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Sep 27, 2021 13 min read

Take the customer-first approach, and you’ll build a resilient company with an impact — and a strong future. -Nick Francis

The ongoing pandemic has pushed businesses' approach towards customer engagement & accelerated the requirement for tools to establish credible customer relations.

To boost connectivity & growth, brands are inclining more & more towards the SaaS products.

Software as a service(SaaS) companies are rapidly growing & these companies are anticipated to reach $143 billion revenue by 2022. Furthermore, as per the study, 78% of small businesses have invested in SaaS solutions & the healthcare industry is adopting SaaS at a growth rate 20% yearly

Hence, SaaS startups require to seek more innovative ways to promote their product & services to cut through the noise.

Statusbrew, one of the leading social media management platform, effectively uses Instagram marketing to generate product awareness among its target audience.

With Instagram reels, stories & carousels -Statusbrew compellingly emphasizes the value their product delivers to customers.

Dive into the article to explore all the know-how of Statusbrew’s thriving Instagram marketing strategy & take examples to design a marketing blueprint for your SaaS business growth.

Instagram Marketing For SaaS

In the last decade, for SaaS companies, Instagram was not an essential marketing platform. But enhanced automation and agility fueled the SaaS market’s growth & the annual growth rate streak to 18%. Accordingly, the innovative & strategic marketing approach requirements become indispensable for the SaaS startup to stand out!

Instagram has great potential in boosting visibility of SaaS startups in the ongoing competitive market scenario. Instagram monthly users have reached 1.2 billion per month & India tops the list with 120 million monthly users.

81% of individuals use the platform to research products & services & 80% of people claimed that Instagram has an impact on purchasing decisions.

With these impressive statistics, most SaaS companies are inclined towards the platform to build brand awareness & to reach the target audience.

Average First Response Time

Besides, 90% of users on Instagram follow a business, which shows that users are interested in business content. Where 70% of Instagrammer use the platform to discover new products, another 75% of users take action such as making a purchase or visiting a website after noticing a brand post.

The average engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than on Facebook. All these data denote that Instagram marketing can efficiently amplify SaaS sales.

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What Is Statusbrew?

Statusbrew is a comprehensive social media management solution that assists brands & businesses in engaging, discovering & growing audience.

This SMM tool integrates with all major social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & Google My Business & aids businesses of all sizes to engage with their prospects to propel business.

Statusbrew’s brand new reporting features offer 180+ metrics which is the highest in the entire SMM industry. You can drill down minutely your social media & team performance with exportable widgets. Users have the total flexibility to customize report design; you can share live reports with your teammates to augment collaboration.

Statusbrew's new report features also aid users to share report links to outside Statusbrew users & soon, integrations such as Google Analytics report & Shopify report will be available for users. Statusbrew’s comprehensive reporting shares actionable insights about each nook & corner of your social media marketing efforts.

Statusbrew specializes in comment management solutions for brands & businesses. Engage features aids brand & businesses in replying to DMs, mentions, and comments in real-time from a single unified social inbox. Users can moderate comments by hiding or deleting negative comments or marking spam comments with its powerful automated tool.

What Is Statusbrew?

Statusbrew scheduling simplifies social media schedules & you can create & publish social media posts across all social channels with just one click. Further, it streamlines team collaboration with an advanced permission-based approval structure & empowers users to organize complex workflow.

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How Statusbrew Initiated Successful Instagram Marketing

Assessing all the current social media marketing statistics & Instagram marketing data, Statusbrew has prioritized Instagram, intending to establish a credible relationship with the target audience to upheave product awareness & drive traffic to Statusbrew blogs to escalate conversion rate.

Another reason that Instagram has become a beguile avenue for Statusbrew marketing is the variety of content formats offered & the highest possibility of engagement rate on the social network. Let’s drill down how Statusbrew has commenced buoyant social media marketing on Instagram:

1. Specialized Workforce

For a plausible Instagram presence, Statusbrew appointed a social media manager to ensure consistency of publishing posts on the platform. To make a brand visible, following uniformity of content & maintaining steadiness is crucial as it influences your post engagement & reach.

