30 Social Media Customer Service Scripts For Businesses [Quick Reply Templates]

Jul 22, 2021 16 min read

According to Twitter, the number of Tweets in the past two years directed at leading brand's customer service handles has grown by 2.5x.

You may have staffed your customer service team with experienced agents who know very well how to respond to emails/calls. But writing to customers on social channels is both challenging and different.

The good thing here is that your agents don't need to reinvent the wheel of response for every customer query, especially for common problems. Instead, they can use customer service scripts to cut response times and maintain consistency in messaging.

That is why we have built a comprehensive library of customer service scripts based on different scenarios in this guide. So you can choose and tailor them according to your needs.

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Why To Keep Social Media Customer Service Scripts?

  • Start responding to a high volume of customer complaints on social media like a pro without increasing the number of support employees.
  • Ensures that your employees adhere to the social media compliances and take conversations forward with your customers in the right direction.
  • These scripts will make it easier for your employees to overcome objections and handle social media crises without any hiccups.
  • Helps the team follow one method for solving a specific type of customer complaint to ensure that your brand treats all customers with uniformity.
  • Saves valuable time for your team when answering frequently asked questions or comments. With saved replies, two clicks are enough to provide an answer.
  • Having customer service scripts for information that doesn't change, such as warranty information or a return policy, maintains your brand tone and voice consistent while messaging across different channels.

30 Social Media Customer Service Scripts For Fast & Accurate Responses

These customer service scripts contain important phrases to respond appropriately to different scenarios. The placeholder texts have been included in square brackets so you can replace them with whatever makes sense according to your brand (and if it doesn't apply to you at all, remove them all together).

#1: When refunds are late

Unfortunately, customers seeking refunds are already more likely to be unhappy with your business. And problems with returns only exacerbate the situation. No matter the reason, take these complaints seriously and respond to your customers quickly using this customer service script.

We do understand how difficult it must be. We are sorry to learn you've not received the refund of your order. Please note, for canceled orders, the refund is initiated instantly. However, it may take [number of days] business days for the refund to credit into your CC/DC/Net banking account. Allow us to check this further. Please fill in this form [form link], and we will update you proactively.

#2: When you are unable to offer an instant solution

Conveying this to your customer can be slightly tricky. But since there is no way of escaping it, respond to your customers like this.

Thanks for taking the time to write in! I'll need to take a closer look at this issue to see what's going on. Meanwhile, can you do us a favor and submit a support ticket for this request at [link]?

#3: Complaints about poor customer service

Customers expect a certain level of service and care when choosing your brand over others, so a less-than-satisfactory experience from the customer support team may elicit a complaint. There's always room for improvement, so don't be discouraged and handle the situation using this customer service script.

Hello [customer name], We're deeply concerned to hear about your recent store experience and appreciate you bringing it to our attention. This isn't the experience we expect for our guests who need to get their essentials. We will share this information with the upper management to review. You're welcome to DM us with the order number and associated issue if you have questions.

Complaints about poor customer service

Image Source: McDonald's Facebook

#4: Delayed delivery complaints

The more the number of orders, the greater is the likelihood for deliveries to become late or ending up in the wrong location. This leads to an up stick in complaints associated with shipping errors which can be replied to in this manner.

Hello [customer name], We would be glad to find out what is going on with your order and ask our local delivery station to follow up with our driver. Please DM your name, address, city, state, zip code, tracking number, phone number, and email address & we will get things to work out! We apologize for the delay!

#5: Needs not accurately defined

While venting out frustration on social media, customers sometimes describe the problem in a manner that becomes difficult for you to understand. In such scenarios, it's better to ask your customers to provide further details using this customer service script to proceed to the next steps.

Hi [customers name]. We are sorry to hear about the issue you are having. Is there something specific we can help with? Hop into our DM with the order number along with a brief description of your concern so we can help you out. Feel free to respond to this message for further assistance.

#6: When a customer asks for offers/discounts after the sale has ended

This is a tough one as customers asking for offers have high hopes of getting them. Refusing may have an impact on your customer satisfaction. Hence, you need to deliver the news tactfully using this script and offer another option, if you can.

