15 Best Practices For Twitter For 2024

Jul 1, 2023 16 min read

With 450 million monthly active users globally and being the 7th most favorite social media platform, Twitter is a place where conversations unfold in real-time, trends ignite, and connections are formed with just a click.

While the data speaks for itself, navigating Twitter with finesse and making your brand voice truly shine is crucial. From optimizing your profile to engaging in meaningful conversations and more, harping on certain Twitter best practices can empower brands to amplify their reach, captivate their audience, and navigate the ever-changing trends that make Twitter a force to be reckoned with.

So, if you are up for making 2024 your most tweet-worthy year, our carefully curated Twitter best practices will elevate your brand's presence and ensure your content performs exceptionally in the Twitter feed.

Twitter Profile: Optimize Your Appearance

When it comes to Twitter, your profile is the first impression you make on potential followers. Basically, it's one of your best bets! So make sure it's a good one. Optimizing your profile is essential to capture attention, build credibility, and attract a relevant audience.

So, basically, you need to update your profile with the correct information and craft a bio that expresses your personality so that when someone stumbles across your profile, they can get an idea of the content and value they can expect from you.

Remember, your Twitter profile acts as your digital representative, so invest time and effort by following the below-mentioned best practices to create an engaging profile that entices users to hit that "Follow" button.


  • Profile Picture: Your profile photo appears next to every tweet you send, so choose a professional and recognizable profile picture to make it look sharp and crisp.

  • Header Image: The header image is the large banner at the top of your profile. Utilize this space creatively to showcase your brand, highlight your products/services, or display a visually appealing image that aligns with your content.

  • Bio: Craft a concise and compelling bio within 160 characters that capture attention and communicates your unique value proposition. Incorporate relevant keywords and hashtags to improve discoverability.

  • Username: That's how your audience can find you on Twitter. Choose a username that is consistent across all platforms and helps users find and connect with you seamlessly.

  • Pinned Tweet: Pinning a tweet keeps it at the top of your profile, allowing visitors to get a quick snapshot of your best work or current announcements.

  • Location: Set your current business’s location for better clarity, or leave it blank if you are going global.

For instance, here’s the catchy Twitter profile of “Statusbrew,” with a snappy bio and compelling company voice. It does a brilliant job of optimizing its profile with relevant images that tells the audience exactly what type of company they are.

Pinned Tweets: Use Them Judiciously

While we have mentioned “Pinned Tweets” in the above paragraph, it's important to discuss it as a separate best practice as it's a valuable feature on Twitter that allows you to highlight important or impactful content at the top of your profile.

When used judiciously, pinned tweets can make a lasting impression on visitors and effectively communicate your key messages. This means that whenever someone lands on your profile, they will see that particular tweet at the very start. It will not only drive organic traffic to your website but also help you create a strategy around it.

For instance, this can serve you many purposes. Businesses can:

  • Share the latest updates or share the latest news on the best time to post on Twitter with their audience.

  • Drive traffic to their blog or redirect the audience to a lead magnet.

  • Promote recently launched products/services of their company.

For instance, McDonald’s has leveraged pinned tweets to get the maximum engagement for their latest “grimace shake” trend which is taking on Twitter by fire.


Twitter Features: Experiment With Them

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, this social media platform has been getting far more attention than it used to. Almost every week, we hear about new updates and Twitter rolling out new features to keep users engaged and connected.

To make the most of this dynamic platform, don't be afraid to experiment with its diverse range of features. From polls and live videos to fleets and audio spaces, Twitter offers a playground of possibilities. Try them out, and see what resonates with your audience. This can unlock new avenues for engagement and community building, making them worth exploring.

Here are some of the Twitter features to experiment with in 2024:

Twitter Spaces: This live audio feature is great for driving conversations beyond tweets, where brands can host AMA sessions or panels to better connect with their community. If you really want to spark a two-way conversation, Twitter Spaces may be worth exploring as a best practice in 2024.


  • Unmention Feature: Currently, Twitter is testing out this ‘Unmentioning’ feature, which is supposed to enable users to remove themselves from conversations they don’t want to be a part of. At this moment, for whom the feature is available is unclear.
  • Twitter Lists: Create curated lists of Twitter accounts that share common interests or belong to a specific industry. Experiment with creating and subscribing to lists to organize your feed, discover new content, and engage with relevant conversations. Lists can be a valuable tool for staying informed and building connections with influencers and thought leaders.


  • Twitter Threads: Instead of limiting your message to a single tweet, experiment with Twitter threads to provide more in-depth content. Schedule Twitter threads to share longer narratives, break down complex topics, or tell stories in a sequential manner. This feature encourages followers to engage with your content and keeps them reading.
  • Community Feature: Although still in beta testing, Twitter Community will allow users to create a community group around any particular niche where the community members can share their tweets and engage with each other. Once it rolls out, it will impact Twitter like anything before.


