20 Best Google My Business Post Ideas

Oct 4, 2021 18 min read

Google My Business can be the golden opportunity that can transform your marketing efforts into footfall in the business!

Every month an average business gets 59 actions from GMB listing & 49% of the business gets 1,000+ views monthly. Hotels get 53% views on Google Maps & 47% views from Google search, which is the highest among all other industries! Each month 63.5 million searches are done on Google for the word ‘restaurants near me'.

The ongoing pandemic has catapulted Google my business into the spotlight. Brands & enterprises are now inclining more towards localized customer engagement.

More & more patrons are now relying on GMB listings as a source of information about the businesses.

If you're struggling to come up with what you should post on Google for your business, you've landed at the right place.

We have compiled the best Google my business posts examples & discussed all the know-how of how to post on Google my business.

Dive deep and gobble up ideas, share an impeccable content copy, develop an indelible first impression and enrich your conversion rate.

What Are Google My Business Posts?

Google my business posts are a feature introduced by Google allowing brands & businesses to communicate with their customers directly.

Google posts empower the owner of the GMB profile to post content straight to the search engine results pages. Posting on Google My business is for the prospects who are already looking for you, unlike the prominent social media platforms.

Google my business posts initially appeared in 2016 for use by US presidential candidates. Later its uses were expanded to businesses.

What Are Google My Business Posts?

The allowed length of the post is up to 300 words. You can add a photo of your business. Furthermore, it empowers users to add a clickable call to action button and a date range specifically for events.

Up to a maximum of 10 posts can appear in a scroll-through carousel within the GMB knowledge panel.

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Duration Of Google My Business Posts

GMB posts expire after a week, so you need to update the posts at a regular interval. Google reviews the post seven days after the initial publishing. Google my business posts on events are removed after the event date.

Google My Business Post Usage

GMB posts are an excellent way to display the USP of your business as 82% of people use GMB posts to find local business information. Even if the prospects do not have any idea what to look for, they get acquainted with the business & learn what the business is offering.

Google My Business Posts

Based on the type of your business, you now have more possibilities to leverage the use of GMB:

  • Corporations announcements for new products launch or any award wins or any forthcoming events.

  • An e-commerce site can leverage Google my business posts for new products or showcase their top-selling products.

  • A restaurant or bar could share daily specials or a special menu, opening-closing hours, happy hours, or any required information.

Google My Business Posts Analytics

GMB offers native reports on the number of views and clicks on your post. Further, you can also use URL tagging/UTM codes to get insights on customer behaviors and the actions on a CTA on a post.

You also can track voucher code on GMB posting only if the code was added to a post & people visit your business or make a virtual purchase with that code.

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Leverage Statusbrew's all-encompassing Reports Lab with customizable widgets to gather data on your GMB posts. It offers you data such as Google My Business Queries, Google My Business Views, Google My Business Actions, Google My Business Local Post & many more.

Google My Business Posts

Statusbrew Reports Lab offers more than 180+ metrics which is one of its kind in the SMM industry & helps you to track all your social strategies. With extensive analytics, you can assess your brand's performance on social media. The exportable widget provides you the freedom to customize your reports by dragging & dropping.

You can schedule each report to arrive in your emails based on your preferred time. Widgets show configurable information & support layers of dimensions such as language, social profile, sentiment & more.

The Reports Lab allows users to share the real-time reports links with non-Statusbrew users as well. Besides, you can use tons of ready-made reporting templates & assist you in measuring all metrics in a unified platform. Google Analytics report, Shopify report & Pinterest Integration will be available soon for users.

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Best Examples Of How To Post On Google My Business In 2022

Posting on Google my business frequently can easily enhance your search ranking. We have searched all over and have created a list of the 20 best examples of Google my business posts. Let's scroll through the list to get some fresh ideas:

Google My Business Posts: Promotion

GMB posts on sales & promotions are a great way to tell your target market about new offers. It grabs the attention of the audience who are looking for hiring service or buying a product.

