How To Manage Google Reviews For Multiple Locations

How To Manage Google Reviews For Multiple Locations

Sep 19, 2021 17 min read

Positive reviews are the assessment that gently & constructively nourishes your brands to subsequent success.

89% of consumers ensure to read reviews before making the purchasing decision & on-page customer reviews on product pages lead to 3.5x times more sales. 59% of consumers read Google business reviews which makes it the most popular online review platform.

Review management is a crucial part of brand marketing efforts to maintain brand reputation & foster trust among the prospects.

However, managing reviews for businesses with multiple locations such as franchise models is challenging, as it is time-consuming & requires minute observation & swift action. Besides, the increasing trend of trolls & spam comments is making the process more arduous.

Fortunately, a well-designed & well-executed strategy meld with the right tools can aid in streamlining Google business review management for multiple locations.

While you are searching for review management tactics for your business, we have prepared this guide covering ways to manage Google reviews with your team along with explaining the Google review management concepts & Google my business review management tools. Let’s dive into the blog, drill down the ideas, & set an effective multi-location review management mechanism without further ado.

Importance Of Google Reviews

Consumers popularly use Google search to find reviews about brands or businesses. When people search online for reviews, Google directs them to Google My Business listing where people can share their experience, recommendations, or suggestions in the form of a review.

79% of consumers rely on online reviews just like personal recommendation. 76% of people search for nearby place & among them, 28% search results in a purchase.

Whether you are a multi-location business or a single location local business, you should leverage the ongoing scenario. If you are wondering why you should take care of Google reviews, let us share five vital aspects of the importance of Google My Business reviews:

1. Makes Your Business Credible

In any business listening to your consumers is vital to make your business credible. Most importantly when you communicate with your customers, they feel valued & Google My Business listing allows you to interact with you customers by responding to their feedback & opinion.

Importance Of Google Reviews

When you establish a dialogue communication with your clients, it shows you care for what they have to say & they feel important.

It strengthens your bond with consumers, makes your business authentic & increases consumer loyalty towards your brand. When your business receives negative reviews, it also can enrich your brand image if you handle it aptly.

Importance Of Google Reviews

2. Boost Conversion Rate

The secret ingredient behind running a successful business is gaining customer’s trust & Google reviews help you to do that. Customer reviews are social proof that your business is authentic & they also provide evidence of a positive customer experience.

It draws the attention of other customers & it also makes them believe that they can feel the same experience with your business.

Managing Google reviews for multiple businesses add a badge of trustworthiness to your business. As a result, their actions enrich the conversion rate.

3. Assists In Understanding Consumers’ Needs

Google My Business listing does not only enriches your business discoverability, but it is one of the best platforms to receive customer reviews. Google My Business reviews aid you in understanding your customers’ pain points & requirements.

Importance Of Google Reviews

Treat reviews as customer feedback, & by analyzing them you can improvise your marketing effort, services, or strategy to make your business visible & customer friendly.

Besides, you can come up with insight-driven strategies matching the simultaneous market scenario. In the process, you can gain the loyalty of your existing client base & able to draw the attention of new prospects.

4. Upgrade Service/Delivery

Google reviews are a great way to get constructive feedback from your target customer base. Gather all the reviews with your team & and ponder upon the pattern and details of the reviews.

Spend time on the reviews & drill down each section to understand how customers are perceiving your business & how your brand is performing in the targeted market.

Importance Of Google Reviews

Accordingly, you can work upon your products & service delivery. It aids you to build a successful brand & your brand will be able to deliver a purchasing journey with a positive customer experience.

5. Boosts Local SEO

Leverage Google My Business reviews if you want to boost your local search. In local search queries, Google promotes the most relevant business based on the activities. It values the opinion of individuals with first-hand experience with your business.

Google business reviews assist the search engine in understanding which business is to recommend to its users & Google consistently ranks the brands with better reviews on the heigh SERPs.

According to data, 87% of individuals read online reviews while searching for local businesses. To get ahead in the cut-edge competition, you must have more positive reviews than your competitors; here is where the Google review management concepts strike in.

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Multi-location Google Review Management Concepts

Have you been accustomed to Google review management concepts for multi-locations?

The review management process is incorporated with activities such as motivating happy customers to write reviews on Google My Business listing to boost your business, addressing negative feedback & automating review generation.

When we say multi-location, it denotes you are a corporate office with different franchise locations or a business with stores in multiple locations. Following are two approaches for Google review management concept & to get the third approach, you can meld both of these two approaches of review management:

Corporate Management Of Google Reviews

The first approach to Google business review management for multiple locations is to the corporate office managing all the reviews. Usually, corporate offices of a franchise or multi-location business are comprised of a customer service team who can efficiently manage reviews for your business.