Statusbrew social media manager crafts strategies that cultivate engagement & drive results. The individual holding the position of social media manager is the crux of the brands’ Instagram marketing.

Statusbrew marketing team comprising content creators, marketing managers, designers, & the social media manager collaboratively works towards creating an Instagram marketing blueprint analyzing the ongoing trend. The marketing team cohesively works towards creating genuine & authentic content that can demonstrate the brand value.

Instagram Marketing For SaaS Startup

2. Understanding Instagram Algorithm

Analyzing the Instagram algorithm is a parameter every SaaS company should focus on to create a thriving Instagram marketing strategy. The Instagram algorithm is rapidly evolving, and Instagram algorithm 2021 decree which content is to push to the top.

Statusbrew Instagram marketing specifically follows the six prominent ranking signals: posting based on target audience interests, frequency of using the Instagram app, implementation of diverse content format, post relevance & engagement with the audience.

Understanding Instagram Algorithm

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Statusbrew is utilizing all the Instagram content formats right from feed posts to reels to story posts. The brand is ripping the fruits of posting content assessing the algorithm. The data shared by the Statusbrew marketing team showed that the reel ‘An often asked question to social media manager’’ received 32600 views in the first 48 hours.

Average First Response Time

3. SMART Goal

Goals & objectives are pillars of a successful marketing strategy. Statusbrew marketing team ardently follows SMART goal setting for Instagram marketing.

Specific: The marketing team sets milestones rather than pondering upon vague goals. Tasks are broken down into sprints with defined processes & roles for each member meld with discrete goals aligning to the brand objectives. An Asana board is set for each task.

Measurable: Each week, the team meets for a sprint review meeting to track work progress & the sprint ends with a retrospective meeting measuring Instagram insights & analytics. Statusbrew’s massive reporting features help drill down the Instagram engagement & reach minutely, aiding the team to assess performance & assist in focusing on content if any improvisation is required.


Attainable: While setting the goals, each team member does their part of research to understand the current market, do a competitors analysis, assess ongoing trends on social & accordingly set an attainable goal.

Relevant: The team ensures to be relevant with the industry, business & outlook to take most from the Instagram marketing. Statusbrew marketing workforce consumes myriads of social content or does in-depth content & keyword research & also stays connected with the product team. Statusbrew’s slack integration has made it convenient for the entire workforce to stay connected with each other in real-time.


Time-Bound: While preparing the sprint, the marketing managers & team lead prepare it keeping in mind the required time frame. For example, content creators are provided a specific period to conduct research & write content for the blogs. The social media manager likely has to post feed posts, reels & story within a particular time frame.

A time-bound goal is helping the brand to produce quality & engaging content, which is driving views to the Instagram account. It also ensures that no important content is left behind or productivity or quality decreases due to backlogs.

Statusbrew Instagram Marketing Strategy

Statusbrew’s triumphant growth is a result of the systematic, coherent & market-driven Instagram marketing strategy.

Statusbrew has a solid user base; the entire startup team has transformed its social network into a perfect place to promote the brand and let more people know about the product & service.

Seeking an example for your SaaS start-up to know how to market your business on Instagram? Let’s roll on to Statusbrew Instagram marketing strategy to get some inspiration:

Assessing Content Ideas

Instagram marketing scenario is evolving each day & to produce attention-grabbing content is one of the significant parameters of drawing organic engagement. However, as a SaaS start-up, it is sometimes critical to come up with creative post ideas. The Statusbrew marketing team solves the issue by focusing on posting visual content & illustrations.

65% of social media users perceive visual information better & when you amalgamate information with visuals or illustrations, it swiftly impacts the engagement rate.

The team dissects their Instagram report at a granular level & chooses the right content that adheres to brand value. Based on Instagram analytics, the marketing team assesses the content format; also, the team streamlines the workflow of the content creators, social media manager & design team.

Creating A Visual Identity

The SaaS startup maintains consistency in color choice & the font on Instagram, which is immensely aiding in creating the brand’s visual identity.

Statusbrew’s Instagram visuals have a specific color theme & the same color pallet is incorporated into all the feed posts. Infusing a cohesiveness of color & font across all feed posts, story posts helping the Instagram community to recognize the startup easily.