A Google my business post on sales promotion, can gently push your prospects through the sales funnel. When you post a promotion on the GMB page, it will exist till the end date.

1. NYC Photographers

NYC Photographers is a New York-based organization that offers wedding & engagement photographer services and model photoshoot packages. They have used Google my business posts to share updates about different photography packages. In one of their posts, they announced a wedding ceremony photoshoot package & used GMB post to promote the offer.

Best Examples Of How To Post On Google My Business In 2021

The caption is apparent with the cost of the package, location, number of edited photos, etc. To direct customers to take necessary action, they have also put a CTA button 'Book' at the end of the post. It is an impressive idea to promote your specialties, keeping brevity about the promotional offers.

2. Palmer Place

Another excellent example of Google my business promotional post is the restaurant Palmer Place's offer Burger Madness. The eatery has used Google my business to promote a special BOGO offer. In the post, along with a quality picture of the dish, they have explained the process of gaining the BOGO offer. Besides on the post date & days of the offer are clearly mentioned.

Best Examples Of How To Post On Google My Business In 2022

If you have a cafe or eatery, you also can apply this tactic to gain more footfall. Plan an offer in a time or the day of the week when footfall is less & punch such offers! It works magically & enriches your sales!

3. Houlihan's Cranberry

Houlihan's Cranberry is using Google My Business post to promote their delicacies & offers. In their recent update they have posted an alluring picture of tacos & in the captions describing the product mentioned the offer price & also shared the offer date.

Best Examples Of How To Post On Google My Business In 2022

The eatery has further shared an offer code. Another prominent part of the post is that they have posted the website link to direct the online audience to the offer page & added CTA butter' order online'.

4. Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe, based in Guwahati, India, is also leveraging GMB posting to share offers & updates about their services & products. It is a cafe with a high-energy vibe that serves burgers & American classics. In one of their posts, the cafe has posted an offer where they have announced 50% off for spending 2500 at the restaurant.

Best Examples Of How To Post On Google My Business In 2022

The post has the CTA button 'Call now' so that customers can reach the cafe for reservation & to understand the term & conditions. Also, phone numbers are shared to help the consumers to get aware of their new collections. An excellent work!! Clap clap!!

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Google My Business Posts: Product/ Service Update

1. Junzi Kitchen

Junzi Kitchen, dedicated to preparing flavorful, healthy Chinese home food, is not a restaurant that offers services like a take-out restaurant. But they have implemented an online ordering system for pick up as a wise move during lockdown to sustain the business.

Google My Business Posts

To make their customers aware, they have posted the same with a high-quality flattering picture of the cuisine. Making it easier for customers, they have also mentioned the offer price that customers can avail of by ordering directly from their website. A clever way to drive website traffic!! Besides, a CTA button 'buy' is added to place orders keeping it customer-friendly.

2. Cafe Chokolade

Cafe Chokolade, a cafe based in Amritsar, is also skillfully handling Google business posting for service updates such as home delivery. In one of their posts, they have shared a post composed of animation & using conversation captions in the illustration. For the caption below the post, they have inculcated their USPs & shared their home delivery number. A couple of hashtags are also used in the post.

Google My Business Posts

3. Amico Cafe

Amico cafe, based in Bolton, United Kingdom, has posted updates about their opening through Google my Business post. They have used a high-quality photo in the post & mentioned the date of commencement. Besides, they have shared the updates that they are now allowing walk-in customers as well.

Google My Business Posts

4. Idle Hands Coffee

Idle Hands Coffee has a shared post simply with text to update the customers that only coffee & pie slices takeaway is provided. To order, entire pie, consumers have to order through their website. They add a CTA button, ' order online in the post. The post is an excellent example of informing your customers about the up-to-date service offering while guiding them to take necessary actions.