Importance Of Google Reviews

  • The benefits of having a marketing or a customer service team is that since the workforce is specialized, they can impactfully have dialogue communication with customers, control brand image & can send swift responses. Besides, analyzing Google business reviews become easy as all are managed from a single place.

  • However, there are specific cons of a corporate team managing reviews for multi-location. Sometimes since the corporate group is unaware of the ground scenarios for each location, there may be errors of judgment.

  • To get the root of the incident, the team has to research in-depth & prepare a plan accordingly to handle the situation which is time-consuming. Instead, a location manager can solve the problem immediately without leading to any crisis.

Individual Management Of Google Reviews

The next approach of the Google review management concept is to have a location manager. In specific franchise models, some locations are provided flexibility in the area of marketing & customer service.

Though the corporate office sends certain strategies to manage Google business reviews, yet the location manager is the initial contact to monitor & respond to reviews.

  • The pros of the approach are that location managers can respond to feedbacks instantly & they can quickly correct any mistakes or miscommunications without any further delay, which otherwise may hamper brand's online image.

  • For example, your company's franchise model has 100 stores in different locations; 90 have excellent online reviews, but 10 have poor reviews. The poorly reviewed ones may not be aligned with your review management strategy, but that may continue to stand out & become the definition of your brand; here, the risk of brand dilution arises.

  • To deal with that, keeping a location manager is a good approach so that you can get all filed data & accordingly work upon your strategy & respond to the negative reviews quickly.

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How To Set Up Google My Business For Multiple Locations

Google my business listing makes it convenient for your prospects to find your business efficiently. Further, location listing on Google My Business is essential to enrich your local SEO to drive traffic to your business websites, which boosts your revenue.

A well-optimized Google My Business Listing enriches the connection between the business & consumers & boosts the opportunity to appear at the top of the local pack. The local pack is the initial three search results that appear below the Google Map.

How To Set Up Google My Business For Multiple Locations

The highest rank on the local pack increases your business visibility. Adding a location is vital for your GMB listing & when your consumers type products/services/businesses near me, your business pop-up in the local search.

The best way to manage Google reviews for multiple locations is to create a business account with location management functionality. It is not advisable to use your personal account; instead, use the company email address associated with your business. Let’s roll down to the steps to up Google My Business For Multiple locations:

Step 1: To Sign in to Google My Business, go to Google My Business – Drive Customer Engagement on Google & click on Sign In Or Manage Your Account. The action will direct you to the same landing page. Now click on create an account & choose Manage My Business.

How To Set Up Google My Business For Multiple Locations

Step 2: To create your Google account for your business, add your first & last name, put your business email address. Ensure to use a valid email address as a confirmation mail will be sent to you. Now set up a password, confirm it & click on next.

Step 3: To find & manage your business, enter your business name. Usually, a drop-down menu aids you in adding your business.

How To Set Up Google My Business For Multiple Locations

If you don’t find your business on that, then click on Add your business to Google. Fill in the name of your company & choose the business category.

How To Set Up Google My Business For Multiple Locations

Step 4: You have to add a location. For physical location, chooses Yes & put up all required information in the address section. If you do not have a physical store where customers can visit, you have to put the city or the service area you offer your services. Choose Yes if you provide services out of the location & if don’t, choose no.

How To Set Up Google My Business For Multiple Locations

Step 5: In this step, fill all required contact information. Add business website address, phone number, message option. If your business has a Facebook page instead of a website, put the URL to your organization’s Facebook Business Page. To complete your Google My Business listing, click on complete & you’ll be redirected to ‘Confirm’ your business page.

How To Set Up Google My Business For Multiple Locations

Verification Process

To verify your business on Google, Sign in to Google My Business dashboard & click on Verify Now. The most common verification method is through putting up the code sent by email & postcard. You also have the option to choose email or phone, choose the option that suits you best, fill in the required information & submit your request.

How To Set Up Google My Business For Multiple Locations

How To Claim A Google My Business Listing

To claim a Google My Business listing, log in to your Google My Business & choose the following steps to confirm the ownership of your company.

  • Search your business in Google Maps & click on 'Claim Business'.
  • Search your business on Google search & click on own this business.

How To Add A Second Location Or Multiple Location In Google My Business

Are you pondering upon how to add multiple locations on Google My Business?
To add a second location or multiple business locations for your business must verify claims & each of the locations must be individually edited & updated.

It is advisable to manage all the locations from one single business account & assigning managers for each location is also a best practice. However, when you have multiple managers, ask them to ensure the accuracy & consistency of business details across each location.

Be careful about the consistency of details as it is a crucial factor in local SEO & a mismatch can negatively hamper your search ranking.

Google empowers users to manage reviews & keep multiple locations from one Google My Business master account. It is known as a location group.

