How To Schedule LinkedIn Posts

Mar 3, 2022 11 min read

As per studies, LinkedIn is solely responsible for 80% of social media leads for B2B compared to 13% on Twitter and 7% on Facebook.

LinkedIn is rapidly growing with 800+ million monthly users spread across 200 countries and regions worldwide, giving access to the world's largest professional market.

You need to have a perfect strategy to make a profound impression on this platform in a short while. From discovering content, managing your LinkedIn profile/page, curating content, to being super responsive, LinkedIn scheduling tools can automate a lot of your manual tasks.

In this post, we will walk you through a LinkedIn scheduling tool to boost your marketing strategies for an enriching output. Let's start!

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Can You Schedule Posts On LinkedIn?

Yes, you can create and schedule LinkedIn posts in advance to post them on your profile or company page at a suitable time.

However, unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn does not provide an inbuilt scheduling tool. Nonetheless, you can create and schedule LinkedIn posts using a social media management and scheduling tool: Statusbrew.

Why Should You Schedule LinkedIn Posts?

There are several reasons for why it's important to plan and schedule your LinkedIn post in advance. You can publish content at times when your audience will see them and not just during random hours.

By planning ahead, you can also ensure that there is a good variety of topics being published and covered through time.

Let's tackle the benefits of scheduling LinkedIn posts in detail:

Create Content In Batch

LinkedIn scheduling allows you to create a batch of your posts to go out for the month (or even more).

Creating content in a batch is an efficient way of staying consistent on LinkedIn while also getting your other tasks done.

You can start by setting aside some time to think about this and create the content you want to post for the week or month.

This post can include anything from images, videos, plain text to any content you feel represents your brand well, and your audience will resonate with.

Scour other LinkedIn posts in your industry to find good inspiration and find out what's working for other people.

Once you have created all your content, you can now add them onto your LinkedIn content calendar for them to go out on the desired dates and times.

Statusbrew Planner

Optimize Your Posting Schedule

Not all posting times work the same on LinkedIn. The time at which you post will heavily affect your engagement rate. Hence to stand the best chance of getting your post seen, you should post at your best times.

You will want to research the peak hours to post your content so that you get as many eyeballs as possible.

This is especially important if you are doing a Call-to-Action post and want people to opt into something such as a lead magnet, call, or sign-up form.

According to our research, the best time to post on LinkedIn is from 9 AM to 5 PM, and the best days to post are Wednesdays and Thursdays. The worst time to post on LinkedIn is on weekends or outside of business hours.

But it's essential to research your industry's best times and get an idea of when your audience is most active on the platform.

Know more about Best Time To Post On LinkedIn

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

Saves Time

This is one of the clear benefits of scheduling LinkedIn posts: You save time!

You are probably a busy professional handling several tasks throughout the day. When you schedule LinkedIn posts in advance, you get that time back to do more pressing matters.

Boosts Engagement

Engagement is one of the most desired social media goals as a whole.

Instead of "guessing" what to post, you should search through the most viral content in your niche. Researching winning posts in your industry and using similar post ideas will help you increase your engagement.

How To Build A Social Media Dream Team

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Adds Flexibility And Reduces The Effort

Because of the time you save from scheduling LinkedIn posts, you will have more time to spend on the creative side. This also brings flexibility to your content because you never know when another post idea may inspire you.

On top of that, it's less effort. Sure, you will have to create content in bulk at first, but you can always make changes to your content calendar for future posts. Eventually, you can also sit back and engage with your audience throughout the month as your posts go up automatically.

Builds Brand Consistency

People love it when their favorite brands are consistent on social media. Think of your favorite Netflix show. The consistency of episodes turns you from a viewer to a fan.

Think about it:

When your target audience expects you to always post on Thursday at noon, they will look forward to your posts throughout the week. And this will benefit you in growing your audience and influence on LinkedIn.

Consistency doesn't always have to be with a specific time. Constantly being present in front of your audience builds a reputable brand over time.

By increasing the amount of content going out on your profile, business page(s), and groups - you will be able to create a better and stronger network.

This can help you build a better brand when it comes to establishing yourself as an industry leader too!

