30+ Social Media Experts To Follow On Instagram In 2024

Jul 5, 2021 16 min read

In the ever changing world of social, following top social media experts is a good practice to keep yourself in the loop.

These experts are thought leaders with a pool of knowledge about the industry & the behavioral aspect of social media users.

We have curated a list of such versatile & creative social media experts.

Following them can help you get insights into new strategies & grow your social presence .

You can go through the entire article or jump to an expert of your choice.

Mari Smith

Influencer, business consultant, strategist, keynote speaker, and social media thought leader, Mari Smith, is regarded as one of the foremost social media experts.

This Forbes top media influencer is known for her expertise in Facebook marketing. Smith helps brands & businesses to demonstrate high integrity & use online marketing profitably.

Where to follow: Follow Mari Smith on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter to get a 360 degree approach about Facebook tactics.

Why to follow: Mari's social profile can give you direction about the importance of relationship-building with clients & how it can draw success. Content on her Instagram profile encompasses her vision of a new range of connectivity technologies, including VR and AR.

Kandy Robertson

A multi-passionate entrepreneur Kandy Robertson is a social media expert & consultant who helps small businesses to gain visibility & scale success worldwide.

Kandy is the director of her social marketing venture Conquer marketing agency & author of the book Short Read for Business and Money.

Where to follow: Kandy's Instagram profile speaks about tips & tactics to make money on social media.

Why to follow: Businesses, influencers, and brands can follow her Instagram profile to gain followers organically & consistently. The profile's content can help you to effortlessly and seamlessly turn your followers into clients.

Mark Schaefer

If you are looking for guidance in omnichannel marketing, Mark Schaefer is the right expert to follow. Schaefer is a renowned personality in social media marketing.

He is a keynote speaker & great author, his book 'Known' is a step-by-step guide to craft a personal brand. 'Cumulative Advantage' is his new book.

Mark has demonstrated strategies for big companies like Adidas, Johnson& Johnson, along with helping non-profit & local government.

Where to follow: You can follow him on major social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram to learn more about corporate marketing strategies and organizational development.

Why to follow: His Instagram profile gives a sneak peak about his both personal & professional life. You can also get updates about this upcoming event or shows or book publication on his profile.

Brand & social managers who are looking to achieve objectives should take Mark as an inspiration.

Kudzi Chikumbu

Kudzi Chikumbu is the director of the creator community at Tiktok. With a deep passion for creators' economy, Chikumbu's focus is to implement authenticity & entertainment to inspire, entertain & inform young people.

If you are looking to learn creator marketing, community development, and creator education, Kudzi Chikumbu & his team can guide you. In the year 2020, he was named in Fortune 40 under 40 lists.

Where to follow: Kudzi is available on LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram. His Instagram profile is versatile & organized; it has everything, from his achievements to information about various events are held for creators.

Why to follow: Through posts, carousels & reels, he has shared know-how of enhancing productivity and being creative. You should follow his profiles if you want some inspiration to get more creative on social media to develop relationships with the target audience.

Elise Darma

Trying to understand how to sell more products on Instagram? Then you should follow this social expert to get a wholesome understanding of lead generation & selling products on Instagram.

Elise is an Instagram marketing coach & small business educator.

Where to follow: Along with Instagram, you can follow her on Facebook & Twitter as well. You also can subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Why to follow: Elise's social profile is full of resources, from sharing free masterclasses to sharing informative reels, carousels, stories & feed posts.

On her Instagram feed, you'll find reels on social media, memes on social marketing, strategies to market-driven data, all in one place.

Her reels are friendly, lively & informative. Her Instagram profile is a 'must follow' for brands, businesses & social media managers.

Neil Patel

The co-founder of Crazy Egg, Neil Patel, is one of the top international marketing experts you should follow on Instagram. He is termed as the master of Search Engine Optimization. He advised big corporations such as Amazon, NBC, HP, and Viacom.