Furthermore, if you scroll through the Instagram profile of Statusbrew, you notice that they have inculcated a consistent tone while communicating on the social platform.

Whether captions or reels, subtitles or responses, a consistent brand tone is maintained, which is also a significant reason behind Statusbrew’s successful marketing strategy.

Bonus Tip: Along with focusing on colors & fonts, check out what other people in the industry are posting. It helps you to tap into that context & accordingly put your brand’s spin into it. Take product shots, and be creative with graphic design & illustrations.

Understanding Community

A significant part of an Instagram marketing strategy is to know, understand & assess the people whom you are addressing. One of the tactics the marketing team follows is visiting the diverse Instagram profile of the followers & checking followers bio to know them & accordingly take notes.

It is an effective & most straightforward way to understand the Instagram community. Further, the team also digs audience data via Instagram insights & Instagram marketing tools such as Statusbrew reporting, which offers a wholesome analysis of ‘Audience Demographics.’


Instagram Content Planning & Execution

Statusbrew marketing team streamlines the Instagram content in advance & schedules and optimizes content without spending longer hours!! We have classified the Statusbrew Instagram content planning process into seven steps:

1. Regular Team Meetings

The day starts with morning-stand-up meetings where the team discusses the work status of the previous day, tasks to do for that day & accordingly plan content for future posts.

Besides, the social media manager of the team & the marketing managers share quick learnings with the team. Internal team meetings & meeting with other departments such as products & dev team brings insights about what content to be created, upcoming events, current blog topic in the process; or any other ideas which can be fruitful to engage the followers.

The entire process helps organize the workflow for the upcoming week & the marketing efforts of the team are aligned & continue without any interruptions.

Since all the departments are well informed, the review hierarchy is also maintained well so that there’s no error occurred which otherwise can hamper the organization image. Team meetings at the beginning & end of the working day further help assemble the urgent workflow & the marketing team can act upon that work at the earliest.

2. Workflow Of Curating Instagram Posts & Captions

How To Decide Content Format

For content ideas, the social media manager of the team explores Instagram & save ideas. While following the process, concerned individual in the social media manager position save inspiring & trending content and then convert it into a brand niche.

The primary workflow of the organization's Instagram content creation can be defined as Scroll-Save-Create-Engage. Besides, content curation is also done through attending clients’ demo sessions. The team attends the demo sessions, takes demo notes to understand what’s the requirement of their target audience & accordingly creates content and engage with the prospects.

How To Decide Content Format

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The marketing team follows a content repository sheet to stockpile content to put on social media. This sheet has links to the drive folder, which has videos and images. Content repository sheet systemizes the content creation process to the execution process.

Steps to create a content repository:

Step 1: Create a folder on your Google Drive & name it as ‘ Content Repository’. Now creates a Google Document inside the folder & name the document such as ‘ Instagram Content Repository’.

Step 2: Enter the date & day of the content creation period. You can write the format as yyyy/mm/dd and then write the day within brackets or the way you think is convenient.

Step 3: Now click on the ‘Insert’ on Google Sheet and choose ‘Table Of Content’. Choose between the option with or without the page number & click to create the content index of your repository sheet. Table of content holds headings added to the sheet.

Step 4: Under the date, name the content format you have created. Write captions & hashtags used. Now add a drive link where the content is available. For reels, along with the drive link of content, ensure to add a cover link. Also, mention the music used on that reel. For the story add the ‘Swipe up’ links. If you are using Q/A slides, mention the slide instruction or the option provided on the slides.

The repository provides you a better overview of what you have posted & when. With precise information available, it makes it easier to track and analyze your marketing effort accurately.

Note: Though not everyone in the marketing team is allowed to edit a master repository sheet, all the members know where the content repository is located & also have viewing access. There is no static approach to create a content repository & you can play around & set the repository accordingly. The repository assists you to not to get stuck on ideas & hung up on them. You can tap into ideas whenever required with the content repository sheet.