  • Twitter Blue: It offers exclusive features like a priority in replies and mentions and the ability to post longer videos and audio that help manage and organize your account interactions on the platform. Besides, its good for the security and credibility of your company’s identity on the platform by getting the batch.


  • Twitter Notes: We’re certain that marketers will appreciate this as users now will be able to write beyond the 280-characters-per-tweet limit, along with longer updates which can range from up to 2,500 words with a title of 100 characters in length. Further, it can be enriched with pictures, tweets, and links. In addition to that, Notes can also be rated by users, giving you instant feedback about your content’s quality.


  • Topic Tag Bar: Still under A/B beta testing, this feature enables users to easily choose their area of interest by clicking on one of the recommended topics on a new tag bar situated at the top of their screens. It can help you to research a particular topic and craft content in relation to trends.


By experimenting with these Twitter features, you can discover new ways to engage your audience, showcase your brand's personality, and stand out in a crowded social media landscape.

Trending topics on Twitter are like waves in the vast ocean of conversations. They come and go, but if you ride them right, they can propel your tweets to new heights. With Twitter being the viral source of trends, it doesn’t hurt to join in on the fun as long as it’s relevant and resonates with your audience. In fact, the top three types of content that offer the biggest ROI on social media are relatable, trendy, and educational/informational content.

Just remember that all trends may not work for your brand, so you will have to work it up and leverage those you can actually be creative with.

The key is to act fast to stay relevant. Hence, B2B brands shouldn’t shy away from having a little fun with trends, as it can be an innovative way to engage with your audience and show a lighter side of the brand.

Here are certain Twitter trends to hop on in 2023.


Hashtags That Trend: Amplifying Your Reach

Hashtags are now known to every social platform but were primarily born on Twitter and still remain invaluable to increasing the visibility and discoverability of your tweets.

Leveraging hashtags is another best practice to try if you want to promote your brand on Twitter. Understanding how and where to use hashtags on Twitter will make your content impactful, skyrocket your reach, and get your tweets trending.

But don't just slap any hashtag on your tweets and call it a day. Be strategic! Find the right hashtag that makes sense for your industry and niche to reach your target audience.

Here’s how:

  • One to two hashtags per tweet are more than effective.

  • Choose your hashtags sparingly, as overdoing them will make your tweets look spammy.

  • Monitor your competitors to avoid using the ones already overused.

  • Use a branded hashtag unique to your business for your campaigns.

  • Scrutinize Twitter’s Explore page thoroughly to discover current trending topics, including hashtags.

Follow these practices, and you are sure to get results. However, if you are still low on reach, you can always resort to Statusbrew as your reliable companion for effectively implementing hashtags. With its intuitive dashboard, you can:

  • Track hashtags that are getting significant attention.
  • Measure the performance of their most engaged hashtags with 'Hashtag Insights.'
  • Monitor the total post count, clicks, comments, and engagement for a specific hashtag as well.

Control who sees your X (formerly Twitter) activity! Learn how to make Twitter account private & ensure only approved followers access your content.

Concise is Key: Crafting Compelling Tweets

With a character limit of 280, brevity is your best friend on Twitter. First and foremost, every character counts. So, keep your tweets short, snappy, and to the point. Cut out unnecessary fluff and get straight to the heart of your message. Remember, less is more in the Twitterverse.

Craft concise and compelling tweets that grab attention and leave a lasting impact. Use compelling headlines, intriguing questions, and powerful statements to entice your followers. Basically, make your tweet a hook that reels in your audience.

  • Ensure that your tweets are clear and to the point.

  • Use strong verbs and avoid using too many hashtags, as discussed in the above section.

  • Avoid writing long, rambling tweets; keep them short and sweet.

  • Refrain from oversharing on your timeline.

  • Share helpful tips or insights into specific topics that will hook your audience.

For instance, look at this innovative and compelling tweet from Burger King and how they are promoting their brand through it. No oversharing, no cluttered hashtags, just a simple yet witty take!

Visual Appeal: Harnessing the Power of Images, Memes, and GIFs

It's true! A picture is worth a thousand words; on Twitter, it can be worth even more. Besides, visual appeal is not just about pretty pictures; it's about harnessing the true potential of visual storytelling. From stunning photographs that stop scrollers in their tracks to cleverly crafted memes that elicit laughter and relatability, visuals have the power to amplify your tweets and make them stand out in a crowded timeline. Here’s a meme that’s doing rounds on Twitter.

