How To Respond To Instagram Comments Like A Pro

Sep 14, 2023 7 min read

Did you know that comments are favored by the Instagram algorithm and positively affect your engagement rate? This is why it's important to write Instagram captions that drive your target audience to react to your posts. It's equally important to read the comments made on your posts and respond to them to keep the conversations going.

Responding to comments from your Instagram followers and other users is a great way to show them that you value them. This can create a positive impact on how they view your brand. Interactions can even lead to a feeling of connection. People will likely follow your account and become loyal fans when you respond to them.

But how to reply to comments on Instagram you receive on your posts? This blog will explore it along with a few tips. Let's start!

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Why Should You Respond To Instagram Comments?

Boost Your Business

You never know if your next customer might be reaching out to you in the comments section of your Instagram post with a query. This way, taking heed of Instagram comments can help brands attract new customers.

Shapes Your Brand's Reputation

Customers expect stellar customer service on Instagram; it doesn't matter whether that's a post, a comment, a mention, or a tag.

Responding to Instagram comments from your current or potential customers not just appears as acknowledgment but also helps to improve your social media customer service.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Customers who are satisfied with your service on Instagram are also more likely to refer your brand to their friends and colleagues, which is a vital cog in Inbound Marketing.

Pringles Customer Interaction Example

Image Source: Instagram

Identify Gaps And Issues With Your Products or Services

Instagram is a goldmine of insights for businesses. Tapping into feedback through Instagram comments is a fantastic source of insights for your business.

Analyzing user feedback through Instagram comments is as easy as measuring customer sentiment and tracking conversations.

Types of Instagram Comments And How To Respond?

1. Questions

Some people will ask practical questions regarding your products or services, while others might be personal or provocative.

Whether the person behind the comment is confused or curious, it's essential to acknowledge the question and give an answer as soon as possible.

Target Customer Interaction Example

Image Source: Instagram

2. Angry Comments

Disgruntled customers are a regular occurrence in business.

It's important to reply to comments from such angry customers as soon as possible and let the customers know that you are working to resolve their issues.

FabFitFun Customer Interaction Example

Image Source: Instagram

3. Support Inquiries

For most brands, social media has become a legitimate customer support channel.

Replying professionally, politely, and helpful is essential to support inquiries received on Instagram, along with being quick to take responsibility and acting fast on such comments since they have the possibility to become your future customers.

The Coffee Bean Customer Interaction Example

Image Source: Instagram

4. Indirect/Neutral Comments

Some Instagram comments are just users thinking out loud.

In such cases, you can either choose to reply to such comments or refrain from replying and not depending on the potential of such comments for further engagement.

Kaja Customer Interaction Example

Image Source: Instagram

5. Shares And Mentions

It is great when Instagram users take notice of what you post and like, comment, and share your posts.

It's nice to reply to such shared posts, acknowledge the person and encourage them to continue doing so.

Wayfair Customer Interaction Example

Image Source: Instagram

How To Respond To Instagram Comments From Mobile?

Locate the Instagram comment you want to respond to. It can either be on your post or even on anyone's Instagram post. Tap the Reply button underneath the comment. Type in your response. Tap Post to reply.

How To Respond To Instagram Comments From Mobile

Best Practices For Responding To Instagram Comments

Always Stay Professional

Whether you come across customers who are joking with you, using sarcasm, or even outright provocative, try to retain a professional attitude when handling such Instagram comments.

Nykaa Customer Interaction Example

Image Source: Instagram

Maintain A Distinct Personality

Being professional doesn't mean that you lack character. Customers like brands with bright and memorable persona. Feel free to use emojis in your replies to add warmth to your tone.

Passion Planner Customer Interaction Example

Image Source: Instagram

Be Honest

If you don't have an immediate answer to a customer's question, acknowledge it and speak the truth. Being transparent is better to pacify customers and build loyalty than ignoring their comments or offering false promises.

Macy Customer Interaction Example

Image Source: Instagram

Take Things Offline When Necessary

Customer interactions that could be inflammatory, sensitive, or require sharing of personal information should be moved to Instagram DMs, private chats, phone, or email support.

Measure And Report On Your Social Activities

Keep track of customer sentiment, user feedback, and the average response time to help you improve your services.

Customer Sentiment Report

Use a tool like Statusbrew that provides in-depth analytics of almost every like, comment, or interaction received on your posts and comments.

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Best Instagram Comment Replies By Brands


Starbucks nails it when it comes to managing customer engagement on Instagram. Here's a great example of how Starbucks still gives customers individual attention even though they are a huge company. This goes a long way toward keeping their customers coming back to them for more.

Starbucks Customer Interaction Example

Image Source: Instagram


As an airline search engine comparing millions of flights to find you the cheapest deal, Skyscanner excels at winning customers over with creative and personalized responses.

Skyscanner Customer Interaction Example

Image Source: Instagram


As an entertainment brand, Netflix has an excellent track record of customer care and customer interaction and does it with charisma, wit, and humor. They know how to stray from the typical corporate tone and keep up with their casual voice.

Netflix Customer Interaction Example

Image Source: Instagram

Bonus: We have prepared a list of social media customer service scripts for businesses to save time and respond quickly.

How To Track Instagram Comments?

Set Up Monitoring Streams

Your customers will likely be talking about your brand on multiple social channels. Hence, being able to track these cross-platforms in a unified place is an essential factor.

Using social media management tools like Statusbrew can help you to keep an eye out for comments and mentions from 7 different social platforms in a single dashboard.

Statusbrew Engage Inbox

Track Mentions, Comments, And Replies

Tracking your mentions, tags, comments, and replies from a single platform like Statusbrew not just helps you to reply quickly but also to moderate comments with ease. In fact, you can even collaborate with your team members within the same dashboard before sharing a reply.

Statusbrew Rule To Filter Spam Comments

The native platforms might provide similar solutions, but they often take more time and effort. Also, you might not be able to manage your different social accounts from the same dashboard.

Using a social engagement tool like Statusbrew eases your efforts to reply to comments and filters out the spam, unwanted and unnecessary comments from your comments section to prevent them from razing your brand reputation on social media.

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Statusbrew is an all-in-one social media management tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and even Google My Business.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about responding to comments on Instagram:

Does responding to comments on Instagram help?

If you are a brand trying to build your presence on Instagram with some social media goals, it certainly helps to reply to the comments you receive on Instagram. While it's not necessary to reply to all comments, it's important to reply to those who are genuinely interested in your products/service or are looking for some help.

When should I reply to comments on Instagram?

Sometimes, it even helps to reply to appreciation comments received on your post. Ensure that you don't just refrain from responding to spam, trolls, fake, unwanted, and unnecessary comments from your post, but you also hide Instagram comments in order to keep your comments section clean and green.

How to reply to an Instagram comment on PC?

Open the Instagram desktop app or the Instagram website on your browser. Find the comment you want to respond to. Click the Reply button underneath the comment. Type your response in the "Add a comment…" field below. Press Post when done.

How to respond to emoji comments on Instagram?

Responding to emoji Instagram comments with emojis is recommended since emojis make your messaging more robust, add an extra layer of expression, and seem more relatable to the viewer by conveying empathy.

How to reply to multiple comments on Instagram?

Automating Instagram conversations will help reply to comments as soon as they are received.

How to react to messages on Instagram?

Open the message on your Instagram app you want to react to. Long-tap on the message to see the emojis you can react with. Tap the emoji with which you want to react to the message.

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