. Such campaigns can boost your lead generation process; in such campaigns, people refer to their circle, and more new potential customers get the opportunity to get aware of your services and product.

To attract people to your agency's campaign, use incentives or giveaways. Depending on your campaign, you can offer discounts on your services or can deliver monthly or annual free membership as incentives.

Ask Influencers To Endorse Products & Services

Strengthen your relationship with influencers. Find out a relevant influencer who matches your brand's vision, mission and understands your brand identity.

Check out their engagement metrics and audience demography. Usually, Instagram is a social media channel to find top-notch influencers. But explore other channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube as well.

Reach them to endorse your service and product. Be direct with your proposal. Influencers understand their followers well and know what type of content will be adequate to promote your product.

Influencers make the services and product look authentic, and it boosts your lead generation process. Also, ask reviews from them create a buzz about your services in the market and attracts your potential customers' attention.

Use Gated Content

Choose gated content for lead generation. Use webinars or e-guides, newsletters, whitepapers, podcasts, or articles as gated content or any informative and resourceful material hidden behind a form.

Use Gated Content

Image Source: Ogilvy.com

The purpose of using gated content is that your potential clients share their contact information and details before accessing your content.

Ensure that your content holds high value to enjoy most of this strategy of lead generation. Check the length of your gated content; usually, long content is beneficial in this context.

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