I understand you want the best possible deal on our product/services. Unfortunately, this [contest name] contest is no longer running. Stay tuned because you never know what we'll come up with next! Perhaps we can also recommend the best package based on your needs? You're welcome to DM us if you have questions.

When a customer asks for offers/discounts after the sale has ended

Image Source: Subway Listens Twitter

#7: Repeated complaints from the same customer

Using this customer service script will give your customer a high level of assurance when they repeatedly reach out to you with a similar complaint.

Hi [customer name], I'm glad that someone from our team has already answered your question! If you already submitted a ticket to our Support team, they'll respond to you ASAP. Just in case you would like to know the status of your ticket, here's a link [link].

#8: Responding to an update after the issue has been resolved

You might have taken the conversation off social media to get the issue solved in private. But once the issue has been resolved, it's mandated that you return to the same social thread and reply with an update on the issue using this customer service script since there are several eye sights on social media today.

Hey, [customer name]! We're all squared away – your problem has been solved. Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you!

#9: Thanking a customer for positive feedback

When customers are exceedingly delighted with a positive experience they've had with your company, they want to share it with the rest of the world through social media. If your customers leave a thoughtfully written positive review, you should respond by thanking them using this customer service script.

You're making us blush! Thank you for the kind words! We appreciate any opportunity to hear from our customers and do our best every day to ensure that our customers' needs are met and heard. We would be happy to share your feedback with our team. If there is a specific interaction that you would like to share with us, please feel free to send us a DM with your order number so we can give that associate some props! Have a great rest of your day!

Thanking a customer for positive feedback

Image Source: Zappos.com Twitter

#10: When customers receive a damaged product

Your already unhappy customers might become even more disappointed if they didn't receive what they had expected. Pacify your customers using this customer service script.

Hi [customer name], we are sorry you received your package in that condition. Please send us a DM with your tracking number, address, email, and phone number. We are going to assist you further.

#11: Product quality issue

If your customers point out that the website images display the perfect high-quality product, whereas it's nothing like the one that had arrived, you can respond like this.

Hi [customer name]! Manufacturing mistakes are rare in our company, and I am so sorry it happened to you. We can send you a refund, or you can get a new one right away? My only requirement is a product image for report purposes. Can you DM me the screenshot along with your email address, full name, and order number?

#12: For technical issues

Your website or mobile app is the foundation of your business. If your customers reach out with any technical complaint when your website or app is not behaving correctly, respond like this.

Hey [customer's name]! We are sorry to hear you were having an issue with our website. We recommend making sure that your browser is up to date and deleting all cache and browsing history. Hopefully, this does the trick! If not, can you send us a DM with your account's email address, device model, operating system, and app version? We'll check things out. Thanks!

For technical issues

Image Source: Sony Support USA Twitter

#13: When you are unable to assist through social media

When you cannot address particular customer concerns through social media, and you need to take the conversation to some other mode of communication, use this customer service script.

Unfortunately, I cannot assist with [problem] related issues via [social channel name]. Could you please submit a ticket to our Support team using this link: [link to submit a ticket] so that we are able to investigate this issue further?

#14: Customer complaints about pricing being too high

There will always be people complaining about the price. After all, who doesn't like to save their hard-earned money. But the true art of customer service lies in changing your customer's minds and convincing them to make a purchase using this script.

Hey [customers name]! We are glad you liked our product. We put a lot of effort into providing a variety of features. By purchasing the product, you don't just get a set of features, but [describe product advantages]. If the price seems a bit steep, you can check our upcoming [sales name] sale to get it cheaper. We also recommend that you fill out the Product Suggestion form here [form link].

#15: When you’re out of a product

When customers convey their disappointment of a product not being available in your stock, focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot do for your customers at the moment.

Thanks for asking! At this time, we have run out of stock for [product name]. For something similar, we'd recommend checking out [share recommendations for similar products]. If you would like some further recommendations, feel free to DM us. Hopefully, we will get more in stock so we can get another pair out for you soon.

When you’re out of a product

Image Source: Pringles Twitter

#16: Customer asks you to violate the company’s rules

In a fiercely competitive marketplace today where changing brands for customers is just a matter of changing URLs, customer demand can go to any height. Sometimes, when customers demand requires you to violate your company's rule, you need to amicably respond using this customer service script.

