Influential Social Media Marketing Campaigns of 2019

Aug 7, 2019 7 min read

Social media marketing campaigns are the new-age advertising and marketing efforts. These are online practices that integrate the world of social media and the objectives of a business in an innovative way.

For example, you have an ABC clothing brand, and you aim to globally expand your business, then social media marketing campaigns are the most progressive and influential methods of creating awareness about your ABC clothing brand. It makes a difference with focused targeting when compared to regular social efforts.

The world of social media is wide and diverse; one has to look for different social media platforms and the strategies to follow while working on social media campaigns. Nonetheless these campaigns are multi-purpose. They aid in connecting with your audience to know their interests, feedback, complaint queries, drive sales and website traffic, etc.

How to successfully run a social media marketing campaign?

  • Plan - Firstly, decide the goal that you want to achieve. Then form objectives and strategies to accomplish those objectives. The objectives can be brand presence, sales, lead generation, or customer support. Analyze the social media demographics of different platforms to find out the best-suited one for your business.

  • Execute - Keep in mind the terms and policies of the social media platforms that you want to work on and then execute your promotional activities. Violating it may hamper your business reputation or may result in a blocked account.

  • Follow-up - Any marketing strategy is incomplete if you are missing follow-ups and analysis. Invest your time in a social audit to know your present situation and to formulate the future proceedings of the campaign. Tracking and optimizing a campaign will inevitably lead to efficient ROI. Here, using a social media management tool for analyzing your social data will help you save a lot of time.

    “If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything.” – Ronald Coase

Some pro tips to execute social media marketing campaigns:

  • Focus on a variety of content instead of just promotional content. The connection with the audience is a must to build trust. The only hesitation of people in online purchases is a lack of trust, so try to bring a human touch while engaging with people.

  • Creativity is the only option to stay alive as a brand on social media. Don't be monotonous with your campaigns and content.

  • Last but not least, don't underestimate the power of SEO. Social media is overwhelmed with content. It is imperative to get discovered in such a large pool of content. Try to use keywords and hashtags in your campaigns to help your customers find you.

Now let's jump to look at a few exciting and influential social media marketing campaigns of this year!

1. Spotify

It is an audio-streaming platform by a Swedish company which gives you access to millions of songs.

A dicey move of data analytics marketing was taken up by Spotify last year. They brought their brand to the physical world by using their data usage research on billboards and posters. Their comic timing in the statements was creative and noticeable by people. Spotify brought the human connection in the brand by appreciating the customer's likings in those statements.

Spotify 2018 goals

These out-of-home ads convinced people to take selfies in front of the billboards and post to their social profiles. This process resulted in data conversion from physical ad spaces to online promotion by the user itself.

2. Casper

Casper is a U.S. company that serves excellent sleep range from mattress, pillows to glow lights.

Their Twitter marketing strategy and presence is something to take inspiration from. The limit of 280 characters has never been an issue with Casper. People love their witty and humorous tweets and appreciate their marketing model.

They experiment with different social media marketing strategy on their Twitter account, and their customers enjoy that variety. In July 2019, their "word puzzle" strategy on subways made people excited and they tweeted about it.

Casper word puzzle

In May 2019, their #ChooseSnooze hashtag strategy brought them a lot of user engagement. This campaign mainly focused on the comfort that people get by using their sleep range.


In April 2019, they used a multi-channel social media marketing strategy because it is never a bad idea to be around people through different platforms. It launched a sleep channel on Spotify, YouTube, and IGTV, which includes soothing catnap sounds and stories which help their customers to sleep. The buzz around their lullabies strategy is still going on.

Multi-channel strategy

Handling multi-channel strategy on social media may be a time-consuming task but not with Statusbrew. It helps you publish on different social media platforms from one place and with much fewer clicks.

3. Dove

This personal care brand is originated in the United Kingdom and is owned by Unilever. Dove has always been women-centric when it comes to marketing.

