How To Get Free Facebook Likes In 2024

Aug 4, 2023 12 min read

No doubt, Facebook is one of the biggest social media stages! It records billions of active users consistently.

What's more, this is a brilliant opening business platform to showcase your products or services to billions of clients without spending much on offline or physical marketing!

In that case, let's be honest – it is quite challenging to build an active fanbase on Facebook & gain free Facebook likes– and it doesn't happen overnight. It requires hours of consistent efforts with proper strategy.

But remember that it can get easier when you know how to use Facebook with the goal of attracting customers. Don't forget there might be various approaches to getting likes on Facebook, yet there are free and authentic ways that you can do it now.

So to help you, we have created this post outlining how to get free Facebook likes & why you shouldn't buy Facebook likes at all. Let's start!

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Why Shouldn't You Buy Facebook Likes?

Are you wondering if you should even buy Facebook likes or not?

Is It Legal To Buy Facebook Likes?

No laws state you can't buy Facebook likes for your page. However, Facebook's guidelines indicate that it's a practice you shouldn't engage in, even in the worst scenario.

No doubt you have seen competitors with thousands of fans and are also desperate to look just as popular. It may seem tempting to buy Facebook likes instead of naturally growing your brand on the platform. It's quicker, and the results are instant.

Why Shouldn't You Buy Facebook Likes

But going down this route can really have some serious consequences for your Facebook business page in the long run. Here are 5 reasons why you should NOT buy Facebook likes:

1. Facebook Could Penalize You

Facebook can find out & penalize you for buying likes. In fact, they take a lot of interest in pages engaging in such activities that violate their terms and conditions because it takes away from the authentic experience of connecting with other people on the platform.

So if you ever decide to buy Facebook likes, you could end up with your account getting blocked.

Why Shouldn't You Buy Facebook Likes

Image Source: Facebook

2. You Will Hurt Your Brand Image

You need to consider your brand image if you are tempted to buy Facebook likes. Facebook users are quite smart and can easily spot fake followers and likes.

Authenticity is very important to Facebook users, so don't make the mistake of buying likes, thinking that it will somehow make your brand look amazing. Instead, it makes you look amateur and untrustworthy.

3. It Lowers Your Engagement Rate

Since the majority of purchased Facebook likes come from fake accounts, these accounts won't be interested in your content. They do not compromise your target audience, so chances are they are not the people who will be interested in your brand, product, or service.

You will get fewer comments and shares on your post, making them less likely to appear in the other's news feed because your audience isn't relevant to your brand or not interested in what you have to say. Being low on the news feed will make it less likely for new customers to find you on the platform.

Why Shouldn't You Buy Facebook Likes

Image Source: Facebook

4. You Will Waste Your Ad Budget

Some people also run an ad campaign to increase impressions and engagement on their page. But if your followers are made up of bot accounts, your ad money will go towards promoting your content seen only by uninterested spam accounts and fake fans.

By buying Facebook likes, you limit the potential reach of your future ad campaigns to an audience that's not at all actually interested.

5. It Harms Future Marketing Efforts

When you buy Facebook likes to increase your fans and follower base, you run the risk of distorting your follower demographics.

Before you start a marketing campaign, you also find out the demographics of your audience. One way to do so on Facebook is to look at your audience insights to know the demographics of those who already like your page. Doing this helps to target your content to the right audience.

When you buy Facebook likes, it destroys the whole meaning of the audience demographic. This makes it nearly impossible to know who your actual audience is, which hurts your long-term marketing strategy.

Why Shouldn't You Buy Facebook Likes

What To Do Instead Of Buying Facebook Likes?

Now that you know why you shouldn't buy Facebook likes, you must be wondering how to get more and free Facebook likes? Here are some tried & tested strategies for building a real audience on Facebook to get free Facebook likes without resorting to shady tactics.

Become Follow-worthy

One reason people struggle to get free Facebook likes is that their page is not follow-worthy. Their page doesn't look good & is unappealing to their target audience. If you suspect that's the case with your Facebook page, make sure you optimize your page first and make it look appealing.