Location groups are more like shared folders that allow you to securely share the management of your location with your teammates & you also can run location-based Google Maps marketing campaigns or Google ad campaigns.

Let’s check out the steps to create a location group:

Before processing to create a location group, ensure that you are using that less than 10 locations only:

Step 1: Sign in to Google My Business & click on Manage location.

Step 2: Now click on the top right corner of the dashboard to locate the Create location group option.

Step 3: Click on the Create location group button, name the group location & click on Done.

How To Set Up Google My Business For Multiple Locations

Bulk Location Management For Google Reviews

If you are a franchise or a business with more than ten businesses locations, adding the business manually is time-consuming & a daunting process. Hence Google aids users with the bulk location management tool to streamline the process. For bulk location management:

  • Click on the Add Location Tab on Google My Business. Now, choose Import Locations.

How To Set Up Google My Business For Multiple Locations

  • Once you do the activity, a pop-up window will appear with the instruction with multiple resources managing & importing.
  • Click on Download the templates. Now select the type of format that suits you from the .CSV or .XLSX
  • After downloading & complete entering the required information for all your locations, upload the file to your account. To upload, click on Select File.

Note: If any data is missing, you’ll receive an alert, ‘Your File Is Empty’.

  • Once the bulk upload is finished, choose Buik verification, the entire verification process can take up to one week. If you want to change location detail, download the table, do the modification & upload it again.

Congrats !! You are all set for Google business review management for multiple locations!!

Google My Business Franchise Review Strategy

Are you wondering how to decide which is the best review model for your business? For multi-location marketing & review management certain factors you require to consider. We have encased a list. Let’s roll out!!

Managing Workload

Suppose you are a franchise cafe chain or bakery chain or clothing merchandise & have stores in multiple locations same as each other.

In that case, corporate taking responsibility for review management is the best option. A centralized team by the parent company or an assigned team of companies can effectively manage reviews for all locations.

  • But if store location drastically varies from each other it always better to assign an individual location manager to each store as the point person for Google My Business review management.

  • Ensure to train the concerned person properly. The parent company can provide oversight or a strategy & can note the current trend in that location, but it is the location manager to execute the strategy.

Deciding The Level Of Control

It is crucial to decide the level of corporate control on the review management process. Engaging more people can lead to brand dilution. When the parent brand manages reviews for all locations, responses become similar.

  • But when the franchise locations are given freedom in review management, they train the representative well to deliver your brand identity correctly.

  • Also, since the representative is often from the native place, they can connect to the customers well by analyzing the ongoing trend in the location or assessing the cultural trends.

  • Besides, having a location manager makes responding to the reviews swift as it stays away from corporate red tape, such as the corporate office read the review then talk to the location head about it or have a meeting to discuss options.

Type Of The Industry & Location

The franchise review management system also depends on the type of industry you are in. Certain industries are more inclined towards centralized Google review management concepts.

For example, clothing merchandise chains that have similar inventories & provide store training for multiple location stores can perform well in a centralized review management system. It helps to understand which product is working well in which location & which are not; based on the reviews & product sales.

  • But the hospitality industry relies on individual location performance. Food habit is closely associated with cultural practices & it varies from location to location. No one wants to wait for a response for the week after complaining about the taste of food or poor hygiene condition of the hotel room. In such cases, a quick response is required to save your brand image.

How To Set Up Google My Business For Multiple Locations

  • Location is also a significant parameter to consider. More location you have, you’ll have more demographics & accordingly will require more local support.

  • Suppose you have two bakeries in a regional location, a small local team can handle both the stores, but when your stores are across cities or countries, you will have diverse cultures & demographics. Choosing a location manager at the ground level for consumers’ review management is the best option.

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Google My Business Review Management Tools

If you are actively searching for Google My Business review management tools, StatusbreW can be your best companion.

With Statusbrew enterprise solution you can add multiple GMB profiles, review sites & multiple locations all under one unified dashboard blending your Google business review management.

Statusbrew For Google Business Reviews

With Statusbrew Engage inbox connect with your consumers through reviews and ratings to build brand reputation.

Involve in comments & replies to assess your customer needs & analyze consumers’ perceptions about business across locations. Keep track of the social conversation & reply to queries quickly, and nurture feelings of trust and loyalty among your customers.

Though you can not regulate what customers say about business but with Statsusbrew you can strategize how to respond to reviews. Using the Statusbrew customer care management solution you can save time by quickly responding to each customer.

Stay impactful by analyzing reviews by star ratings, profile, status & more. Further Statusbrew can aid you to develop a more effective engagement strategy.

How To Manage Google Review For Business With Statusbrew

Whether you have a single location business for a franchisee chain with 300+ stores on different locations, with Statusbrew you can manage reviews for your all location. To respond and manage Google My Business reviews.

