7 Must Have Slack Apps For Your Marketing Team

Jun 26, 2018 6 min read

As a Marketer I adore Slack. It has played a significant role in keeping me connected to my team and strengthening communication around client work.

It is a natural hub for many businesses, thanks to its powerful chat tools— but chat alone isn't enough to get things done. For all those extra features to take action on your conversations and make decisions without opening another program or tab, you need Slack's apps.

Slack apps allow you to spend less time hunting down information and more time analyzing stats and strategizing your campaigns. Just as you would automate your marketing, you should automate your daily tasks as much as possible. But how do you choose an appropriate Slack app for yourself?

As there are more than 600 apps, and innovative bots available in Slack App Directory it becomes hard for teams to decide which ones are the best applications for them. Slack lets you add up to 10 apps even on the free workspace plan, so utilize it with the 7 best Slack apps that could help your marketing team stay on top of their efforts.

Also, check out this amazing infographic on how Slack apps could help you out!

how Slack apps could help you out
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The thing is: Slack is capable of so much that it’s hard to uncover what 'Slack Apps' you really should be using. To help, we've put together some of the best Slack apps below. We hope you find these apps to use for your marketing teams.

So, what are 7 Invaluable Slack Apps for Marketing Teams?

If you’re a digital marketer using Slack, here is the list of best Slack apps for you. These apps will help to ensure that you have ultimate flexibility and individuality as a marketer.

  1. Statusbrew
  2. Nuzzel
  3. Trello
  4. Intercom
  5. SurveyMonkey
  6. MailChimp
  7. RandomGrowth Marketing Ideas Bot

Lets dive in:

1. Statusbrew

(Slack app to help your team scale their marketing efforts and cut short the time spent on communication)

Integration of Slack and Stausbrew

Statusbrew is a Unified Social Media Management solution for teams and agencies of all sizes which makes scheduling, managing, and reporting a lot easier than having to do it through each social platform individually.

When you connect your Statusbrew with one or more Slack channels or workplaces, you will receive instant Slack notifications for all the activities you choose are essential for your Business.

For an instance, Slack for Statusbrew integration could help:

• Keep your team updated about 'Content Planning' and reduces the time to approve post by instantly notifying the respective team member on Slack

Updates in Statusbrew in Slack Channel

• Also, you can Jump to brand relevant conversations with Statusbrew's realtime sync.

Having everything in one place and easy to access, if you ever need to refer back can save you a chunk of time each day.

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2. Nuzzel

(Slack app to know your industry's trending news)

Nuzzle app

Nuzzel's Slack integration allows you to receive customized daily news briefings on any topic right in any of your team’s Slack channels.

Nuzzel for Slack will help your team save time and be the first to know your industry’s trending news. You can choose any topics to share with your team to give your team an edge and help your team effortlessly share the most recent industry updates before your rivals.

That is the reason top influencers in media, innovation, and finance utilize Nuzzel to spare time and remain educated.

" People adore Nuzzel. They're fixated on it, and they utilize it consistently."

3. Trello

(Slack app to collaborate on your projects)

Project management is critical for marketing success in a digital era. If you use Trello, one of the most popular tools for project management, you should consider installing it as an app within Slack to allow your team members on Slack to join your Trello team & boards in one click.

Trello's Slack integration can allow you to:

• Add new Trello cards to boards directly from Slack with [/trello] add.

Trello and slack integration

• Join Trello cards (and boards!), change due dates, attach conversations and a lot more.
• Send quick, pertinent details about the status of any project to your Slack channel.

If Trello isn’t your go-to project management tool, check out the other integrations in Slack’s directory.

4. Intercom

(Slack app to convert your leads directly)

Intercom lets you talk to leads and customers almost anywhere on your website, in your app, on mobile, and via email.

Intercom's Slack app makes it easy to chat with customers and convert your hottest leads, right from Slack. You can talk, qualify, and close right from Slack, and everything synchronizes flawlessly with Intercom.

When a lead on your site starts a conversation with you, respond instantly from the app you already have open all day reducing waste of time while switching between tools and increase your chances and speed of conversion.

5. SurveyMonkey

(Slack app to run surveys and analyze results)

SurveyMonkey and Slack integration

Who can better understand the importance of surveys than Marketers? The outcomes from these can enable you to perceive what your customers require and can likewise allow you to hold them and accumulate new customers.

Imagine how easy things would have been if there existed an app that could help you to manage, send, and collaborate on surveys in Slack!

Guess what? Such app also exists in Slack's App Directory. ?

Use SurveyMonkey app to do the same. Type the slash command [/survey] to receive a list of your team’s surveys. From there, collaborate with teammates on questions, get notifications when feedback is collected, and post results back to the broader team for discussion, action, and cross-functional alignment.

6. MailChimp

(Slack app for online email marketing and contact management)

[MailChimp and Slack integration

MailChimp is an online email marketing service that helps you to manage contacts, send emails, and track results of your team's email campaigns.

MailChimp's Slack integration will allow you to receive updates when people subscribe and unsubscribe from your list and see the sent status of a campaign. After authenticating your MailChimp account, you'll be able to pick and choose which lists and notifications to monitor.

Again, if MailChimp isn’t your go-to email marketing software, check out the other integrations in Slack’s directory. Chances are you’ll find an app for the one you use.

7. RandomGrowth Marketing Ideas Bot

(Slack app for getting short, actionable growth hacks)

I'm sure you're no more unusual to the subject of growth marketing.

The RandomGrowth Marketing Ideas Bot will send you development hacks and noteworthy marketing thoughts utilized by some of the most fruitful new businesses.

Chasing such tips down can remove a piece of time from your day. However, this Slack application keeps them coming with no exertion. The RandomGrowth Growth Hacks Generator is Ideal for busy early, and seasoned entrepreneurs who're continually working on multiple projects.


Slack isn't just a powerful communication tool, but it also offers a plethora of compatible apps and bots that will let you customize it to suit your team's marketing needs perfectly.

Slack App Directory acts as a perfect hub for finding these apps. Pick one of the mentioned Slack apps from the Slack's App Directory, and integrate it with your company’s channels to save time and increase productivity. Try it out for yourself, and see how powerful Slack apps can be.

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What are your most loved Slack apps, bots, and integrations? Share with us in the comments below. ?

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