Ensure your profile is complete, you have a keyword-rich "about" section, and include any further information important to your audience.

That way, once your users land on your Facebook page, they are most likely to become a fan and give you free Facebook likes.

Create A Memorable Brand

Marking your business as a memorable brand in front of your audience needs to be a priority if you truly need to catch the Facebook showcase. You should ensure that users remember your image and all the things that you can do.

You can make your brand vital by showing who you truly are and your organization's culture and qualities to get free Facebook likes. Focus on the logo you use, the color scheme that you will utilize for aesthetic posts, and so on.

A Facebook brand needs time to grow. Hence you should focus on continuously spreading information about your product and services! The more users can know what your brand image is, the more they will trust you.

Create A Memorable Brand

Image Source: Lays Facebook

Make Your Profile & Cover Photos Count

These are the first things a user sees as soon as they land on your page. So it's critical to make a great first impression, and relatively easy if you choose the correct one to get free Facebook likes. Use professional photos to communicate your brand fully. Think of these images and treat them like a sign for your brick-and-mortar store.

Your profile picture should depict the face of your brand and your logo.

Make Your Profile & Cover Photos Count

Image Source: Statusbrew Facebook

Your banner should reflect the end result of your product or service & display your target audience. For example, if you are in the anti-aging industry for women, you can show women in their forties or older in your banner image, looking young and happy & displaying your product range next to them. Also, you can add a marketing hook on the top left-hand side to underline what your brand does and how you help people to get free Facebook likes.

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Completely Fill In The About Section

Add all the information in the about section of your Facebook page. This can include your website link, your business address, the founding year of your company—all of it. This may seem like a slow and less proactive method to get free Facebook likes, but it does help in establishing brand credibility.

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Completely Fill In The About Section

Image Source: KitKat Facebook

Write Stellar Copy

Writing a compelling post that clearly and succinctly conveys your message that attracts followers is challenging. You should also not write too long or too short posts. Avoid having any grammatical errors in your post, as this harms your credibility. The better you write, the more likely you are to attract users & subsequently get free Facebook likes.

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Write Stellar Copy

Image Source: Starbucks Facebook

Give Your Audience Something Personal

That doesn't mean you should treat your business page like your personal profile. However, it would help if you also considered posting something to let your audience know the people behind your brand to get free Facebook likes.

For instance, if you run a restaurant, post a picture of your team working together with a brief message about who they are, using real human emotion. By adding a personal touch to your Facebook page, users will find you as an exciting friend on Facebook, rather than just a business page that is only trying to advertise.

Use Strong Images Regularly

A single image expresses a thousand words. Photos are one of the best instruments for building social media engagement. A photograph conveys the message in a flash. They stand apart better in the news feed compared with text posts and status updates.

A user just needs one moment to process the message shown by an image. Hence, ensure you use clear & alluring photos that can easily catch your user's attention in seconds to get free Facebook likes. Use strong images in your post that are professional, relevant, crisp, and interesting.

Use Strong Images Regularly

Image Source: Zara Facebook

For example, if you are a clothing brand, ensure to include the products you sell in the image and make them look professional. Try to portray the items in a captivating way by instructing your models to wear your product and pose in a way that makes the clothing appealing.

You should ideally include images in all your posts if possible because users are more attracted to images, and images are more captivating than plain text. And the more posts you captivate users with, the more likely your page is to get free Facebook likes.

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Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to engage with users and get free Facebook likes is to create video content on the platform. Create high-quality videos that showcase your product or tell a story about your brand. Use compelling and colorful footage and informative text overlay in your videos to draw viewers in. Do something unique that leaves your viewers wanting more and encourages them to like your page.

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Run A Facebook Contest

Facebook contests are used to get free Facebook likes as they invite people to like your page for a chance to win. Conducting contests on your page is an incredible way to increase engagement & get free Facebook likes.

A contest guarantees rewards to steadfast fans. It works because users are frequently visiting your Facebook page to check if they have won or not.

Brands such as Original Coloring Pages have been running social media challenges for some time now. They have seen a tremendous bounce in their social media activity & social following because of it.