Neil is a thought leader specialized in SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media, ecommerce, email marketing & strategies to scale business and generate more traffic.

He was enlisted in Forbes Top 10 online marketers; United Nations recognized him as one of the top influencers under 35.

Where to follow: Connect him on Instagram, Twitter,LinkedIn & Facebook, or you can reach out to him through his website.

Why to follow: You can take away from this prominent marketing expert the correct strategies & tactics of content marketing. Neil's Instagram profile is full of resources on social media marketing.

Matt Navarra

Matt Navarra is a social media thought leader, a Facebook geek, a consultant with an innovative & sensible perspective on social media trends.

Matt is the former social media director of The Next Web & digital communication advisor of the UK Government.

Matt's social profiles are a knowledge house of helpful social media tips, tricks, tools & new features. His Facebook group 'Social Media Geekout' is an online community of industry professionals where the members impart information & knowledge on social media.

Where to follow: Along with Instagram, you can follow Matt on other prominent social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

Why to follow: Matt Navara is a 'mandatory follow' on social if you want to track all the latest social media news, insights, analysis, and opinions. His Instagram profile is lively & engaging, where you can find the glimpses of his personal & professional life.

Bhavik Sarkhedi

Bhavik Sarkhedi, a reputed digital marketing expert, began his journey as a leading internet content writer in India, swiftly expanding his influence globally. His exceptional writing skills not only won him acclaim with numerous international firms but also led to the publication of 8 books, showcasing his prowess as an author.

Bhavik Sarkhedi's achievements include noteworthy features in esteemed publications like The New York Times and Forbes. He founded Write Right, which has emerged as one of the top content writing companies worldwide, demonstrating the transformative power of high-quality content in business growth.

Additionally, he established enterprises such as Dad of Ad, Estorytellers, Taletel, and Kalam Kagaz, further cementing his reputation in the industry.

In 2023, Sarkhedi made a strategic move by exiting Write Right and all its content subsidiaries, transitioning to an independent digital marketing consultant role. This shift underscores his adaptability and forward-thinking approach in the evolving world of digital marketing. His journey serves as a source of inspiration, illustrating how dedication, innovation, and strategic insight can lead to remarkable success in the digital marketing domain.

Where to follow: You can connect or follow Bhavik on these channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

Why to follow: He is an experienced India-based writer and marketer who has written for HuffPost, Elite Daily, Times of India, and Entrepreneur US, and my stories have been published in The New York Times, Forbes US, YourStory, and more.

Natania Creates

Looking for tangible ways to grow business on Instagram? Take some inspiration from Natania Creates. Natania is the social media expert & business coach who teaches how to craft a profitable online marketing strategy to enhance business revenue.

Natania has helped multiple women entrepreneurs gain clarity on ideal customers & creating a blueprint for the business.

Where to follow: Natania's Instagram account has excellent graphics, accurate captions, a feedback carousel & reels on social media marketing tactics. She is also accessible on Twitter & Facebook.

Why to follow: If you are a Gen-Z entrepreneur, a CEO, or a service provider brand, following Natania Creates can give you insight on how to trust your gut & operate business with uncertainty & confusion.

Heather Quill

Heather Quill is a social media manager who specializes in helping female entrepreneurs with time-efficient system strategy & online marketing tactics, social platform management, and content creation.

Heather has extensive work experience in project management & marketing in a renowned corporation. She is the Founder of HQ Virtual Solution, where she helps brands, businesses & professionals to thrive with changing social media trends & algorithms.

Where to follow: Apart from Instagram, you can connect to her through a personal website. Or you can connect to her overTwitter & LinkdIn as well.

Why to follow: Heather's Instagram profile shares her creative side. On her profile, you can find tips & information such as writing impactful social captions, using the right hashtags, marketing rules, etc., amalgamated with attractive & minimalist graphics. In some of her feed posts, Heather has also featured her fellow social media experts & female entrepreneurs.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Chairperson of Vaynerx & CEO of Media & VaynerSports, Gary Vaynerchuk, is a thought leader of the social media marketing industry. 'GaryVee' is a leading global mind & a forward thinker who believes in building businesses.

