How To Track Instagram Followers Growth In 2024

Dec 5, 2022 6 min read

Digital marketing heavily relies on having a solid social media presence. Instagram, the most liked social platform, is becoming a mining space for brands to reach their target customers. You can communicate directly through updates like posts, reels, and stories.

It may be complicated to grow your business on Instagram from scratch. Still, if you put in the time to develop a solid strategy and create engaging content, you will undoubtedly start to notice some activity on your business profile.

Instagram followers are one of the top metrics anyone notices on social platforms. Instagram follower growth is a simple method to track your followers over time. Read on to learn more about tracking Instagram follower growth in 2024.

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What Is Instagram Followers Growth?

Instagram follower growth rate measures how quickly your following expands and can be either positive or negative, based on the ratio of new followers to unfollowers. In other words, tracking it can clearly show you whether your following is expanding or contracting. It is mainly reported as a percentage of growth.

Any artificial means of increasing your following count will undoubtedly make you feel good, but that is all they can achieve. Always ensure to use authorized Instagram followers apps to avoid risking your privacy.

Fake followers may be tempting if your competitors have more followers than you, but they don't produce leads or conversions. It is highly recommended not to opt for fake followers on Instagram.

For this reason, you should confirm that your followers are actual people who are genuinely interested in your content, products, or services before beginning to monitor your metrics.

Why Should You Measure Instagram Followers Growth?

Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind here is assessing the effectiveness of your profile, making inferences, and modifying your approach. It is undoubtedly the proper thing to do on every social media site.

Still, many marketers place too much emphasis on the success of their content and are counting on Instagram followers, likes, comments, shares, and saves to spread their content. Some of the benefits of calculating your Instagram follower's growth rate are the following:

  • Assist you in evaluating your content strategy
  • Motivate changes to the type of content
  • To understand your brand’s social growth
  • Expand the scope of your competition analysis

The growth rate of your followers is a better gauge of how well your Instagram campaigns are doing. You can compare your performance to your competition by keeping track of this rate.

How To Track Instagram Followers Growth?

Whether you are just starting to build an Instagram account or have been facilitating business communication on Instagram for some time, you will eventually realize that more than simply remaining active, you need to expand your results effectively. You will now start looking for ways to optimize your account to better serve your company's needs.

You can calculate the growth rate of your Instagram followers using a straightforward equation. To make it function, you'll need the information shown below.

  1. The total number of followers at the start of the chosen period

  2. The overall quantity of new followers added throughout the investigated period (new follows minus unfollows)

Follower growth rate = [New Followers/Base Followers]*100.

Native Instagram Insights

Instagram offers an integrated analytics tool called Instagram Insights. All Instagram accounts linked to a Meta Page have access to Instagram Insights. You no longer need to switch to an Instagram business account. Click the three horizontal lines menu or Click the hamburger menu in the top-right corner of your screen and choose "Insights" button to investigate your profile's data.



Reach On Instagram Insights

You may get primary data about your content's reach over the previous seven days on the Reach tab. It will display the number of Impressions, Profile views, Website taps, and Call-to-action.


Instagram's Audience Insights

User demographic information on your account is contained in the Audience tab. Remember that only your followers are analyzed in this section.

You may view the history of your Instagram follower count and get answers to questions like how many users followed and unfollowed you on a specific day.


Will Instagram Insights meet your needs?

The free analytics tool for Instagram is a helpful addition. Still, one could counter that it lacks sophisticated functionality. Let's quickly review the advantages and disadvantages of the Instagram native insights solution.


  • Simple access
  • Free of cost
  • Covers all fundamental metrics.
  • Allows you to monitor the outcomes of your daily actions


  • Hard to establish a broader perspective on your measurements
  • Most charts only include data from the most recent two weeks or less
  • Limited to Meta
  • Manual analysis

Instagram Insights are undoubtedly valuable. However, dynamically expanding businesses might need more than this solution. Utilizing social media management tools that will benefit your company's growth may be necessary to step up your social media game.

Track Instagram Followers Growth Using Statusbrew

Utilize Instagram's potential to the utmost if you're serious about using it to manage your business on socials. You cannot leave anything to chance if you want to do it. Instagram statistics and insights through tools give you a better perspective that can help you to analyze the content.

One of the foundational elements of success in any workplace is making use of the most excellent tools available. Social media management solutions like Statusbrew can fill the gaps left by Instagram Insights.


You should check Statusbrew's Analytics tool, especially if you manage many accounts and utilize a variety of social media platforms for your business. It has a lot of functions, including the ability to track Instagram followers.


With the help of Statusbrew, you can monitor the growth of your following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You won't need to switch between platforms to monitor your metrics if all of this information is in one location, which will save you a lot of time and work.


The automated reporting feature is another helpful that will keep your staff, business partners, clients, and stakeholders informed about all your essential data.

Of course, Statusbrew offers you more than what Instagram Insights does. All of this information can be available in one user-friendly dashboard, including metrics for your social media reach and engagement, information on your audience demographics, popular posts, and the best times to post.

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In conclusion, it is crucial to understand your metrics and to work hard to create high-quality content. To manage your Instagram profiles, make informed predictions, and keep up with outcomes, it's essential to keep track of your follower growth and other metrics.

Learn about the native tool if you're starting your Instagram business enterprise. Be bold and explore some social media management solutions as you become familiar with multiple metrics. This will give you a significant advantage over many rivals who must be braver about spending money on this kind of solution.

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Statusbrew is an all-in-one social media management tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Google My Business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a mass followers app for Instagram safe?

Utilizing mass followers app bots clearly violates Instagram's terms of service and may result in the shadowbanning of your account.

You may also be familiar with Instagram follower bots, which have become increasingly common in some influencer marketing circles as a rapid way to obtain new followers. These bots essentially follow and unfollow people, giving the impression that your profile is a ghost account.

What are Instagram ghost accounts?

Ghost accounts on Instagram do not have a proper name, user name, profile picture, or posted activity, no active interaction, and fewer followers to following ratio. For example, they might follow over 1000 accounts but have less than ten followers.

How can I keep track of my Instagram followers and unfollowers?

  • Open Instagram
  • Go to your profile using the icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen
  • You'll find a "Followers" option near the top
  • Tap, and it will reveal a list of everyone who follows you
  • Enter the name of the account you suspect in the search field

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