How To Schedule LinkedIn Posts?

Statusbrew’s Compose feature allows you to create and schedule LinkedIn content. Here’s how to schedule LinkedIn posts using Statusbrew:

Step 1: Click "Compose" from Statusbrew's homepage.

Step 2: Click on "Select Profile" and select the appropriate accounts for scheduling posts.

Step 3: Enter the content for your LinkedIn post in the text field. The character count will be reflected in the lower right corner of the text field. You can even see it get updated in real-time as you type content for your post.

Step 4: Once you are done preparing the perfect LinkedIn post, select an appropriate date and time for the post to go out and click on "Schedule."

You can either select a custom date & time to schedule or schedule by a predefined category.

Statusbrew allows you to add media assets to your LinkedIn post. You can upload media from your own system, search from free image websites such as Unsplash & Pixabay, create images from Canva, upload GIFs, or choose images from your team's media repository inside Statusbrew's cloud storage, i.e., Asset Manager.

How To Build A Social Media Dream Team

When working with your team, you can provide your team members with Needs Approval access. In this way, their LinkedIn post won't be published unless it is approved by the approver.

You might have different members within your team responsible for creating & approving the content; those team members creating the post can select the team member they wish to send the LinkedIn post for approval under "Assign Approvers" and click the "Send for Approval" button.

How To Build A Social Media Dream Team

You can even assign Tags, Watchers, and a Post Title that is exclusive to Statusbrew to your posts. Tags act as internal labels that are otherwise not visible on your posts, but they assist you in categorizing your posts. Adding watchers helps keep your team members in the loop of publishing activity.

Statusbrew allows you to go for Audience Targeting when you want your LinkedIn post to be viewed only by a specific user in their feed as the posts will be hidden from those who fall outside the target user set.

LinkedIn provides audience targeting for the following fields:

  • Industry: Determined based on the primary industry of the company where the member is employed
  • Seniority Level: Determined based on the rank and influence of a member's current role in their organization
  • Job Functions: Determined based on the function of a member's current job
  • Languages: Determined based on the language of the member
  • Locations: Determined based on the member's preferred location
  • Company Size: Determined by the number of employees listed on the organization's Page

Statusbrew will display a LinkedIn estimate of the audience size you will be able to reach as you select your targeting options. The minimum audience size required is 300 members. However, LinkedIn will always return 0 if the reach is under 300.

How To Build A Social Media Dream Team

How To Schedule Multiple Posts On LinkedIn?

If you want to become more productive in your scheduling task and wish to bulk schedule post to avoid the monotonous process of creating and scheduling every time, Statusbrew provides you the option to do just that by uploading a CSV sheet and schedule up to 400 posts at once.

You can bulk schedule links, text, and graphical (image, GIF, and video) content with just a few clicks. To bulk schedule posts on LinkedIn, Statusbrew supports two layouts of CSV:

1. Date-time-based CSV file: Schedule posts based on a specific date and time.

2. Pre-select Schedule CSV: Schedule post by assigning a previously created Category to your CSV file.

Date-time-based CSV File Sample

Date-time-based CSV File Sample

Statusbrew also provides you with a template for both layouts. You just need to download the templates and add data to the respective cells. Here are the steps on how to schedule multiple posts on LinkedIn:

Step 1: Open Statusbrew's Homepage.

Step 2: Select "Bulk Schedule" under the Compose section.

Step 3: Click on "Select a Profile" and choose the profile to which you wish to bulk schedule posts. Click "Next."

Step 3: Select the type of schedule option you wish to upload from "Date-time based" or "Pre-select Category."

If you choose "Date-time based," you will have to select the timezone, and you will have to select a category from the drop-down menu if you choose the "Pre-select Category."

Click the "Download sample CSV file" to download the template. Fill up the details in the CSV file. Click "Next."

Step 4: Add the CSV file by selecting "Select CSV file" and uploading the CSV from your system.

Step 5: If you want to shorten the URLs you have added to your post, just click on the check box of the "Shorten Links." Shortening a URL will help you manage & track the reach of your content that is coming up via those shortened links.

And you are done scheduling bulk LinkedIn posts within a matter of a few clicks.

