A Marketer's Guide To Twitter Analytics

Apr 25, 2021 6 min read

Even for the most seasoned marketers, marketing strategy on Twitter for maximum exposure and engagement can be a meaty task. Luckily, a data source can help in the planning process, which can provide valuable insight into your business account, your followers, and Twitter engagement.

Twitter analytics can help you with a wealth of information that can help create meaningful Tweets that resonate with your target audience. Twitter Analytics shows you how your audience responds to your content, what's working for you, and what's not!

Confused about where to start? Read ahead, and you will be pro from head to toe!

What Is Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics is all in one place to find the data that can help marketers make an informed decision. With insights on post-performance and audience behaviors, it allows brands to track what resonates with their audience the most.

Twitter analytics shows you insights that are specific to your Twitter account. The analytics provide details on your tweets' engagement, clicks, re-tweets, favorites, replies, and more.

Twitter analytics enables marketers to gather vital information to step up their overall Twitter marketing strategy and maximize ROI.

How To See Twitter Analytics

There are two ways to track Twitter analytics

1. Analytics By Twitter

Analytics is an in-built tool provided by Twitter to see analytics for all Twitter profiles. To see your Analytics on Twitter follow the steps below:

Step 1. Log in to the Twitter profile you want to see analyze
Step 2. Click on the ‘More’ option


Step 3. Click on ‘Analytics’


Step 4. Start analyzing your data


2. Statusbrew's Twitter Analytics

To see your Twitter Analytics report follow the steps below:

Step 1. Log in to your Statusbrew account
Step 2. Click on the 'Home' button in the top left of your screen to open Statusbrew Home and click on 'Reports'
Step 3. Under the Reports section, click on 'Twitter'


You can filter the report for a particular Twitter Profile / Profile Group.
Compare the change in performance by using the Compare to feature in the date selector.

The Change and % Change parameter for each metric gives you a better idea about the current traction around your brand.

What To Measure

Before we understand how to get benefited from Twitter Analytics, it is crucial to understand what Analytics by Twitter can track for a business. Mentioned below are some key metrics Analytics track.

1. Tweet Impressions, Engagement And Engagement Rate

Under the section - Tweets, you will get a list of all your Tweets along with the number of impressions, engagement, and engagement rate. You can see each Tweet performance of recent months or a 28-day overview of cumulative impressions.


The tweets section shows your Tweets engagement, i.e., the number of interactions your Tweet has received over the selected range of time. You can also see the engagement rate, which is engagements divided by impressions.

Use case

  • Capitalize on this information by repurposing Tweets that gained the most impressions in the past or create Tweets on a similar subject line
  • Cumulative overview to compare monthly activity. See how you can recreate high impression earned months
  • Promoted Ads can help your content reach more people
  • If you are receiving little engagement, you should rethink your subject matter and format. For instance, you may want to add a photo or video to your content mix, which tends to generate more engagement

Engagement: @Replies + Retweets + Mentions + Favorites

2. Top Tweets

Twitter's main analytics dashboard will display your top Tweet (by impressions) every month. Click on "View Tweet Activity" to see the specific engagement broken down by detail expands, link clicks, profile clicks, and more.


Use case

  • Seeing all your top Tweets laid out in the same space allows brands to aggregate the learnings and measure what they have in common. These are tried-and-tested aspects that resonate with your audience over time

While this all seems ok from the outside, I have a couple of areas of concern.

  • Firstly, "impressions" could also be the new "followers". Unless you want to get into the league tables showing 'who had the most followers,' it is all relatively egotistical and pointless stuff as it leads to brands chasing follower counts

  • A focus on impressions could lead brands' target to be set on a headcount impressions number, resulting in "unethical tactics" that chase visibility rather than aiming for quality engagement

  • Also, only impressions in themselves are a meaningless thing to measure. It's just a big number at the end of the day

What agencies and marketers need to do is focus on the activities that promote some action or have a measurable influence on the user.

Within Statusbrew, you can get all this and more under the reports tab. Statusbrew's Twitter Analytics helps you measure things like:

  • Total followers gain
  • Engagements
  • Impressions
  • Audience growth
  • New followers
  • New unfollowers
  • Posts
  • Top engaged posts
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Stats by channel
  • Response rate
  • Response time

Benefits Of Using Statusbrew's Twitter Anaylytics

1. Create Presentation Ready Reports

You or your team can stop cobbing together spreadsheets and graphs. You can have presentation-ready reports to directly send to clients.

Statusbrew reporting helps you white-label reports.

Checkout tips to share effective social media reports with clients.

You can have tailored reports which fit your specific business needs and customizable according to the client. All the graphs can be customized as per choice to Bar, Line, Area, or Tabular form. Reports can be exported in the form of a PDF as well.

2. Track All key Metrics

Statusbrew Twitter Analytics helps you track key metrics in a single stream. It provides aggregated analytics of all the Twitter profiles giving you the overall Twitter performance and health of your brand.


This widget helps you visualize trends in how your audience engages with your content across Twitter profiles, along with changes as compared to the corresponding previous period and % change.

Engagement is an aggregate number of Likes, Comments, Retweets, and Clicks you received on your Tweets during the reporting period.



This metrics helps you visualize trends in your content viewed by your audience across Twitter.


Audience Growth

This metrics breaks down your followers gained, lost, and net growth for Twitter across all days along with new followers, new unfollowers and total audience growth.



This merics has the number of outbound Tweets, excluding replies, during the reporting period.


Top Engaged Posts

This widget provides you with Tweets with maximum engagement published during the selected date range along with their likes, retweets, comments, and clicks.


3. Understand The Sentiment Of Your Audience

Our reporting tool offers Sentiment analysis to better understand your audience. Sentiment analysis is extremely useful as it allows brands to gain an overview of the wider public opinion.

Being able to quickly see the sentiment behind every post means being better able to strategize and plan your efforts on Twitter.


4. Compare All Twitter Profiles

Comparing Twitter profiles against each other can help brand in many ways like:
• Bench marking the Twitter profile
• Instantly compare Twitter followers and follows
• Get quantifiable engagement metrics

5. Track Team's Performance & Response Times

"Median Reply Time" & "Median Close Time," can help you identify gaps & build robust social customer service workflows.


With insight about post-performance and key metrics like growth, engagement, and sentiment, stay ahead of your Twitter goals. Manage Twitter profiles and show ROI on your efforts.


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