Top 5 Instagram Marketing Trends For 2021!

Mar 5, 2021 3 min read

From the rapidly growing Instagram Reels to the explosion of Instagram Shopping, 2021 is set to be the year for our favourite visual platform.

Instagram has released multiple feature upgradations over the last one year. So it is always good to have a list of social media predictions to plan your Instagram marketing in 2021 and get the best of it.

Below are 5 trends and predictions that you should look at in practical ways to implement on your Instagram Strategy.

1. Rapidy Rising Instagram Shopping

Total worth of Instagram shopping could be around $10 billion by 2021 due to the advancement of its shopping features - allowing users to purchase without leaving the app.

Putting a shopping tab on the navigation bar is a powerful indication that Facebook (Instagram) means business when it comes to shopping.

For an instance, If a brand has an e-commerce store or a product-based business, they can engage with short-term influencers so that their products are seen by a wide range of people. Micro- and Nano promoters tend to have the most reliable fanbase and involved audience is ready and willing to accept their approval.

2. Instagram Reels On Wheels

Instagram Reels is here to stay.

Short video trend started by social media platforms, such as TikTok, was a great hit. Users were hung on the videos, Instagram followed the same steps and launched Reels in August 2020.

The re-formatting of the app to put the Reels tab in the main navigation bar is a sure sign that that simple, short and fast video content is set to explode in 2021.

Quick tips on creating engaging short videos.

Also, brands can combine Reels and Shopping. Make a Reel about your product and add buying link in the description. Add a visible banner of your brand for your followers.

Well there is a reason why Reels and Shopping are at the centre on navigation bar!

3. Toast For Carousel Post

Carousel posts have grown in popularity by 2020 and will continue to be widely distributed by 2021.

Instagram-carousel-growing-trendSource: Social Insider

For an instance, you may add carousels to your weekly content plan that includes a call to action to share. Shares are a high-quality Instagram algorithm that your content is high quality, which ensures it will be delivered to a wider audience.

In addition, the nature of carousels keeps users in your content longer than a single image, for example. Time spent on your content is another Algorithm-level signal.

Also, experiment with having a mix of images and videos after all you have ten spaces to fill.

Learn how Instagram carousels can be a secret weapon for Instagram marketing.

4. Empathetic For Authentic

If not, the real barrel fire of 2020 brought forward the need for positive change.

Brands are diversifying their content creation more towards stories that the audience can connect to. Authentic content is more relatable and readable resulting in increased engagement.

Example showing authentic content.


The world is becoming more and more media literate. They can spot a brand attempting to cash in with false advertisement from a mile away. With honest and transparent communication you can spark reflections and conversations easily around the content.

Tips to pump up your content:

• Avoid using fancy fonts as some e-reading software might have difficulty reading it
• Use CamelCase for hashtags that have more than two words (#CamelCase)
• Add subtitles to videos and captions to images
• Add alt-text to your images making it easier for visually impaired to know the content

5. Instagram Presents Virtual Events

In the pandemic most of the events turned virtual making brands realise all the stuff they didn’t before. Virtual events are also the most cost effective way to organise event. This is a trend that will follow in 2021.
Use Instagram Live!

Live streaming is thriving now and is a great way to streamline fewer posts. Let's look at the statistics!

• 80% of audiences would prefer to watch a live stream rather than read a blog post or social media post.
• 67% of viewers who watched the live stream bought a ticket for the same event the next time it happened.

Use Instagram Live as a promotional tool to answer any questions and make your audience excited about your upcoming event.

Find a host comfortable on camera. Determine your live format: Announcements, Q&A, slideshow, , etc. Let us know which trend you follow.

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