7 Proven Ways To Promote Your Business On Instagram

Sep 21, 2022 9 min read

Instagram had initially built a visual space by reviving phrases like “selfie” and “food porn.” Today, there is no doubt that Instagram is a top social media platform for marketing your company. It is a visually pleasing platform with a ton of amazing visual content.

Whether you are a small start-up or a well-established company, it is a great platform for increasing your digital presence. When your Instagram presence is well-planned and managed, it can be quite beneficial for any business. You need to be clear with the marketing strategy if you're using the platform as a marketing channel.

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Why Should You Promote Your Instagram Business Profile?

Statistics show that over two million Instagram users visit the social platform at least once every month. A profile can quickly get buried in the sea of others, especially if you have just made it. You can boost your reach and attract your followers and potential customers by publishing visually appealing and interesting content on a regular basis.

Thus, it's time to reconsider promoting your Instagram Business Profile. Explore how to utilize Instagram business, including the steps to create a business account from scratch and methods to evaluate your results.

Ultimately, Business Profiles on Instagram provide a better marketing experience, regardless of whether you are a company looking to send your message directly or a sincere Influencer looking to grow your following and interaction.

7 Ways To Promote Your Instagram Business Page

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Convert Your Instagram Profile To A Business Account

Ensure you have an Instagram Business Account before planning your Instagram marketing strategy. Changing your current profile to a business account is simple.

To begin, navigate your preferences and select Switch to Business Profile. The advantages of having a business profile are pretty evident.

Followers can contact you directly from your Instagram page, just as on your website, by clicking the contact icon. Additionally, your audience will respect you more as a well-known brand. You can build and post Instagram ads using a business profile without Meta's advertising options.

Additionally, you have access to Instagram's Insights analytics tools, which check the statistics on the impressions, demographic data, top-performing posts, engagement, and performance of your content.

How To Open A Business Account On Instagram

Step 1: Install the Instagram app on your Windows, iOS, or Android device.

Step 2: Launch the app, then select Sign up.

Step 3: Type in your email or choose login with Facebook if you wish to link your Instagram business account to your Facebook Page.

Step 4: Select a username and password, then complete the profile information.

Step 5: Open Instagram Business Tools.

Step 6: Update your business contact information, bio, and website details.

Step 7: Start following people and post content.


Design Your Content Strategy

Once your profile has been improved by switching to a Business Account, it's time to create a content plan. The content strategy is where you decide what and how you'll post. The product photographs and videos you already have will play a significant role in your Instagram content marketing plan. Instagram was designed for visual content, so while captions are crucial, the esthetically pleasing post is what catches people's attention.

Map Your Content

Using social media management tools like Statusbrew and Creator Studio, it's simple to plan your content and interact with your community. Your social media calendars can be filled out month by month, with responsibilities delegated to various people and scheduling that requires final approval.

You don't have to open Instagram daily at a set time to post because these tools will publish your scheduled post for you. Check to determine if you have a decent balance of stories, reels, and posts by viewing your content as a calendar and visualizing the content experience.

With platforms like Statusbrew, you can automate publishing workflows or even create custom workflows according to your requirement. It allows you to streamline and manage your marketing campaign by visualizing an entire timeline of content on different social platforms.


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Choose The Right Time To Post

On Instagram, publishing frequently and consistently is vital, but if you're not posting at the correct times, you won't be doing much to promote your account. You must pay attention to this because the "ideal time" varies depending on your target market, type of business, occasions, competition, and global timing, among other factors.

If your target audience is primarily the IT sector, the optimal time to post might be right after work, around 7, or during their morning commute. However, if most of your audience consists of mothers of young children, the best time to reach them is probably late in the morning, after they have dropped off their children at school. Every successful brand on social media has a data-supported posting plan that determines the best time to post.

Collaborate With Influencers To Expand Your Reach

The quickest approach to finding potential clients on Instagram is through influencers who have already established a sizable audience and following. A growing number of consumers base their decisions to purchase goods or services on what they see in the feeds of the influential people they follow. They believe them.

With Instagram being the most popular platform to display influencer campaigns, including influencer marketing into your strategy has a good chance of being effective. When many believed that influencer marketing would only be a trend, its popularity exploded. According to Big Commerce, businesses spend $100,000 – $500,000 of their annual marketing budget on influencer marketing programs.

Use Hashtags At All Times

Hashtags are crucial when it comes to promoting your Instagram Business account. Include relevant hashtags in your posts and stories to make your performance stand out.

Geo-Hashtags: These assist you in increasing brand recognition in your neighborhood and in being found by potential clients there.

Industry Hashtags: These hashtags can make your Instagram profile stand out to local and international users who could be interested in the material produced by your company generally. You will get credibility in your industry and establish connections with influencers using industry Hashtags.

Popular Hastags: Along with your more focused hashtags, it's a good idea to utilize interesting hashtags like #nofilter and unique hashtags for the days or occasions. These posts enable you to convey your distinctive brand voice and support the promotion of your company's more personable aspects.

Although you are allowed to use up to 30 hashtags in your postings, you are not required to. Additionally, a post with many hashtags may seem a little overwhelming or even desperate. You may always use two or three hashtags in your post and then add the remaining ones in the comments; this lets you receive the same visibility.

Leverage Instagram's Powerful Business Features

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can benefit you when you want to produce leads. Stories can be saved on the Highlight option on your Business Profile.

