How To Get More Followers On Instagram In 2022: 15 Tips

Oct 29, 2021 14 min read

Having a considerable amount of followers on Instagram is an opportunity for your brand to influence more people and generate more leads.

Instagram has grown exponentially in the last couple of years and with 1.2 billion monthly users, it is the best bet to drive more engagement. Brand stories have an 86% completion rate and more than 150 million people use Instagram DMs to communicate with a business.

If you are struggling with followers growth in your Instagram profile, this is the right time to learn how to get more followers on Instagram. Getting real followers on Instagram and growing organically is the best way to gain extensive opportunities for revenue generation.

We have encased fifteen tips to grow your Instagram followers. Drill deep into the tactics, sharpen your Instagram strategies, get followers, drive a more engaged audience to boost your business growth.

Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

Creating loyal followers based on Instagram is an impactful process to nurture more qualified leads. But it is always advised to refrain from taking any shortcuts to grow Instagram followers instantly.

Even though some businesses tend to opt for paid followers site or pay for likes, it is never worth it; rather, it negatively impacts brands’ growth and visibility. However, if you follow specific strategies, growing followers on Instagram becomes easy for you with the ultra-smart algorithm. Let’s check out the tips:

1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Optimizing your Instagram profile is the initial step you should take to gain more followers on Instagram. Start with your user name, ensure that your Instagram username is easily searchable.

Choose a user name that is close to your actual brand name. If your brand has a long business name, shorten it maintaining its relevance to the value your brand offers.

Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

Refrain from using any number or special character to your brand’s username. Ensure that the user name is easily recognizable and inline it with other social media handles you have in other prominent social media networks.

For the profile image, use your brand’s logo. It helps to introduce your brand to your target audience. Besides, add links to your Instagram bio to help your audience to direct from your bio to your site.

Also, ensure that you have a business profile, as having a business profile is a great way to grow Instagram followers.

It is relevant since Instagram users can directly contact you or scroll through your profile to have that first impression. Instagram business profile allows you to draw more visitors' attention and to transform them into your followers.

2. Maintain A Content Calendar

To gain followers on Instagram, the best practice is to post content at an optimal time when your audience is most active. Posting random content haphazardly is something you should avoid. Posting consistently on your Instagram is also a significant step to grow more followers.

Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

To streamline all these steps, maintaining a content calendar is the best way. When you keep a regular posting schedule, you know what time you should post. To avoid spam, assess the best time to post on Instagram and accordingly schedule your calendar. Regularly 200 million Instagrammers use the platform, to enrich your visibility at least try to publish a couple of times throughout the day.

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Average First Response Time

Wondering how you can get the best posting time on Instagram? Social media management tools like Statusbrew offers audience analytics of all your social media profiles. You can drill down your audience data at the granular level.

Statusbrew Repots Lab offers 180+ metrics with customizable widgets. Using Reports Lab, you can leverage data such as Instagram Followers Count, Instagram Followers metrics such as age, gender, country, city, and online status of your followers, Instagram Online Followers, etc. Assess all the data, you can prepare a content calendar to set when you want to post content.

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3. Schedule Instagram Posts

Posting at the correct times gives you more visibility and overall engagement on your posts. When you schedule Instagram posts, it helps to maintain a passing consistency that helps develop a sense of the credibility of your brands among your audience.

Your followers remember your brand and it nurtures more qualified leads. Besides scheduling Instagram posts to streamline your publishing and you can prioritize which content you want to send first, understanding the ongoing trend and your followers' requirements.

Besides, Instagram scheduling helps visualize future times and content relevant, which directly impacts growing Instagram followers organically.

To schedule Instagram posts, you can leverage tools such Statusbrew. You can schedule Instagram posts directly from the desktop through Instagram creator studio, but you must have a business or creator Instagram profile for this.

Using Statubrew's schedule, you can post both photos and videos. Also you can schedule Instagram story and carousels.

Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

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4. Choose Brand Ambassadors

Along with learning how to get more Instagram followers, you should also focus on understanding the value of your audience. When you have a large audience base and your followers grow significantly, the probability of getting more buyers or clients gets high.

The best way to make it happen is to be present in front of your audience. But it may not always be possible to be present on your own Instagram handles and simultaneously be visible in others' Instagram accounts.

In such a case choosing a brand ambassador from your loyal followers base is a wise step. Try to leverage user-generated content as well. You can organize content on your account to get UGC.

Organizing a brand ambassador campaign or UGC content acts as social proof for you. You can choose your brand ambassador who has a notable Instagram account with considerable real followers under your niche.

Collaborating with Influencers for UGC content helps you reach out to their audience base as well.

