How To Get More Views On Instagram In 2024

Jul 5, 2023 11 min read

The secret to succeeding on Instagram is to get as many views as possible. Unfortunately, your followers aren’t enough here!

You need to appear in the feeds of countless users from your target audience list who are yet to discover your profile & its content.

Instagram has its own way of deciding who will see what content, and it’s not always easy to understand how the Instagram algorithm works.

That’s why we have done the job for you by collecting a list of the best hacks to grow your Instagram views exponentially on your content and profile.

Let’s dive right in!

How To Get More Views On Instagram Posts & Videos?

Use 11 Hashtags

If you want to get more views on your Instagram posts, use more hashtags. A study shows that by using around 11 hashtags on your posts, you will see an increase in views and social interaction.

What's interesting is that this goes against the rule of other popular social media platforms where using fewer hashtags usually gets you more views. But Instagram likes to do things differently!

The study found that the sweet spot of 11 hashtags works best for users with less than 1,000 followers. So, if you are just starting out on Instagram, using 11 hashtags is a quick and easy way to get more eyes on your pics.

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Use Natural Light Sources For Pictures

Natural light adds some cool vibes, emotions, and depth to your photos that artificial light just can't replicate.

Take advantage of that golden hour when the sun is rising or setting. During these times, you will get some epic shadows and lighting effects that will make your pics really stand out.

Use Trending Songs, Effects, & Topics

One way to make your videos super appealing is by hopping on the train of trends on Instagram. Keep an eye out for what's hot and happening on the platform in terms of themes, effects, and songs.

When something becomes a trend, everyone starts using it to boost their engagement and views. And, if you wanna amp up your visibility, jump on those bandwagons! Incorporate popular songs, talk about trending topics, and use trendy effects in your videos.

Share The Reels In The Feed

When you create Reels, you have the option to share them exclusively in the reels section of your profile, or you can go the extra mile and share them in your feed too, where your Instagram followers can see them.

If you only share your Reels in the Reels section, you might not get as many views. Because if someone new checks out your profile, they have to go to the Reels section to see your Reels specifically. And not everyone bothers to do that.

But if you choose the "Also share in Feed" option, your Instagram Reels will be displayed right alongside your other posts in your profile. This makes them more visible and gives them a better chance of getting more views.

Share The Reels In The Feed

Image source: Shopify

This is a simple way to get more views on Instagram.

Get Ideas From TikTok

Instagram's Reel feature is kinda like TikTok's short videos, and TikTok has a massive fan base!

So, TikTok can be a goldmine of ideas for your Instagram content.

Check out what's popular and trending on TikTok, and use that as your inspiration. Create something similar and share it on Instagram as Reels.

Align your content with the trending topics of the day on TikTok. This way, you will attract more followers and increase your Reel views organically. It's an addition to keeping up with the trends and giving people what they want.

Use Proper Text & Thumbnail

The first thing that grabs people's attention when it comes to reels is the thumbnail on the cover.

So, if you want to catch people's eyes and get more views on Instagram Reels, use attractive and fitting text in thumbnails. They should clearly convey the main topic of your Reel. So that when people see it, they will instantly know if it's something they are interested in or not.

Make sure the text is of the right size and color so it's easy to read and stands out. Choose a thumbnail that's not only related to the topic but also super eye-catching. That way, you will get the best results and the most views.

Pay Attention To The Quality Of The Reels

Reels are short and snappy, but that doesn't mean you should compromise on the quality. In fact, you should strive to share videos that are not only short but also of super high quality.

Why? 'Cause it shows your audience that you value them and that you are all about delivering top-notch content. When people see that, they are more likely to stick around, watch your Reels till the end, and even visit your account to see more of your posts. And you know what that means? More views on Instagram!

Engage With Instagram Users

You know what a major bummer is? Being left on read. And that's not much better is when someone just taps the heart icon in response to your message. This is not the best way to make someone feel heard.

That's why it's super important to engage with your Instagram followers. When they reach out, be sure to respond and show them that you are listening.