They provide a lot of advantages for businesses. Additionally, when it comes to Stories, you don't have to worry as much about publishing content that complements the "aesthetic" of your brand or your Instagram page.

Instagram makes it simple to experiment with various content formats in the Stories feature, including images, brief videos, rewind, live videos, Reels, and boomerangs. You can make stunning photos and movies for your stories using apps like Canva.

Instagram Story Features

Caption- Automatic transcription of audio and video.

Countdown - Create a countdown with a date and time (ideal for announcements and product debuts), and anybody who has enabled reminders will be informed when the countdown expires.

Time - Current local time is shown.

Weather - Show the local weather right now.

Donation - Create a unique fundraiser to raise money for particular charities.

GIF - Include a popular GIF in your story.

Mention - In your story, mention another account (great for cross-promotion).

Music - Pick a song's verse to go with your story.

Poll - Find out which options are most preferred by your followers by posing a question (an opportunity for free market research).

Emoji - With a sliding emoji reaction, promote conversation.

Questions - Pose a query and let your followers respond with their responses (a chance to interact and get followers' opinions).

Quiz - Make a multiple-choice test of your own.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a feature that, as its name implies, enables you to interact with your audience in a "live broadcast" manner in real-time. This feature is handy if you're attending an event or discussing something important.

What's terrific about Instagram Live is that your story will appear first in your followers' profile feeds, and they'll also receive a notification when they open the app. However, great power also comes with great responsibility, so only utilize this function if you have some genuinely excellent stuff to provide. Otherwise, you risk alienating users by wasting their time.

Instagram Reels

According to a recent Instagram announcement, all videos will now be posted as reels and can be seen in full-screen mode. Videos under 90 seconds in length are suitable for Instagram Discovery, where the social media platform suggests your content to those who are not followers.

Instagram Post

On Instagram, a picture can have a caption of up to 2,200 characters. But beware: engagement rates may suffer if you have too much copy. Copy should provide a clear CTA and an explanation of the image. Some brands merely publish one or two sentences, while others write an entire paragraph. Additionally, caption length varies from post to post.

Instagram Carousel Post

You can upload up to 10 images and videos to the Instagram Carousel feature, and users can swipe left to view the following image. There are photos and videos in a slideshow that your audience can interact with. In contrast to stories, which automatically advance to the next slide, users must manually swipe to view the next post. Engagement rates are typically better for carousel posts.

Here are some suggestions for using Instagram’s most powerful features:

  • Respond to frequently asked questions regarding your industry or organization in particular.
  • To connect more with your viewers, you can give a glimpse of how you do your business and show them "behind-the-scenes" content.
  • Promote any new blogs, eBooks, or infographics that you have published.
  • Have a "takeover" in which an employee or an influencer posts their own content ideas for a day.
  • Ask your followers for opinions on a trending topic or your business using the Instagram Poll Feature.
  • Organize a competition or giveaway and encourage participants to upload a story tagging your account or using a specific hashtag.

Meta Sponsered Ads

Instagram advertising is now widely used on the platform. The best of doing advertisements on Instagram is by establishing an advertising budget. You may decide just how much you want to spend on them. The carousel option allows you to display a single sponsored ad or several adverts.

This enables brands to reach their customers in whole new ways. Only individuals following your account could view your updates and images before sponsored posts. Brands may now share their pictures with anyone who falls into the demographics of their target market, extending their reach further than before.

Use compelling content for sponsored ads. Keep tabs on your most popular content because you can also convert them into sponsored posts.

Statusbrew For Social Media Advertising

Brands can target audiences for advertisements, promote posts, and control comments on Instagram using Statusbrew.

  • You may see a complete timeline for your advertisements and marketing posts.
  • Unwanted comments on regular and dynamic advertisements can be hidden, deleted, or disabled.
  • Additionally, you can control advertisement comments and acquire detailed information about the performance report of organic vs. paid impressions, engagement, and many other things.
  • Your company can create a set of policies to automatically hide spam and unfavorable comments.

With Statusbrew, you can increase your advertising ROI. Request a free demo from Statusbrew or begin your trial today.


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Track your Instagram Engagement

Businesses can easily track their progress and identify what is and isn't working with Instagram Insights. You can check your reach (the number of accounts it reached), engagement (the number of interactions it received), and new follower growth in the Insights Overview.

Key Instagram insights

Sort your posts, stories, and reels based on performance, then compare various data to understand what applies to your target audience and what you should post more of. You may monitor the development of any running ads in Insights and make any necessary adjustments.

Content Interactions - Comments, saves, shares, and likes.

Activity - Website clicks, profile views, follower counts, and email and address button clicks.

Audience – Gender, age range, and notable areas.

Impressions - From the main page, the profile, or other Reels. Comments, likes, reach, plays, shares, interactions with the reel, and saves.

Stories- Exit, follow, next story, impressions, link clicks, back/forward, profile visits, reach, replies, shares, website taps, and interaction with stories.


Need help with Promoting your Instagram Business Account?

Understanding the platform's best practices and keeping up with Instagram's evolution are necessary for making sure that your feed stands out. For brands, managing social media involves a lot of labor and constant upkeep. It's acceptable to occasionally be unsure of what to do next and to have inquiries as you go. If you have questions about how to advance your social media management, Statusbrew is here to help!

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