What’s New This Month In Statusbrew - May 2019!

May 31, 2019 3 min read

Let's take a quick look at what has been added new this month in Statusbrew.We majorly worked on making our publishing composer by far the most powerful and convenient tool for teams.

Besides, we added four new reports and made improvements in the existing ones.

Publish ?

Compose : Customization For Each Social Network

Compose is now an omni-channel editor which lets you select profiles of multiple social networks you want to schedule content for and customize media or links for each of them individually. On the right, see your post previews in real time.

Watch this quick video to see the Best Social Media Content Editor:

Publish Carousal Posts To Instagram

You can now schedule and post multiple images or videos to your Instagram profiles, as easy as you did for other social network posts!

Deleting Published Posts On Social Networks From Planner

Want to delete an old post? Found an error in a published post? Now delete them directly from the Planner without the need to leave Statusbrew. Works great for marketing teams, no more sharing around the passwords!

Deleting Published Posts

Custom Campaign UTM Builder

Add custom UTM parameters to the links in your social posts right from the Compose without the need to use a separate tool. Use the available variables to auto-fill parameters as per each social network or create your own!

Custom Campaign UTM builder

Planner Export as PDF

Share your Publishing plan with your team or clients by exporting it to PDF.

Planner export as PDF

Post Watchers

You can now follow a post to get notified on your email of all the publishing actions that happen to the post. Whether your post gets an edit, or another team member leaves a note, you will be notified!

Post watchers

New Reports ?

Instagram Story Insights

Check hour by hour performance of your Instagram Stories, and let those 24 hours do the talk!

Instagram Story Insights

Hashtag Reports

Know which hashtags are getting you most clicks, comments, shares or reach! Sort the list by the metric of your choice and see detailed analysis around each keyword.

Hashtag Reports

Category Reports

Categories save your posting schedules for each campaign and social network. Now understand which of them is working best for you and push out more content when your audience is most active.

Category Reports

Tag Reports

Gain key performance insights into data relating to tags used within your posts.

Tag Reports

Post Insights For The First 24 Hours

Watch how each post is performing with hour by hour insights report for all metrics. Just view details of any post to see granular graphs for the first 24 hours.

Post insights for the first 24 hours

Improved Content Performance Reports

We've added a lot more power to the content performance reports. You can now filter posts based on type and profile, and sort each metric to see the corresponding best performing posts.

Content performance reports

Here's what's in the pipeline

  • Support for Youtube video in the composer. We have decided to solve the Youtube conundrum
  • Subtitles and thumbnail upload for Facebook and all supported social networks
  • New Video metrics

Want us to build something for you or you have any suggestions? Please let us know in the comments section below. We need unbiased feedback.

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