In Statusbrew, you cannot just bulk schedule posts but also perform bulk actions on your posts, such as deleting, approving, or adding tags.

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How To View Scheduled LinkedIn Posts?

Statusbrew’s Planner gives you a complete visualization of all your scheduled LinkedIn posts. You can collaboratively manage your individual posts and campaigns with Planner. You can either view all your scheduled posts in the form of a list, or you can view them in the form of rows and columns through the calendar view.

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Statusbrew Planner List View

The calendar view provides a weekly and monthly visualization of your post.

1. Month view: You can view a complete content strategy in place for each day of the month in this view. Month view lets you effectively spread LinkedIn posts across the entire month. With a month's view, you can add or remove content to form a well-rounded social strategy.

2. Weekly view: You can identify the gaps in your content calendar on a day-by-day basis with a weekly view.

How To Edit Scheduled LinkedIn Posts?

Statusbrew lets you edit the scheduled post until it's not published. Posts under approval, rejected posts, failed posts, scheduled posts, and draft posts can be edited.

From Statusbrew Home, under the Planner section, click on "Calendar." Select the scheduled post you want to edit, & click on the pencil icon. You will now be able to edit your scheduled post from both a weekly and monthly calendar view.

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How To Reschedule Scheduled LinkedIn Posts?

Rescheduling LinkedIn posts in Statusbrew is as easy as performing the drag and drop action. Statusbrew's Planner helps you visualize your campaign timeline in both a week and month view.

You can drag-and-drop a scheduled post in month view or week view to reschedule its date and time.

How To Build A Social Media Dream Team

Best Practices For Scheduling LinkedIn Posts

Post At Your Best Times

Scheduling your LinkedIn posts for when your audience is online is the best strategy to ensure people see them. Since people are using LinkedIn at work, the best time to post is while they are at work.

If your LinkedIn audience resides in different time zones, you will have to adjust your posting times. This way, you will ensure that every person who follows you stands a good chance of seeing at least some of your posts.

Use Analytics

The suggested posting times are average. They may not be your ideal times to schedule LinkedIn posts for your audience. For instance, some say that around 8 PM is the best time to reach decision-makers.

Since executives have long and busy days, they are still catching up on emails and other matters even in the evening. They don't have time to check social media until they are at home.

Then what is the best way to find your audience's sweet spot? Analyze your past posts to see how well they performed.

Best Time To Post Heat Map

You can use LinkedIn's built-in analytics to see which of your past posts are most effective. Sort your posts by top engagement rate, impressions, clicks, or reactions. Then, analyze if there are any trends in post type or posting times. LinkedIn analytics only shows the post date, so you will have to keep records of the times you post.

However, there's an easy way to figure out your best times without much hassle. Statusbrew's Reports Lab feature prepares a heatmap based on the performance of your previous post. You can hover over the heatmap to find the exact timings.

Know When To Stop

Automation tools can be helpful to carry out repetitive tasks. They can help you save time when responding to comments and messages and schedule your LinkedIn post in advance.

But you should always use them in moderation as LinkedIn takes a dim view of such tools. You run the risk of your account being restricted on the platform if you rely too much on automation.

Use An Integrated Social Media Strategy

Most likely, LinkedIn isn't the only social platform you are using in your digital marketing strategy.

LinkedIn is just one part of the larger puzzle. You might have other networks such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter in your strategy as well. And you will be optimizing your posting schedule across all platforms. But, it can get confusing when you have data from several different platforms.

Statusbrew can simplify the process. As an integrated social media marketing platform, it helps you schedule content for several social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest. Get the most out of your social media by managing tasks from one central dashboard.

Best Time To Post Heat Map

Wrapping Up

Three professionals sign up on LinkedIn every second to be a part of this growing community.

Business professionals interact with LinkedIn Pages more than 1 billion times per month. In fact, 96% of B2B marketers have used LinkedIn in the last 12 months to distribute their content.

You need to provide informative & interesting content to your audience to have a solid presence on LinkedIn.

Statusbrew can help you schedule posts on LinkedIn, even on multiple accounts at once. It is surely a life-saver tool for social media managers and marketers to promote your brand and grow your sales.

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