18 Instagram Marketing Tools To Boost ROI & Engagement [Free & Paid]

Dec 8, 2022 8 min read

Instagram's changing algorithm poses a heavy challenge for its users to shine on the application. The platform has been in wide use for a long time now. Almost 1.47 billion people end up using the app every month!

However, marketing your brand on Instagram might look like taxing work if you don't have the right Instagram marketing tools in your armor. To gain more engagement and get more followers on Instagram, one should consider involving tools for Instagram marketing.

Here is our collection of the best Instagram marketing tools for scheduling, monitoring, selling, analytics and more.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Instagram Marketing Tools?

  • Instagram marketing tools help in the easy execution of effective campaigns on the platform with measurable outcomes.
  • They assist in improving your Instagram marketing approach by better assessing your performance.
  • Depending on the tool feature, they can help you find the business hashtags for your posts, schedule them, or drive traffic to your Instagram profile through dedicated links.
  • Mixing and matching different features of each of these Instagram marketing tools helps to achieve the greatest results.
  • They help you figure out when your posts will get the most likes and interactions.
  • They help obtain critical insights on social platforms like Instagram, where every brand competes with each other for their audience's attention.
  • The tools will inform you when the majority of your target audience is online so that you can put your best foot forward then.
  • They help to cross-promote Instagram content on other social platforms as well.
  • They can help you figure out what sort of Instagram posts get you the best results. You can analyze the success of different post's to figure out what works best for your brand on various social networks.

Best Instagram Marketing Tool: Statusbrew


Statusbrew is a social media management tool which supports integration for not just Instagram but various other social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business and more.

It concentrates on Instagram scheduling along with helping you to detect the best time to post on Instagram for your audience using its advanced analytics. It also allows you to see a preview of the post you create, schedule Instagram's first comment, bulk schedule posts, and add location tags and internal labels for easy categorizing.

As Statusbrew supports other social media platforms, it is easy to cross-promote your Instagram content across various social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube within the same dashboard. Statusbrew offers post customization for different social platforms.

Statusbrew allows you to add streams for hashtags on your Instagram posts, monitor Instagram comments, DMs, and replies with your team, and manage the spam and bot comments under your Instagram posts and ads using its advanced comment moderation feature.

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Instagram Business Tools

Here are the business tools provided by Instagram within its app to marketers trying to monetize their brands' presence on the platform.

Business Profiles (Free)

Any business can create an Instagram business profile, which will unlock access to Insights, promote your Instagram posts and advertise on the platform, add links to Instagram Stories, and tag products in your posts.

Insights (Free)

Insights offer valuable analytics regarding your Instagram presence, helping you understand your audience better and what makes a compelling post. These insights include:

  • Audience analytics
  • Post analytics
  • Stories analytics
  • Reelsanalytics
  • IG Live analytics
  • IG ad analytics

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Promote (Free)

This is the simplest way to convert an Instagram post into an ad. All you need to do is select an existing post, add the CTA button you want to use, decide on what action you want your followers to perform, and select your target audience based on age, location, interests, and gender and decide on the time length to be promoted.

Promotions must follow Facebook's Advertising Policies, as the Facebook team usually reviews them.

Instagram Scheduling Tools

Sked Social (Paid)

Sked Social

Sked Social is helpful for the management and scheduling of Instagram posts. It allows you to upload multiple photos at once, either to schedule them for a future date or post them immediately. Marketers can enjoy its feature of web uploading as it even offers the option to send out email notifications when each post is ready to be sent.

Later (Paid)


Later is a simple and effective Instagram scheduling tool. Most marketers have embraced its appealing interface and intuitive drag-and-drop calendar.

Later's calendar view makes scheduling even easier. Its grid preview works to improve the management of your visual content and helps you find what you are looking for as fast as possible.

Another appealing feature of Later is the ability to create unique links with a Link in bio, which can bring targeted traffic to each of your posts, increasing the chances of conversion.

Instagram Visual Editing Tools

Layout (Free)


Layout is Instagram's own app that allows you to combine multiple photos to create a single image. Its function is very specific, but it brings opportunities for creative uses of your existing images/photos to create a stunning Instagram post. It's free and available on both iOS and Android.

