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Nov 16, 2022 9 min read

Keeping up with trends, providing content, and interacting with audiences through DMs and comments make a lot of effort when managing multiple social media accounts. This is huge, particularly for time-pressed social media managers, agency owners, and freelancers who already have a lot on their plates.

Even if having too many clients is good, it may become a little daunting when you have to handle more than 30 social media accounts in a day.

Image this as your content calendar for a typical day:

10 am: Reels for two different Instagram accounts and 1 Twitter post
1 pm: 3 additional Pinterest updates and two videos on TikTok
5 pm: Tweets for all your client’s accounts
7 pm: Instagram post and story updates for multiple clients' accounts

As soon as your schedule is complete, you suddenly realize that the Instagram clips were accidentally posted to an incorrect account. It is hectic and challenging to manage multiple social media accounts. However, there is always a more straightforward method to manage all of your social media accounts without going into panic mode.

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Tips To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts For Multiple Clients

Doing social media for a client is not easy, and managing multiple clients requires great organization and prioritization. If you're a social media manager or own a digital marketing agency and find it hard to juggle tens of clients at once. Here are a few tips and strategies to manage multiple social media accounts.

Click here to download a detailed infographic on tips to manage multiple social media accounts for multiple clients.

Develop And Write Down Your Social Media Strategy

The first step to managing multiple social media accounts is to create a strategy. List all current social media accounts you handle in your social media marketing strategy, along with goals tailored to each platform. And then, you can provide your crew with the guidelines by developing a social media strategy for each client that consists of policies, procedures, and a reference manual.

Even if each account has different objectives, a written plan can keep everyone on the same page and prevent them from deviating. The ideal way of doing it will be to create a strategy right after submitting the social media proposal when you know the client is going to onboard in a short period.

Roles & Responsibilities

If you have a bunch of social media managers and employees working for you, you need to assign clear duties across your team. To ensure that everyone on your team is doing their best work, you must clearly define roles and responsibilities for each individual.

Your team members will feel more ownership as a result, and better results will follow. Additionally, assigning the proper tasks to the appropriate workers will guarantee that there is no confusion among the team members and eliminate any likelihood of client dissatisfaction!

Ideal social media software can help you define roles and responsibilities in a clear-cut way through user and user groups.


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Clearer Goals

Having no clearly defined goals is like shooting arrows in the dark. Before putting things into action, set clear and measurable goals for your clients so that you can plan a strategy to achieve these goals.

Each client has a unique objective, a unique reason for employing a social media manager or agency, and a unique set of KPIs they're pursuing. You need to set more short-term, precise, attainable goals for yourself and your clients, regardless of how long they will take to achieve.

In order to create a marketing strategy to accomplish the goals, you must establish specific, measurable goals for your clients. You need to choose what you're chasing before taking things into action because none of these tactics can be used interchangeably for the various goals.

This will guarantee that your success is measurable so that you may update your clients on it. Naturally, these objectives should serve as stepping stones toward your client's ultimate aims. It's preferable to rapidly determine if something isn't working so that you can swiftly alter course and revise your plan.

Because they're simpler to keep track of and give you ample time to plan, implement, review, and revise, most individuals prefer setting quarterly goals. Do it, then.

Running a social media agency and managing multiple clients is not a piece of cake, but it doesn't have to be. With proper organization & the right tools at your disposal, you can eliminate many of your pain points.


Hire The Best Social Media Management Software

While social media marketing strategy is sound, its effectiveness is matched only by the tools that make it possible.

Copying and pasting the exact text to multiple accounts on various social networking channels might take excessive time. The answer? Invest in social media management tools like Statusbrew, which will enable you to oversee engagement and publishing in one location.

One Dashboard For Multiple Social Media Profiles

It's true that technologies make managing social media platforms a lot simpler! As a social media agency, using technologies like scheduling, editing, engaging, workflow, online calendars, and phone apps may improve your day and increase your productivity.

Accessing everything from a single spot is the most considerable aid for managing multiple social media accounts. Consider it like going grocery shopping: Buying bread, orange juice, ice cream, and napkins all at the supermarket will save you time compared to stopping at four different stores.

