3 Ways To Get More Facebook Comments On Your Facebook Posts

Apr 28, 2021 6 min read

Comments are essential (Full Stop). Getting people to talk about your post can play a crucial role in maximizing your reach.

While talking about more engagement on Facebook, comments are the gold standard in a post. Likes can make your business seem more legit, and shares on the post imply that people like your content enough to share it. Comments show authentic and genuine engagement.

If a user takes time to post a comment on your Facebook post, that shows their genuine interest in your content. Facebook (as per its algorithm) will recognize that your content is making conversations and meaningful interactions between people and is, therefore, more likely to prioritize that content in the News Feed.

Adam Moresi, head of News Feed at Facebook, said that Facebook would prioritize posts that can inspire back-and-forth discussions in the comments and posts you might want to share and react to.

While brands want more comments, Facebook is cautious against asking for them. Using 'engagement bait' to goad people into commenting on your posts is not counted as a meaningful interaction, and hence Facebook will demote these kinds of posts in News Feed.

So organic engagement is your saviour!

How To Get More Comments On Facebook Post

1. Content

Post interesting and entertaining content that people will want to talk about. Posts that are hot topics, related to top news stories, or involve unusual issues tend to get the most comments.

Although I recommend brands not talking about political and religious stuff as that can be lead to controversies.

Mentioned below are some ideas to post exciting content


Post Images.

Why images?

Because Facebook users love pictures. Photos are easy to consume and are informative.

Mentioned below are some tips to create engaging images:

• Do not use images only for promotions. Your users should be interested in your brand, do not force-feed them with the information they don’t want

• Use funny memes. By funny, I don’t mean random funny memes. Your entertainment quotient should be inclined towards your brand or the industry in some way

The example below shows how ‘we’ at Statusbrew post memes. They are funny, innocent and relatable.


• Use a variety of content in images. When I say funny images, I don’t mean only cat images! Your content should be a mix of informative and entertaining photos so that the reader is keen to like and comment on the image

• Be subtle with information you provide about the brand or your product

• Use aesthetically pleasing images

• Use info graphics. Info graphics have a higher chance of engagement

• Use Images that require some reply from your audience. For example, fill in the blanks, questions, testimonials, etc.

• You can use quotes in your images that can be relatable and full of inspiration

• Use tips to educate your audience over some topic


Every brand wants to find out a way to attract user's attention on social media, and videos are the most effective way to do so.

Whether you're just starting with social media or have an established social media presence, creating content daily for social media can feel a little like walking with your eyes closed.

As viewing habits of the users have changed over time, brands need to realize that they need to build a strong audience across social media channels, primarily to engage younger audiences like Gen Z.

Brands can translate their stories into the type of content that audiences gravitate towards the most on social media: short-form video (of course)!

Mentioned below are some tips to create engaging videos:

  • Use a cover image for your video that will elicit comments

  • Capture attention in a short span with clear and compelling titles. The answer for "what is this about?" should be answered in the first few seconds

  • Use bright and bold text animations as users these days browse through social feed with sound off

  • Let starting frame serve to entice people into discovering additional details about the subject at hand

  • Use videos with compelling statistics related to your industry to spark interest

  • Drive your followers to take your intended action with clear CTAs. Again, you don't have to sell a product in the video; your video should sell the product in itself

  • Show behind the scenes or bloopers

  • Share videos that have hacks or tips relatable to your audience and industry

How To Get These Tips Into Action Using Statusbrew
  • Compose and schedule the post for consistent visibility

  • You can use 'Canva' to create images within the platform

  • Check the preview of your posts alongside composing the post

  • Asset manager helps you create a collection of photos for future use

  • Add links to your post for CTA from within the same window

Image below shows the compose screen which serves as a solution for you composing and scheduling.


2. Brand Response

If you want your audience to comment on your Facebook post, try something simple when they comment - reply to all their comments!

This would make them feel heard and valued. They will be more willing to comment on your Facebook posts in the future.

Tips on how to respond to comment on Facebook to get more interactions:

  • Replying to every comment makes the person feel important, and it also shows the rest of readers that you take their comments seriously. By replying, you may often get the person to comment again, which boosts the post's reach

  • Use your fan's name whenever and wherever possible. This encourages more interactions. The more personal the experience, the better

  • Tag every comment with your name for people to know precisely who is replying. It gives a personality to your comment

  • Like and react to every comment on your post

  • Comment on your posts, but not for the first 10 mins. Let others have a chance first

  • Response rate within your team should be high, i.e. your team members should reply as soon as possible. Example, Ferrari and Xbox are amongst some of the brands that are known to respond to their Facebook comments within an hour on average

Replying to every comment can become hectic for social media managers or brands when

  • You have hundreds of comment on your posts and campaigns
  • You have multiple brand pages
  • You have numerous ad campaigns running

Solution – Statusbrew!

  • Statusbrew is a unified social media management tool where you can manage all your comments and ad comments in a unified inbox so that no comment is missed

  • Automatically create different inboxes for your specific needs. This helps in ease of view for priority comments

  • CRM tool enables you to create a customer repository, and you can also store customer data for future reference

  • Leave internal notes and mentions for better cross-team collaboration and team learning

  • Assign the conversation to a team or team member for smoother workflows and reduced cherry-picking

  • Track response time of your team

Image below shows how Statusbrew helps in tracking Team's performance


3. Keep Your Comment Section Clean From Spam And Negativity

It’s human nature to be attracted to positivity. Not just in life, but it also works in your comment section. Spams can raze your brand, clutter your comments, and damage your credibility.

Brands have seen an increase in their positive sentiment by 269%, like spam, scam, and hate speech haven’t cluttered up their comment section, making customers able to engage in real conversations with the brand.

Having spam in your comments affect your trust and authority. Lack of comment moderation demonstrates apathy and indifference. Ignoring spam comments is not the best move for a brand.

We at Statusbrew pay a lot of attention to comment management. Here’s how

Auto-Hide Comment

Use Statusbrew’s Rule Engine and Set a list of words and phrases to hide comments automatically.
The good thing about hiding a comment is that only the person who commented can see the reply by the brand and not the rest of the public. Such features come in handy when you have social customer care.


Remove Spam From Bots & Users

Hide or delete comments with links from your posts and Facebook ads. Also, ban trolls with suspicious activity.

Create Customized Automation Rules

Add several conditions and actions to automate your entire comment management workflow.

Get better engagement by moderating comments on Facebook using Statusbrew.

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