300+ Best Hashtags For Instagram In 2022

300+ Best Hashtags For Instagram In 2022

Aug 11, 2021 17 min read

Instagram #hashtags = free advertising.

Instagram #hashtags = gaining potential clients.

Instagram #hashtags = a way to an astonishing community.

Over time Instagram hashtags have become an indispensable part of social media marketing.

As stats denote, post with hashtags receive 12.6% more engagement compared to post without hashtags. Analyzing the efficacy of hashtags, 88% of brands use at least one hashtag on their post.

These tags are a utilitarian medium on Instagram for brand growth, visibility, content reach & impression. Furthermore, hashtags are the ideal method to find relevant content on Instagram, and it offers your audience a facile way to find your content.

Hashtags hold the capacity to uplift your Instagram marketing strategy & improper placement of it can downgrade your marketing effort as well.

To help you leverage the use of hashtags on Instagram, we have prepared a list of the most popular hashtags that you can add to your Instagram posts.

Dive deep in the blog to understand how hashtags work on Instagram & check out the FAQs to prepare a marketing strategy with best hashtags for Instagram in 2022.

What Is A Hashtag?

Hashtags are a clickable meld of letters, numbers, and(or) emojis preceded by the symbol '#,' for example, #instadaily. Instagram users use them to tag or classify, or group content to make content easily discoverable.

You can use general hashtags that everyone is using to categorize similar posts & images. However, many top brands use niche hashtags to develop interest among prospects & to synthesize posts relating to a specific product or a particular social campaign together.

When users click on hashtags, they can observe an Instagram page showing all the posts tagged under that particular hashtag. Apart from Instagram, hashtags are also prevalent on other prominent social channels like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

As a fact, the hashtags made their way to the social platform in 2007. In that year, on August 23, the first-ever hashtag was used on Twitter by Chris Messina. He shared the idea to use '#' "a medium to create a differentiation between a diverse set of topics within a tweet."

After that, hashtags become a ubiquitous feature on all social & now thousands of hashtags are used on different social media channels daily.

Instagram Hashtags Statistics

Instagram hashtags act as your 'search weapon' for your posts. Let's check out the stats to understand the necessity of using hashtags on this social media platform:

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From analyzing the importance of the best Instagram hashtags to providing the popular Instagram hashtags to trending Instagram hashtags, we break down everything you need to know about Instagram hashtags in 2022.

Letโ€™s start with the 75 most popular Instagram hashtags of all time:

  1. #love (2.1 billion posts)
  2. #instagood (1.4 billion posts)
  3. #fashion (992 million posts)
  4. #photooftheday (947million posts)
  5. #art (828 million posts)
  6. #photography (794 million posts)
  7. #beautiful (760 million posts)
  8. #instagram (726 million posts)
  9. #picoftheday (665 million posts)
  10. #nature (655 million posts)
  11. #like4like (535 million posts)
  12. #happy (648 million posts)
  13. #cute (639 million posts)
  14. #travel (580 million posts)
  15. #followme (580 million posts)
  16. #tbt (577 million posts)
  17. #style (577 million posts)
  18. #instadaily (552 million posts)
  19. #repost (540 million posts)
  20. #summer (512 million posts)
  21. #fitness (463 million posts)
  22. #selfie (455 million posts)
  23. #food (455 million posts)
  24. #me (453 million posts)
  25. #music (377 million posts)
  26. #ootd (374 million posts)
  27. #likeforlike (354 million posts)
  28. #makeup (349 million posts)
  29. #model (316 million posts)
  30. #dog (315 million posts)
  31. #follow4follow (300 million posts)
  32. #amazing (296 million posts)
  33. #igers (293 million posts)
  34. #design (289 million posts)
  35. #sunset (287 million posts)
  36. #lifestyle (285 million posts)
  37. #motivation (284 million posts)
  38. #nofilter (283 million posts)
  39. #handmade (276 million posts)
  40. #beach (273 million posts)
  41. #foodporn (268 million posts)
  42. #instamood (262 million posts)
  43. #artist (250 million posts)
  44. #dogsofinstagram (249 million posts)
  45. #cat (246 million posts)
  46. #sky (244 million posts)
  47. #followforfollow (243 million posts)
  48. #drawing (240 million posts)
  49. #hair (228 million posts)
  50. #flowers (223 million posts)
  51. #funny (223 million posts)
  52. #gym (215 million posts)
  53. #bestoftheday (214 million posts)
  54. #photographer (210 million posts)
  55. #wedding (210 million posts)
  56. #baby (208 million posts)
  57. #inspiration (206 million posts)
  58. #memes (205 million posts)
  59. #instafood (204 million posts)
  60. #girls (197 million posts)
  61. #instapic (196 million posts)
  62. #foodie (195 million posts)
  63. #pretty (188 million posts)
  64. #yummy (179 million posts)
  65. #fit (178 million posts)
  66. #home (177 million posts)
  67. #party (177 million posts)
  68. #healthy (176 million posts)
  69. #blackandwhite (171 million posts)
  70. #swag (166 million posts)
  71. #christmas (164 million posts)
  72. #black (162 million posts)
  73. #holiday (153 million posts)
  74. #friends (64 million posts)
  75. #follower (44 million posts)