Hi [customer name]! Thanks for your choice. It is delightful to know you appreciated the efforts we put into the product. As much as we enjoy fulfilling our customers' requests, I'm afraid this one goes beyond our company's rules.

If the question is around functionality, we can schedule a free demo, and I will show you the full potential of our product and how it can work best for your business. Here is a link to schedule a demo [link].

#17: When customers compare you with your competitors

If a customer asks you how different you and your product are from the rest of the marketplace, focus on your strengths with a response like this.

Hi [customer name]! Yes, [competitor's product name] is a good option, but [your product name] beats it by [describe your product features which your competitors don't offer]. A detailed comparison for you to read & learn more is here [link]. If you are still on the fence of decision-making, we can schedule a free demo so you can see the proofs in action.

#18: For impatient customers

Even though a customer might have reached out to your team once and their request was acknowledged, there will be times when impatient customers will come on social media over and over again. The canned response for such customers can be.

Thanks for reaching out [customer name]. Looks like one of our team members is already working on your issue. Let's continue that conversation to ensure your concerns are addressed.

For impatient customers

Image Source: WooCommerce Facebook

#19: Inquiry for internship/jobs

Not all customers on social media would be throwing their complaints, you never know when you have delighted your customers so much that they want to be a part of your growing team. To respond to such a request, try this.

Hey [customer name], Thanks for being a loyal [your company's name] Guest and sharing your interest with us. For more info about internships/jobs, we'd recommend checking out the career page [career page link]. We'll be here if you need anything else.

#20: Ending the matter gracefully

Once you have helped your customers with their issues, it is an opportunity for you to go the extra mile! As a simple "goodbye" won't be enough, here's a customer service script to part with your customers on good terms.

Well, [customer name], it's been great chatting with you! I hope we resolved your issue thoroughly. Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you! You can always reach us directly at [your support handle]. Have a wonderful day!"

#21: When you receive follow up requests

Some customer requests might take more than expected time to resolve. In such situations, it's essential to let your customers know that you are still working on their request and haven't forgotten about them using this script.

Hi [customer name], we regret the delay. Please be assured that we have highlighted your concern on priority, and we will share an update shortly with you. Appreciate your patience on this. Thank you.

When you receive follow up requests

Image Source: AirAsia Support Twitter

#22: When a customer has made a double payment

Billing complaints from customers are among the most severe ones, as they directly relate to customers' finances. You can respond to your restless customers about the double billing error using the given customer service script.

Yeah, that's not supposed to happen. Bad news: you've been billed twice. Good news: we'd like to refund you for one item. Please send us a DM with your full name, mailing address, email, purchase date/location, and product information (UPC), and we'll get to the bottom of this.

#23: When you don't offer the mode of payment highlighted

Respond using this customer service script to stop sounding as if your store isn't convenient enough.

Hey [customer name], help's here. Currently, we don't offer [payment method] payment. The preferred mode of payment we accept is [modes of payment you offer]. You can also add this to our ideas board at [link] so that others can vote on it & show their support. We would soon be coming up with more convenient methods of payment under the sun. Stay tuned!

#24: Transferring issue to the concerned department

The last thing your customers would expect from you is juggling between different departments to get to a solution. Sometimes, you need to transfer a customer's complaints to the concerned department to solve their problem, and in such a scenario, it helps explain that to them using this customer service script.

Thank you for these details, [customer name]. From the details that you have mentioned and the experiences that have been occurring, it sounds that we need to have our [concerned department] take a look at what is going on. For faster service, can you please DM me with your email address, full name, and order number?

Transferring issue to the concerned department

Image Source: Best Buy Support Twitter

#25: When customers want to cancel orders after it is shipped

The most frustrating thing is when your customers want to cancel orders when you have just shipped them. The best way to handle this situation is to give a return option to your customers. At the same time, try your best to convince your customers not to opt for the return option using this customer service script.

Dear [customer name], We're sorry to hear you want to cancel your order. We were so eager to get your [product name] to you that it's already left the shipping stack. Once you receive it, you can send it back to us using our easy returns process, and we will refund your purchase. But we hope you love the product so much that you decide to keep it once you receive it!