One of the most well-liked time-saving social media advice is this one. Using Statusbrew, you can have different workspaces for different clients under one dashboard. This can be very helpful, especially when you are handling more than one client at a time.

Creating Social Media Posts

It's crucial to post frequently on social media since it keeps your brand in buyers' minds. Creating good quality content is quality important to the number of posts. When you are memorable, you have a better chance of generating leads through social media.

As a social media manager or an agency, creating posts for multiple clients across different platforms is a huge challenge. Using social media software with integrations with graphic content-creating platforms like Canva is a plus.

Statusbrew not only allows you to browse and schedule posts, but it also allows you to create content with Canva. It allows you to get free images from Unsplash and create them on the dashboard.


Things are bound to get tricky if you manage social media for multiple clients at any time.

It's a given that if you're managing social media for multiple clients at any given time, things are bound to get tricky. For instance, each of your clients can easily have 10 or 15 social profiles. Now, multiply this by the number of clients you're handling, and things start to get overwhelming.

The goals & the target audience for each of your clients will be different, which further complicates things. You need a way to group or segregate the business of all your clients.

What's the best way to do it?

If you're using Statusbrew, you can create a unique Organization (workspace) for each client to separate all their social media data & eliminate any confusion.

You can manage complex workflows and every aspect of social media for all your clients from a single, easy-to-use interface.


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You can save tons of time and effort by scheduling posts in advance while ensuring consistency. You'll have to hop in and post time-sensitive content often, but for generic things such as holidays & other events, you can schedule content in advance.

To help you plan your social media strategy for the holidays in 2022, we've created an extensive list of national, global & hashtag holidays. There's also a downloadable calendar that you can use to get automatic reminders.

2022 Social Media Holiday Calendar

How to schedule all these social media posts?

Connect all of your social accounts with Statusbrew & schedule your posts hours, days, and months in advance! Schedule posts by custom time or use category queuing systems.



Creating good content definitely invites a lot of engagement. Imagine switching profiles and tabs to engage with multiple people across different social platforms for a lot of clients.

Keeping track of brand mentions and keywords is essential, especially if you set up a support-related account. For instance, most businesses use Twitter for their customer service. You want to know if a customer needs help or if you can jump on a trending topic related to your business. Interacting with followers and customers via comments across social media platforms is very important to maintain a professional relationship.

Without leaving the site, Statusbrew features a simple post scheduler that works on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Similarly, all these posts' analytics may be seen in one location. Several users may access the dashboard, making it perfect for teams. The app also supports LinkedIn, Google Business, and Slack integrations.

Collaboration & Approvals

One of the major hurdles in an agency-client relationship is the client approval bottleneck. You don't have complete authority on what goes & what doesn't. To eliminate this issue, you need to involve your clients in every step of your processes.

Make sure it's easy for your clients to see all the posts you've scheduled for them, and they can suggest edits and give feedback, all in real-time.

If you're a Statusbrew user, add a member from your client's team to their Stausbrew organization & easily collaborate for content management, asset creation, and approval for messages and posts. Also, If you use Slack, you can connect your Statusbrew with one or more Slack channels or workplaces to receive notifications.

Automate Social Media Scheduling & Publishing

Track Your Performance

Everyone in your agency, across all verticles, ought to be working toward the same objectives. However, it's simple to become overwhelmed by mountains of data and forget how to gauge success when you're in charge of several social media accounts.

A fantastic social media management tool is built around analytics. You have access to a wide range of analytical data in Statusbrew. You can track growth across each various channels under one roof.

How To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts For Multiple Clients Infographic


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Managing Multiple Clients Checklist Template

Start Managing Your Clients' Socials

Multiple clients might be challenging to manage for agency marketers. Clients have distinct needs and demands for content, publishing, and analytics. Many clients have last-minute requests and problems with content that has been produced. Additionally, some don't fully express their wants.

It's helpful when you don't have to worry about minor things, like remembering passwords and publishing at the appropriate time for each client, when managing relationships with many clients. Social media management tools can help with that.

A tool that serves as your social media command center will help you with most of those issues. You can publish, moderate, and analyze content for various social network accounts and platforms using only one tool and one subscription. It's as if you simultaneously get numerous additional sets of hands, eyes, and hours in a day.


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