With visual assets, you can communicate more with each tweet. In fact, tweets with images and videos can fetch you up to three times to ten times engagement, respectively, while GIFs can get as much as 55%. Just ensure it resonates with your audience.

So if you want to get users to stop scrolling and pay attention to what you’re saying, then leverage rich media occasionally to perform better than those without.

For instance, check out this animated GIF from Starbucks, a whimsical scene of its product in motion. It’s also a good metaphor for what Starbucks’ customers want from coffee.

Engaging Conversations: The Art of Replies and Retweets

Engaging in conversations on Twitter is not just about broadcasting your own thoughts; it's about fostering connections, building relationships, and becoming an active part of the Twitter community. The art of replies and retweets can help you achieve just that.

When someone mentions or replies to your tweet, respond promptly and thoughtfully. Acknowledge their input, answer their questions, and show genuine interest in their perspective. Engaging in meaningful conversations humanizes your brand and strengthens your connection with followers.

Retweeting is a powerful way to amplify others' voices and share valuable content with your own audience. Retweet tweets that align with your brand, add value to your followers, or spark interesting discussions. It shows that you are not just focused on self-promotion but also value the insights and ideas of others.

You can also:

  • Ask your followers to reply to a tweet. This can be through a giveaway or by asking their opinion on recent product launches simply to encourage participation.

  • Build a persistent brand voice that is friendly, recognizable, and bold. The key is to maintain consistency throughout.

  • Opt for plain, accessible language over jargon and abbreviations. Make it human and conversational.

  • Be unique. That intrigues followers, and they keep coming back for more such witty tweets.

  • Lastly, be active. It's essential as Twitter conversations move fast.

Look how Wendy’s, with 3.8 million followers, outperforms the bigger burger joints in interaction and engagement. This is because, unlike most other companies, Wendy’s doesn’t play it safe on Twitter and has established their brand voice successfully.


Followers Matter: Growing Your Twitter Tribe

In the realm of Twitter, followers are more than just numbers. They are a vibrant community of individuals who have chosen to connect with you and engage with your content. In fact, according to Social Media Trends Report, 7% of social media marketers believe that Twitter is the most effective for building an active community on social media, higher than LinkedIn but less effective than Instagram at 26%.

Thus to achieve that, growing your Twitter tribe is essential for expanding your reach, building influence, and fostering meaningful connections. Remember, it’s not all about the numbers; a relevant following can do wonders for your business.

To grow your follower tribe:

  • Be true to yourself and your brand. Authenticity resonates with people and attracts like-minded individuals who genuinely connect with your message.

  • Actively engage with your followers by responding to their comments, mentions, and messages. Show appreciation for their support, answer their questions, and participate in conversations.

  • Regularly share valuable content that aligns with your niche and interests your target audience. Leverage a good social media automation tool and create a consistent posting schedule to establish a reliable presence.

  • Collaborate with influencers, experts, or complementary brands in your niche. By working together on projects, guest posting, or hosting joint Twitter chats, you can tap into their audience and gain exposure to potential followers with similar interests.

  • Share User-Generated Content and encourage your followers to create content related to your brand. Repost and credit their content, showcasing their contributions.

With these best practices, you can create a community of people interested in what you have to say.

Polls and Surveys: Engaging Your Audience

When harping on Twitter's best practices, you must ask people thought-provoking questions, and Twitter Polls let you do that. Twitter polls have been available for quite a long time, and they still are a great way to tap into what people are thinking.

And let’s be honest! People like it when they are consulted or acknowledged on any pertinent topic. With polls, you can ask your audience pretty much about anything. Seeking opinions and encouraging participation through polls not only generate engagement but also provide valuable insights into your audience's preferences. While there is no replacement for in-depth research methods, polls do provide quick and useful insights, help gather feedback and opinions, tease product ideas, and more.

Besides, Twitter polls are simple and fun! It gives them a premise to express strong opinions about minor topics.

Take a look at this Twitter Poll below. It engages and expresses!

Data-Driven Decisions: Analyzing Twitter Analytics

Twitter provides a treasure trove of data through its analytics platform, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your audience, content performance, and overall strategy. It lets you make data-driven decisions, refine your strategies, and optimize your Twitter presence.

Some of the metrics you can track include:

  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Total followers gain
  • New followers
  • New unfollowers
  • Top engaged posts
  • Response rate,
  • Response time


Leveraging this data is one of the best practices for Twitter, as it lets you gauge what’s working well and what could be improved. Here's how:

Identify your top-performing tweets based on Twitter Analytics and analyze what made them successful—was it the format, the topic, or the time of posting? Use these insights to replicate success in future content creation.

Look for patterns in your Twitter engagement rate and adjust your posting schedule accordingly. Experiment with different time slots to find the optimal timing for maximum visibility.

