LinkedIn For Lead Generation: Things You Need To Know

Jan 19, 2022 14 min read

LinkedIn is a treasure trove for marketers, and it is an avenue for top-level influencers, decision-makers, industry thought leaders for networking, discussion, debate, and research.

With the apt marketing strategy, you can grab the attention of the LinkedIn community, and it can be your effective lead generation method. LinkedIn lead generation can propel your business to new heights as it generates leads 227% more effectively than Facebook and Twitter.

More and more marketers are discovering that LinkedIn can provide sales qualified leads that can be coaxed through their company's B2B sales funnel and converted into paying clients. However, the entire approach of lead generation and promoting your brand is highly tricky. You have to attain the limelight without appearing overly promotional.

To assist you in figuring out the best way for LinkedIn for lead generation, we have encased this blog about ways to leverage LinkedIn to get qualified leads. Delve deep to get the tips to transforming your visitors into customers and multiplying your revenue.

Why Is Lead Generation Important For Business?

A company without a strategy for generating leads may miss many opportunities to grow business revenue. The growth of a business is dependent on the be determined by the whims of a target, who may or may not be aware of your brnad.

On the other hand, lead generation is the approach that aids in your brand visibility, credibility, and interest within a set of target audience (potential leads).

1. Market Expansion

During the launch period of your brand, you are most likely to target particular demography. And when you have the right lead generation approach, it aids you in discovering more about your potential customers. You can drill deep into the insight, which may not be initially part of your marketing initiative.

With this, you get an idea about the new pattern and probability that can help your business grow and able to incorporate it with your marketing approach. With the insights, you now know whom you should target and now have the potential to enter new markets.

Why Is Lead Generation Important For Business?

2. Boost Followers

The lead generation approach comprises a considerable amount of content production and communication. The procedure entails creating high-quality content and initiating social media dialogues.

Here, the idea is to offer helpful information to your target audience to establish you as an industry expert. As a result, a community forms that admire and follow your brand. Among them, some will become customers, and others will become brand evangelists.

3. Customer Feedback

To persuade prospects to become customers, social evidence is essential. And getting a testimonial from a previous customer is among the best ways to gain customer trust. In your lead generation tactics soliciting testimonials and evaluations from your consumers pay off (literally). This information can be included in your marketing materials, such as your website, emails, videos, social media postings, and infographics.

4. Revenue Growth

Lead generation, when done aptly, can increase your brand's capacity to reach target prospects. To increase interest from these specific categories, you'll require to deliver the correct brand message, and offer content that resonates with your prospects.

The revenue growth potential is enormous here, primarily when you focus on the interests and pain issues that your audience cares about.

5. Create New Business Prospects

Lead generation isn't not simply discovering new customers. It may also offer you new business prospects. You can collaborate with a non-competing brand and opt for a joint venture to enrich business opportunities. It helps you obtain access to their audience and vice versa. Such situations are win-win scenarios that could lead to, more leads.

6. Propel Brand Visibility And Brand Awareness

If you're a startup that just got off the ground with little fanfare, or supposes you are an established company with years-long business, and now you are seeking ways to gain more people's attention on your business. It is challenging to increase exposure and awareness to change the tide in your favor.

You may achieve this by developing a targeted lead generation approach with the right content your target audience resonates with and publishing it on the social media platforms they use.

7. Lead Management Can Be Automated

You may now employ software to automate the lead generating and management procedures. Email marketing software, CRMs(Customer Relationship Management), customer data platforms (CDP), and Sending Platforms are examples of such tools.

You may streamline and accelerate your pipeline by incorporating them into your lead creation strategy. Your CDP, for example, records information about leads.

Then, using your email marketing technology, leads are divided into a nurturing campaign.

The CRM then keeps track of any correspondence between leads and your company. You can synchronize data and initiatives by making these technologies available to marketing, sales, and customer service teams. It's critical to have a bird's-eye view of prospects and their actions to improve marketing and sales campaigns.