Boomerang (Free)


Boomerang is Instagram's video app which can create quick videos with simple edits. It can also help you turn a series of photos/images into a mini video. It gives a dynamic effect to your content. It's free and available for both Android and iOS devices.

VSCO (Free)

As a photo editing tool and a social network, VSCO is the tool for you if you like Instagram filters. It can take your photo editing to the next level. It offers high-quality filters to transform any image into a beautiful Instagram post.

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Instagram Marketing Tools To Measure Performance

Wishpond (Paid)


Wishpond offers an Instagram hashtag contest feature, which is an easy and organized way to run a hashtag contest. It helps you collect all the Instagram photos having a particular hashtag attached to them.

It even allows you to filter people who have followed your brand if you set it as a requirement for your contest. In this way, Wishpond enhances the productivity and effectiveness of your Instagram contests.

Yotpo (Paid)

Yotpo blends user-generated content management with advertising, which makes it an appealing option for Instagram marketing.

Its moderation dashboard allows you to find and obtain permission for user-generated content and turn it into effective ads which can help you promote your brand directly through your customer's content.

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Mulpix (Paid)

As a powerful Instagram search engine, Mulpix helps you to discover new content through multiple Instagram hashtags. You can also search for captions, tags, and mentions which turns it into an extremely useful Instagram marketing tool for anyone monitoring and curating Instagram content.

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Instagram Marketing Tools To Measure Performance

Iconosquare (Paid)

Iconosquare helps you organize, understand and measure your Instagram content.

It is an analytics and marketing suite that offers valuable insights about your Instagram audience and presence and how you can improve your performance by analyzing your engagement, your account's growth, the most influential followers, and even the most used hashtags.

It can even be used for UGC monitoring and comment tracking while also offering multi-account management.

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Crowdfire (Paid)


Crowdfire helps you discover the right hashtags to improve your Instagram posts performance, along with the best times to post on Instagram. It can also help you find out the right audience and manage your following.

For instance, Crowdfire can provide insights into your new followers and your recent unfollows. You can spot the inactive accounts that you are following, ensuring that you only stay connected with your most relevant audience.

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Instagram Selling Tools

Like2Have.it (Paid)

Like2Have.it turns your photos into products that can be purchased through a custom site. You can upload a photo on Instagram, get its URL, and add it to your Like2Have.it gallery. You can even monitor the performance of your sales.

Like2Have.it even offers the feature to create embeddable posts with images from your actual customers, which would showcase your products in the most authentic way.

It helps to create an embeddable feed that can include links leading your followers to relevant product pages. One way you can use such Instagram posts is by featuring an image of existing customers demonstrating how to use your product or service.

Such user-generated feed gives your followers social proof and even encourages them to buy your products. Like2Have.it is an Instagram marketing tool that can be used by smaller brands that don't have a website but run their shop on Instagram.

Shop Social (Paid)

Shop Social

Shop Social helps your fans find your products in your Instagram photos, click and buy them. You can tag multiple products in your Instagram posts. You can either integrate your Instagram feed to your website or direct everyone you reach on Instagram to a custom URL. Shop Social even allows you to monitor clicks and performance and integrate Google Analytics.

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Supercharge Your Instagram Marketing Strategy With These Tools

Instagram is a popular social media platform with almost two billion monthly active users. To take advantage of this vast audience, you should select the appropriate Instagram marketing tool that can aid you in achieving your social goals. The tools listed in this article will make your Instagram marketing easier and more efficient.

Our advice would be to test these tools and pick the one that works better for you.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about Instagram marketing tools:

What are free Instagram marketing tools?

Here are some of the best free Instagram marketing tools:

  • Crowdfire (hashtag recommendations, autotailored posts for each social platform, analytics for 1 day data)
  • Instagram Insights
  • Instagram Promote

What are the best Instagram analytics tools?

Here is a list of some of the best Instagram analytics tools:

  • Statusbrew
  • Iconosquare
  • Ink361
  • Crowdfire

What are the tools used in Instagram?

The tools used in Instagram can be used for different use cases like running a contest, image and video editing, analytics, selling on Instagram, scheduling posts, and even for adding a link in bio. Here are the in-built Instagram tools provided within the app:

  • Business profiles
  • Insights
  • Promote


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