  • Enter on Statusbrew Homepage & click on Engage.
  • From the top bar Engage, click on "Add Filter".
  • Now choose the Filter "Type" & click on "Google Reviews"

Google My Business Review Management Tools

How To Filtering Google Reviews With Star Ratings & Comments

  • With Engage Inbox you can filter Google Reviews based on their star ratings. To filter Goggle reviews with star ratings:
  • In the Engage, click on "Add Filter" and choose "Star Ratings.

Google My Business Review Management Tools

  • Click on "Add Filter" and choose the filter "Rating with Comments" to respond to comments & choose "true" to view Google reviews with comments.

Google My Business Review Management Tools

Statusbrew further supports Google My Business questions for all your multiple locations Google business listings. It assists you to get real-time notifications for each question and you can respond with brand verified answers directly from your Engage Inbox.

To get Google, My Business Question & Answers click on "Add Filter" and select the filter "Google My Business Questions".

Google My Business Review Management Tools

Statusbrew advanced comment moderation rule assists you close or snooze a conversation based on priority or mark it as spam.

Analyzing Audience With GMB Report

Statusbrew's dedicated system is designed for multi-location businesses which empowers users to engage on GMB listing at scale. Organizations can track GMB performance & asses the local consumers with flexibility.

You can drill down a specific location or can group a few locations of your business chain. With the precise real-time data drive strategic decision having an edge over competitions. The newly launched reports lab offers highly customizable GMB data such as:

  • Google My Business Updated Rating shows the way your ratings and reviews were updated. This metric also comprises the effect your replies had on those updates. Google My Business Rating offers the total rating of your listing with or without comments during the reporting period.

Google My Business Review Management Tools

  • Google My Business Review Total helps to gain insight into the total number of reviews with or without comments, received on your listing during the reporting period. Google My Business Actions allows users to gain insights on the number of actions such as driving directions, website, or phone customers take and how they act while viewing your listing.

  • Google My Business Queries offers data on the number of customers who find your business & how to find your group by the data os query. Google My Business Views provides you data on the Google services such as maps or search which your customers used to find your business.

  • You also can get metrics Google My Business Photo Views, Google My Business Local Post as well. To manage your multi-location reviews you can share the real-time reports with the team members or can share the report link with non-Statusbrew users with the newly launched Statusbrew Reports Lab.

Get Free Access To Reports Lab

Furthermore, the latest release of the Statusbrew report is massive which offers 180+ metrics is the highest in the entire SMM industry. The widgets provide by the Statusbrew Report Lab are the magic wand & now it offers 11 visualization or display methods based on chosen metrics. All widgets can be resized, reordered & repositioned by dragging & dropping & it is exportable.

Onboarding Local Executive

Statusbrew allows you to onboard your affiliates & to design efficient workflows matching your business needs. You can assign functions locally with its permissions-based approval solutions.

You can assign local executives to actively respond to high-intent customers by assigning questions and queries & establish a strong connection with your audience with purposeful answers to drive business.

The newly launched reports assist you to share exportable data among the non-Statusbrew users as well. It effectively streamlines your workforce with a data-driven approach.

Tips To Manage Google Reviews For Multiple Locations

Develop A Review Management Mechanism

Developing a review management system for multi-location marketing is essential to ensure that everyone is on the same platform. In that, it becomes easier to sync the responses. Craft strategy to measure reviews & how to manage Google business reviews in a way that suits your brands. Also, consider discussing it with your teammates & take their inputs.

How To Set Up Google My Business For Multiple Locations

Asses Reviews

Review management reports help you to get concrete results. Only by measuring performance data can you analyze whether a strategy is working or not. Reports can assist you in taking note of interaction & general friction points, trends & interest, common queries, etc. Assessing the report, you can uplift your strategy to maintain your brand’s reputation.

How To Set Up Google My Business For Multiple Locations

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Templates & Voice Guide

Assessing the reports, you can get the general queries or common complaints & praises. To respond quickly to those queries, you can craft saved replies or templates. Having corporate templates helps to adhere to a consistent brand tone.

Also, develop a brand voice guide to help the individual location managers to adhere to the constant brand tone. Having a brand tone impacts your brand visibility & identity as well. When all stores hold the same brand voice irrespective of location, it enriches your brand’s personality.

Wrapping Up!!

There you have it!! Google business reviews are some eye-opening feedback from your consumers that helps you understand how your busines is performing. Since these are based on first-hand experience, you get the real scenario of the target market's perception of your business.

And managing Google reviews for your multi-location business, you can propel business growth & sales exponentially. Stay tuned to Statusbrew blogs for more tips & tricks, discussion on ongoing trends & to know about new product launches!

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