Advantages of LinkedIn Lead Generation

Following are the advantages of leveraging LinkedIn for lead generation. Let's have a look:

Dedicated Professional Social Media Platform

A person or a company can engage with the most up-to-date industry and career-related content on LinkedIn. You may target experts based on their talents, education, work experience, company, and other factors. The following are the three characteristics that set LinkedIn apart from other social networking platforms:

Professional Information- You can sort the results based on a person's title, industry, talents, and location. You may also look at a company's profile and recent headlines.

Business Context- You can conduct research on business subjects and contact other businesses to sell your goods and services.

News Feed Products- A seamless experience that instantly informs your audience about your business.

Dedicated Professional Social Media Platform

Exceptional Company Targeting Results

You can craft audience segments based on a list of corporations and organizations using company targeting. To begin company targeting, make a list of the firms you wish to target. You can provide information such as the firm name, website, industry, and country. It allows you to upload 300,000 business names.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can find more qualified prospects and effectively manage your sales pipeline. A few of the features of the sales navigator:

  • Save your searches and leads.
  • Sales updates in real-time
  • Connect to your sales tools.
  • Automate the process of generating leads.
  • Out-of-network connections are available.
  • CRM integrations

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

It allows you to communicate with members directly on LinkedIn (even if you aren't connected to them), and they respond more quickly.

Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages are excellent way to promote your products. Many B2B businesses offer a diverse range of items, making it challenging to promote each one on the same page for various people. LinkedIn, fortunately, has Showcase Pages (extensions of your main page) that allow you to market different companies to certain audience.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Showcase Pages were created to help B2B organizations generate more qualified prospects. You can add photographs and check stats much like on a LinkedIn corporate page; however, you can't associate employees with the Showcase Page. Adobe, for example, produced Showcase Pages for several audience segments, including Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud, and CMO.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Niche-Specific Groups

For lead generation, searching for an individual or a company is a very detailed and time-consuming process."Is there any other option?" you might question. Yes, there are groups. Whatever business you're in, you'll discover a variety of active organizations where you can communicate with industry professionals. You must insert your industry-specific term into the search box to locate a group.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Lead Generation Ads On LinkedIn

Forms are one of the effective ways to create leads on LinkedIn. It gives both marketers and prospects a smooth experience. LinkedIn eliminates the major roadblock, manually filling out the lead form. LinkedIn will automatically fill in the form when a user clicks on your Sponsored Content or Message Ads call-to-action button.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

People's profile information, such as name, contact information, company name, job title, and location, will be the data. They'll receive a 'thank you' page after clicking submit, which will redirect them to a website, eBook, or any other destination. Then, continue the lead nurturing process until you've converted them into customers.

LinkedIn For Lead Generation: Steps

LinkedIn lead generation, on the other hand, does not happen by chance. Because of the platform's rapid expansion, there is more competition for your clients' attention than ever before. As a result, it's vital to grasp LinkedIn's best practices and what you can do to stand out.

Consider these nine tried-and-true LinkedIn lead generation tactics. There is no such thing as a "silver bullet" when it comes to obtaining LinkedIn leads. Instead, we propose using a variety of techniques to get you established on the platform and in front of your target audience.

LinkedIn For Lead Generation:Tactics

1. Make An Engaging Profile

Make your professional profile more appealing by optimizing it for engagement
On LinkedIn. After all, the platform is mostly used by professionals who want to demonstrate their power and successes. It's best if you fill up as much of your LinkedIn profile as possible. Optimizing your profile demand not only makes it platform-friendly but also makes it capable of attracting the attention of your prospects.

Average First Response Time

Let's start with the content that appears above the fold, which should ideally comprise a mix of the following:

  • A nice and clean headshot
  • A title that describes your company's position and competence
  • A high-resolution backdrop image that promotes your business, logo, or a lead magnet

Moving on, your 2000-character "About" description is a great chance to highlight your experience, accomplishments, and work results.

