11 Certain Ways To Increase Engagement On Facebook

Aug 21, 2023 11 min read

Gone are the days when marketing relied on newspapers and Television ads. Since then, marketing has undergone a massive makeover. It is crucial to strengthen your social media presence to expand your business.

With a monthly active user base of 2.89 billion, Facebook dominates as one of the most widely used social platforms. It turned out to be a huge place to market from just being a place to chat and make friends.

But due to the broad audience reach and with 93% of businesses being active on Facebook, it is one of the most competitive social media channels for the market. Then how can your business survive such a back-breaking competition?

Don't worry; we are here to help you out!

In this article, we will discuss the easy steps with which you can increase Facebook engagement and arrive at the best Facebook marketing strategies.

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What Is Engagement On Facebook?

Increase Engagement On Facebook

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The action people take on your Facebook posts or page is known as Facebook engagement.

Post engagement indicates that your posts are relevant to your target audience. This helps your posts perform better.

When people see posts in their feeds that are relevant to them, they are more likely to interact with them.

How To Calculate Facebook Engagement?

To calculate Facebook engagement, let's first explore the types of engagement on Facebook.

There are two types of Facebook engagement:

  1. Active Facebook Engagement = Number of likes, comments, and shares
  2. Passive Facebook Engagement = Number of post clicks, link clicks, video views, image clicks, post saves, etc.

Total Facebook Engagement = Active Facebook Engagement + Passive Facebook Engagement

Statusbrew Facebook Engagement Report

Why Should You Increase Facebook Engagement?

More Engagement Gives More Visibility In Facebook Search

Want your Facebook page to get found when people type your topic in the Facebook search bar?

Facebook pages having high levels of engagement naturally rank better in Facebook searches. That means people who are specifically searching for your help are far more likely to find it!

Engagement And Connection Build Trust... Not Promoting Your Stuff

If your Facebook page is constantly promoting your product/service and not posting about anything that resonates with your audience or not responding to questions, your page isn't doing you ANY good.

In this way, your page isn't going to grow, and you are not going to build up the whole "know, like, trust" factor. Therefore your page isn't going to contribute to your goals in any meaningful way.

Less Engagement Hurts Your Credibility

A thriving, growing Facebook page signals to Facebook users that you are offering value and growing and building an amazing business.

But a page that has no posts or a page that doesn't interact with the users signals that you don't care about your audience and that you don't have anything valuable to share or teach.

In this case, it's probably better not to have a Facebook page for your business at all!

11 Best Facebook Marketing Strategies To Boost Engagement

The 11 tactics listed below will help you increase engagement on your Facebook page. Brace yourself for some note-taking. ?

1. Know The Facebook Audience

Get familiar with Facebook demographics by using Facebook Audience Insights page or a tool like Statusbrew.

Statusbrew allows you to understand customer sentiments and patterns so you make informed decisions about unhappy customers. You can gain insights into not just Facebook and Instagram but also four other social networks from a single dashboard.

Statusbrew's AI-Powered Brand Sentiment Tool

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Once you post on your page, keep a check on its reception by the audience. Understanding your audience is integral to boosting your Facebook engagement and refining your Facebook marketing strategies.

2. Content Is The Deciding Factor

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how good your marketing strategies are; your campaign will turn out to be a flop show if your content is awful. You should curate the content for your Facebook page by keeping these essential points in mind:

  • Ensure your brand's logo is used in the visuals
  • The copy should be rewarding enough; does the audience get anything out of it?
  • Your content must entice your viewers to a response.

3. Pin Your Best Post On Top Of Your Facebook Timeline

This is an underrated feature. It's simple yet effective. It makes your business page look better, as the best content from your timeline will be displayed on the top.

If one of your Facebook posts gets an excellent response in terms of likes, shares, comments, and sales, you can pin that post at the top. Since that Facebook post has already worked for you, there are higher chances that the new audience will also get impressed by the same post.

There is no limit on pinned posts, so you can pin as many posts as you want. However, pining too many posts is not recommended, as that would confuse your audience.