Average First Response Time

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Trending Instagram hashtags helps you get seen by the right people & leads to higher engagement and more followers. Check out our extensive list of trending hashtags based on different keywords:

Fashion Hashtags Instagram

Most of the time, fashion posts are popular because they usually help users get inspiration for assembling their style. Check out the top fashion hashtags to use on Instagram in 2022:

  1. #fashion
  2. #fashionable
  3. #fashionstyle
  4. #fashionblogger
  5. #fashionista
  6. #fashionblog
  7. #fashiongram
  8. #ootd
  9. #beautiful
  10. #instafashion
  11. #fashionweek
  12. #fashionphotography
  13. #fashionpost
  14. #womensfashion
  15. #style

Food Hashtags Instagram

Food is not going to stop trending as there is an emerging trend of food bloggers on Instagram. You can use hashtags like #Foodie and #Delicious to reach out to your targeted foodies. Following are a few top food hashtags on Instagram associated with the food industry:

  1. #food
  2. #foodporn
  3. #lunch
  4. #homemade
  5. #foodislife
  6. #instavegan
  7. #perfectlyplated
  8. #yummy
  9. #foodie
  10. #delicious
  11. #dinner
  12. #breakfast
  13. #veganfood
  14. #goodfood
  15. #foodgram

Retail Hashtags Instagram

Following are a few trending & popular retail hashtags on Instagram in 2022:

  1. #retail
  2. #wholesale
  3. #fashion
  4. #shopping
  5. #retaildesign
  6. #marketing
  7. #visualmerchandising
  8. #onlineshopping
  9. #onlineshop
  10. #merchandising
  11. #retailtherapy
  12. #ecommerce
  13. #retailshopping
  14. #retailexperience
  15. #boutique

E-Commerce Hashtags Instagram

Trending e-commerce Instagram hashtags in 2022:

  1. #responsive
  2. #digitalagency
  3. #socialmediastrategist
  4. #website
  5. #business
  6. #facebookshops
  7. #ecom
  8. #ecommerce
  9. #ecommercemarketing
  10. #ecommercebusiness
  11. #plantlover
  12. #shoponline
  13. #onlinestore
  14. #instamarketing
  15. #instaseo

Business Hashtags Instagram

On Instagram, the business space is filled with motivation & feel-good post along with business expertise posts. You can use diverse motivational hashtags amalgamated with the right captions to cater to aspiring entrepreneurs looking for tips to excel in the business. A few top business hashtags on Instagram in 2022:

  1. #businesswoman
  2. #businessowner
  3. #businessowners
  4. #businesscoach
  5. #business
  6. #businessman
  7. #businesswomen
  8. #businesslife
  9. #businessminded
  10. #marketingmindset
  11. #successquotes
  12. #quoteoftheday
  13. #entrepreneurship
  14. #startup
  15. #hustle

Small Business Hashtags Instagram

For small businesses, you can mix some of these top small business hashtags of 2022 into rotation & you also can use city-specific hashtags.