We recommend including an elevator pitch description of who you are as a professional, as well as relevant keywords that will help people find your profile. Leads will naturally locate you based on your profile.

Average First Response Time

LinkedIn just initiated a new "Featured" section that can help you generate leads.This section allows you to highlight key initiatives and publications, including but not limited to your blog, landing sites, and lead magnets.

The "Experience" section follows, where you should emphasize your work experience and highlight the firms for which you've worked. Traditionally, these blurbs are about more "suit and tie."

Last but not least, recommendations and skills are vital pieces of social proof for your profile since they reassure leads and prospects that you're trustworthy.

Don't be afraid to ask clients, colleagues, and coworkers for recommendations; if you offer to repay the favor, they'll be more than pleased to assist you.

2. Increase The Visibility Of Your Profile

It's critical to understand how the LinkedIn algorithm works if you want to ensure that your profile is as visible to many people as possible. The short version is that being an active participant on the site is the greatest method to ascend in the algorithm. This entails regularly posting information, leaving comments, and responding to posts.

To be deemed "active" on LinkedIn, you don't have to write walls of text or spend hours on the platform. Even a simple "congrats" or a thumbs-up on a post is enough to enhance your profile's visibility to individuals who aren't already following you. But what more can you do to boost your visibility? It's a good idea to post updates and information during busy periods.

  • Tagging is another approach to improve the exposure and searchability of your LinkedIn material. When you tag a colleague or a corporation in an update, for example, everyone who is referenced gets notified.

  • Additionally, if anyone referenced in your post reacts or comments on it, their actions will make your post accessible to their followers.

  • Adding a couple of hashtags (usually between two and five) to every particular post is also a good idea. As a result, your content will likely trend for a specific hashtag, resulting in more notifications for your fans.

Average First Response Time

3. Find The Decision-Makers

While LinkedIn's native search function might be a little tricky at times, finding decision-makers and relevant contacts is very simple. Initiate by typing the name of a specific role in the search box or simply search the terms independently for outreach candidates on the fly.

Let's imagine you're looking for someone in a specific position at a corporation, but you're not sure exactly who you're looking for. Simply navigate to the "People" tab on any company's page. After that, you'll get a list of possible contacts with job descriptions and pertinent relationships prominently displayed.
Prior to outreach, double-check their titles before issuing connection requests.

4. LinkedIn Outreach

We know your need to increase your LinkedIn lead creation. You'd like to increase your number of contacts and customers. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a problem with advertisers spamming the platform, resulting many managers and C-level executives are receiving a barrage of chilly communications. For the time being, some professionals are completely disregarding their LinkedIn inmail.

According to a recent study, B2B buyers consume an average of 13 pieces of content before making a purchase. B2B outreach entails thinking long-term rather than seeking immediate gratification. Not only that, but if you're too pushy with your outreach, you risk being considered a spammer in your industry.

Each of your outreach letters should ideally be personalized, and you should also provide something in return to your connections (think: a blog mention, a newsletter shout-out, a quote, etc.).

Consider how you can use LinkedIn to find and nurture leads before reaching out to them elsewhere. This shows that you've done your homework on your prospects and are aware of the issues and frustrations that come with receiving so much in mail these days.

5. Drive Traffic To Your Landing Pages

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn does not limit the number of clients who see posts that direct them away from the platform. Take advantage of each opportunity to promote your most recent blog pieces, lead magnets, and webinars. The one drawback is that LinkedIn isn't a sales platform.

Instead, frame your updates and promotions as, first and foremost, informative. It's also worth noting that LinkedIn's algorithm prefers video. Given that video is one of the most widely shared types of content on social media, it should, without a doubt, be a part of your LinkedIn lead generation plan.

6. Consider Launching Ad On LinkedIn

A stunning 65 percent of B2B marketers have already executed a paid promotion on LinkedIn, according to our earlier social data round-up. That's because LinkedIn advertising is designed specifically for the purpose of generating leads.