5. Develop A Brand Personality

Your Instagram feed is what visitors notice right after your Instagram bio. They perceive your brand based on your feed and decide whether they'll follow your brand or not.

Hence, to make your brand's Instagram feed professional, it's vital to have color consistency post-types and maintain an accordant tone. There is an integral part of your brand's personality that helps your visitors to recognize your brand when they observe your post in the Instagram sphere.

When you search for ideas on how to grow Instagram followers, ensure that you are working on developing a brand's personality.

Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

Choose a specific color theme and the same color pallet should be incorporated into all the feed posts. Infusing a cohesiveness of color and font across all feed posts and story posts helps your Instagram followers to recognize the brand easily. Besides, whether it be reels or stories or captions or IGTV video subtitles maintain a consistent brand voice.

6.Engage With Instagram Community

Understand your target audience and Instagram community. Wherever possible, spend time scrolling through their profiles. Engage in comments and communication besides ensuring to reciprocate quickly to their comment and it helps to strengthen your bond with your followers since they feel valued. Spark conversations and participate in them.

If there's someone in your niche that has initiated the conversation, take part in, comment and join in. In doing so, you get visibility and people will visit your profile and become your followers. This is an effective way to gain more followers on Instagram.

Check out the ongoing trends and accordingly put your spin into it. Take product shots and focus on creating negating graphics. In creating reels along with the trends, infuse your brand's spin into it.

Besides gaining more followers on Instagram, maintaining brand reputation is crucial. Hence, ensure to monitor your comment and social conventions around your brand. It is best practice to keep a tab in mentions and the type of post your brand is tagged.

Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

For social listening and comment management, Statusbrew can be your reliable partner. Particularly if your brand has multiple Instagram accounts, managing them equally becomes challenging.

In such a case, leveraging Statusbrew's engage, you get all your social mentions in one unified inbox and reciprocate to them quickly. With its advanced comment management rule, you can remove, hide, or delete or mark spam comments.

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7. Go Local

Work on local hashtags and geotagging work as it works effectively for Instagram, just like local SEO for websites. Your local audience matters and let's not underestimate the value of the local audience for your business. To go local, you can follow two ways:

Add Geotag To Your Post

Add Geotag to your post, as by adding it, you can attract local users on Instagram. On Instagram, numerous people search for local content using the Instagram search and when you add geotags to it, it helps you to rank on those searches.

Besides, add the location to your posts so that in a user's search using the location your post will appear and you can attract more people in your locality to become followers, and gradually it will help boost your followers' growth.

Local Hashtags

Local hashtags serve a similar purpose as Geotags. Use local hashtags to help users to find your content, as in the Instagram community, considerable users of local hashtags to find a niche of their choice. Local hashtags will help you to get access to that section of the audience.

8.Optimise Your Captions

Instagram captions allow you to get engaged with your current followers and encourage them to refer your Instagram account to their peers. Take the opportunity to grow your followers on Instagram. Play with words and influence creativity while writing Instagram captions.

You can ask questions through captions or start conversations; just ensure that captions are relevant to the content you have posted.

You can leverage Instagram captions to encourage your followers to share their stories, it helps to instantiate conversion and boost engagement with your followers. If you are looking for Instagram captions to copy and paste, we have an extensive list:

350 Best Instagram Captions For 2022

9. Monitor Your Instagram Followers

It is so tempting to buy Instagram followers, but there is a difference between an Instagram account with genuine and fake followers. Fake followers are more harmful rather than of any use. Following are the ways in which fake followers can harm your Instagram presence:

Won't Generate any Revenue: First of all, since the fake followers are not real people, they won't be purchasing your services. That means they are not helping you in generating revenue. You need to understand that people follow a brand because they like their content or the company itself. These genuine followers are actual buyers and will help you to generate revenue.

No engagement in the posts: Your hundreds of thousands of fake followers are not going to comment, like, and share your post. As soon as the users see that instead of having a large followers base, your posts are not getting any engagement, they will start doubting your credibility. Moreover, Instagram will detect and remove the fake accounts sooner or later, and during this process, your account might get suspended.

Trick new followers: If new users who visit your Instagram profile notice your feed is inactive despite having thousands of followers, your account will not be able to build trust. Do not deceive the people to be your followers. Your posts will have good engagement only when you build trust and a firm relationship with your followers.

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10. Make Your Instagram Account Visible

It will be difficult for people to find your Instagram account unless you promote it. To bring users to your Instagram account, you have to make sure that your Instagram account is mentioned on other social network platforms and your website.

Creating awareness and visibility is one of the best ways to acquire followers. Letting people know where to find you will help you to get more Instagram followers.

One of the best ways to do this is to add social media buttons to your blog and website. This will also help you to promote your posts across all your networks along with promoting your Instagram account.