Gary specializes in bringing brand relevance to the forefront, recognizing the ongoing social trends & patterns. With this approach, he helps professionals & businesses to understand how the shifting trends impact market & consumer behavior.

Gary's podcast 'The GaryVee Audio Experience" is among the top global podcasts & he is a five-time New York Times Best-Selling Author.

Where to follow: 'GaryVee' is one of the top social media experts in 2024 you should definitely follow on Instagram. Gary is also available on almost all social platforms like Facebook, LinkdIn, Twitter, YouTube.

Why to follow: His Instagram profile is full of motivation, quotes & stories. Following his account will boost your morals & give you some daily inspiration & perspective on building business.

Mike Allton

Mike Allton is a brand evangelist and a social media blogger. He is the founder of The Social Media Hat & Blogging Brut, where he writes about the latest developments in social media strategy, social-media tools review, and extensive articles on social media tactics.

If you need some motivation to craft your marketing plan or learn more about blogs, Allton Instagram profile can be a pool of comprehensions for you.

Where to follow: You can also get your daily motivations through the quotes he has shared on his Instagram profile. Connect with him on Twitter for the latest updates & news.

Why to follow: Alton's Instagram is a resource for brands, businesses, content marketers & creators. Feeds are full of information & data that speaks extensively about content.

Taylor Loren

Taylor Loren is a social media strategist, content marketing expert & course creator who aims to help people avoid social media burnout. Currently, Taylor is the head of marketing at Girlboss.

Taylor is a brand builder with an extensive experience of eleven years. She emphasizes using her skill set to guide & empower individuals to learn how to excel in social media marketing.

Where to follow: You can also subscribe to her newsletter on a personal website or connect with her over Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.

Why to follow: Check out her Instagram profile to get updates on social media strategy and things associated with pop culture.

Julia McCoy

Need some motivation for content marketing? Scroll through Julia McCoy's Instagram profile. She is an author, educator & content marketing expert who runs her content agency.

Julia aims to help small businesses, agencies & entrepreneurs to create valuable content.

Where to follow: Follow her on Instagram or you can connect to Julia on Twitter as well. Through her site, Content Hackers, she shares value-focused content knowledge to help content writers & content agencies to improve content creation.

Why to follow: Following Julia on Instagram can give you insight on SEO , copywriting & she also feature her fellow marketers on her profile, which can help you find more social media experts in the industry.

Dain Walker

Dain Walker's Instagram is a great place to learn how designs can impact a brand's online growth.

Dain is a brand strategist who aims to mentor on branding & marketing tactics.

Where to follow: Along with Instagram, you can also connect to Dan Walker on LinkedIn.

Where to follow: On his Instagram, the content comprises tips on content to advertising, from graphic designing to website optimization. Dan's account is an excellent example of how to craft a cohesive, consistent Instagram feed. He has maintained a content color theme.

Eric Siu

Eric Siu is an entrepreneur, a business & marketing nerd, and an author. He specializes in digital marketing, SEO, marketing consulting, advertising, search engine marketing & social media marketing.

Eric is the co-host of the Marketing School Podcast with Neil Patel. He has worked with big names like Amazon, Nordstrom, and UBER to create online strategies for business growth.

Where to follow: His Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn profile is also worthy of following.

Why to follow: Follow Eric's Instagram account to learn more about social media & digital media marketing tactics; while scrolling through his profile, you also get life lessons for a healthy lifestyle.

Erin On Demand

An entrepreneur & brand strategist Erin's aim is to provide content tips & help small businesses to grow.

Erin also focuses on employing content creators & hustlers to weave market-driven content, provide tips on social media marketing & productivity.

Where to follow: Follow Erin's Instagram profile to acquire more information to leverage your social media tactics in a competitive scenario. You can follow Erin on Twitter & Facebook, or can subscribe her newsletter on her website.