Google My Business Posts

Google My Bussines Post: Event

1. The Capital Grille

Do you have an upcoming event? If yes, promote it just like The Capital Grille.
The restaurant’s promotion for their wine event is on point!! Details are precise, language is crisp & they have posted a video rather than an image, which is a wise step to boost customer engagement. Video content is easy to digest & hook your audience well! Besides, posting about events on GMB helps to save money & time without any last-minute promotional hustle!

Google My Business Posts

2. The Root Barrel

The Root Barrel has announced their ‘Rooftop Cocktail Night’ through a GMB post. They have used a engaging creative mentioning the days, date & other details of the event. The post also has the CTA button ‘Message.’ A sublime instance of using Google my business post in a minimalistic way to deliver all required information at once & helping customers to reach out to the business for any further queries!!

Google My Business Posts

3. The Natural Philosopher

The Natural Philosopher bar in the UK has announced an event about a ball & dry bar takeover event through a GMB post. They have played with captions aptly to provide their customers with the brief details about the event.

Google My Business Posts

In the caption, along with mentioning the time & date, they have named the person who’ll be the main attraction of the event & the prices of cocktails. ‘Book’ CTA is added to the post to push the prospect through the sales funnels! Besides message option is also added to help customers with any further questions! A great way to grab eyeballs? Isn’t it?

4. London Cocktail Club

In their GMB post, London Cocktail Club has mingLed their date of reopening & their upcoming events. Keeping the post minimalistic, no pictures are used; instead, they have mentioned all the names of all three events & shared a CTA button to book tables for the event! A great instance of making people read what you have to say in a quick & straightforward way!!

Google My Business Posts

Google My Business Posts: Product/Service Highlight

1. Kama Bistro

Google my business postings are an excellent way for product highlighting as well. Based on South La Grange Road, United States, Kama Bistro has skillfully highlighted its event space. The image they have used in the post are aesthetically pleasing & can easily capture the audience's attention.

Google My Business Posts

They have used captions to explain the features of the products & for what purpose they can be used. Overall the posts are an n ideal example of how you should post a product highlight on GMB! Also, do not forget to add a CTA button making it customer-friendly & to enrich the conversion rate.

2. One Banquet Hall

One Banquet Hall has shared a captivating picture of their newly designed indoor event space. They have mentioned the service display the offer & the measure takes as covid protocol. A good way to gain customers' trust in the pandemic!! They further have added call now & message CTA buttons.

Google My Business Posts

3. Best Venue New York

Best Venue New York, an event engagement company, leverages posting on Google for their new venture to offer team-building ideas. The post is relevant with the present time, & they have shared the ideas & importance of team building the pandemic situation in a concise & impactful way.

Google My Business Posts

The language choice is apt to deliver the underlying message & also the tone of the languages in communication, which is an excellent practice to develop a reliable relationship with consumers. Learn more CTA button is added at the end of the post.

4. Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey, a wedding venue, has shared their upcoming outdoor dining service through GMB posting. In the post, they have shared a fantastic picture of their outdoor location & in the caption shared the duration of reservation, timing, meal & other service details. They also mention that social distancing rules will apply & requested customers to wear masks.

Google My Business Posts

Contact details are also provided. It's kind of all in one post!! They have shared updates & along with ensuring to create awareness to prevent Covid. This type of post helps to develop a business's positive reputation among the target market & prospects trust their services!

Google My Business Posts: Covid Related Service Update Post

1. Oriole Bar

Coping with the ongoing pandemic scenario, many businesses have updated their covid safe operational process through GMB posts. A great example is a post shared by Oriole Bar. In a long GMB post, the bar has mentioned their operation time, cashless payment & new booking policy. Also, they have mentioned reduced capacity sharing the rules of social distancing. The CTA button ‘Lean More’ is added at the end of the post.