Take the time to reply thoughtfully to their comments, DMs, and even the content they tag you in. A little interaction can go a long way in building strong and reciprocal relationships.

Engage With Instagram Users

But why stop there? You can take your engagement to even greater heights by actively reaching out to like-minded users. Be proactive and make the first move.

Comment on posts from accounts that have a similar target audience. This way, you will get some exposure within their following. You can also follow relevant Instagram hashtags to find posts from potential people and leave comments easily.

Get Creative With Instagram Stories & Reels

The best thing about social media these days is that there are so many ways to share content, and Instagram has been leading the charge on that front. While regular Instagram posts are great, it's important to make use of other features like Stories, Reels, and Live too. These give you fresh and exciting opportunities to capture your audience's attention.

Your audience has different preferences when it comes to consuming content. Hence, by using a variety of formats, you can increase your chances of getting more views on Instagram. Think about which messaging works best in each format, and keep an eye on your analytics.

The beauty of using all of Instagram's content options is that it allows you to post more frequently without seeming annoying to your audience. You can experiment with different posting times and days to figure out what style resonates best with your audience.

Get Creative With Instagram Stories & Reels

And don't be afraid to incorporate user-generated content. Repost Stories and posts from your followers, customers, and collaborators. It's a great way to expand your content offering and build a community.

Produce Consistent Quality Content

Building an audience is tough, but losing one is even easier, especially on social platforms that thrive on content creation. And when it comes to Instagram, it's all about visuals!

But your content shouldn't just be visually appealing. It should be a mix of relatable, aspirational, and endearing content. This is your chance to show the human side of your brand.

Try the "people test." Ask other people if they would relate to, enjoy, or engage with your posts. Put yourself in their shoes. If your content passes the people test, you are on the right track. But if it doesn't quite hit the mark, maybe it's time to rethink your strategy. Instagram might not be the best platform for that particular content.

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Post At The Best Time Of Day For Maximum Engagement

Here's a golden rule for Instagram: post at the best times. You want to make sure you are sharing your content when your audience is most active and ready to engage

The best times to post on Instagram are usually between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Thursdays, 11 a.m. on Wednesdays, and 10 a.m. on Fridays. Tuesday is the best overall day to post on Instagram.

While these are great time suggestions, it's also important to consider your own unique audience. Analyze when your followers are most active and experiment with different posting times. Find out what works best for you and your content. Be open to tweaking and adjusting based on your audience's behavior.

Global Best Time to Post on Instagram

Calculating your best time to post on Instagram using a manual method can be time-consuming and inaccurate. That's why you can use an analytics tool like Statusbrew that will help you prepare a heat map based on your account history. Try out the tool for free!

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How To Get More Views On Instagram Profile?

Now that we know how important it is to boost Instagram views, we will see some useful and easily applicable tips to get more Instagram views on your profile.

Choose A Simple & Unique Username

Having a complicated Instagram username will only make it harder for people to find you on the platform. Keep it simple and make it interesting. That way, not only will the people searching for you find you easily, but even those who stumble upon your account accidentally might end up becoming your followers.

Statusbrew Instagram

Add A Keyword To Your Headline

If you want to attract more traffic on Instagram, you must use the right keywords. Choose popular, relevant, and trending keywords to include in your headline. This way, you will increase your chances of reaching new audiences and getting more views on your Instagram content.

Optimize Your Profile

Optimize your profile to make it as appealing as possible to visitors. When someone lands on your profile page, you want them to be compelled to hit that follow button. So, use a simple profile picture, add a catchy Instagram caption, and make your profile look interesting overall. After all, first impressions matter!

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How To Get More Views On Instagram Story?

Schedule Your Stories in Advance: Use a tool like Statusbrew to schedule your Instagram stories in advance to maintain consistency and maximize engagement.

Schedule Your Stories in Advance

Use Instagram Story Analytics: Analyze Instagram story analytics to get insights into the performance of your stories. Access Insights in the Instagram menu to measure engagement metrics such as reach, impressions, follows, and link clicks.