Why to follow: Her feed is balanced between her professional work & personal life. Her profile is pleasing as well as engaging.

Shama Hyder

CEO of Zenmedia, Shama Hyder, is an award-winning digital marketer, author, and keynote speaker. Shama specializes in social media, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing.

Shama's name has been enlisted in the Forbes 30 under 30, Entrepreneur Magazine named her "Zen Master of Marketing," and White House and The United Nations have also honored her entrepreneurial mission.

Where to follow: Along with Instagram, Shama Hyder is also available on LinkedIn & Twitter, or you can connect with her over her website.

Why to follow: Follow Shama on Instagram to get ideas about how you propel your marketing strategies & learn more about branding, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett, CEO & Founder of Social Chain, is a social media marketing expert. He emphasis on sharing relevant information on entrepreneurship, business, social media, and marketing. He was enlisted in Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2020.

Steven's podcast The Diary of a CEO has an honest content & perspective on a rapidly growing industry.

Where to follow: Are you seeking social media thought-leadership and business advice? You should follow Steven's social media profiles on Instagram & Twitter.

Why to follow: On Instagram, he has shared reels & videos that speak about social media users' behavior or corporate culture & his apparent opinion factors associated with the social industry.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin, the CEO & Co-Founder of SEOmoz & SparkToro, is a thought leader in search engine optimization tools & resources & social data analysis.

On SparkToro blogs, he writes about his opinion on marketing and data analysis. He also imparted his knowledge of the shortcuts and misconceptions marketers make in social media marketing and social data on his social profiles.

Where to follow: Follow him on Instagram & LinkdIn. Fishkin's writings can give you many more ideas about networking, working in a startup, equality in tech. You also can follow him on Twitter.

Why to follow: His Instagram profiles in a visual gallery of his life as modern professionals digital marketing space & also shares if family life; you also can find tips & tricks on ranking.

Shannan Monson

Shannan Monson, co-founder of The CEO school, is a digital educator who aims to empower women using her social media platforms. Her effort is to bring more women into leadership.

Where to follow: Through her social content on Instagram, she has created scalable passive income. Follow her on Twitter as well to boost your leadership enthusiasm.

Why to follow: Shannan's social media profiles are full of social media resources for women in business. Her Instagram account is a 'definitely should follow' profile to create a new social vision statement if you want to grow as a leader in your business.

Ann Handley

Wall street journal's best-selling author & LinkdIn influencer Ann Handley empowers & inspires people to create results through digital marketing.

Ann has an experience twenty-five years as a marketer, educator & entrepreneur. As a keynote speaker, Ann is accurate, inspirational & actionable. Forbes recognized her as the most influential woman in social media.

Through MarketingProfs, a marketing training & education company, Ann conducts training programs on content marketing, marketing writing, storytelling, lead generation, and branding.

Where to follow: You can connect with her over Instagram & LinkedIn to get ideas & motivation to enhance 'marketing mediocrity' and 'ignite accurate business results.

Why to follow: Ann's Instagram account is a saga of her day-to-day life as a social media expert & digital marketer.

Jay Baer

Jay Baer is a customer experience expert, keynote speaker, a renowned digital marketer & New York Times best-selling author. The founder of Convince & Convert Consulting, Jay, helps brands improve digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing & email marketing.

He also specializes in providing counsel on online customer service, B2B & influencer marketing.

Where to follow: Follow his award-winning podcast Social Pros to learn how to create solid leads for your business through content marketing. You can also connect Jay through his website or Twitter & LinkedIn apart from Instagram.

Why to follow: Jay's Instagram handle is resourceful; he has shared audio of the Social Pros podcast & information about various marketing events on feeds.

Jon Youshaei

Jon Youshaei is a thought leader on product marketing on Instagram. Forbes has named him as a top marketer. He is the creator of a popular cartoon series, Every Vowel, which now has 400,000 readers.