Think of different contests that can assist you with growing your engagement and getting the free Facebook likes you need with your crowd.

Run A Facebook Contest

Image Source: Sorav Jain

Make sure the giveaway you decide on is:

  • Relevant to your business
  • Appealing
  • Unique
  • Has high perceived value

Avoid conducting cash giveaways as you won't attract people who are genuinely interested in your business. Also, it will become tricky for you to market your products in the future to the same audience.

Ensure you set a specific date for the contest to end. If your contest runs for too long, it will lose its appeal, and people won't be in a rush to enter the contest. So you won't gain free Facebook likes fast enough. Lastly, don't forget to announce the winner publicly. This will add credibility to the next contests you run.

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Know The Best Timing To Post

Timing is essential when posting on any social stage to get free Facebook likes. Knowing what time your crowd uses the social media handle is critical. If you post when your audience is working or sleeping, you will reach a small population and get less engagement on your posts.

If you operate in the B2C space, then you should post during lunch breaks and in the late evening hours when your audience is not sleeping and is free from work so that they can check your updates. However, if your target audience is the B2B segment, you should focus on posting during working hours itself.

More often than not, you should post when you realize that your crowd is active & checking their Facebook accounts to get free Facebook likes.

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Best Time to Post on Facebook

Invest In Facebook Ads

One truly exciting option to get free Facebook likes is to invest in running ads on the platform. You can pique the interest of new users for your business through the valuable content you offer and the unique strategies to acquire new users.

Use ad campaigns to attract, convert, or simply engage your target audience to your Facebook page. For that, you should learn how to develop the right strategies & choose the ideal ads for each campaign you develop.

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Facebook video ads

Promote Everywhere

You should not expect people to just stumble into your Facebook page in order to get free Facebook likes. Instead, you need to get out there and tell them about it. You should promote your page wherever you can. This includes your website, other social media channels, email signature & other marketing materials.

Don't just say 'visit us on Facebook' when promoting your page's value. Instead, give people a link to your Facebook page and tell them to click here. You can even create a direct link on your site to your Facebook page by installing a plug-in or handing out QR codes.

Be specific with your directions & include a strong reason why your audience should visit and follow your Facebook page.

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Connect With Other Pages

Follow other Facebook pages that are in the same industry. For instance, if your page is about photography, engage with other photography pages on Facebook by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts through your Facebook page. Be careful not to leave irrelevant comments that might be misread as spam, like commenting with an overflow of hashtags or links that have no relevance to the post.

Engaging with other similar Facebook pages increases your exposure and help you get free Facebook likes. It also communicates to Facebook what your page is about, making Facebook more likely to suggest your Facebook page to users who already follow pages similar to yours.

Be A Part Of The Conversation

Engage with your fans and followers on Facebook to get free Facebook likes. Talk to them daily and reply to all the comments received on your post. This helps to build trust & credibility with your fans.

Ensure that you continuously screen your fan page so that you can react to comments & questions rapidly. This will help you to engage with new users and not miss out on any genuine followers who have the chance to become your customer someday.

You can ask your fans open-ended inquiries if you want. These inquiries will help make long & lively discussions and acquire free Facebook likes.

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Be A Part Of The Conversation

Image Source: Walmart Facebook

Tackle The Spam Comments

Once you start posting consistently and engaging with other pages on Facebook, your post will also start receiving engagement and comments. However, all comments received on your post might not be genuine. Some bot accounts might drop random comments on your post. Keeping these comments hanging on your post will hurt your brand reputation. It's absolutely necessary that all comments on your post are clean and relatable to your post.

So you should be taking measures to stop such trash and spam comments from entering your comments section and destroying your brand reputation. You need a comment moderation tool that automatically hides comments when they detect some with some unnecessary keywords.

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Tackle The Spam Comments

Statusbrew's Rule Engine automatically manages your incoming conversations on different social networks. Using the rule engine, you can update your social conversations based on the specified conditions. You can even combat spam & trolls before they ruin your brand's reputation. You can set a rule to hide all the spam comments on your Facebook posts.

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