In March 2019, Dove launched a project named #ShowUs, which displays the realistic pictures of women in media to shatter beauty stereotypes. The world's largest photo library created by women - #ShowUs is in partnership with Girlgaze and GettyImages. This project is to build confidence in women from around the world to redefine beauty and cut the stereotypes of slim bodies, white skin-tone, or any other narrow beauty ideals. Instagram was chosen as the best platform for this social media campaign.

Dove #ShowUs

In any campaign similar to this, the most important thing is social listening. People invest a great deal of time and energy in social media campaigns. It will be irrelevant if we don't listen to what people are talking about it.

You can use Statusbrew's social listening feature in your social media marketing strategy to never miss a conversation about your brand on social.

4. Mini USA

It is a U.K. based premium automobile company owned by BMW which manufactures mini racing cars.

The campaign offered the audience a free test drive of MINI Countryman and Countryman Plug-In Hybrid. The customer just had to tweet with hashtag #MINIonDemand on Twitter, and they will send you a test drive right to your front door. This social media campaign was on a small scale as it was available in San Francisco and Los Angeles only for a period of one month.

Mini USA test drive

Its purpose was to provide potential MINI customers a smooth, quick, and convenient test drive at their doorstep in an incredibly innovative way. It also helped the brand in igniting conversation among influential consumers. It was a creative way to generate quality leads with social media marketing.

5. Kingfisher

Kingfisher is an Indian beer brand which is manufactured by United Breweries Group, Bangalore.

Everyone does social media marketing, but the trick lies in the way of doing it. Nowadays, companies are involving themselves with customers in a more and more personalized approach, especially with the help of humor. This year, Kingfisher pulled off an April fool prank with Kingfisher instant beer mix.

The video stated that Kingfisher had launched an instant beer mix sachet which can be carried anywhere to make beer anytime by just adding chilled water. It asked consumers to register on a link for sample tasting. This campaign went viral on the Internet, more particularly on WhatsApp. The result of which was more than half a million views of the video in 48 hours across social platforms and over 70,000 shares. The mentioned link garnered over 34,000 registrations for samples which made this prank a big success.

You can run a similar campaign and keep a check on the URLs to inspect the source of the registrants by the Statusbrew campaign URL builder.

This feature will help you to make further campaign investment decisions more efficiently as it will tell you the best performing platform of your campaign.

#Bonus: Adidas

It is a German brand who designs and manufactures shoes, apparels (casual and sportswear).

Adidas has used the latest feature of Instagram for its social media marketing campaign this year. Instagram has unfurled the doors to direct shopping for business accounts by launching 'Shoppable Posts' feature.

It allows brands to tag their products in the picture and showcase them to the customers. Your account must be approved for shopping on Instagram to use this feature in your application. If you have your account verified for shoppable posts, then you have to select a product catalog to connect to your business profile. Later, customers can directly buy that product just by clicking on the tag in the image.

Adidas shoppable posts

You will see a shopping bag icon on the Instagram profiles that are using this feature for sales.

How can Statusbrew help to execute social media marketing campaign?

Social media campaigns are the trending marketing methods of the times. Managing and running a social media campaign is very difficult if done manually. Involving a social media management tool in the strategy is a great help as it will perform all the functions from publishing a post to analyzing the overall campaign.

  • Our easy-to-use content publisher allows you to create, plan and schedule posts for your campaigns on various social media channels. You can modify your posts by adding GIFs, photos, links, video, etc.

  • You can create and track campaign URLs with our campaign URL builder. Add the URLs while composing a social media post of the campaign. It will help you find value of your campaign links.

  • You can engage with your audience through real-time conversations in DM, comments, mentions, and even 'Ad' comments in a single unified social inbox. Moreover, you can try the sentiment analysis of the conversations to better know your consumer's perception.

  • You can use our listening feature to listen to the conversations happening around a particular keyword on Twitter that belongs to you. Further, you can filter the results based on language, location, and excluding specific words.

  • Report section will allow you to get comprehensive insights of all your profiles attached to the tool. Additionally, it gives particular feature insights too, like insights of Instagram stories, hashtag insights, post insights, video insights, and much more.

  • Get white-labelled performance statistics for all the posts that you publish.

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