He is also a renowned keynote speaker who is inspiring, incredibly insightful & entertaining.

Where to follow: Apart from Instagram , you also can check out his on Clubhouse about the latest social media trends & other relevant points.

Why to follow: His Instagram is highly active, where he often does live sessions with other thought leaders in the industry.

Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pedersen, a social media marketing expert, aims to mentor freelancers with social media tactics on every platform.

Her niche is a social media strategy, social media growth hacks, social media management.

Where to follow: Follow her on Insatgram & Facebook to get tips on getting the first clients, organizing your regular workday, negotiating contracts, and many more.

Why to follow: Rachel's content on social profiles is significantly beneficial for beginners who want to start freelancing ventures. For example, on Facebook, she has shared video lessons on marketing.

Marsha Collier

Author Marsha Collier is an eminent personality & thought leader of Ecommerce and online customer service.

As a communicator and writer, she has worked with Ogilvy, Huawei, IBM, NASA,& many more.

Where to follow: Follow her on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to get updated on the latest social media trends on Ecommerce & to learn to solve customer service issues using social media platforms.

Why to follow: Featured in Forbes, Time, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Marsha specialized in content marketing, translating technology, social media marketing, eBay business, and customer experience.

Ian Cleary

Tech market & keynote speaker is the founder of Razor Social, providing marketing advice to B2B companies.

Ian is a social media expert specializing in social media tools, social media strategy, content marketing.

Where to follow: Follow Ian on social media to keep up with his social media opinion, advice & reviews on social media tools. His Instagram profile is a visual gallery of his life & you can also find feeds saving tips on social media visibility. His LinkedIn profile is also quite resourceful.

Why to follow: Social media managers who are at the beginner's stage, following Ian Cleary to acquire knowledge on the technical aspect of marketing on social media.

Robb Fahrion

Co-Founder & partner of Flying V Group Digital Marketing, Rob Fahriosn, helps businesses to use social media & online digital space for business growth.

This young & energetic social media expert has expertise in generating more revenue and helping clients return on their investment via a holistic marketing approach.

Where to follow: Along with Instagram, connect him over LinkedIn to learn how to succeed in a crowded online space.

Why to follow: On Robb's Instagram profile, you can find appealing & informative feeds with graphics on tips and tricks to leverage social media uses. If you seek ways to enhance your social media presence, draw some inspiration from Robb's social profiles.

Lilach Bullock

Professional speaker & author Lilach Bullock is an expert in lead generation. This
A business & mindset coach is a notable name in content marketing, coaching, sales funnels, and website conversions.

Forbes has enlisted her name into 20 social media influencers. WIth her 20 years of experience in building businesses, she brings practical suggestions & a fresh perspective to entrepreneurs to increase their revenue.

Where to follow: Find Liliack on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn as well. Her tips & strategies can guide you to discover better ways to run your business.

Why to follow: Lilach Bullock's Instagram profile is a mandatory follow if you seek efficient time management or attract new clients and customers.

Vanessa Lau

Vanessa Lau is a thought leader in content marketing & an online marketing expert.

She aims to teach new-age entrepreneurs to convert followers to their clients without applying any cheap gimmick.

Where to follow: Apart from Instagram, you can also subscribe to her YouTube channel to get educational content on content creation.

Why to follow: On her Instagram, she regularly shares about Instagram growth hacks, content ideas, myths & ideas for CTA's.

Emily Lagrange

Emily Lagrange imparts knowledge on social media through visual representation; she shares quality & realistic information on social media through images.

Lagrange is an expert in graphic design & marketing; her Instagram profile is the source of knowledge about different aspects of social media marketing.

Where to follow: If you are looking for tips & tactics for social media marketing, you should make sure to follow Emily's profile on

Why to follow: She uses visual content to share knowledge about various social media tagging etiquettes & tips on her Instagram profile. It is making the content crisp & more readable.

Social media managers & brands can follow her profile to enhance social media visibility.

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