Google My Business Posts

2. Glen Island Harbour Club

To enable credible relationships with customers & to ensure customers that all Covid-19 preventive measures are adhering properly, Glen Island Harbour Club has shared a circular in their post with a lengthy caption explaining every measure they have taken to make your custom safe. The post is an effective way to win back customers after the lockdown & to sustain business in the new normal ear.

Google My Business Posts

3. Browtiful Bar

Browtiful Bar, a makeup studio based in LA, has posted their Covid preventive operational process in GMB posting.

They have shared bullet points clearly mentioning each & every step of measures taken. It has a text post with the CTA button ‘Lean More' &'Message'. A hearty way to make your customer informed before visiting your business to avoid any chaos.

Google My Business Posts

4. Soreya Hair & Make-up Artist

This business has used GMB posting to update their client about their temporary closure due to the pandemic. They have shared a string of posts endearing to be connected with their client base & updating them about their current business status! An impactful way to strengthen relationships with clients! Ain't' it?

Google My Business Posts

The posts shared by all these businesses are unique in their way! One thing each business has maintained post relevance & the values of the content assessing the current market scenario. Most of the companies have also focused on using videos as well to share updates & information!!

Get ideas from the post, assess your audience & industry & use GMB posting to draw your consumer attention & build relations with your prospects!

Steps To Post To Google My Business

Google my business posts size are short yet effective to communicate & to provide information about your business. One of the paramount significance of Google my business posts is that, since Google focuses on quality data in search results, so when you ensure that your service is matching to the requirements of the customers, it helps to improve search results.

Suppose you run a bakery in Westminster; maintaining Google posts effectively can help you appear higher in search results on any users searching for 'bakery in Westminster.

Got an idea? Great! Now let roll down to the mechanism & know-how of how to create Google my busines sports:

Step 1: Set up & Optimize GMB profile

To post on Google my Business, you have to set up your Google My Business profile. Once you have an active GMB profile signing in to Google my business to post. You can download the Business mobile app or can use Statusbrew GMB integration. Check out their blog for in-depth steps to set up a Google M Business profile.

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Step 2: Choose & align GMB posts to your goals

After sign-in into the profile, you will see the create post ofter, or else go to GMB dashboard & click & head towards the post option on the left panel. A window will appear with your previous post & on the top of that, on a bar, you can choose the type of new posts you want to create.

  • What's New: Create that type of post for announcements & to deliver general information about your business such as happy hours, special addition in the menu, etc.
  • Events: Create event post with start & end date for you live or online events.
  • Offers: Create offers posts to announce limited-time coupons, promotions, discounts, or sales adding a start and end date. Besides, you also can incorporate an offer coupon code in the type of posts.
  • Covid19-Update: It is a newly added posts type in Goggle my business(the year 2020) to empower busines to deal with the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic. Create these types of posts for any Covid related update, such as changing operational hours, take only, free delivery, etc. You can also create a post on social distancing measures or another covid safety measure the business is adhering to.

Step 3: Develop An Enticing Post

GMB posts should hold quality to engage the audience to drive conversion rate. Hence rather than vague text, you should focus on putting more information. Check out the top tips to create a Google my busines post:

Maintain Text Limit

GMB posts have a text limit of 1500-character. But avoid using the text to the boundary line; focus on keeping it a shot, crisp & direct. The initial 7 to 8 words will be visible on the top & for the rest, visitors have to tap on more. So ensure to deliver the message with that word frame to hook your audience. Refrain yourself from using more than 150-300 characters.

Unlike well-known social media sites, hashtags are irrelevant on GMB, but to personalize your post, you can rely on giving a touch of certain on-brand emojis with visuals. The quality & professionalism in the photo & videos should be cross-checked. Display your absolute best to grab customers' attention.

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On Google my business posts, you can ad different CTA buttons offered by Google. Choose the best opinion that suits your post most, such as Learn More, Order Online, Buy Now, etc.

Ensure that you link to a seamless & scannable landing page. If you are adding links to another site, just make sure the adheres to Google's content policy.