3. Reels, Story & Feed Post

The organization significantly adheres to posting consistently & ensures post quality content. The marketing team posts one reel each day, one ‘Did You Know' Post or Quote as feed posts & 2-3 carousel posts weekly. Further, two infographics are also shared weekly. Blog banners are shared on Story posts with ‘Swipe Up’ links & Q/A posts are shared to enrich engagements.


The average view on Statusbrew Instagram content 2021 is 3908 & like percentage is 0.62% & comment percentage is 4.77% which is higher than most of the organizations’ industry competitors.

4. Drafting Instagram Captions & Hashtags

Captions are written in the form of conversation, corroborating when the audience reads, it feels like talking! It is a great strategy to drive engagement. The captions are "50% context and 50% brand's spin”. The spin is that where the brand’s underlying message is shared. Language is crisp & easy to digest!

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On the post, relevant hashtags are used & the team explores the best Instagram hashtags the community is already using, looks for niche hashtags & accordingly chooses the set of relevant hashtags for each post. When you scroll through the organization's post, you don’t find any over generic hashtags.

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4. Creating Content In Advance

Instagram posts of the startup are planned in advance. The organization's social media manager amalgamates the future social media content strategy & planning as an integral part of the daily work schedule.

All are done one or two weeks in advance, from analyzing the grid format to start planning for Instagram posts. While preparing the content, the social media manager also ensures to explore the content for other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for brand presence & driving audience to blogs.

YouTube is used to highlighting short product videos & converting blogs into video form. Using Statusbrew Planner, the marketing team schedules content in advance & also play around with UTM parameters.

Creating Content In Advance

5. Optimizing Posting Time

To ensure content reaches the target audience directly, the marketing team analyses the best time to post the content on Instagram. To get the best time when the audience is most active, the team drills down the Instagram insights & gauges data from the ‘ Audience Tab’ such as times of day and the days of the week when the audience is most active.

Besides, with Statusbrew Instagram reporting, they monitor & collect information based on location, gender & other parameters about the target audience section. The team schedule posts when there is a spike in audience activity.

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6. Managing Profile Via A Unified Dashboard

The Instagram profile of the organization is managed through a unified dashboard. Team reinforces Instagram marketing effort & builds communities by replying to comments in real-time, mentions, and ad comments from the Statusbrew user interface.

Besides, social media manager utilizes the automated comment moderation features to hide, delete or mark spam comments & maintain the brand’s online reputation.

Further, content is submitted for review, & the marketing manager collaborates with the social media manager using Statusbrew’s advanced permissions and flexible approval structure.

7. Social Media Calendar

Keeping the key dates in mind, the social media manager collaborates with the design team & creates relevant content for that specific event or day. Story & feed posts are made for global, national, and social media events or an international celebration or social media holiday. Check out the detailed social media holiday calendar 2021:

2021 Social Media Holiday Calendar [Downloadable + Infographic]

Social Media Calendar

It is scheduled accordingly, along with the daily Instagram posts. To stay ahead of the game, the social media manager ensures to spend time researching and collecting all the data about national and international events to leverage the Instagram campaign & meld the post with trending relevant hashtags, which impactfully helps increasing post reach.

Instagram Marketing Tools

Canva For Instagram Content Creation

Canva brings life to Statusbrew Instagram content. This intuitive graphics designing tool that aids the organization's marketing team in creating aesthetically pleasing visual content.

  • To create content on Canva, you have to start with choosing the right design or your required dimension. On the Canva homepage, select the design type to get the optimal dimensions for each graphic.

  • To get custom dimensions, search ‘custom size' & you can select from millimeters, pixels, or inches. You can opt for an image or a solid color for background; however, while choosing a color, understand what meaning the color adheres to.

Average First Response Time

  • Statusbrew Instagram feeds background color is white or blue, for the blue background they use white front and on a white background, the font color is black. A dash of yellow is used to highlight essential facts & to draw audience's attention.

  • Consider the texture of the image while preparing your design; consider cropping the images & remove any space or features in the image that create noise. Statusbrew’s Instagram posts design comprises text, icons, photos, or illustrations, making the posts visually appealing. You also can combine the elements pleasingly.