  1. #supportsmallbusiness
  2. #localbusiness
  3. #smallbiz
  4. #shoplocal
  5. #smallbusiness
  6. #supportlocal
  7. #smallbusinessowner
  8. #smallbizowner
  9. #smallbusinesstips
  10. #smallbiztips
  11. #shoplocal
  12. #shopsmall
  13. #localartist
  14. #localfood
  15. #localbusinesstips

Fitness Hashtags Instagram

For the fitness industry on Instagram you can use relevant tags that refer to specific activities or types of workouts. Top fitness hashtags to use often in 2022:

  1. #fitness
  2. #yoga
  3. #gymlife
  4. #crossfit
  5. #gym
  6. #bodybuilding
  7. #fitnessmotivation
  8. #fitnessmodel
  9. #workout
  10. #fitnessaddict
  11. #personaltrainer
  12. #gymmotivation
  13. #fitnessjourney
  14. #powerlifting
  15. #gymtime

Music Hashtags Instagram

Music hashtags for Instagram in 2022:

  1. #music
  2. #musicproducer
  3. #musicians
  4. #musicislife
  5. #hiphopmusic
  6. #musiclife
  7. #electronicmusic
  8. #musiclover
  9. #countrymusic
  10. #trapmusic
  11. #artist
  12. #newmusic
  13. #beats
  14. #hiphop
  15. #rap

Travel Hashtags Instagram

COVID-19 heavily impacts the travel and tourism industries. As a result, most Instagram travel posts and hashtags this year have the primary focus on future plans rather than the current travels. These are some of the trending travel hashtags on Instagram for 2022:

  1. #travel
  2. #igtravel
  3. #travelingram
  4. #travelblog
  5. #mytravelgram
  6. #safetravels
  7. #instatraveling
  8. #traveladdict
  9. #travelphoto
  10. #travellife
  11. #traveldiaries
  12. #nature
  13. #holiday
  14. #wanderlust
  15. #beach

Photography Hashtags Instagram

Best Instagram hashtags for photography for 2022:

  1. #photo
  2. #photographer
  3. #photoshoot
  4. #travelphotography
  5. #portraitphotography
  6. #canon
  7. #nikon
  8. #photography
  9. #photooftheday
  10. #landscape
  11. #picoftheday
  12. #photographyislife
  13. #photographyaddict
  14. #photographyskills
  15. #photographyeveryday

Lifestyle Hashtags Instagram

Are you searching for the best hashtags for lifestyle for your Instagram post? Check out the following sets of best hashtags for lifestyle on Instagram. Next time you post lifestyle content, choose the relevant lifestyle hashtag from the list & use it on your post to enrich your reach.

Trending lifestyle hashtags for 2022:

  1. #lifestyle
  2. #edmlifestyle
  3. #lifestylechange
  4. #fitlifestyle
  5. #jiujitsulifestyle
  6. #millionairelifestyle
  7. #bodybuildinglifestyle
  8. #loweredlifestyle
  9. #ketolifestyle
  10. #mylifestyle
  11. #yourself
  12. #selflove
  13. #mindset
  14. #positivity
  15. #healthylife

Nature Hashtags Instagram

Trending nature hashtags for 2022:

  1. #nature
  2. #natureaddict
  3. #lovenature
  4. #naturephoto
  5. #nature_shooters
  6. #naturelove
  7. #natureporn
  8. #natureshots
  9. #nature_lovers
  10. #nature_seekers
  11. #beautifulnature
  12. #naturehippys
  13. #ig_nature
  14. #instanaturelover
  15. #nature_good

Beach Hashtags Instagram

Check out the most popular beach hashtags on Instagram:

  1. #beach
  2. #beachvibes
  3. #venicebeach
  4. #beachtime
  5. #palmbeach
  6. #beachbabe
  7. #westpalmbeach
  8. #beachwaves
  9. #beachdays
  10. #beachwedding
  11. #beachhouse
  12. #beachlover
  13. #beachbodycoach
  14. #instabeach
  15. #sunsetbeach

Makeup Hashtags Instagram

Popular makeup hashtags on Instagram:

  1. #makeup
  2. #makeupartist
  3. #mua
  4. #makeuptutorial
  5. #skincare
  6. #selfie
  7. #makeuplover
  8. #smile
  9. #makeupaddict
  10. #makeupgoals
  11. #makeupidea
  12. #makeuplove
  13. #glammakeup
  14. #makeuptransformation
  15. #makeuptime

Wedding Hashtags Instagram

Check out the trending wedding hashtags on Instagram:

  1. #weddinghair
  2. #weddingparty
  3. #weddingflowers
  4. #weddingstyle
  5. #weddinggown
  6. #makeupwedding
  7. #weddingdetails
  8. #weddingtime
  9. #destinationwedding
  10. #souvenirwedding
  11. #preweddingphoto
  12. #weddingorganizer
  13. #weddingring
  14. #weddinggift
  15. #luxurywedding

Cat Hashtags Instagram

Check out the popular cat hashtags:

  1. #cat
  2. #cats_of_instagram
  3. #ilovemycat
  4. #catsagram
  5. #lovecats
  6. #catlife
  7. #blackcat
  8. #cutecat
  9. #catlove
  10. #kittycat
  11. #instacats
  12. #caturday
  13. #instagramcats
  14. #catalunya
  15. #catsofig

Dog Hashtags Instagram

Following are few trending dog hashtags on Instagram:

  1. #dog
  2. #doglife
  3. #dogsofinsta
  4. #doggy
  5. #dogsofinstagram
  6. #doggo
  7. #lovedogs
  8. #bulldog
  9. #rescuedog
  10. #instagramdogs
  11. #mydog
  12. #doglove
  13. #cutedog
  14. #dogsofinstaworld
  15. #happydog

Art Hashtags Instagram

Trending art hashtags on Instagram:

  1. #art
  2. #streetart
  3. #artistsoninstagram
  4. #contemporaryart
  5. #artofvisuals
  6. #artoftheday
  7. #artsy
  8. #fanart
  9. #instaartist
  10. #abstractart
  11. #fineart
  12. #cartoon
  13. #artistic
  14. #artgallery
  15. #tattooartist

Funny Hashtags Instagram

Most popular funny hashtags on Instagram:

  1. #funny
  2. #funnyaf
  3. #funnyquotes
  4. #funnypics
  5. #funnycat
  6. #funnyface
  7. #funnyfaces
  8. #funnydog
  9. #sofunny
  10. #funnytumblr
  11. #pubgfunny
  12. #funnypic
  13. #funnymoments
  14. #funnycats
  15. #fortnitefunny

Meme Hashtags Instagram

Memes are a good dose of entertaining content on Instagram. Are you looking for prevalent Instagram meme hashtags to spike your post reach? In this section, we have enlisted the most used Instagram meme hashtags.

Check out the popular Instagram meme hashtags & grow your follower:

  1. #meme
  2. #fortnitememes
  3. #spicymemes
  4. #funnymeme
  5. #memepage
  6. #memelord
  7. #animememes
  8. #memer
  9. #tiktokmemes
  10. #edgymeme
  11. #bestmemes
  12. #kpopmemes
  13. #dankmemesdaily
  14. #spongebobmemes
  15. #memeaccount

Note: Make sure to choose only those Instagram meme hashtags which are relevant to your content.

Importance Of Using Best Instagram Hashtags

Saying about spreading of hashtags on Instagram like a campfire, it will be a euphemism. The pace of its growth & engagement is more than that. This is because the relevance of using the best Instagram hashtags is assorted with one of the best practices to get discovered by new audiences on the platform.

