How to Hide Comments on Instagram - Automatically and Manually

Jun 20, 2020 6 min read

If you're a social media manager, how often do you find yourself agonizing over the comment section on your Instagram posts?

Comment section on the Internet is flooded with all kinds of spam, trolls, etc. And Instagram is no exception. So if you're looking for ways to hide comments on Instagram or want to learn how to automatically hide/delete comments on Instagram, you're at the right place.

In this blog, we'll look at why is it important to hide comments on Instagram

Learn how to delete a comment on Instagram, and see how you can automatically moderate the comment section of your brand's Instagram page.

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Why Is It Important To Hide Comments On Instagram?

Instagram is quickly becoming the marketer's favorite platform due to its unprecedented user growth and engagement rate.

"Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter"

As a result, the comment section on your brand's Instagram page is likely to be filled with all sorts of comments, and odds are you are getting more spam, and troll comments instead of genuine feedback/criticism from your fans/customers.

Often the massive number of spam and unnecessary comments lead brands to leave their comment section un-moderated, which leads to our next question.

Why Is It Important To Reply To Comments On Instagram?

Engaging with your audience via the comment section of your posts is an excellent way of making a connection with your target market. Replying to comments should always be an essential element of your Instagram marketing strategy.

If you can provide customer service to comments from unsatisfied customers quickly, you can not only avoid losing such customers but end up gaining new ones as well.

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Coffee powerhouse Starbucks is often cited for pro-active Engagement on social media. The company is celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth on their Instagram and honoring its employees by sharing their life journey.


Their comment section is filled with hundreds of positive comments, along with a few of the comments criticizing their product. Now you'd expect them to acknowledge the positive ones and ignore or delete the negatives ones, but that's not the case. The company has made a point to acknowledge all kinds of comments on their comments, and it's certainly working for them.


Here are some tips for successfully replying to comments on Instagram.

  • Always keep a professional front and maintain your brand's voice without losing the personal touch.

  • Respond quickly to comments since 42% of consumers now expect a response to their comments within an hour.

  • Try building a rapport with your customers via your comments by representing your brand in a helpful and friendly manner.

  • Since negative comments are pretty much inevitable, building a strategy beforehand to deal with such comments can be helpful

How Can You Hide Comments On Instagram?

We've already talked about why you need to reply to comments on Instagram, but if you are not able to respond to every comment, which is understandable given brands get thousands of comments each day. You need to set up comment moderation for your Instagram page to manage it better.

Instagram allows you to set filters to auto-hide comments on Instagram posts, and even completely disable comments for your page posts. We'll talk in detail about these down below.

But if you're managing social at scale and don't want to spend the whole day trying to hide comments on Instagram posts, jump directly to Comment Management Solutions from Statusbrew.

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How Can You Deal With Negative, Spam & Untasteful Comments On Instagram?

If your comment section is filled with comments that are spam, inappropriate, untasteful, etc., there are a few ways you can deal with it.

1. Auto-Hide Offensive Comments

Instagram offers a privacy feature that automatically hide comments on your Instagram posts, stories, and live videos. Turn on this filter if you have to deal with such types of comments on your Instagram page.

2. Set Filters To Hide Certain Words & Phrases

If you want to hide comments on Instagram containing some particular phrases or words, you can set up manual filters and include words of your choice.

For instance, if you run an eCommerce business on Instagram and have to deal with spam comments with Alibaba & Aliexpress links, you can set up a filter with phrases like Alibaba, aliexpress, fake, etc. to automatically hide comments on your Instagram posts with these phrases.

Comments containing these words or phrases that you add will be automatically hidden from your comment section and will only be visible to the user who posted the comment along with his/her friends.

Note: When a comment on Instagram is hidden, the user who made that comment isn't notified.

3. Disable/Turn Off Comments On Your Instagram

You can also go the route of disabling the comments on your posts. When you disable commenting, any comments that are currently on your post will be hidden.

To turn off comments on your Instagram posts,

  • Tap three dot menu (iPhone) or three dot menu (Android) above your post and select "Turn Off Commenting"

4. Can you Delete Comments on Instagram?

If you want to get rid of a particular comment on your Instagram page, you get the option to delete comments posted on the content that you share.

How To Delete A Comment On Instagram?

To delete a comment on Instagram,

  • Login to Instagram and locate the comment you want to delete

  • Hover over the comment and click on the three-dot menu


  • You can now choose to delete the comment on your Instagram post or report the user

On Android/iOS

  • Open the Instagram app and find the comment you want to delete

  • Tap either the comment icon or any comment under the post

  • Android users need to tap & hold the comment to select it while iPhone users have to swipe left over the comment

  • Now tap the trash icon to delete the comment

Is There A Simpler, Faster Way To Manage Comments on Instagram?

As we talked above, Instagram does offer some decent comment management options which are enough to get you by.

But if you're managing Instagram at scale, running multiple campaigns and getting hundreds of comments on your ad posts and regular posts, you'll likely miss out on either replying to some of the comments or would end up spending the complete day on it.

Since the life of social media managers is already pretty occupied, we recommed a platform like Statusbrew that makes your life easier by allowing you to hide and moderate comments on Instagram in the easiest way.

  • Your Instagram comments (ad comments and regular comments) are all synced up effortlessly in real-time, and you get browser, app and even Slack notifications as per your preference

  • You get the options to hide comments on your posts along with the option to delete comments on Instagram posts

Statusbrew's rule engine lets you create workflows that automatically hide comments on Instagram posts based on the conditions you define. You should give this a try.

Try Statusbrew for yourself, or book a free demo with us to understand how Statusbrew can work for your business.

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