11 Effective Black Friday Marketing Strategies To Try In 2024

Nov 11, 2023 8 min read

Businesses have started feeling the pressure to convert their Black Friday marketing campaign into a week-long event.

Consumers are heavily focused on buying gifts and also want to avoid busy shops during the festive period. Online shops can expect a flood of sales only if their marketing strategy is optimized to handle and enhance the increased number of online visitors.

Dig deeper into this blog to understand the top 11 secret Black Friday marketing strategies you should try out in 2024 to offer exciting deals and discounts over this weekend.

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Quick Black Friday Statistics From 2013 To 2022

  • 74.17% of online traffic on Black Friday is from mobile devices.
  • Cart abandonment rate on Black Friday is 77.74%.
  • 10:00 is the peak time for online sales on Black Friday.
  • In the fashion sector, online traffic increased 35.28% overnight from the day before Black Friday.
  • Airline and Luxury Fashion sectors have the highest cart abandonment rates on Black Friday.
  • On Black Friday, online airline traffic is over 137% greater than hotel online sessions.
  • 56.2% of online products are sold through a mobile device on Cyber Monday.

11 Secret Black Friday Marketing Strategies To Try In 2024

Take Advantage Of Social Media

People using Instagram to find Black Friday deals have had a growth of 73%, along with a 45% increase in the use of Pinterest. Social media platforms allow you to engage and interact with your customers in real-time.

Before, during, and after Black Friday, it's essential to focus on using the best times to schedule your social posts to communicate your offer to the widest possible audience.

Constant activity on social media is a must, as your consumers will ask questions frequently and expect fast answers. Try as hard as you can to answer all their queries in your direct messages or comments sections.

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Social media posting and engagement are a free way of marketing. Take good advantage of them when planning your marketing strategy for Black Friday.

Don't Forget About Cyber Monday

The following Monday after the Thanksgiving celebrations is known as Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday this year will take place on the 28th of November.

Using the Black Friday and Cyber Monday days together will let you present extended sales to your customers. You can create a sense of urgency in emails and social media, with two events falling soon after the other. You can also extend offers and sales around both of these days, changing what might have been a one or two-day sale into one that can last up to a week, giving you plenty of time to remind your customers about it.

Own The Month

You should start marketing for Black Friday as early as possible and before your competition starts instead of focusing just on Black Friday day or even the entire week.

Strive to own all of November month instead of just the week surrounding Black Friday. Loop in your customers early. Share what you have planned for every day or week of the month with your customers.

You can get more ideas about what you should post on social media in November with our blog on Black Friday Social Media Content Calendar [+Template]

Run Black Friday Ads To Grow Your Email List

You should start running targeted Black Friday ads and use them to build an email list a month before Black Friday.

The email list you build will come in handy as you educate your prospects about your brand over the course of the next couple of weeks. You can present them with multiple discounts and offers during your Black Friday campaign.

State in your ads that you will be running special discounts only for people in your email list if you wish to grow it. Keep by your promise and dive into some fantastic offers and deals only for those on your email list.

This would help to build a relationship with your customers before your competition starts. Remember that it's pointless to acquire email addresses in advance and not communicate with them until your Black Friday offers go live. Keep them engaged through existing emails throughout the month of November. Start building the relationship now. Share the value of your product before you try to sell them.

Leverage your previous customers' product reviews in your ad creatives to grow your email list.

Partner With Other Brands

There's no harm in sharing your customers with other brands who are not your direct competitors. Some brands offer a unique partnership opportunity as well.

One possibility is to create co-branded products that both of you can promote to your respective customers. Another opportunity is to create promotional cards for both brands that each of you can include in shipped packages to all your customers.

Be Different And Stand Out

Being different from your competitors will help you stand out and acquire your customers' attention in a more cost-effective way than if you run the same campaigns as your competitors are doing.

In 2015, REI's #OptOutside campaign was a great example of this. REI opted out of running Black Friday sales. It even closed its stores on the day of Black Friday to encourage its customers to spend the day enjoying the outdoors.

This campaign did not bring them any Black Friday sales. But it did gain them a significant amount of press, and people were still talking about it in 2021.

REI's #OptOutside campaign

Offer Gift Cards

If you don't already offer gift cards to your customers, then you should. Gift cards are a fantastic product to add to your stores and promote during holidays.

Gift cards are easy for shoppers to purchase for their family and friends, especially when they don't know which product to buy for someone.

Generate a unique experience for how your recipient receives the gift card. This way, you can make your brand memorable for your customers and also stand out from the competition.

You also have an opportunity to make the gift card delivery special for the recipient by creating beautifully designed printable certificates or including a buying guide with each gift card that helps the recipient choose the perfect item. You can also offer PROMO codes on social media.

Some stores also offer gift cards by email, which is also a great idea. However, you should make your email gift card compelling and also choose a subject line that is worth clicking.

Live Stream Your Promotions

Live Streams on social platforms offer a fun way to build a community and connect with your customers. You can use the Livestream with your social audience to promote special deals that are not shared anywhere else.

Live Streams prove to be very useful for new product releases. So if you plan to launch a new product this Black Friday season, keep that in mind as you start building your community during the holidays.

Run A Deal Every Hour

You can run a specific time-bound deal for every hour. This is a fun marketing strategy and one that you can implement along with the Own the Month campaign.

There are two ways to run this campaign: you can publish the complete deal calendar at once or offer a surprise deal each hour.

Either way, you will need a real-time communication method like SMS messaging. SMS are delivered in real-time, making them an excellent alternative to email for time-sensitive promotions. SMS even has a higher open rate than emails. If you automate text messages with the best SMS marketing software, it can result in a significant increase in open rates.

Give A Free Gift With A Purchase

Everybody loves receiving free gifts. But this one requires more preparation, and there are a number of ways to approach this idea. A free gift can be given away with every single purchase, or it can be gated behind a minimum spend.

You know your customers and your business the best, so decide what would be more enticing to them.

Get Creative With Timing

Timing is an essential element of your Black Friday marketing strategy. It's fine if you are not aware of the perfect timing to run your campaign, you can even experiment with it. You can experiment with email marketing, social media marketing, and even the timing of the offer.

You can gauge the attention of consumers that have been flooded with different Black Friday offers by behaving differently from your competitors. This can be done by starting early; why not have a Black Friday sale a week or even a month before the actual day? Why not act late and have a Black Friday sale in December?

Experiment with timings and think outside the box. Consumers associate the term Black Friday with amazing one-off deals, so you can think of running your Black Friday deal at best possible time.

It's One Of The Most Wonderful Times Of The Year…

The holiday season is a prime time to capitalize on acquiring new consumers. Have your Black Friday marketing campaign fleshed out before the Thanksgiving season sets in.

As more and more consumers tap Add To Cart on their smartphones this Black Friday weekend, you won't regret launching a wonderful Black Friday campaign that will dazzle your shoppers' feeds.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about Black Friday marketing strategies:

How do you attract customers on Black Friday?

You can use secret Black Friday marketing strategies such as the ones given below to attract customers:

  • Launch Black Friday marketing campaign early
  • Use QR Codes to boost sales
  • Share promotional content to increase brand recall value
  • Retarget your customers after the Black Friday sale ends

How do you advertise Black Friday deals?

You can advertise your Black Friday deals by launching an email marketing campaign, offering gift cards, and running social media contests.

What type of pricing strategies are used during Black Friday?

A key pricing strategy used during Black Friday is dynamic pricing. As prices change constantly, brands need to offer the best and most competitive prices in their market, especially in the online world.

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