10 Tips To Create Successful Instagram Campaigns In 2024

Nov 3, 2022 18 min read

Facebook is experiencing a long and painful death across most businesses. Instagram is stepping into Facebook's place as the dominant social platform, replacing it as the go-to, professional, branded social site. Instagram has a user base of over one billion active users and over 500 million active daily users.

Nowadays, Instagram campaigns are a must-do for brands. Instagram stands apart from other platforms because it prioritizes visual content. You must be inventive when using your images and videos effectively. There are multiple ways of running Instagram campaigns using videos and pictures. They can be unique, engaging, enjoyable, witty, and moving.

Read on to learn more about Instagram campaigns and the best ways to accomplish them, along with the successful Instagram campaigns of famous brands.

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What is an Instagram Campaign?

Instagram marketing campaigns are planned activities usually directed toward a single purpose supporting the company's ultimate motive. An Instagram campaign's greater emphasis, targeting, and measurability set it apart from regular content initiatives.

Awareness campaigns: A top-of-the-funnel goal, awareness is ideal for focusing on the uninformed or already aware of a problem. The ultimate goal of Instagram awareness campaigns is to increase brand awareness and profile reach. This type of campaign is suitable for all kinds of businesses and brands.

Majorly utilized to create curiosity in your product or service, you can aid folks in learning more about your brand. Even well-known brands like American Express, Starbucks, Meta, and Apple use awareness campaigns the most.

Consideration campaign: This middle-of-the-funnel objective is ideal for getting your Instagram followers thinking about your company and looking for more information. The main goal of this purpose is to influence problem- or solution-aware individuals to take action. Consideration campaign includes:

  • Increasing traffic to your Instagram profile
  • Increasing video/reel views
  • Generating potential leads and prospects
  • Increasing engagement
  • Support app installs
  • Messages

Conversions campaign: This bottom-of-the-funnel goal targets customers aware of solutions and motivates them to buy. Conversions, catalog sales, and shop traffic are three of Meta's conversion targets centered on high-intent behaviors intended to nudge your target audience closer to making a purchase or visiting your retail location.

Benefits Of Running Instagram Campaigns

Instagram has more than 700 million users, and the user base is continually expanding. Using Meta's data to target your audience is simpler. The Instagram campaign you run should not be overwhelming to your customers, and you should also make sure that you are not invasive. Also, in comparison to other social media platforms, Instagram has a greater engagement rate.

Some of the significant benefits of running Instagram campaigns are the following:

Brand awareness: Increasing your brand's awareness, reputation, and reach with potential customers on Instagram is one of the significant benefits of running Instagram campaigns. Your brand awareness can be done by focusing on your profile impressions, followers, traffic, and reach.

Increase Instagram followers: Growing your Instagram following intentionally will increase the number of people and prospects aware of your brand's existence and a great perk of running continuous Instagram campaigns.

You can increase your Instagram followers organically by producing valuable content, maintaining consistency, and using the right hashtags. The other way to increase followers is by Meta Ads.

Generate leads: Sales/lead generation turning followers into possible leads or prospects is another massive benefit for Instagram campaigns for any product or service-based brand. It also encourages your followers to buy your products. You can generate leads by asking your followers to subscribe to your newsletter, download your app, or inquire.

Engagement: Increased engagement is a way of showing Instagram's A.I. that your brand is credible. Running more effective Instagram campaigns will increase the engagement rate. Getting users to engage or interact with your content through likes, comments, shares, saves, clicking the link in the bio, and direct messages. Increased engagement can also lead to increased website traffic.

10 Tips To Create A Successful Instagram Campaign


Set Clear Goals And Objectives

The objectives for your Instagram campaigns must be specific and measurable. Obtain a baseline measurement of your goal metric before a drive to monitor changes and performance during and after. The methods, the message, the CTAs, and the intended audience all influence the goals.

Some of the specific goals for Instagram campaign initiatives typically include the following:

  • Obtaining user interaction
  • Increase in engagement
  • List of potential leads
  • Increasing web traffic
  • Driving direct sales
  • Enhancing brand awareness

One of the best methods to set goals is to follow the SMART goals method.

Smart: Think smart in setting your Instagram campaign goals. For instance, plan to increase your return on investment (ROI) by 25%

Measurable: Make sure that your Instagram campaign goals are measurable. Your efforts will go in vain if you are not able to measure and evaluate your performance.