Ensure that you are not just asking users to follow you. Instead, you should provide reasons to follow such as posting unique and engaging content on your Instagram. With all new features like stories, reels and IGTV you have more opportunity to create good content to attract followers.

Pro-tip: Instagram reels are a good way to grow followers on Instagram. In its recent update, Instagram has resigned the homepage & put the reels in front & center. And the reels views are soaring high on the platform & becoming the medium to get more organic reach. The more people watch your reels, the higher your followers' count will grow.

11. Understand Your Followers Need

Analyze and understand what type of content your followers lfrom you. You must have experience that some of your content performs better than others. This is why understanding user requirements is so essential.

Get into the smallest of details like filters, captions, content type, and publishing time. All these factors can make a huge difference. Try to keep an eye on the trends and try to make your content follow the trend.

To make your analysis process easier, you should get help from Instagram analytics applications such as Statusbrew. This will take your analysis process a step ahead. You can easily track and analyze your Instagram content.

Analyzing details like filters, captions, content types, or publishing time will help you build a strong content strategy. To start with, you can always analyze your competitors' content.

While analyzing your competitors, you should make sure that you do not directly copy them. Instead, you should try to understand what they are posting or what actions they are taking to drive engagement and followers. This type of analysis can be beneficial to you in the long run.

12. Find Relevant Hashtags

One of the most used ways to grow Instagram followers is using appropriate convertible hashtags. Hashtags have been used for a very long time for post-discovery and increasing social reach. Hashtags help in several ways to build a community by attracting followers to your Instagram account.

Start with going for the less populated hashtags. You have to use hashtags that you target customers are likely to relate to and check. If they find your content through these hashtags it is more likely that they are going to follow your Instagram account for more such content.

Another way is to create your hashtag related to your brand and group your content around that hashtag.

Only using hashtags on your posts is not sufficient. Conducting a proper analysis of how your hashtags perform is another important factor to consider to grow your Instagram followers and content reach. Through Statusbrew, you can quickly analyse your hashtags and get an insight on their performance. Do not randomly use any hashtags; use high converting hashtags to build up your following.

13. Don't Always Try to Sell

Try to avoid being needy or sales-driven all the time. Try to make a friendly relationship with your followers or target customers. This is another way of gaining followers. Try to make them happy or bring a smile to their face through your posts.

By posting funny and light-hearted content, you will build a relationship with your followers. By doing this, you will be providing content to your followers feed as if you are their friends. You can do this by posting memes, resharing interesting posts or inspirational posts.

All these can bring a smile to your follower's faces or motivate them. This way you will build up trust and a strong relationship with your followers. This will make your Instagram account more dynamic, which might attract followers which were not under your radar, ultimately increasing your followers number.

14. Write a Captivating Bio

It is said that the first impression is the last impression. You don't want to miss out on making a great first impression as it can be a determining factor whether the user is going to show any interest in your Instagram profile or not.

Your Instagram bio is the initial thing users will see when they visit your profile. Thus, it is crucial to create the best first impression. For that, you will need to write a captivating bio that encourages visitors to become your followers.

Write a Captivating Bio

Along with providing your website link and contact details in the bio, you should also tell about your brand or services interestingly. Simply mentioning your business and services won't do any good for you. You need to connect to the visitors of your Instagram profile in a way so that they can follow you.

To start with, you can have a look at the bio of your competitors and other popular brands on Instagram. From there you can get an idea of how to write a perfect bio for your brand. Do a research before writing the bio can help you gain followers in a significant way.

15. Make Use of Instagram Live

You already know how effective video contents are on Instagram and in fact, videos are considered as the future of Instagram. That's why Instagram live can be considered as one of the best ways to drive followers and engagement in today's date.

Instagram Live is a raw live video stream for your followers to watch and engage with. During Instagram live, your audience can post comments and ask you questions during the live session. During the COVID-19 pandemic, brands worldwide have used Instagram live to keep their audience updated and engaged.

The type of content that you can post on Instagram live is infinite. For example, you can host games, tournaments, weekly shows, webinars, online tutorials, contests, and many more. You can even showcase your services and products in a more effective way to get in more sales.

Moreover, Instagram has released the Instagram Live Shopping feature. Through this feature, brands can sell their products during an Instagram live session.

Instagram accounts that have access to Instagram Checkout can tag their products from their Facebook shop and let their live audience shop in real-time during the live session.

Wrapping Up!!

Instagram followers are a getaway to make your brand visible and to grow your brands. Apart from the ways mentioned above, also focus on adding CTAs in your content, as CTA helps you direct your audience to get the desired action. Furthermore, invest in Instagram ads when required and run contests to drive people to your profile.

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