Run experiments by comparing the performance of different tweet variations. Test different formats, headlines, visuals, or call-to-action strategies. Analyze the results and iterate based on what resonates best with your audience.

If you run Twitter ad campaigns, use the analytics to monitor their performance and refine your strategies based on the insights gained.

Leverage some social media analytics tools to get the most out of Twitter. With Statusbrew, you can easily schedule tweets, manage multiple accounts, and analyze your Twitter Analytics.

Customer Service: Plan For It

Due to the traditional conversational nature of Twitter, it’s not uncommon for users to visit a brand’s Twitter handle seeking answers to their questions or expressing their concerns about a product or service.

In fact, Twitter is a go-to place for users to rant and rave or seek support from businesses.

Thus, when managing customer service on Twitter, response time is critical. Ensure you have an excellent team to respond promptly with either an answer to their question or resort to more personalized solutions. Delayed or worse, no response at all can leave customers feeling ignored and impact their perception of your brand.

Spotify Cares, for example, has a dedicated customer service account with its customer support link listed in the bio. This specialized approach streamlines the customer service process and provides customers with a designated channel for support.


Blog Content: Leverage It Properly

If you have a rich library of blog articles, my friend, distributing and leveraging it should be part of your Twitter strategy. Don't just randomly post! Look for different creative yet effective ways of sharing snippets, headlines, and links to your blog posts to drive traffic and expand your readership. Basically, be strategic in how you present and leverage your blog content on Twitter.

Your blog is a treasure trove of valuable information and insights that can enrich your Twitter presence. So, to get the most out of your blog content,

  • Tailor your copy for your Twitter audience and increase its click-through rate.

  • Highlight a key question from your blog and use it to interact with your audience and ask them their thoughts.

  • Don't write or overdo something that does not resonate with your audience.

  • If you want your followers to stop scrolling and visit the blog post, go the extra mile and create a custom image that stands out in the feed.

  • Repurpose your blog content into bite-sized pieces for Twitter.

  • Condense key points into tweet threads or create visually appealing infographics summarizing your blog's main takeaways.

For a better understanding, take a look at how Statusbrew successfully demonstrates the best practice in the example below.

Social Listening: Listen To Your Audience

Twitter isn't only about broadcasting your message; it's about actively listening to your audience and understanding their needs, preferences, and sentiments. By tuning in and engaging in social listening, you can gather valuable insights and build stronger connections with your followers.

For this, you need to monitor mentions, hashtags, and conversations about your brand or industry as it makes sure you’re tapped into what’s going on around you, even if you’re not directly mentioned. It helps you gauge what people think about your brand. Just ensure that you use this information to respond promptly and proactively to address your customers' pain points and complaints.

Some of the topics you must monitor include:

  • Your brand name

  • Industry hashtags and keywords

  • Your competitor brands

  • Relevant trends or trending topics

  • Usage of rich media like GIFs and short videos

Ad Campaigns: Level Up Your Promotion


Advertising can help you promote your brand or business on Twitter, drive traffic to your website, and more. Once you’ve got yourself verified on Twitter, it’s time to level up and run your first ad campaign as one of the best practices in 2024.

Leveraging ad campaigns can take your efforts to the next level and is a powerful toolkit to reach a wider audience, increase visibility, and drive engagement. Since Twitter ads target specific demographics, depending on your objective, you can either promote your account to gain new followers or promote individual tweets to boost engagement and campaign visibility. Besides this, you can also create campaigns for building awareness, driving conversions, promoting your product/service, etc.

So, experiment with different ad formats, such as promoted tweets, trends, or accounts, to see what resonates best with your audience. Craft compelling and visually appealing content that grabs attention and sparks curiosity. Remember, you only have a few seconds to make an impression, so make it count! So, keep refining your strategies based on what works best for your brand.

Tweeting Your Way To Success

Alright, by now, you surely must have got the hang of the best practices for Twitter in 2024. Now, it's just about implementing it, being consistent and patient, as success doesn't come overnight.

While there can be numerous new Twitter best practices to come your way, it's advisable to stick to the ones you can capitalize into your social media strategy. So be at it, as it's a fun platform to experiment with a Twitter best practice that makes sense.

So redirect your marketing efforts and tweet your way to success in 2024. You’ll eventually see the results you are looking for. Engage, connect, and let your voice be heard on Twitter, where conversations never cease, opportunities abound, and endless possibilities await. Happy tweeting!

Ahana Basu

Ahana Basu, a content writer at Statusbrew, transforms ideas into captivating narratives. Besides writing, she loves exploring cuisines, powerlifting, drawing, and jamming to classical music.

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