Brands & businesses are using targeted hashtags on Instagram, which can translate into more engagement, followers, & customers for the business.

  • On Instagram, along with adding hashtags to your post, you also can follow hashtags to discover content related to your interests. This excellent tool is best to group together your own content to embark on a unique campaign or project. To be more visible you can use a unique hashtag & tie it all your related posts together. For example, Reebok had started its campaign with the hashtag '#fitasscompany' & it got a lot of attention on social media.

To use a hashtag on your post type a the sign(#) followed by your keyword or keywords without a space. On doing so popular hashtags pops up as you type, along with the number of posts that use that hashtag. If the popped-up hashtag is relevant to your post content, tap to add it to your post.

  • Instagram hashtags work by organizing and categorizing photos and videos. Using the right hashtags on Instagram can put your content in front of your target prospects, even if they haven't connected with you before. Furthermore, when you add a hashtag on your post, if you have a public Instagram account, that particular post will be visible on the corresponding hashtag page.

  • Remember that your tags won't appear publicly on hashtag pages if you have a private Instagram profile. Besides, you can use only text, numbers & emojis on your tags; spaces and special characters, like $ or %, won't work. On Instagram, one can use up to 30 hashtags on a feed post & 10 hashtags are allowed to use on Instagram stories.

Types Of Targeted Instagram Hashtags

On Instagram, several different types of hashtags are used, which are primarily broad & based on subject level. However, to get more engagement, using targeted hashtags is beneficial as they have less competition. Let's check out the types of target Instagram hashtags:

1. Brand Hashtags

Many of the top brands create Instagram hashtags associating with their brand or products. Famous global brand Starbucks aces in creating trending hashtag campaigns over social media channels.

For example the brand initiated a hashtag campaign #RedCupContest in the mode of an Instagram contest. As part of the campaign, they asked their customers to tag them on Instagram by uploading a photo with the Starbucks Red coffee cup using the hashtag #RedCupContest. They added the perks to the campaign as an opportunity to win a gift card.

The campaign resulted in boosting brand awareness. The contest part of the Starbucks hashtag campaign encourages its followers to participate in their yearly hashtag campaign.

With the successful implementation of the hashtag campaigns Starbucks has built a community of 17.8 million followers on Instagram where its users speak for the brand rather than the brand itself. With the well-planned Instagram hashtag campaign strategy Starbucks manages to collect thousands of hashtag posts every year, which is helping the brand's growth.

2. Category Hashtags

Category hashtags on Instagram are usually broad, however, to get good engagement make sure to keep the hashtags closely related to the subject of your content.

For example, if you share a picture of your brand achievements in a corporate event such as Tech Asia stick to categories like '#techevent' and #achievement instead of '#event.' Usually, category hashtags don't connect to any brand, and they are less focused. While you use hashtags on Instagram, make sure to narrow it down and be as focused as possible.

3. Event Hashtags

Event hashtags are associated with a particular event. For example, you are in a particular event such as LinkedIn Local, to share event details, you can use hashtags such as #linkdinlocal or even #linkdinlocal2021 or #linkdinlocalaustralia, etc. Apart from using for formal events, event hashtags can be used to tag your content for television shows or prominent sporting events such as #Olympics or #tokyo2020, or for conferences and more.

4. Campaign Hashtags

Brands use campaign hashtags to organize the content they create around a specific campaign. These hashtags are short-term & last only as long as the campaign. Campaign hashtags are predominantly seen & used for product launches.

An excellent example of a campaign hashtag is by multinational shoes, clothing & accessories brand Adidas. Its #ORIGINALis hashtag campaign set an astounding procurement in audience engagement.

Case Study: Adidas primarily deals in product lines related to specific sports categories like Football, Basketball, etc. In the year 2017, the multinational brand introduced a new & exciting clothing line for hip-hop culture lovers. The entire concept is relatively new & attractive for their prospects. To promote the product line, the brand initiated the hashtag campaign #ORIGINALis, which become highly popular among hip-hop culture followers.

