How to Improve Your Social Presence in 30 Minutes a Day!

Sep 29, 2018 5 min read

This week at Statusbrew, our team stopped by to share their expertise and insights on the anatomy of Building a Better Social Media Presence! We discussed how to:

  • Streamline your social publishing,
  • Discover new connections and opportunities, and
  • Achieve the above in just 30 minutes a day

Read on to discover all of the remarkable insights that were shared during the webinar!

How to Build Social Media Presence In 30 Minutes a Day!

When it comes to social media, everyone wants to be active. But only you know how tough it is to maintain an active social media presence and reach your prospects on a daily basis. It can feel that there aren't sufficient hours in the day!

But, If I were to tell you that you could successfully do your social media in just 30 minutes a day, what would you say?

Working on your social media presence has much in common with training yourself for an exam!

A short, daily study routine brings more results than a long study session once before the exam. The secret of success is consistency, thus try and devote half an hour a day to work on your social media presence.

So now that we’ve established that it is possible to build your social media presence by just devoting half an hour a day, let’s dive into social media tips on how you can kick start with it.

Important things to do before you start improving your social media presence

Before you straightaway bounce into using the 30 min posting strategy you need to:

  • Identify your brand goals
  • Choose an appropriate social media platform, and
  • Optimize all the social media channels

1 Identify your brand goals

The first and the foremost thing to do is to answer the question - Why are you on Social?

The following can be the few reasons for you to be on social media:

  • To build your community
  • To increase your brand awareness
  • To increase your blog or website traffic
  • Creating a brand identity & positive brand association

Depending on these goals you should be prioritizing your work. Here’s where I’d like to introduce the famous Pareto principle, the 80/20 rule.

“80% of the results come from 20% of the efforts.”- Alfredo Pareto

Thus, you should consider prioritizing your work according to the 80/20 rule. For instance, if your focus is more on community building (building relationships) your time would be spent more on engaging with the users than creating and sharing content. Similarly, if your goal is to increase traffic to your website, then you should focus more on content creation.

2 Choose a social media platform wisely

How to Build Social Media Presence In 30 Minutes a Day!

For visually driven industries like fashion, cosmetics or dining social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat works better as compared to Facebook, Twitter and Google plus as the former social media channels rely more on visuals than text. These channels are an excellent fit for such industries.

On the other hand for the SAAS products, Twitter work wonders as Twitter allow them to create content and drive traffic to their websites.

The simplest way to determine what social network caters your industry is to do some competitor research. See what they are doing on social media and ask two questions for each social media activity they have:

  • Are they active?
  • Do they get enough engagement?

By this, you can get a fair idea of whether you need to be on that social media channel or not!

Remember, you don't have to be a jack of all trades. Just focus on one or two social media platforms and dominate them.

3 Optimize your social media channels

So, now as you have figured out which social networks are great for you, and before you could jump into managing them by spending 30 minutes a day the very first thing that is required is the Social Audit.

What you are required to do is optimize all your social media profiles and make them brand ready. You need to check,

  • If your profile and cover image are in resonance with your brand.
  • If the text in your profile and bio is brand relevant.
  • If your social media handles have easy to search and easy to remember usernames.
  • If you have updated the proper links in your bio. Make sure the links are not outdated.
  • If you are pinning the critical brand-related posts.
  • If you are having the set tone, voice, and colors to represent your brand.

The Posting Strategy

Before I talk about the posting strategy here, I'd like to ask one question from you - How far ahead do you plan your content?

During the webinar, we asked the same question and got the following results,

How to Build Social Media Presence In 30 Minutes a Day!

The ideal time to prepare the content for your marketing is 2 weeks.

Besides planning the content in advance (maintaining a content calendar), make sure that the content you post on your social networks is authentic. Also, we suggest you to start slow and remain consistent while posting on social networks. Apart from this, you need to be aware of the best times to post on social media.

But, just don't stop here!

How to Build Social Media Presence In 30 Minutes a Day!

One thing where many brands stop, but they shouldn't is Social Media Engagement. Although engaging with your audience is a time-consuming process, still, it remains on the top of the of the list of relevant and most important social media tasks to be undertaken.

Engaging (monitoring and outreaching) with your audience does not require jumping into replying each time you get the notification on your system when someone mentions your brand. People expect a reply from you within 24 hours, thus take your time and reply accordingly. All that you need to do is stay creative to improve your social media engagement.

30-minute social workout

So, how much time you need to give to all the tasks that we've discussed before?

How to Build Social Media Presence In 30 Minutes a Day!

What we want to share here from our experience is that it's not about dividing your tasks on a daily basis as we've mentioned here. It's more about how much time do you need to give to each of the tasks for the desired outcomes and for their smooth completion!

Either you can work on each of the tasks mentioned above daily, or you can straightaway complete the one whole task by giving time to it once a week. For instance, working two minutes every day on the social audit is equivalent to working 30 minutes on it every two weeks.

There are several other social media marketing strategies, of course. However, if you start using the tips above, you will start seeing your social media presence scale that too in less than 30-minutes a day. Also, you'll notice people on your social networks engage with your brand or buy your products.

You can find the slideshare of the webinar here:

Update: Also, we've come up with one more 60-minutes live webinar on how you can scale your Publishing, Engagement and Analyze the Results, all from one place by sticking to the daily 30 min plan using Statusbrew.

How do you promote your business via social media? Feel free to share your insights and ideas in the comments section below.

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