Google My Business Posts

Use UTM parameters for your links to measure the metrics for site traffic GMB, compare it with your other marketing efforts. Social media management tool Statusbrew offers a bit.ly link shortener; you can work on your UTM parameter using such a tool.

Date range

Put a date range if you are posting an offer or listing an event. Specify the correct times & dates for which it's valid. Google archives all the posts on GMB listing after a week if it do not contain a specific date range.

Step 4. Asses & Publish

Once you are satisfied with your post, click Preview to observe how your post will look, cross-check the text for any errors, copy-edit & fine-tune it. If all looks good, Publish & the post will be appear in three places: On mobile Updates & Overview on your company's Business Profile both Search and Maps) & on the desktop in the "From the Owner" section & Google My Business websites, the low-effort websites that Google helps to build unless you have your website.

Step 5. Monitor Google My Business Metrics

Once your post is up & running, track metrics to get on the post's performance. Check out the views & engagement rate on your profile. Assess the metrics &, if required, improve the post: monitor your consumers' reviews & social listing habits to understand how the target audience perceives your business. Respond to reviews using Google reviews software, as data says business customer believes that state repost to review is 1.7x more trustworthy than those that don't.

Maintain your customer support energy on point. You can leverage the Statusbrew engage in getting all social mentions in one place & managing reviews from a unified dashboard. Besides, it allows you to hide or delete spam comments or mark spam comments maintaining your brand reputation.

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Benefits Of Posting On Google My Business

  • Using Google Posts, businesses can smoothie deliver offers, timely content, marketing messages & seasonal information to the consumers. Along with the posts, images & reviews appears on the GMB listing, which helps create a trustworthy image of the business. All these together make posting on Google my business an impactful medium of promotion.

  • Another significant benefit of Google Posts it makes it easier for potential customers to complete actions on your site. It provides a click path to a specific page on your site. You can leverage the posting on Google to drive traffic to selected content on your website.

  • Google post helps you to be visible among the crowd by adding you to connect. Since the post appears on the knowledge panel in real-time, you can directly communicate with your client page reading any new updates or changes in the business.

  • Furthermore, biding on the branded terms in the search network helps the prospects to maintain attention to the focused website. It helps to regulate the first page of results for your brand or business. Besides, you can engage with your customers through videos and photos.

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Google My Business Posts FAQs

Best Time To Post On Google My Business

Though there is no statistical guidance on the best time to post to Google My Business. However, post when your audience is most active. Assess your audience’s habits, consider time zone & commuting schedules. Try to understand both online & offline habits. And post when your audience is most active!!

Experiment & Monitor Analytics. Leverage GMB evergreen content and post it at different time & days. Experiment with the post to figure out what time works best.

Best Time To Post On Google My Business

Statusbrew Publish allows you to streamline all your social media publishing. With Statusbrew Planner, schedule your Google my business posts with an easy-to-read calendar.

Statusbrew Planner

It allows you to plan out your content for the week or month in advance. Besides the calendar, you can get three separate views: List, Week, and Month. You can easily customize the date range & filter for better navigation.

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Google My Business Post Image Size

The allowed Google My Business post image Size is 720 pixels wide and 540 pixels tall. Besides posting on Google, my business considers requirements such as 4:3 aspect ratio, PNG, JPG or BMP file format, etc. The minimum file size for a post is 10KB & the maximum is 5MB.

Google My Business Post Size

They allowed Google My Business post size is 300 words & a text limit of 1500-characters.

Summing Up!!!

Be creative while posting on Google My Business! As a business create headlines or post text with need-to-know details & add clear CTAs. Share posts about your business milestones or showing gratitude towards your consumers! It can propel your reach!

Think out of the box idea! Note that your audience wants to hear from you. So deliver them the information about your business & maintain a personality & tone.

Maintain post consistency to stand out among the crowd. Explore Statusbrew for enabling a reliable Google My Business Posts mechanism! Book your demo today!

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