Attainable: Set attainable and realistic goals for your Instagram campaigns. There will be no point in setting unrealistic goals. The best way to measure is to evaluate your existing work. For instance, setting a 25% hike in 30 days is not attainable.

Relevant: Make sure it's relevant to your brand's ultimate mission. You'll need to devote a lot of effort from your staff to implement your Instagram campaign strategy. It's improbable that you will succeed in reaching your goals if you don't have the necessary resources.

Time-Specific: You should align your goals with a realistic schedule. You will probably experience delays if there is no concrete timetable for starting your Instagram campaign strategy, which could make achieving your goals challenging, if not impossible.

Some examples of setting SMART goals for Instagram campaigns are the following:

  • Within six months, increase your brand's Instagram followers by 4x
  • Growing your Instagram ad clicks by 20% in the next 45 days
  • Increase your Instagram campaign post shares by 20% by December 2022
  • 20% more Instagram mentions before, during, and after performances in 2023
  • By June 30, 2023, increase Instagram follower's engagement rate should increase by 3x per post

One of the best ways to decide your SMART goals is to analyze your current Instagram analytics. You can look it up on your native Instagram app or social media management software like Statusbrew, which provide ways to monitor brand awareness metrics and gauge the expansion and reach of your following across various platforms. You can also get detailed stats that the built-in tools won't provide.


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Learn About Your Target Audience

Instagram has a broad range of audiences. Select your audience based on the age, gender, and location most appropriate for your target niche because different demographics have different preferences and produce different results.

Your marketing efforts will resemble shooting into the void if you aim at a too broad audience for your Instagram campaigns. Knowing your market share and doing everything you can to appeal to it will help you produce sales.

Your content will be shared, and you'll realize that your efforts weren't in vain. People genuinely interested in your brand will always support you and keep up with your news and releases.

Place all the tracking mechanisms in place before launching a campaign. Several social media marketing tools measure shares, retweets, likes, and brand-related keywords, like Statusbrew, to track who is viewing and reacting to your postings.


How To Find Your Instagram Target Audience?

  • Have a clear-cut idea about the demographics of your target audience - age, gender, location, family status
  • Find the best time to post
  • Concentrate on your current active followers
  • Education, employment, solvency, purchasing power, and habits
  • Interests, interests, obstacles, and preferred social media platforms beliefs, self-identification, and values
  • Monitor your Instagram insights
  • Check your competitor's insights
  • Check your brand and industry hashtags

Create A Well-Targeted Content Strategy

You may get a long way toward accomplishing your content goals with a well-planned and well-targeted content strategy for your Instagram campaign. Developing original and powerful Instagram campaign concepts is a difficult task as well.

Each new Instagram campaign you fund carries a unique set of threats. Also, on the plus side, Instagram is a place where there are a lot of inspirations for marketing campaigns.

Instagram accounts for brands shouldn't storm over with promotional images; choose your content for the marketing campaigns very carefully. Your pictures must be captivating enough for your followers to enjoy engaging them, which calls for a more original strategy than a conventional commercial.

One pro tip to produce the best content is to decide on the type of content you would interact with. Produce the content your followers would like to spend their time on and ensure their time is valued.

Once you start giving value through the content, your followers will engage and share it with their friends. This paves the path to mutually advantageous participation from your Instagram followers.

Make Use Of Instagram Reels and Stories

Instagram accounts for brands shouldn't storm over with promotional images; choose your content for the marketing campaign s very carefully. Your pictures must be captivating enough for your followers to enjoy engaging them, which calls for a more original strategy than a conventional commercial.

It would be best if you didn't consistently run the same Instagram campaigns. If you always run the same type of campaigns, you'll lose your follower's and viewers' attention as they scroll over your content in their feeds.

Posting both Instagram reels and story content is a terrific idea. As a result, your content will flow nicely and occasionally use a different format. You can have a distinctive style while posting reels and stories, but you can have utterly diverse content from one another.

You can also make the most out of Instagram stories by conducting polls and using other interactive options to get noticed.

Create A Style Guide For Your Brand

On Instagram, visuals are paramount; they decide a user's first impression of your brand. When you don't give much importance to branding, followers tend to forget your brand's existence; it will just be another 1 in 100 pages they follow. There will be less brand recall value.

Decide on a style guide for your brand. Instagram users have a great craving for visually appealing posts on their feeds. To run a successful Instagram campaign, you must be confident with your content visualization. It also increases the chances of engagement.