Share Stories with Selected People: Use the "Close Friends" feature to share stories exclusively with a selected group, providing VIP treatment to specific members or groups of consumers.

Add Music to Your Stories: Enhance the impact of your stories by adding popular songs or music that resonates with your audience. Use Instagram's music library or pre-edit stories in an external app if the desired song is not available.

Add Music to Your Stories

Image Source: Animoto

Do Story Hops: Collaborate with similar Instagram accounts on a shared activity and tag each other in your stories. This collaboration helps increase engagement and attracts followers from other accounts.

Experiment with Fonts, Texts, and Emojis: Choose light colors like white or beige for text when starting out, and later experiment with bolder and contrast colors. Add colored backgrounds and glowing emojis to make your text stand out.

Add Filters & Translucent Color to Images: Use Instagram's wide variety of filters and effects to give your stories a sophisticated look. Add customized color tints to hide information or create anticipation for a big reveal.

Use the Eraser Tool for Dramatic Reveals & Cool Effects: Use the eraser tool to create unique effects and dramatic reveals in your Instagram Stories. Avoid posting plain blocks of color and use the eraser tool creatively.

Use the Boomerang Feature: Use the Boomerang feature to capture moments in a fun and different way. Boomerangs are perfect for capturing funny moments, reversing embarrassing mistakes, or capturing special moments.

Use the Boomerang Feature

Image Source: TechCrunch

Add Some Green Screen Tech Fun: Use green screen filters to transport your audience to different places without needing any additional equipment. Encourage your audience to tag you when they use such filters.

Post Multi-Image Stories in One Go: Upload multiple images in one go to tell a coherent story and maintain viewership. Combine images and videos for a more engaging experience

Use the Highlights Feature: Use the Highlights feature to keep your stories alive for longer than 24 hours. Repurpose older stories, showcase products, or create themed highlights to engage your audience.

Repost Feed Posts on Instagram Stories: Share your feed posts on your stories to increase visibility. Use hints, stickers, and different backgrounds to create curiosity and make the viewer tap on the story.

Use the Correct Instagram Stories Size: Use the recommended aspect ratio of 9:16 and size of 1080px by 1920px for your Instagram stories.

Create Shoppable Stories: Connect your eCommerce store with Instagram Shop to allow users to tap on your stories and be directed to your store.

Create Shoppable Stories

Don't Underestimate the Power of Polls: Engage your audience by creating interactive polls to gather their opinions and build anticipation for future content.

Ask a Question: Encourage your audience to ask questions related to your niche or ask them for their feedback on your products/services.

Post Multiple Answers Together: To keep your audience engaged, share multiple responses to your story by taking screenshots or recording your screen as you scroll through the answers.

Host a Contest: Boost engagement by hosting giveaways or contests that require participants to tag friends, answer questions, or share your posts/story.

Build on Your Story: Create suspense and excitement by building upon your stories, revealing new information or developments in subsequent posts.

Add Automatic Captions: Improve engagement by adding automatic captions to your stories, allowing viewers to read along while watching.

Add Automatic Captions

Summarize What You're Saying: Keep your stories concise and summarize the key points to make it easier for viewers to skim through and understand.

Unlock Secret GIFs: Access a variety of GIFs to add humor and engagement to your stories by going to the "create mode" and exploring the GIF tab.

Check Story Reshares: Use the "View Story Reshares" option to discover and respond to posts that have reshared your content, even if you weren't tagged.

Wrapping Up!

Don't solely blame the Instagram algorithm if you are facing low views or lackluster results. Take a closer look at what you might be doing wrong.

Are your videos boring or poorly shot? Does the music choice not resonate with your audience? Is the content not aligned with your post's direction?

Identifying the issue is the first step toward improvement.

Remember, Instagram offers immense potential to expand your reach. By using the right strategies and making the necessary adjustments, you can turn your Instagram account into a powerful tool for success.

And to make your journey even smoother, Statusbrew can help you schedule your Instagram Stories, Reels & posts without the need of any push notifications. Book a free demo today to discuss how we can help you maintain a consistent Instagram presence!

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