How To Avoid Getting Blocked Or Banned By Instagram [+Infographic]

Feb 25, 2016 5 min read

Instagram is continuously tightening the loop for all the spammers and fake accounts, and so all the users who are trying to grow their account with too many follow/unfollow actions might face trouble. There are chances that they get their Instagram signup blocked or Instagram temporarily blocked or disabled from performing activities. Sadly, in a few cases, Instagram might not even give a warning before blocking the account.

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Let us see a few more reasons why your Instagram account can get banned.

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Reasons Why Instagram May Disable Or Ban Your Account

While there are many reasons why Instagram suddenly disables your account, the few most common reasons are as follows:

1. Posting against community guidelines

There are chances of your Instagram account getting banned if you are using the application against the community guidelines as stipulated by Instagram. If you are posting content which is inappropriate (adult/offensive material) and does not meet the community guidelines, then Instagram might delete, disable or ban your account for spamming.

2. Aggressive follow/unfollow/DMs

Another reason why your account can get banned on Instagram can be your aggressive activities such as following, liking, sending DMs, commenting or even unfollowing users soon after following them.

3. Posting copyrighted material

Your Instagram account can also get banned, disabled or deleted by Instagram for posting copyrighted material without permission.

Safety Tips To Avoid Getting Banned Or Temporarily Blocked By Instagram

1. Post regularly

One of the principal reasons for Instagram being such a hit is the very nature of the social networking medium. You must post pictures on Instagram and mind you; it is a regular posting that counts. An active display of social profile can generally save you from getting blocked.

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2. Complete your Instagram profile

This is very important. Add a little bio in your profile. Also, make sure you have a real display picture. This brings authenticity to your profile.

3. If you are new to Instagram, post for yourself

If you are new to Instagram, make sure you post for yourself, before you start following other profiles. Generally, a good round of start includes posting pictures regularly, maybe for 2-3 days after regular intervals, for you never know Instagram might just pick up and block you for not posting enough.

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4. Do not ignore Instagram community guidelines

So, if you are an Instagram fan, make sure you go through their Community Guidelines as well. Abiding by these guidelines can help you play safely at Instagram.

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5. Perform moderate actions

Now, this is really important and one of the major reasons for users getting their accounts blocked or disabled. Keep your follow/unfollow actions under moderation. Bulk actions might be considered aggressive, and in turn trigger spam which might disable your account and in worst cases you might also get temporarily blocked. So, make sure you keep a watchful eye on how you follow/unfollow people.

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How To Recover Your Disabled Account

One option I see people using to recover their temporarily disabled Instagram account is by following the 4 simple steps:

  • Open the Instagram Login page and click 'Get help signing in' option.
  • Enter your username in the page that follows. If you had changed your username, mobile number or email several times, you might experience some problems in this step.
  • Instagram will email you the recovery code if you complete the above two steps. Carefully follow the instructions in the email.
  • Instagram will then send you a link to reset your password.

How To Get Yourself Unblocked Or Unbanned On Instagram

  1. Formally request Instagram
  2. Give some rest to your Instagram account
  3. Write to Instagram

1. Formally request Instagram

The first thing you need to keep in mind is you need to follow these steps by using your desktop computer.

Now here comes the most crucial thing that you need to take care of. If your account is not reactivated, keep following back Instagram and keep sending them the request to unban your account. Use a different email for every request you make.

2. Give some rest to your Instagram account

In some cases, all you need to do is give some rest to your account. Try login after some time such as 24 hours. This helps restore your account.
Instagram, too knows the pain of a disabled account user. They have specially created this Help Page for disabled users. Visit the page once. You never know if the solution is right there waiting for you.

3. Write to Instagram

So, you have tried everything and still, your Instagram is temporarily blocked, or you can't follow on people on Instagram, consider writing to Instagram about it.

Write an email to Instagram at explaining your concerns and wait patiently for them to reply. The Instagram support team is one of the best support teams in the industry. They will surely help you get rid of the problems that you are facing.

We've also created a detailed infographic on how to avoid getting blocked or banned by Instagram.

Downloadable Infographic

Avoid getting blocked on Instagram (Infographic)

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Wrapping up!

I hope this helps you sail through the barrier at Instagram. Just make sure you try to perform actions in moderation. Bulk actions, too many follow/unfollow in a single stance can land you in trouble, and you can get your Instagram blocked or disabled.


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