Every company has a target audience persona that corresponds to its ideal customer. And the primary goal of content marketing is to connect with this target audience by learning about their needs.

In some cases, following a general style manual like the style guide will help you meet audience expectations while improving the quality of your material. The content available online today makes it challenging to stand out and develop a unique selling proposition (USP) that will keep viewers interested.

Collaborate With Suitable Influencers

Collaboration with influencers is one of the best Instagram campaigns. Influencer marketing is affordable and cost-effective, but make sure to choose the influencer in your target niche. Whatever option you choose, there is a fantastic chance to increase brand awareness and engagement.

You can collaborate on Instagram in many exciting ways, like organizing an interactive live session, giveaway contest, or sharing a reel experiencing the product/service.

Imagine you are going to introduce a new product. You want to advertise it to your current fans since they can be your most devoted buyers. But you're also looking for innovative approaches to engage new audiences. When that happens, you should investigate an Instagram brand-influencer collaboration.

Therefore, investing the time and money necessary to develop a successful Influencer campaign through Instagram collaborations is worthwhile. With minimal cost, it can assist you in achieving the goals you would typically attain through paid ads.

Additionally, you can reuse an influencer's content, but you must first come to an arrangement with them to do so. The influencer may charge for the usage of the photos, videos, reels, or other content, but there are occasions when they may provide it to you for free.

Integrating the information into your website or an Instagram advertising campaign is fascinating.

Decide Your CTA

Calls to action, or CTAs, are frequently overlooked by businesses when creating postings. You should avoid this mistake because CTAs direct your followers' efforts after seeing a post and can motivate them to do so.

You can encourage your followers to behave in a variety of ways. You can nudge them to hit a link in your bio, utter a remark, or upload their image with your hashtag.

You must guide if your audience wants to do something, such as make a purchase, use your hashtag, or spread the word about your business. If not, followers might like your post and scroll past without engaging.

Awareness Campaign CTAs

For an Instagram awareness campaign, you must inform the audience in a controlled and instructive manner about your brand. Instead of trying to sell, the goal is to give the audience valuable information that speaks to their issues.

The primary goal is to increase the brand reach on Instagram. Some of the best CTAs to use under such circumstances are:

  • Learn more
  • Watch now
  • See the menu
  • Listen now
  • Send a message

Consideration Campaign CTAs

Your audience is starting to become familiar with your brand and is interested in learning more about it through this Instagram campaign. Inform the audience in greater detail about why your brand is the best at resolving their issue. Instagram campaign goals at the conversions stage include providing a free trial, demos, professional analysis, an estimated price, and discounts.

The primary goal is to increase sales, app installs, and website traffic. Some of the best CTAs to use under such circumstances are:

  • Sign up
  • Get an offer
  • Download
  • Learn more
  • Book now

Conversion Campaign CTAs

You want your customer to decide when you run a conversion campaign. Your brand and solution are widely known to your target market. So you work hard to convert the prospect into a client. Instagram campaign goals at the conversions stage include increasing catalog views, physical store traffic, and making a purchase.

The primary goal is to increase sales, app installs, and website traffic. Some of the best CTAs to use under such circumstances are:

  • Get a quote
  • Subscribe
  • Shop now
  • Sign up

Schedule Your Posts

Your Instagram page is a landing page and must convey your sense of fashion. One of the best methods to increase your following and develop your brand is with a beautiful feed. Even though you should try to keep the flow as natural as possible, it is crucial to ensure that your new post is consistent with your prior one.

By planning posts in advance, you can ensure that you stick to your posting schedule and don't miss any ideal posting times. This increases the visibility of your account because regular, meaningful posting places you in the newsfeed and on the explore page.

You save time and work by scheduling Instagram posts in advance with Statusbrew. Other significant duties can be completed during this period, including content creation for the Instagram account.

Separately scheduling each post may result in a strategy gap. But if you plan and schedule Instagram posts, you can avoid this. As a result, the procedure might become clutter-free and have a productive workflow.

You can quickly plan Instagram posts with lovely images, text, hashtags, and more using Stausbrew!