Facebook Group

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4. Discover A Variety Of Facebook Posts

Here are some interactive Facebook post types worth exploring and trying on your page:

A Simple Text Post

This is the most basic yet easy to post. Text posts are capable of bringing huge user engagement if your copy is on point.

Don't write an essay in your post as people don't like to read long posts. Be short and to the point.

Facebook Text Post

Image Source: Starbucks Facebook

Post Images For Attention

Posts with images can get you almost twice the engagement of an average post. Attach attractive images in your post to bring a visual appeal.

Instead of using a single image in your post, you can also create a Facebook carousel post with multiple visuals. Shopping Apps widely use this format.

Facebook provides well-versed carousel ads with the possibility to add images, GIFs, and links as CTAs.

Video Post: The Star Of The Show!

People love to watch videos on social media and they have been a critical marketing strategy to increasing Facebook engagement. You can post videos on Facebook about anything, from announcing new offers to exciting content.

The optimal length of a Facebook video should be under 2 minutes. The best option is to keep the video length to 15-30 seconds at most. Short videos keep the audience interested in contrary to the longer videos that might bore them.

Create videos in such a way that it makes sense even without sound. Most Facebook users watch videos without sound. You can even add subtitles to your videos for clear understanding.

Facebook Video Post

Image Source: Facebook

Go LIVE On Facebook

Facebook provides you the option to go LIVE occasionally! Facebook Live is a promising opportunity to interact with your audience. Your audience can comment during the live streaming and interact with you. You can also see the number of people who joined the live session.

Conduct Facebook Poll

Questions are an exciting way to engage your audience. You can put all the possible options in the Facebook poll and ask users to vote accordingly. Generally, people prefer simply selecting an option over typing in the comment box, which results in increased participation.

Facebook Poll

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Post Facebook Stories Regularly

You might have seen that Facebook stories appear at the top of the news feed, which has a better chance of reaching the audience. It is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged and updated.

Facebook Story

Image Source: Facebook

3D Ads For Facebook

Yes, you heard that right. Now you can have a 3D movie-like experience on Facebook as well!

3D Ads are a new concept on Facebook that engages visitors more than other Facebook content types. 3D ads offer realistic features like textures, lighting, and several other effects too.

Facebook creates 360-degree videos and photos too. Big brands and companies widely use this feature to endorse their products and services.

5. Create Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can help you strengthen your online presence on the platform. It can improve your relationship with the existing users as well as make more people aware of your brand.

The benefit of creating a Facebook group is that you can give discounts and incentives exclusive to the group members from time to time. This strategy is profoundly compelling to get more people to join your group and increase Facebook engagement.

Facebook Group

Image Source: Tasty Community Facebook Group

6. Utilize Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is convenient for people to find, purchase and sell things. It shows people the feed of items to buy from individuals who live close by. You can also sell your products on Facebook Marketplace. People can discover what they are searching for by separating their outcomes by category, location, and cost.

You can connect with purchasers easily where they are by listing your business on the Marketplace.

7. Time It Right

You might be putting up the best content possible, but it's a wasted effort if the post is going out at the wrong time (i.e., at a time when your community members are not online.) So it is well worth spending time understanding your community's online activity timing.

Analyze which posts get the maximum engagement. Figure out at what time and day of the week they were posted. See if you can identify a pattern between the time posted and the post engagement. Analyzing the posts for a month or two can help you to determine the best time to post on Facebook for maximum interactions.

Best Time to Post on Facebook

If you want to avoid the manual work of analyzing your past posts to figure out the optimal times to post, social analytics tools like Statusbrew can do the work for you. By going this way, you don't just save time, but the information obtained is also accurate and less prone to human error.

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8. Use Humour

Who doesn't like a joke (unless it is on themselves)? Humor is a great way to win the audience's hearts. Create funny content to increase Facebook engagement.

Ensure your brand doesn't end up becoming a joke in it. A practical joke that highlights a product or brand feature or is played on a team member can surely help increase the reach.