Average First Response Time

You can target individual experts based on characteristics like industry, job title, and firm size. It's worth noting that downloaded reports and other lead magnets are common in LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. Video is one of the most popular ad format on LinkedIn, which should come as no surprise.

Of course, you can put together an ad campaign on behalf of your firm rather than on your own is one option. Running advertising may be beneficial for your business once you've succeeded in generating organic leads or can construct buyer personas depending on your conversations with leads.

7. Employee Advocacy

Another significant advantage of LinkedIn is that you may speedily expand the reach of your material by enlisting the assistance of some pals. This is especially helpful if you have individuals in your company helping you generate LinkedIn leads. Employee advocacy can help you improve the content of your coworkers and your organization.

Then take a look at how the company's employees reacted to the post shortly after it went public. For marketers looking to expand their reach on LinkedIn, this assistance is a win-win situation. In other words, having a wider reach implies having more opportunities to collect leads.

8. Leverage LinkedIn Groups

Increasing your number of connections, whether actively or passively, is a means to show that you're more than simply a face on LinkedIn. Groups are an outstanding way to meet new people and connect with others in your area. Private Groups allow you to increase your impact inside specialist communities and learn from other players in your space if nothing else. Before promoting your site or service, please be sure to review the Group's content-sharing policies.

9. Find Your Best-Performing Content

If you want to evaluate your LinkedIn performance and lead-generating efforts, you'll need to dive into your data. Do you know, for example, which types of posts get the most attention? Which of your lead magnets and landing pages receive the most clicks from your content?

Look no farther than your data to discover what's working and what isn't. You can check out the analytics to get viable data and assess the measure of your effort. The in-build analytics also offers precise data on our post-performance and seek the areas to improve.

You can leverage it to create a LinkedIn Report to get more in-depth data. Statusbrew Report Lab offers all crucial metrics such as LinkedIn Followers Metrics and LinkedIn Company Page Metrics, including LinkedIn Company Page CTA Clicked, LinkedIn Company Page Impressions, LinkedIn Company Page Reach. Widgets are customizable, and you can share the report link to non-Statusbrew users as well.

Average First Response Time

With Statusbrew Reports Lab, The insights give you complete oversight of your LinkedIn lead generation efforts in a format that your teammates can easily understand.

10. Leverage Marketing Tools

To propel your LinkedIn lead generation efforts utilizing the LinkedIn marketing tools is a great way to boost your efforts. LinkedIn natively offers a suite of organic and paid marketing tools. These resources can help you build an effective organic presence with LinkedIn Company Pages, allow you to amplify post reach and engagement via LinkedIn Ads, and help you measure and optimize your marketing efforts to drive more impact.

Average First Response Time

  • Besides, you also can leverage tools such as Statusbrew to foster your online efforts for business on LinkedIn. With Statusbrew, you can fine-tune your workflow; it offers audience targeting to generate leads and business from LinkedIn. You can also schedule and compose with just a click.

  • You can sync all our You can respond & reply to comments by your audience from LinkedIn profiles and pages into a unified inbox. The content planner makes it smooth to strategize your LinkedIn marketing plan, and you can always have a visual cue of the direction of your efforts.

Average First Response Time

  • Permission-based access makes secure collaborations effortless and secure with your team for your LinkedIn tasks. The reports lab offers you on-point insights for your LinkedIn profiles. Its advanced comment moderation features allow you to hide, delete, or make spam comments making your brand reputation intact.

Wrapping Up!!

LinkedIn is the goldmines for brands to generate leads. If you're in B2B, now is the moment to figure out how to get leads on LinkedIn. According to recent social media data, 45 percent of B2B marketers have already gained customers on LinkedIn, for starters.

According to the same statistics, the platform generates roughly 300 percent more B2B leads for advertisers than Facebook. This is an integral part of every B2B marketing funnel, from acquiring new consumers to building brand awareness.

Statusbrew can be your reliable companion in the LinkedIn lead generation efforts journey. Explore Statusbrew to better insight into how it can assist you in the LinkedIn lead generation process.

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