  1. Open your Statusbrew dashboard
  2. Integrate your social media profiles
  3. Choose the post/video and the caption
  4. Add hashtags
  5. You can also include your first comment
  6. You can immediately post or schedule it for later
  7. You can view all your scheduled posts on your content calendar


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Engage With Your Followers

Instagram engagement covers all possible user interactions with the content you produce. A strong state of attention by your followers indicates that your audience may emotionally connect with your brand to make a purchase or be likely to become your lead or prospect.

Increased engagement will assist the Instagram algorithm in prioritizing your post, which will reflect in your posts being shown on Explore page Instagram—increasing the number of people interested in the brand. Instagram campaign engagement includes likes, comments, shares, and saves.

The two most basic and beneficial forms of engagement are Saves and Shares that your Instagram posts and Reels get. Getting a higher engagement rate means that your Instagram campaign offers viewers value. You can also make use of social media engagement tools.

Ensure that you always respond to the interaction that occurs, whether in comments or in your DMs. You can also use brand monitoring tools like Statusbrew to know when someone talks about your brand, even without tagging you.


Want to intensify your relationship? You may expand your engaged community by contacting other users who share your interests. Take the initiative and move first. For exposure among their followers, comment on posts from accounts with a similar target demographic.

Additionally, you can use the appropriate hashtags to quickly identify and leave comments on posts from possible clients in your feed.

Develop Brand-Related Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are ubiquitous. But despite this, the brands that attempt to spam them don't fully comprehend their purpose. Hashtags encourage people to share content connected to your brand and make it easier for new followers to find your content. For e-commerce firms, a brand-specific hashtag, for instance, is essential.

Even though these tags are undoubtedly specialized, they draw attention to a tiny group of consumers eager to interact with companies. Brands that wish to focus on a particular audience to sell to and target could search via these types of hashtags.

The optimal number of hashtags is a subject of some discussion. While Instagram only allows 30 tags per post, utilizing that many hashtags can feel like keyword stuffing, which is bad for brands. In general, you'll see that prominent brands adopt a less is more philosophy. Try different tags, and if possible, try at least one that isn't your brand's.

Instagram Paid Campaigns

The most popular social media and digital platform on the planet are probably Instagram. Millions of active users view and interact with the new daily content produced by various brands and influencers. It's the ideal chance for new and established businesses to use the platform's resources to create eye-catching and powerful advertisements.

Instagram marketing is not just a good notion but also a practical one. With so many users actively using the platform, brands have various choices for promoting their content, and the daily audience is a sizeable one. Instagram paid campaigns have multiple options and goals.

There are five major types of Instagram paid campaigns

  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Stories Ads

Photo Ads

Instagram photo ads will have a Sponsored label on the top of the post to make it clear that they are advertisements. It will usually be there along with the regular content your followers see. These advertisements have a call-to-action button at the bottom that directs viewers to a particular website or your Instagram page.

Video Ads

Because you can be creative with delivering your content, these video ads are a terrific method to attract attention. You may upload videos to the Instagram platform that are up to 60 seconds long, which is more than enough time to present your product or service to your target audience.

Carousel Ads

Instagram carousel advertising elevates photo ads to a new level. With this format, you may make up to 10 images or videos for one advertisement. They appear in the Instagram news feed just like photo advertising, but each picture or video might link to a different website or place.

Shopping Ads

With Instagram Shopping Ads, you may advertise and sell your brand's products and services on the Instagram platform. When a customer clicks on one of these ads, they are taken directly to the product page on your website via a product tag that is included in the ad or image.

Stories Ads

Instagram's Stories section includes advertisements (photos or videos) that are labeled as Stories Ads. Because Stories expire after 24 hours, this sort of ad format is ideal for when you want to leverage exclusivity as a marketing tactic or when you want to create a sense of urgency in your audience.

For instance, you can create a Stories Ads to promote a limited-time offer, alerting customers to act swiftly and purchase your goods.

Examples Of The Best Instagram Campaigns

There are many instances of businesses succeeding on Instagram. You might draw inspiration from these brands to create successful campaigns for your company and products. Read on through some of the most successful Instagram marketing strategies that you can find very instructive.

Batman v Superman

One of the significant successful Instagram campaigns is for the major superhero film Batman Vs. Superman of the year. It's not just one superhero but a great fight between superheroes. Both the movie and campaign had a remarkable success.

Before the movie's release, its official Instagram account shared several stills from the film along with comments from reviewers from reputable media outlets.

The Instagram campaign handled for Batman Vs. Superman's movie was a fantastic strategy since it leveraged expert leverage to produce and strengthen social validation.