9. Use Sponsored Posts

Facebook first makes you spend time and effort getting your customers to like and follow your page. And then, Facebook spends its time and effort to let your content appear prominently on your target audience's newsfeed.

Even if this means spending on getting your users' attention, it's completely worth the expense. Boosting Facebook posts really helps if you are looking to drive traffic from Facebook to your website, landing page, contest app, etc. Ensure you insert proper calls to action and links in all promoted posts.

Facebook video ads

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10. Set Actionable Goals For Facebook Engagement

Now that you have a better handle on different strategies to increase Facebook engagement, it's time to harness this info to fuel your growth by creating specific and measurable social media goals.

Why was your average Facebook engagement rate only 3.7% last year, compared to your industry-wide average of 4.6%? Boosting your engagement to 4.6% is an achievable goal that will have a noticeable impact on your brand and its overall growth on the platform. With this goal in mind, you can create tasks for yourself to work on your Facebook presence, such as:

  • Posting at least three times a week. Schedule Facebook posts to keep with the consistency
  • Focusing on the types and quality of posts that your audience actually likes
  • Improving your customer service experience and average response time, perhaps by using Facebook chatbots
  • Scheduling time each month to check in on your Facebook analytics and to see how you are performing with respect to your goal so that you can make adjustments along the way.

11. Make Facebook Insights Your BFF

You can find your engagement rate on any Facebook post by compiling all the likes, shares, and comments received on the post. Divide it by the reach of the Facebook post, then multiply by 100. Math gives you a bit of a headache, right? Luckily, Facebook has created a solution called Facebook Insights that can do all the math for you.

Facebook Report

Facebook Insights show all of your customer and follower insights in one place. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, even for people who are new to the world of customer data analytics. Facebook insights give you incredibly useful data, including:

  • Post reach - How wide is your audience for posts, or how far are your posts being shared?
  • Engagement by post - Are you getting several likes and comments on a few posts while others are a barren wasteland?
  • Audience demographics, including age and location

By scheduling regular check-ins where you sit down and combine your data, you get to remove lots of guesswork from your Facebook strategy. You can actually see which kind of post gets the most engagement and better understand what your audience likes to view from you.

Facebook Report

Using social media management tools like Statusbrew allows you to manage your presence on 7 social platforms including Facebook from the same dashboard. Using Statusbrew, you can:

  • Create, schedule (even in bulk), and publish posts to multiple social platforms at once
  • Manage conversations along with your team
  • Add internal labs to both posts and conversations for ease of segregation
  • Moderate comments under your Facebook posts and ads
  • Measure your performance, engagement, team performance, audience sentiment, and much more
  • Share dynamic reports using an external link and even schedule them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Sounds interesting? Book a free demo today and see for yourself ?

Try Statusbrew

Statusbrew is an all-in-one social media management tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and even Google My Business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about how to increase engagement on acebook:

How to increase engagement on Facebook groups?

Here are the six powerful tips to increase engagement on Facebook groups:

  • Ask relevant questions
  • Organize contests and giveaways
  • Leverage the power of video
  • Inform and educate
  • Stay on point
  • Admit the right kinds of people
  • Start a discussion and let the group members interact among themselves

How do I grow my Facebook page in 2022?

Here's how you can grow your Facebook page:

  • Add more photos and videos to your posts
  • Promote with ads in news feeds
  • Mention others in your post (if they have a public page)
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Reply and comment on other people's posts
  • Try writing something witty
  • Start creating Facebook Reels

Why is my Facebook engagement so low?

Your Facebook engagement is low simply because of the Facebook Algorithm. You might not have interacted with anyone else's posts. If you interact with others' posts, they will more likely see your posts. The less you interact with other users; the less your posts will end up in others' feeds. And, of course, your post copy must be interesting so others will feel like leaving comments or performing other action on your post.

What are the best days to post on Facebook?

The days closer to the weekend, like Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are the best days to post on Facebook.

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