How to Grow Your Startup with Social Media Marketing

Jan 4, 2023 6 min read

Two fundamental truths exist when it comes to the success of a startup. One is that a startup should offer a great product to the audience. The other is that a startup also requires the right social media marketing techniques to advertise that product.

Remember: Nothing kills a good product faster than bad marketing

With a good social media marketing strategy, even Grumpy Cat ? and Boo ? has earned million dollars since 2012!

This leaves the rest of us wondering "What is it that we as a startup are not doing right on social media to stand out in the overcrowded entrepreneurial market?"

Thus, to help you out, we have put a list of social media techniques you can follow to deal with the various Social Media Marketing challenges.

Let's dive in!


If you somehow happened to request that I provide you with one imperative measurement to tell how critical the Social Media Marketing is for your Startup, I may have said this to you,

The power of social networking is such that the number of worldwide users is expected to reach some 5.85 billion social media users by 2027.

A huge but perfect number to deal with to increase your business’s recognition. Your product is going to be famous really soon.

Accepting the fact that Social Media is the most significant communication arcade on the web, let us discover some Social Media Marketing techniques to boost your startup.

In this guide we will give answers to the following frequently asked questions related to Social Media Marketing and will provide you with the techniques to deal with these challenges:

  • How to create a Social Media Marketing plan?
  • How do I get my content to a sizeable social audience?
  • How do I know which social network to use?
  • What is a smart way to do Social Media Marketing?

1) Create an unbeatable 'Social Media Marketing' plan

Setting up a Social Media Marketing plan is necessary if you are trying to set up your startup for success on social media. It doesn't have to take weeks to make a plan, Keep In Mind the following points:

  • Why are you on Social?: Defining goals is the most crucial part of your Social Media Marketing plan. You need to make sure that your goals are S.M.A.R.T– Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound. ?

    You should have a clear idea of 'why' you are on social. Few answers to this can be:

    • For Brand Awareness
    • For Imparting Education
    • For Networking
    • For Acquiring Customers

    Remember: If you are on social just for the sake of being there then you are just burning your resources and your time.

  • Content Strategy: Innovation is the key here. Showcase your expertise with exceptional content. Lengthy articles are not the only solution when we talk about content, also take into consideration numerous more effective and engaging types of content, such as infographics, videos, and micro-content such as quotes, quizzes, gifs, riddles and memes.

    [Extra Reading]: For more information about the content strategy, check out Why is Content Not Just Text? to have a better understanding of content strategy.

  • Track and measure: Measurements are not merely numbers but rather the consideration you gained from your target niche.

    Once you have implemented your Social Media Marketing plan, it's now time to check your performance on the appropriate metrics and see if your content is performing well.
    Don't forget to note the following while monitoring and measuring your performance:

    • Find when your target audience is online
    • How many users are seeing your posts
    • Who is sharing and responding to your posts
    • Who is viewing and engaging with your web pages

    To help you out, Statusbrew offers actionable insights (advanced analytics and reporting) for you and your team to make smarter and well-informed decisions for your brand’s faster growth.

2) Get your content to a massive social audience

Exposure is a must when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Having high-quality content is excellent, but it means nothing if there’s no one reading it.

However, now the question is 'How to make your audience come across your content and make them share it on social media?'

To make it happen, you need to 'Take Note of' the following points:

  • The geographic location matters: Knowing the best time to tweet or the best time to post on Instagram according to the geographic location of your target audience allows you to increase the reach of your posts and increase the engagement.
  • Engage with your Audience: Social media engagement helps you know when is the best time to post. In other words, initiate the conversations, provide value to your audience by sending them tips and observe the times of day you get maximum response.
  • The Influencers also matter: There’s no better way to convince your content is worth sharing than having your social media followers' favorite influencer stand by your brand. Influencer Hacks can increase your social reach enormously.


(Source: business2community)

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The other things you can do to get your content to reach a massive social audience are:

  • Email your friends, family, colleagues and coworkers
  • Join LinkedIn groups and Slack groups in your niche market
  • Follow relevant social accounts and sign up for the newsletters
  • Also, post your content to Medium.

3) Use an appropriate social network for the type of content you share


Not all content needs to be shared everywhere. What's more? Not even all content is suitable for all social media platforms.

Posting extraordinarily different things on different platforms is OK. It might even help you to support your engagement.

But how do you choose what to post on each social media platform?

Once you understand what the playing field of various social media channels (such as Facebook and Twitter) is like, you can choose which specific networks you would like to focus your attention on when posting content. With this in mind, the following is an outline for the leading social networks.

General guidelines for the type of content to be posted on most famous social platforms is as follows:

  • Facebook: Facebook has over 1.98 billion users. Here at Statusbrew, our goal on Facebook has been to spread Brand awareness and engagement with our fans. Lately, videos, and live videos have proven to be the best types of content for our Facebook Page. Facebook Pages can help create awareness, generate excitement for social media campaigns, and keep the conversation going with your customers.

    (Type of content: Curated content, Videos)

  • Instagram: Instagram is a fast-growing social network with over 2000 million active users. Your success on Instagram to a great extent relies on the content you put out there. You can't simply post low-quality pictures or Stories, then expect engagement and followers pour in.

    (Type of content: High-res photos, quotes, Stories)

  • Twitter: In the case of Twitter, to connect with individuals and brands, people are indulging more into sharing breaking news, posting updates about their company, or following their favorite celebrities. It is an open platform with over 330 million users. Utilize Twitter as a place where you can build a relationship with your group of onlookers, share valuable content and make proficient connections.

    (Type of content: Blog posts, News, and GIFs)

  • Linkedin: Linkedin is known as a professional network, with over 467 million members. Startups can improve their online presence through LinkedIn Company Pages. You can use LinkedIn to seek potential customers, employees and also build your brand's industry expertise.

    (Type of content: Professional content, news related to companies, and jobs)

4) Choose the smart way and not the hard way

Everyone who has been involved in social media marketing even a little bit knows it can be a time-consuming task. If you do all these activities manually, it’s going to take much of your day and night limiting you from concentrating on other important tasks and somehow might affect the consistency and efficiency.

This is where Social Media Marketing tools come in. A Smart Way, Indeed!

These social media automation tools help you to publish content and engage audience at the same time enhancing your business’ organic reach. If you are not using any such tool, Do It Right Now! They are going to make your life so much easier and way more comfortable. They can help you:

  • Schedule the social media posts
  • Engage with your audience
  • Reply to all the comments and DMs
  • Generate Reports to analyze your performance
    and so much more.


Statusbrew is a Social Media Marketing tool for the growth of businesses of all sizes. Now it's easy for you to schedule and publish your content, engage with your audience, find potential customers and influencers, all from one single platform.

We’ve always aimed to make social media convenient for everyone whether it is an established Agency or a Startup that wants to build their brand image on Social Media. 500+ Startups trust us with their social media success using our solutions.

Schedule a demo with Statusbrew and find out [why we are a hand in glove fit] for you. Also, if in any doubt related to Social Media Management, you can always visit our social handles and website.

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