Adidas strategically designed the campaign with the influencers' marketing plan, & they were successful in gaining the attention of a vast audience other than their regular fans, such as sportspersons. Analyzing the impact of influencers on Instagram users, Adidas partnered with Snoop Dogg, Stormzy, and Desiigner & introduced the latest fashion.

The hashtag campaign #ORIGINALis achieves an outstanding amount of engagement & received a considerable number of user-generated posts with #ORIGINALis. The amalgamation of the hashtag campaign with influencer marketing attracts greater audience engagement & builds a substantial customer base through this campaign.

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Instagram has broken down the hashtags into nine perceptible types:

Niche Hashtags: Niche Hashtags are the specific hashtags denoting where your content context fits in your particular industry. For example like #sportsblogger or #foodblogger or #travelblogger etc.

Product or service hashtags: Product or Service hashtags are the primary keywords that describe attributes of a product or service, such as #skateboard or #smmtool etc.

Instagram community hashtags: On Instagram, diverse communities exist. Instagram community hashtags help you find & join them. For example #foodiesofinstagram or #artistsofinstgram.

Special event or seasonal hashtags: Special event or seasonal hashtags refer to seasons, like #winterdays, #autumnevning, etc. These hashtags are also used for holidays or specific events such as #independenceday, #worldemojiday, #socialmediaday, #holiday season etc.

Location hashtags: Along with geo-tagging your Instagram post, you can use the Location hashtags. It is indeed a good practice to use these hashtags to increase your post visibility, for example, #sanfrancisonights or #londonbeerfactory etc.

Daily hashtags: These hashtags are associated with the tags to each day of the week. Each day can be amalgamate with a context that can create plenty of hashtags. For example, from #MondayBlues, #sundayvibes, #Fridaynights etc.

Acronym hashtags: Acronyms are popular Instagram lingo & each day, plenty of acronym hashtags are used to give relevance to the content. Popular Instagram acronyms hashtags are #TBT for Throwback Thursday, #OOTD for outfit of the day, #FBF for flashback Friday, #YOLO for you only live once, #GOAT, greatest of all times, etc.

Relevant phrase hashtags: Relevant phrase hashtags combine niche hashtags, product hashtags, community hashtags, and crafts phases to connect to existing communities. They are more targeted hashtags such as #hewhowrites or #dailydoseofwriting etc.

Emoji hashtags: Emojis are tiny digital images that express emotions. Emoji hashtags are pretty popular on Instagram. These hashtags can be used solely, or they can be mingled with words or phrases or with other characters.

How To Use Best Hashtags For Instagram Effectively

Following are a few tips & tactics to use Instagram hashtags effectively:

1. Analyze Insights

Analyzing hashtag insights is the initial step to understand & improve hashtag reach. Track the top metrics to get an idea about whether a hashtag is working for your social strategy or not. Following are a few top metrics which can help you determine the success of a hashtag & to figure out to figure out the best Instagram hashtag.

Popularity: Check out how popular is the hashtag you are using. Depending on the course of time, a few hashtags get more attention from users & searched more often. To get your desired visibility, consider implementing a popular hashtag on your post. However, strict consideration & analysis should be there to ensure that you're not spamming your followers with irrelevant tags.

Reach: Monitor the reach of your Instagram hashtags. High reach denotes you are using the best hashtags. If reach is low, improvise tactics & use a tool like Statusbrew to continuously track hashtags that are getting high attention.

Interactions: Monitor if your tags are encouraging interaction or not. If you are using hashtags for a campaign, check out what the response is & how many people are responding to it by using that particular hashtags. Observe if your target audience is being able to resonate with the message shared with the hashtag.

Statusbrew social media management tool can also be your reliable companion for the effective implementation of hashtags. Its 'Hashtag Insights' helps users measure the performance of their most engaged hashtags with role-based access.

