Twitter Tips For Travel & Tour Agencies

Mar 12, 2021 2 min read

Travel planning & booking has seen a remarkable transformation in the last few years.

Travelers these days prefer a more omnichannel & personalized travel experience. If you're a tourism brand or run a travel agency, having a booking website is not enough, you need to have a multi-channel presence.

Twitter can be an excellent social platform for creating brand awareness & interacting with customers.

Twitter Tips For Travel Agents & Agencies

Here are some tips for creating an effective Twitter presence.

Follow These Travel Oriented Accounts

Here are some Twitter accounts which can help you stay up-to-date with the industry.

Travel Market Report

Travel Market Report is an independent forum which provides extensive coverage of latest travel related news & trends.

Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure is a excellent resource for travel business owners to discover new places that can be recommended to the customers.

Travel Massive

Travel Massive is a remarkable community for everyone belonging to the travel and tourism industry.

Listen & Respond To Your Customers, Fast

Twitter is ideal for two-way communication with your prospects & customers. We recommed listening to what your customers are saying about you. Do this by monitoring for mentions of your hotel brand by name or through hashtags.

If you're using Statusbrew, you can use the Twitter Brand Keywords feature to see how people react to your product, brand, or a popular topic beyond your social feed. Search for keywords, hashtags, and travel brands on Twitter to uncover trends, analyze sentiment, and respond quickly in real-time.

Understand Your Customers

Knowing your customers helps you take an audience-specific approach to create customized travel packages, itineraries, etc.

For instance, if your customers are primarily millennials or Gen Z, spending money on creating & marketing cruise packages would not be fruitful.

The travel industry is an emotionally driven vertical, which means it's all selling experiences that vary based on demographic factors such as age group, gender, nationality, etc.

Use The Power Of Hashtags

Keep a tab on the trending hashtags with the travel suppliers, fellow travel agents, etc. Use a maximum of three such hashtags per tweet.

With built-in features like social listening and brand keywords and hashtag insights, boost your Twitter efforts with Statusbrew.

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