The movie's Instagram campaigns used the experts' reviews from Rolling Stone, USA TODAY, and CBS to persuade more people to see the film. Viewers and followers could see the increased number of supports flowing and supported the movie because the account highlighted them and displayed their logos.


Next is one of the highest-reached and ultimately successful Instagram campaigns by Adidas. Adidas held a contest on Instagram stories to celebrate the arrival of the ALPHAEDGE 4D. Adidas has multiple official Instagram accounts exclusive to countries.

The main official account has close to 26.5 million followers globally. Adidas asked viewers to text a phone number hidden in their Snapchat story to join a drawing for one of 100 shoes.

Adidas then published a trio of images on its Instagram account: one to advertise the competition, one with the regulations, and a third to motivate followers to enter.

There are several reasons why this campaign is fantastic. First, sending them to another social network is a tremendous strategy. Adidas increased its following and engagement on Instagram by using this contest to attract its sizable and active audience.


More than 4 million people follow Honda on Instagram. Honda has published more than 2400 times. On Instagram, the company has a sizable following that engages with it by liking and commenting on its pictures and videos.

For its Instagram promotion, Honda used a professional driver to demonstrate the Civic's prowess on the appropriately named Civic Dream Track in several images and videos.

First, viewers are interested because it is crowdsourced. Given that this film is the result of the efforts of Honda's devoted fan base, it is likely to be viewed and shared by the fans who took the time to assist Honda in creating the track.


One of the most memorable Instagram campaigns of all time is by the Deadpool movie team. Since Deadpool's marketing was so extensive, it's challenging to identify a single theme that connected it all. The post where they mimicked the Game Of Thrones' "Faceless Man" Concept went viral, getting a lot of fan interaction.

The team used various Instagram marketing campaigns. One of the best posters on the profile is the one where Deadpool announced its Rotten Tomatoes certification. The Deadpool team decided that the leading actor needed his own Instagram account where he could post under the guise of Deadpool and contribute to the movie's promotional activities.

The first look poster released on Instagram was hilarious and received an extensive response. The unique content Ryan Reynolds and the team produced was fantastic.

Final Thoughts On Successful Instagram Campaigns

Instagram is a top platform for marketing campaigns, growing at a high-speed phase. Marketers should use this opportunity. Even while creativity can be in short supply for your Instagram campaigns, there are practical things marketers can do to keep their social media marketing campaigns fresh.

One pro tip is to analyze all your Instagram campaign efforts. Once you understand the data, you will know which campaign suits your brand and target niche best.

Use Statusbrew from the same dashboard you use to manage your other social networks to schedule Instagram posts at the most advantageous times, reply to comments, monitor your brand keywords, and assess performance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure Instagram campaign performance?

You can measure your Instagram campaign performance by taking a look at your engagement rate. Engagement includes likes, comments, shares, saves, followers increase, and clicks. It also depends on your primary goal for running the campaign.

How do you calculate Instagram campaign engagement rate?

There are three widely used formulas to measure the engagement rate of Instagram campaigns by calculating the impressions, followers, and other factors.

Engagement = (Likes + Comments) / Followers x 100
Engagement = (Likes + Comments + Saves) / Impressions x 100
Engagement = [ (Comments x 2) + Other interactions ] / Impressions x 100

What is a good engagement rate on Instagram campaigns?

A good engagement rate on Instagram campaigns depends on multiple factors. Here’s what engagement rate means:

0 > 1% = low engagement rate
1% to 3.5% = average/good engagement rate
3.5% to 6% = high engagement rate
< 6% = very high engagement rate

What type of Instagram campaigns are most effective?

The most effective type of Instagram campaign is influencer collaboration. Influencer marketing, sometimes referred to as branded content or working with creators, is a tried-and-true method of extending your brand’s social media reach. Make sure to choose the best influencer in your industry.

What are the main elements of Instagram campaigns?

The primary elements depend on your type of business and the main goal for running Instagram campaigns. On the whole, images/videos, captions, engagement, and hashtags are the four main elements.

What is the latest Instagram update?

An updated desktop design for Instagram profiles is the current big Instagram update. The menu is positioned differently in the new version, and the reels are displayed differently under the Explore tab. There is a new trend coming up every week on Instagram. The official Instagram account for IG Creators, @creators, is one of the best accounts to keep yourself updated on Instagram trends.

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