Stastubrew's Hashtag Performance Report monitors the total post count, clicks, comments& engagement for a specific hashtag on a particular post in a profile.

Request a demo to learn more about Statusbrew hashtag analytics & start mining hashtag data today.

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2. Use Hashtags On Instagram Story

Using hashtags on Instagram stories is a great way to augment your profile's visibility. To use tags on a story, you can use the hashtag sticker. Or use the text tool, use '#' & type out the hashtag.

3. Refrain From Using Banned Hashtags

Instagram banned hashtags when inappropriate content becomes associated with a hashtag. Hence to understand if a hashtag is restricted or not, check it before using it on your post. Because using banned hashtags can lead to a drop in engagement, using legit tags also becomes less effective as your posts could be dropped in the algorithm. Furthermore, using banned tags attracts bots, spammers & creates a negative image of your brand.

4. Avoid Using Irrelevant Or Repetitive Hashtags

Refrain from using repetitive hashtags for your post. Do not copy and paste the same list of hashtags on every post. Instagram's community guidelines states "posting repetitive comments or content" is not supported. Using same hashtags for every post may result in penalizing your content by the Instagram algorithm.

5. Use Hashtags Generator

A hashtag generator is a tool that allows you to generate hashtags for popular social platforms. Hashtag generators seamlessly come up with diverse hashtags which you can directly incorporate into your Instagram posts & assists you to gain more exposure & traction. These tools suggest hashtags based on a particular keyword, image, or URL. Some of the best hashtag generator tools in 2022 are HashtagsForLikes, Kicksta, Inflact, Tailwind, Flick, Keyhole, Sistrix, Hashatit, etc.

Instagram Hashtags: Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram hashtags are an impactful tool for creating visibility, but you must use them properly to get the most out of it. To avoid misusing popular hashtags, let's check out FAQs of Instagram hashtags in 2022:

How do you find trending Instagram hashtags?

Take the initial step of doing a good research on Instagram for a hashtag that makes relevant to the context of your post. Using a hashtag that does not have any relevance with your post content can't help you enrich engagement & contrary, it will create a bad reputation for your brand. To search hashtags, simply open the Instagram app & go to the "Tags" tab in the Instagram app and browse the hashtags.

What hashtags should you use on your post?

Use a mix of best Instagram hashtags on your post, i.e., some of the tags should relate to your brand, some should match the context of the images used, use a few more that match the content & area of your business. For the sizes, mix match it, use both short & long form of hashtags, amalgamate it with emojis. Use branded hashtag to boost your brand reach. Branded hashtags work best on the following platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Which Instagram hashtags get the most likes?

Till date, there is not a constant list of hashtags that get the most likes. Engagement & reach of the hashtags changes depending on the ongoing trends. To use the best Instagram hashtags for your post, understand how to use hashtags on Instagram. Consider the following steps to get hashtag insights into your posts. Before proceeding to get the insights to make sure you have a business account:

  • Step 1: Open your Instagram app & choose the post you want data on. After that, tap on 'View Insights' right below the post on the left-hand side.

Which Instagram hashtags get the most likes

  • Step 2: Once you get the 'Post Insights' screen, swipe up & you'll get all the insights for that post. In the 'Impression' section, you'll get the analytics about the hashtags.

Should You Use 30 hashtags?

Depends! If you have 30 hashtags that work well with your content, you can go ahead with it, but as a best practice, it is always good if you do not touch the maximum limit. Using all 30 hashtags sometimes looks unprofessional. Never force yourself to use 30. Think of the relevant hashtags & refrain yourself from using disconnected hashtags for no reason. However, in the end, using 30 hashtags or not; the choice is yours.

Let's Wrap Up!

Trending Instagram hashtags are hugely beneficial when you use the right ones. To figure out which hashtags are best for your brand, you need to do in-depth analysis & research. But once you've got your list of hashtags immersed, you can start growing your account.

Ensure to be flexible & willing to twitch your hashtags whenever required.

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