#26: When you need customers to make an additional payment to activate the services

Sometimes your customers might not be able to access your service just because their subscription had expired and their payment was due. They might have missed the payment and will reach out to you to point out your mistake. With a bit of tact, you can get most of your customers to make their payment renewed by saying.

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention! The issue appears to be due to an expired subscription to your account. You'll need to add a payment method to activate your account, but if that doesn't work, please reach out to our team at [link]!

#27: Conveying about the discontinuation of a product or service

Sometimes your customers may ask for a service or product (or a product variant) that you have simply stopped offering. Here's a canned response when you can't solve the customer's issue and want to inform them honestly.

Well, [customer name], we really appreciate your interest in [product name]. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this [product name] has been discontinued. Please know we'll share your interest in this product with our team for any future consideration. Thanks!

Conveying about the discontinuation of a product or service

Image Source: Warby Parker Help Twitter

#28: When you can't resolve the issue at all

It's essential to be straight and upfront with your customers when it's not within your customer service boundaries to solve specific customer complaints and respond with this customer service script.

Hey [customer name], thanks for writing in! Super sorry to see the issues you are running into. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to resolve it. To make it up to you, here's a coupon for [discount percentage]% off your next order!

#29: When you want to direct customers to your FAQ section

Redirect your customers to the FAQ section, which already contains a comprehensive response to their query using this customer service script.

Hey [customer name]! We pride ourselves on being as knowledgeable as possible in every situation. And that's why we created an FAQ section for the exact same issue. I am pretty sure you will find an appropriate answer here: [FAQ section link]. If not, I'm happy to get this reviewed for you.

#30: When customers share their suggestions

Being a customer-centric brand, you can embrace your customer's suggestions and encourage them using the following customer service script.

We'll gladly accept suggestions & new product ideas with your written permission through our website! Please visit [website URL] & click on the “Contact Us” section. Scroll down to click on "Email Us" - there, you will see a tab for "Suggestion or idea" to share yours!

When customers share their suggestions

Image Source: Spotify Cares Twitter

Best Practices For Using Social Media Customer Service Scripts

  • Start a separate handle that deals directly with customer service so that if customers have an issue, they can be confident that it will be heard by sharing on your support handle.
  • Sync all your social media handles/support handles to unify all your customer complaints at a single location, thus making it easier to respond quickly and with personalized services.
  • Keep updating your scripts as and when amendments are made to your policy but don't change your scripts too often. Also, it won't be advisable to use the same old scripts for years.
  • Personalize your responses to instill trust within your customer and end the scripts with the customer support agent's first name or initials.
  • Keep your scripts simple and straightforward also due to the character limits of social channels.
  • Use emojis ? in your responses to embellish them and sustain the feeling of responsibility. But do not address the core of your response/answer with emojis (use concrete words for that).
  • Use the right customer support software that can assist you in delivering responses faster.
  • Such tools can create an organized workflow for you and your support team to avoid any clutter while managing a large volume of complaints.
  • Though customer service scripts increase your support team's productivity significantly, you should know when to stop using scripted responses and start having one-on-one conversations with customers.

How To Automate Social Media Customer Service Scripts?

If your business is a growing one, you will likely receive hundreds of customer requests every single day. This makes automating responses to common questions a fantastic option to shave off your daily manual workflow.

You can automate these customer service scripts to avoid typing them over & over again. Pre-save your response to commonly asked customer queries and reply with a single click using Stausbrew’s Saved Replies (and that too personalized ones).

How To Automate Social Media Customer Service Scripts

You get all your conversations and messages spread across different social portfolios delivered and synced into a unified inbox.

You can create, edit, delete a saved response as well as share it with the rest of your team members (or keep it private if you want.) By including placeholders into your saved responses, you can send personalized responses as they will be replaced by the recipient's Twitter or Instagram username.

The keyboard shortcut 's' quickly inserts Saved Replies to your conversations. By pressing 's' on your keyboard while clicking on any conversation in Engage, the Saved Replies dialog will automatically open, and you can choose any of your saved replies.

Rethink and get the most out of your customer service automated replies with Statusbrew!

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