Furthermore, analyzing Statusbrew’s post design, you can notice that a balance is maintained for all the elements. They are centered & none of the components is too close to the page edge; further, it is simple yet informative. Lastly, fonts significantly impact the design; ensure that you are not using more than two fonts as too many fonts in the designs build a messy look.

While creating content readability is one of the significant parameters to consider. Take these tips from Statusbrew’s content design created using Canva:

  • Use the light color text on dark background & choose the dark color text on a light background. It helps your text to stand out & boost creative's readability.

  • Ensure to use colored shapes behind your text & do not forget to adjust transparency. Also, you can add filters to the background.

  • Check line height of the text & the letter spacing. Refrain from using too much text or too many icons or elements or background.

Canva paid version allows users to: resize designs, upload custom fonts, organize photos with folders & additional access photos, illustrations & templates.

Statusbrew Publish & Engage

From the Statusbrew app, now you can schedule posts or upload photos & videos directly on Instagram. Statusbrew's various publishing tools assist the team in aligning content planning and publishing faster. It also aids the team to stay organized with efficient campaign management and reporting initiatives.

Statusbrew Planner offers a complete view of the timelines & assists the team to visualize scheduled or published posts; further, it empowers the team to manage individual posts and campaigns efficiently. The widest range of publishing tools includes scheduling, URL shortening, tracking, content tagging, content categories, audience targeting, & many more.

Statusbrew Publish & Engage

Engage helps to track all social conversations and respond to each query faster. The advanced & automated tools for comment management assists the team in dealing with spam & negative comments effortlessly, ensuring a successful Instagram marketing campaign.

How To Measure Instagram Analytics

Tracking analytics is a crucial part of a social media marketing strategy. Analytics empowers you to decipher the types of content audience finds more interesting.

Statusbrew uses Instagram Insights to measure content performance, particularly to get the data about story posts & reels’ performance. Based on the data gathered, the marketing team optimizes the strategy if required. Check out the article to know how you can access Instagram Insights natively:

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However, with the newly launched Statusbrew report the team drill down data at granular levels. The precise data offered by the new Statusbrew report assist the marketing team with audience growth data, and the number of likes and comments on posts. Instagram profile views offer information about individual accounts that have viewed your connected Instagram profile(s) within the specified period.

How To Measure Instagram Analytics

With Statusbrew report, you can get Instagram followers metrics which offers the total number of followers on your connected Instagram profile(s) & it provides you insights on the age, gender, country, city, and online status of your followers.

How To Measure Instagram Analytics

Metrics such as 'Instagram direction clicks' provide data about the number of taps on the directions link in your Instagram profile(s) over the specified time period.

'Instagram Reach' offers the data on the number of unique accounts that have seen your post/story. Story data does not include highlights, live video stories, or reshares. Instagram Impressions gives you access to data on the total number of times your posts, stories, and promotions have been viewed. Furthermore, it also provides data such as Instagram Phone calls/text messages /website clicks.


What’s New In Statusbrew Report

Statusbrew’s report assists the users with 180+ exportable reports, which is one of its kind in the entire SMM Industry. Each of the reports is draggable & users can smoothly arrange it without any glitch. Besides, users have total control over design & each of the widgets is exportable.

The brand new addition is detailed data on YouTube metrics. Yes!! Now you can avail explicit YouTube data with Statusbrew report. With the increasing demand for video marketing, it is indeed a ‘treasure trove’ for video marketers to enrich brand reach with easy-to-digest video content analyzing the content performance.

What’s New In Statusbrew Report

Right from YouTube View Metrics, YouTube Engagement Metrics to YouTube Watch Metrics & Subscriber Metrics, you can now get all report at one place.

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Summing Up!!

In the last two years, SaaS startups have observed significant funding traction & gaining investors’ attention. Investment in these companies has grown by 20%.

SaaS startup Statusbrew is growing with a data-driven & collaborative marketing strategy. Along with Instagram, the organization has an impactful presence over prominent social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube.

Statusbrew has a systematic workflow, transparency of work between the team members & it focuses on constant innovation. Along with it, quality customer support & dissemination of the product knowledge among the target audience effectively with the on-point Instagram marketing strategy is the hidden gem that guiding the organization in the path of success.

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